All through the years when I had been encouraging believers – whom I get to meet on my journey – to grow in their relationship with Jesus, the questions I usually get were: how can I’ve my quiet time without getting bored?
Let me use my quiet times for instance:

During my quiet times with Jesus, I haven’t got anytime when I go through boredom, except I’m not really engaged in a quiet time and find myself having nothing to do. A sincere heart having quiet times with him won’t need to think about being bored. You’ll be exploring deeply on the life of Christ and his love toward his very own in having a wonderful relationship with them. If we aren’t willing to know his mind and how he feels toward us, we would sit and begin thinking of what to do during such a moment which in the actual sense is the main reason for boredom.
Think about this: when there’s a real meeting and we’re ready to listen to the speaker, jot, jot and jot, pay every attention necessary, do we get bored? The boredom arrives when we feel like we’re having nothing done. Therefore, compare that moment during the meeting to the moment of the quiet time. Does it make sense? When we’re ready to learn directly from the Word, listening to Jesus as he explains more about what we read, do you feel there would be any thought of boredom? We won’t even get bored! When I’m right there talking in a phone call or having a discussion in a group lunch, why is it that I don’t usually feel bored? The reason is that I can touch the hearts of those I’m conversating with and they can touch mine. There are moments of tears, laughter or moments of singing together. I can spend some time with Jesus too thinking about his love, reading the bible as he teaches me further or I may engage myself reading some books which may help me know him better as I gracefully touch his heart and he touches mine, helping me discover how much he loves me and how I can live secure in his love.
There’s no ritual you can carry out before you know you won’t get bored. You just have to touch his love, that’s all!

  • Here Are Brief Advices For:
    Singles: Some singles attend school five days a week and don’t have a good time with Jesus everyday. Much books to read; nap time during noon day; young ones to take care of, could be part of our activities for the day. However, it’s good to check the time you awake. Before dawn? Or the time you go to bed? Before your nap time? Most youths awake by 4 am preparing for school and I agree that when they are up 4 am, there’s every possibility that there may be just a free 30 minutes or even an hour before they go to school. Isn’t this a chance?
  • Check This Out! Does your day go like this?
    Once the alarm sounds 4 am, you’re up. Then it’s time for morning prayer. At least, it should be 4:10 and it’s over.
    Perhaps, it may be comfortable before bath or even after. However, once it hits 4:10 and prayer time is over, I guess having a brief time from (just an advice) 4: 20 to 5 am is better. Spend that time reading the bible applying the mind of Christ, or on books that will help you grow into Christ. We are discipled in many ways: the bible, the books we read and many other ways. Don’t just get off the thought that every of it comes from Jesus but through these others.
    It’s starting the day with God! Gracefully, you arrive school before 7: 15 am. What would you say?
    What if you don’t have much time during the morning? What about the time you go to bed? If you do go to bed at 9 pm, you could have some time with him, perhaps beginning by 8 pm. I have known singles who spend 24 hours on internet and I believe that “being busy” in such case is no excuse. They’ve a greater possibility of having time with him. Always; once it’s getting close for my quiet time, I often tell anyone I’m talking with that I needed to be busy and for sure they understood that. At least, I needed a break! It doesn’t mean that I was out of his presence but I needed to pause a while to have this as one of the opportunities to have him open my heart to him and free me in many places of my life.


  • Married: If you’re married and you’re longing to have sometime with him, I believe these suggestions will be of help to you.
    Not every woman/mother would be full time mom but if you’re, I believe it would seem a bit simple. Some moms wait for their kids to have their nap time during the afternoon, so they could have their quiet time. They would map out a time when the kids would take a brief rest at noonday, perhaps 12:30 pm and they would use that time to walk with him. They did this same time everyday as they encouraged the kids to begin resting 10 minutes before then.
    What if the kids usually stay at school five days every week? What if you’ve got much chores to do? I doubt that a full time mom will always be busy. As humans, there’s no doubt that we most times are thirty or forty minutes free. Or an hour free. Just make use of the free time to walk with him as you think about his love; read the bible or any book that may help you grow closer to Jesus.
    Does it mean that every time I’m free, I must have my quiet time? Of course not! No one’s put you under any obligation now that Christ is in charge of Father’s house. He wants you to live free, loved and away from any thought that may have you trapped in thinking you’ve to do more before he can be your friend. I always have free moments but that doesn’t mean I should have a quiet time every moment of those free times. In a human’s life, God has placed responsibilities to take care of.
    As a mother, she’s got many things for the day and she already have got one quiet time, so I don’t see the reason why she should deprive herself of the necessary work which God placed in her care. Does this mean that she may overlook her quiet time so she could attend to something more important? Certainly, there’s nothing so important as learning from the Word and that’s the reason why it’s more advisable to have your quiet time very early before the kids are up in bed and same time everyday. But if you feel you’re free to always use your free times to study the Word, that’s okay. But your quiet time remains your quiet time.
    If you’re a dad and you oft go to work everyday, I believe you should have a set time, perhaps, 4 am which could last for thirty minutes before heading for work. 5 :45 am isn’t a bad time for one to arrive work. Some dads who are single parents care for the kids and prepare them for school before they get themselves ready. They enjoy having their quiet time by 4 am, same time everyday. Some dads have theirs thirty minutes or an hour before going to bed. Others who begin work by 6 am often arrive before 5:30 am so they may have some time with Jesus without any disturbance, perhaps from 5:30 – 6:00. They place a PLEASE, DO NOT DISTURB card at the top of the door after they made it clearer for their co-workers to understand why that’s done by then.
    Some find it interesting to make that happen so often (many quiet times a day) before they know they have truly experienced spirit-truth worship. Do you also think that way?



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No matter how bad. . .


While I spent some time with my friend, who now resides in Ghana, I loved the distinction he made between people who might seem so poor and helpless, but reflect a heart of love for others; and those who seem so wealthy and proud in ignorance of what pride does, that they have no idea how to love the others around them. Either way, God loves both and yearns that love be the atmosphere of their lives on earth. He (my friend) actually spoke, hoping that the latter would someday learn to discover that our wealth counts for nothing.

I have walked alongside people who have, and still have issues with their parents or friends due to either a wide difference in how they see life, or a heartless molestation from the heads which tend to drive them crazy. No doubt, they have every right to! However, I can likewise say that I’ve been through such moments and my reactions to how I was treated could be 2/10 if you don’t mind me rating; and this makes it clear that there are two kinds of groups in this planet who either react the same way the molesters expect, or the opposite way, which is love and compassion toward the ones who enjoy hurting them. If we fail to live as sojourners in a world which isn’t ours, there’s only one available way to deal with hurt, betrayal and hatred—“hate” the haters; “hate” the hurters, and “hate” the betrayers. Always a world of HATE! Otherwise, we would treat every hater lovingly, compassionately, as we supply love to those who don’t deserve it.

Whether we believe it or not, people with bad attitudes can be so frustrating, but loving them supplies a light, no matter how small it might be, that persuades them to see that God loves them. Also, the dominant forces in the universe isn’t really religious, political, or economical, but “love” and “hate”, though hate is a product of ‘fear’. 

1. NEGATIVE REACTION: It’s not impossible to hate folks who stand up against you, especially when it’s those you once trusted as the best people on the planet. Even so, it’s always possible to respond to the same individuals with God’s love for them. Did they insult you? Better not speak, than say words that will destroy you and the hater. Fine, it might not hurt your hater, the anger remains impressed in your heart. Yes, it’s possible to be angry, but we shouldn’t let anger serve as a channel for our fleshy nature to walk in. Positive reactions towards those who offend us is good for us, as well as, proving to others who God really is. 

Nevertheless, supplying love to such people by blessing them when they curse you, or helping them when they do you wrong, isn’t possible unless you’re already abiding in Father’s love—that’s where love is cultivated in you and expressed towards others. The world doesn’t believe an iota of what we preach unless it sees a visible presentation or manifestation of these things we speak of. 

Most folks I have talked with didn’t really say any word to other folks in different religions before they came to know Jesus: they actually saw the life of Christ lived out through them and came to be challenged by their love for fallen humanity. Why? They all know God is love, no matter how much their leaders try to paint a wrathful image of him.

2. SEEING THEM AS THEY ARE: Imagine what it would be like if my dad’s attitudes towards everyone is one of hate, anger and rudeness, or he’s one who fails to meet the needs of his children! Now, if I abide in God’s love, I possibly comprehend that my dad’s behaviour is ungodly, and I have no reason why he’s that way; but I would love him no less, praying for a change of heart. You wouldn’t need to stop talking with him, and you don’t need to deviate or withdraw from showing him the kindness you believe he doesn’t deserve. Remember, nothing works or changes for better if you avoid such people, or try to change them. Just be real, and see where God might want you to show his compassion, as you watch him do what you couldn’t do.

One mistake I made was speaking ill-words towards and about my parents, when it’s my love for them that makes the difference. The day I did talk to them lovingly, I saw how it touched their hearts with a desire to listen. Hope enjoys seeing people in the way they are called to be, while working with love in showing such people the way to that point. It isn’t easy, but the result is always the best fruit produced.

3. TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE: Change isn’t the job of another human being in the lives of other people, but we might be able to help them press toward it. The fact that there are bad people, ungodly ones around you doesn’t call for you to think of ways to fix them with your answers. It doesn’t usually work! Do they have some attitudes you don’t treasure? Don’t press them into the ways you think they should change. Let God shine his light on their hearts and when he does that, they will discover how such rudeness is tearing down their personality. How? (Another question, I think!) If a person does things you think ain’t right and there’s a need for change, you don’t press them that “you should be like this.” No, create an environment where there’s room for you to show love to them in spite of what they’ve done to you, or what they’re doing to you. If they are sick, be the first to go with genuine concern (perhaps, you could use a lovely flower!) to express that you care; or, use it as an opportunity to care for them. What I’m saying is: Show love where they expect you to show evil, without pressing them to change. They will get frustrated, and you might end up being so, as well, if you do. Change emerging in people’s lives is a result of a growing light within them that is a fruit of love. Love softens the hardness in men’s hearts. You might not know, but it takes ground gradually.

4. EXPECTING A CHANGE SO QUICKLY, WHILE LOVING: Oh, Crud! That’s impatience! People responding to the love that touches them gently could take some time. Don’t try to force them into seeing that you’re so loving: it would all of a sudden drift to trying to please them. Do your part, and let God work through it! One negative result of expecting a change so quickly in the lives of such individuals is anger at their lack of response, or expression of love to you in return, and that gets bad. You could end up playing on the same team which they are.

5. NO BAD TONGUE: Even though they are doing wrong by the way they are living, or are horrifically bad, let your words speak good about them. With that, you’re building opportunities for them to see Jesus on you. 

It, kind of, sounds like I just placed some ideas based on my life experience and mistakes, but no matter how much you try, you can’t bend to it. Living as Jesus did isn’t the result of abiding to rules or several principles but abiding in him, in his love, so you can freely bless others with that love, no matter how bad they are. It’s a continuing work which takes place as you focus on your relationship with Jesus and how he’s nudging you to reveal his person to others. 

It’s not avoiding people that brings a change but loving them with every opportunity is what does.  This could be your dad, mom, friend or anyone else from other religions—it’s love that sheds the light.

You never can tell it!

Do You Have Fellowship? Or, You Have “A” Fellowship? 

THIS is what we know as fellowship—a concert actually —but is this what it really is? I was in a meeting some months ago and it was a religious meeting with a guy on a sermon. It sounded pretty! But once it was over, everyone flew out. Those asleep awoke to fly out the door. Is your family get together really boring? Or is it less a meeting and more of fellowship where people have opportunity to spill out who they are and where they are on the inside?

That’s the question I hear most of the time among Evangelicals, Protestants and several others who place more emphasis on fellowship as an activity, rather than a reality. 

It’s a usual thing these days to think of “fellowship” as the programmes we organise every Sunday morning, Wednesday night and Friday night, without really touching the reality of life that Father wants to flow among us. While there are people who relax with the status quo of fellowship as an activity, rather than a life, relationship we share together, I believe there are believers discovering the actual possibility of true friendships unfolding when we have our focus on Jesus, and this most of the time, has to be intentional.
Two Dictionary Meanings of “Fellowship”

I enjoy these definitions of fellowship found in the dictionary:

  • A company of people that shares the same interest or aim.
  • A feeling of friendship, relatedness or connection between people.

—English Dictionary.

More like a presentation of an organised system, the first definition about a “group of people” sharing the same interest or aim, defining fellowship as a group. Thus, we have this same mentality among us that just because we attend the same group meeting, we are participating in fellowship. All that said, we could, if it’s more focused on how we relate to one another, and less a planned agenda to do it the same way, same place, without placing any emphasis on activity. If the truth were to be told, it becomes more like a process where we don’t really need the Spirit to guide what we do since we already planned what to do.

Fellowship takes place where two people or even more are focused on building each other to walk with Jesus on the journey. My Ghanaian friend and I also had this yesterday (Friday). He calls it, ‘God’s Kingdom With Two Fellows’.

I love the other definition, not really because I seem to like what it presents, but Scripture portrays it as well. Scripture doesn’t portray fellowship as a “meeting”, but a life; a sense of relatedness, genuine concern for one another. This doesn’t happen by just fixing a programme—it happens where two or more growing individuals meet to participate in each other’s journey. The church is actually “the company, group or body of people together, as a corporate body or individual member being a part of it”, and that’s no word to coin as fellowship. Fellowship is the deep sense of connection, concern or an atmosphere of relationships”. So, when Scripture talks about the believers having constant fellowship with one another, they were really enjoying an atmosphere of relationships with one another. Two folks could pull over and decide to encourage each other, or pray for ways to bless their community and other believers around them. 

Believers would always grow in prayer when together, but that’s not certainly what fellowship is all about.

They are actually enjoying that fellowship of being two fellows in a ship of caring, loving and exercising compassion for the people of the body of Christ and the world as well. It could even be in meals together as they bless one another, or it could be praying together and singing together. It could be a thousand things to live together! We make mistake when we think fellowship is the group of people, or the singing, dancing and performance we do all the time. If anything, we really haven’t: might just be a weeny part of it. Fellowship takes place where we live as family, not trying to have a planned agenda. Believe it or not, it drives down to conformity when it’s a meeting, than when it ever is a family.

You might not believe it, but this is also what Scripture tells about believers sharing meals together. You could invite other brothers and sisters for the weekend to share meals together as family. I enjoyed how God made ways for my friend and I to cook together and eat together after a three-hour conversation. I learnt a lot, and pray for more with several others I haven’t known yet.

House FellowshipCan’t tell you less of what this is, really! 

I grew up among folks with whom we go every Sunday evening for a meeting only to do the same stuff we do every Sunday morning, and it was in a certain house or so; and we always called it an “house fellowship”. I’m not so concerned about the name-calling compare to the routine we give to it. Truth be told, the home is meant to be the simplest place where believers can live together as family, perhaps, doing a lot more than we think which wouldn’t fit into our agendas. 

It’s possible for a family to send invitation for other believers to come enjoy meals with them, or go for a barbecue as we talk about God’s affection for one another and intentionally demonstrating that to the world around us (Acts 4:32). Have you wondered why Scripture says, . . . But the people held them in high esteem (5:13)?

I’ve wondered for over seven years why a church building having a clergy and two or three members would still embark on using a microphone and a pulpit, while he stands at the far front and they reclining as the audience (I don’t kick against this, especially when it’s a very tough number of folks). Isn’t it because it’s been a well-told story that if you ain’t doing it that way, you’re having no fellowship? Isn’t this three folks together supposed to pull themselves together and share the most of their journeys where it’s far easier to look into one another’s lives? Can it ever be too small? I don’t think it can. When people think like that, there’s wholly a sense of routine clouding them, and to enjoy fellowship would require shaking themselves free of it-should-be-this-way, to being free enough to go as far as the Spirit leads them. 

It’s what I say about the house fellowship as well!

Do Not Forget The Assembling Of Yourselves 

not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as ye see the Day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25-KJV).

Exhort—“advise, encourage, admonish, counsel” 

You see, this verse has been used to back up a number of theological ideas about attendance, which is why most people can crucify others who don’t attend. Meanwhile, it wasn’t even to this that Paul was referring, for they never had it back then.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, (Vs. 24).

None of us can do without getting together to encourage one another, whether we are two folks or beyond, it does work into an atmosphere of relationship. Paul was actually reminding the believers, “Don’t fail to enjoy fellowship with one another; don’t forget to walk in genuine concern for one another, caring about one another and breaking bread together as it’s the nature of God’s family.” It was about relationships! 

Let us take note (I don’t mean an attendance of who’s in a meeting) of one another’s journey, of one another; encourage one another to grow in love for one another that produces good works, that we ourselves might be provoked (stirred to action). Let’s be concerned about one another’s welfare (Philippians 2:4).

If you’re a friend who’ve met me, you’ll discover that I lack words when it comes to me meeting a believer and all that they want is to talk about football, movies, etc—It always boils down to spiritual conversations where we could both benefit and learn together. 

Jesus said it takes just two or three to be together and enjoy the vitality of Church life. He wasn’t referring to those things we know today. They were kind of foreign to him. Therefore, when you meet an individual who believes in the Lord, or even more than that number, why not use it as an opportunity to grow yourselves in conversations together, focusing your eyes on what Jesus would want you to learn when together. You don’t leave it all to the pastor! This journey of Christianity isn’t about a priest serving the congregation, but the members serving “one another”. It’s where people grow in him, learn to abide in God’s love for them. There will be moments for prayer, but it doesn’t take our whole moment together. Prayer or music aren’t the only things a family does together: they do both as well invite each other for meals and teaching (not boiling it down to a sermon, but an informal conversation—call it Bible study, or whatever you want, that’s okay!). 

One thing brothers and sisters do together in their conversations is searching the Scriptures together. My friend and I, before his travel to Ghana, had our last conversation (Friday) and several passages I pondered for over 7 years was explained as we flowed through Scripture together and we discovered an abundant measure of grace is bestowed on two or more individuals in Father’s kingdom, compare to a single individual. We can’t understand everything alone, because the Spirit might choose to unveil truth to us through other believers. So, I got my cheque!

If Fellowship Isn’t The Group, Or Our Usual Routine, What Can We Do Together? 

I believe that’s a good question here! Think about this: On Sunday morning, you get a praise and worship session, a prayer point on various things, a sermon, tithe and offering, and we get out; then we repeat these activities Wednesday night, Friday night, Sunday house fellowship night (which should be the simplest moment together), and we actually do the same the next week, and next two weeks, a month later, a year later and years later. Is fellowship a pre-planned agenda for people to end up in lifeless routine? Isn’t this more like what the children of Israel had as they spent their lives doing the same things over and over again? 
There are a lot of wonderful things to do together! I don’t know how to explain them all, as God is so creative! He could bring his people together and let them live more than we think possible. It could be like having meals together in Dale’s house this week, and Martha’s house next week; praying together over our lives, nations and family; going out to support the needy, weak, poor and a thousand other things. 

Part of living as two fellows in this ship and an organic expression of God’s life in the world is showing concern and love for the needy.
Something like, “I could do the giving, or we could all plan to share our resources with the needy among us and the needy in the world, while others do the distributing.”

God is so creative, but what is most important is that we are grooming each other to live in his love for others: that’s what makes the world know we are his. This leads to the replacement of our systems as life doesn’t just try to reorganise them, but turns us to the fruitful ways to bless God’s family and the world we live in, as Jesus did.

With Whom Can I Have Such Fellowship With? Not Everyone Can Be Ready

Of course, they can’t all be ready! But when you see people who yearn for true fellowship as Scripture portrays it, don’t walk away like you don’t care. It’s an opportunity for you to grow in love for that individual. Besides, if there ain’t people who want this, we have a lot of them in our religious institutions whom Father might connect you with. Just be real and ready to not be starting something, only to end up frustrated later on. 
Truth be told, people growing to live in such authenticity might end up being shoved away by their institutions, for fear that they aren’t conforming to the organisation’s standards. No one looks at those times as easy, but learning to really enjoy relationships with other believers as brothers and sisters in Christ, rather than watching through a safe distance as some spectators, would always surpass the tragedies involved. This wouldn’t be a group stuff; as you grow in love, you never can tell where love will lead you. Love leads to more doors for fellowship. When this is absent, we are bound to start up being organised, rather than living organic. 
Let love lead the way, then you never can predict how far the extent of relationships you’ll share with others, no matter the religious organisations they find themselves. You wanna know why? Love’s got no boundaries! When there’s no boundaries to how much you love, you’ll find no end to the fellowship you’ll share with others.

Would love to know your life on fellowship, as I would be sharing mine as well, based on your questions. 
Do write your thoughts on this subject. 


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WE COULD SAVE LIVES BY “Being There” — Inspired by Janni Styles 

Show people who hurt deep within a blessed love of Jesus, letting them know how much you care about them.

These days, I spend most of my time on WordPress reading people’s stories and inspired teachings. One of those I read was that of a fellow blogger who’d gone through a lot in her life. 

Most people criticize those who tell their stories of attempting suicide—either through drugs, drowning themselves or by hanging. They just spread foolish words like, “You’re so silly! Why didn’t you just relax and let it just pass! None of these things lasts for long.” 

Such words only produce guilt in people’s hearts especially when it sounds as if you’re blaming them. It shows less or no understanding of their present situation. When we find people who go through hard moments such as being molested or abused sexually by someone that they get some problems, in the process, like almost being psychologically ill, if we’re readily going to infect them with our poison, it’s better to not meet them at all. 

Think about God! He comes into our pain to let us feel his love; that embrace of affection, assuring us that he’s going to help us through each moment of it, sort of saying, “I’m not here to add more pain to your present situation, but you must know, I’m right in it with you.” If God does this in the moments of our struggles, then our lives should reflect likewise—one of compassion (not being judgmental) —toward others. We often pray for the healing of the body, yet the healing of people’s bruised hearts is as important as the healing of their bodies as well. 
There’s nothing that gets such fellows,  who have been abused, molested; whom the world calls “insignificant”, moving on than knowing that there’re people who’re in it with them. No, don’t even say anything when they cry so hard; your being there alone is much encouragement to them, as much as an expression of your love toward them. Don’t get used to always saying something. 

Rather than building friendships with wealthy men and women whom you believe you might gain some financial aid from, build close friendships with those hurting folks whose lives seem to have been approaching their end. Who knows, your being there for them is big enough to get them live life again putting their hope in God. Avoid those guilt-inducing words and encourage them to call your attention whenever they need to talk. Above all, encourage them to enjoy God’s love for he’s right alongside them, NEVER TO LEAVE OR FORSAKE THEM. 

With that, you wouldn’t know how many lives you’d be saving from suicide by just being there. Your words could invite death or life in hurting lives. Rather than saying, “You didn’t do well by doing this. You’re such a failure!” or, “You should have done it this way”, you’d simply observe how they’ve gone so far and gently, lovingly encourage them by saying, “I believe you’re doing quite well. Even though, things are so hard, complicated right now, I know it’s gonna get better.” 

Don’t be so used to fixing people or even thinking you can fix their situations. Most don’t even know how to trust anymore because they’ve been made to believe everyone is just so good in hurting or inflicting more pain on others. Don’t try to convince them to trust you, just leave a space for them to feel the pain as you feel it with them, entrusting them to God’s hand. Instead of blaming them, embrace and comfort them, encouraging them that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Finally, such compassion and generosity should be a form of giving without trying to expect something in return. When we enjoy living like this and unrelentlessly share God’s love and compassion with the world, we share who HE is and how he walks with humans in the process of healing and expressing his affection. Some may graciously grow a hunger for God and yearn to also be a vessel for the manifestation and revelation of HIS LOVE AND LIFE in such a broken world. 

Please, What is your answer? I

In the Old Testament, the Priests do receive the tithe as a part of God’s blessing to them. In the New Testament, we are all made a priesthood of God, then who should receive the tithe? 

Does the Scriptures present, in the New Testament, a picture of some Group of people who love God casting their tenth in a box or generously sharing together with each other as God had blessed them? 
I appreciate answers in the comment box. Thank you! 

“God Was Never Unloving”

Dream of His awesome love

I pondered through a blog which I had read and then I had my mind on one of the many words during that moment, “God is more focused on the process than the product.” 
One truth is Father was never unloving: He has always been the loving Father who’s more concerned about our journeys than we are, and is able to get us through the process as we walk with him. We are often so concerned about the product—how we think we should become, or how we think God wants us to be—but rarely do we realize that the process is the foundation, and what we become is the product. Which is more important to be focused on? 

When we have our eyes on trying to become what we think God wants us to be, rather than trusting him to help us through the process, we either succumb to our abilities in trying to become that way. 

Gradually, our focus becomes perfection, so we have to struggle just to be perfect. Yet, Father desires to walk alongside in the process of our journey. When we focus our attention on perfection, we startup a life of struggle to get what God promises to make a reality in our lives. The result is frustration and anger toward God, plus a measure of guilt. His desire is that we just have to shy from trying to make something happen because He knows we’re not there yet. 
Isn’t it so blessed to wake up every morning in the reality that God is so loving and is treasuring to take us on this road each day, all by Himself? 

Do You KNOW God? 

The journey to knowing God is amazing, but what does knowing God really mean?

I bet it would have been easier asking, Do you love God? for I would be getting a Yes. Yes, of course, I do. Who wouldn’t like to admit that he does love him? Yet, the lips isn’t the final yardstick to measure if we do or not. To say you know God isn’t pride: it’s a fact you find out in your work with Jesus. 
However, what does it mean to know him? Here are three things people think knowing God is about, but they in themselves aren’t what it is to know him. When we see people who express these, we often conclude they know him. 

  • Each morning, I pick up my bible and read for an hour or two. Then I pray for thirty minutes before heading to work. I feel I know him. 

I enjoy prayer, but I know it’s possible to pray a lot and not know God. Do you think so as well?

While I can’t say that this is wrong (for I do it as well), it’s not what it is to know God—it’s just what you need to step on to know him. Yet, it’s possible to step on this without having any contact with Father that brings a transformation in your life, or draws your heart to see his love. The Bible is just a stepping stone to knowing him. If what we read in there isn’t being displayed in our lives to bless the world, we have only come to know about him, but we haven’t come to know him. 

This is amazing as well, but this doesn’t mean Knowing Him.
  • My father’s best friend is so good in preaching and teaching of the Word. He speaks in tongues; casts out demons from people; performs miracles; heals many people. He has this zeal for the things of God. This man so knows God than I have ever imagined. 

This is so interesting! 

But this isn’t what knowing God is about. . . What?! 


One thing is all this are just gifts and they aren’t what tells that we know him. It’s possible to do all of that and still end up being so miserable that we hunger to find Jesus to fill our heart with his love. When you get to know why it was so easy to say that Jesus knew God, or that the people at Antioch could conclude that the Apostles knew God, you’ll finally come to give up judging how well people know him through that. 

The generous is blessed, but only out of a loving heart. Does this also mean he knows God?
  • Alfred Hinn, a fellow Theologian, usually doled out clothes, money and shoes to people. Mother once said, Alfred knows God, Bob. He spreads relief to everyone. Yet, he’s a fellow who does this hoping people would do likewise to him. 

While it’s possible that people who know God do show this generous works, it’s not to be easily or completely used to judge if someone knows him or not. Obviously, individuals and corporate groups as well who have no affection for God do these things too. Even Paul wrote, 

And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor. . . but do not have love, it profits me nothing. 

—I Corinthians 13:3, NASB. 

Therefore, these three good deeds doesn’t tell that we know him: but love when it becomes the foundation does bless the world with these. 

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 

—I John 4:7—NASB.

From the above verse, we see, Everyone who loves knows God. Isn’t that amazing that we know those who know him by how much they love others? Why? Do I mean to know I have to love others? Loving others is just the fruit of loving him. Love for him produces love for others and that tells that we have been with him. Love doesn’t begin with our affection for others, but realizing the affection Father has for us. Then we learn to love him as well; and in the process, we find ourselves loving others—not conditionally but unconditionally. Unconditional love tells who knows Father and who doesn’t. 

And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.  

—I John 4:21,KJV.

Its impossible to love others unconditionally if it doesn’t originate from loving God first after realizing that he first loved us. Of course, there are heathen men who do good deeds too, but there’s a difference. 

Jesus talked about it several times: 

  • People who really walk in love (who know him) do love their neighbors and their enemies as well. Whatever act of charity they do toward their neighbor is what they do toward their enemies. 

Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. . . —Matthew 5:43-44, KJV. 

God does likewise—

. . . for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. —vs 45.

  • Those who walk in love don’t live to earn men’s praise. They don’t do good to get a reward. They don’t love because someone loved them back: loving someone who loves you back is not love. It’s selfishness! You ain’t really loving, but giving because others love you. They don’t have a heart to hate. They would rather not do anything than do anything outside of love. 


Remember the three expressions people use to judge if a person knows God? 

  • Praying; having quiet time. 
  • Preaching, teaching from the Scriptures. 
  • Acts of generosity. 

Love does all three and even more, but it’s possible that these three be done for personal aggrandizement, selfishness, or self righteousness. The first could be done as a routine. 

Knowing God isn’t theorical, but practical, for love isn’t just in words but in deeds as well. 

Remember, it begins with loving God before it gets to loving others. If you love in spite of what goes on in this world, you know God. 

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. —I John 4:8, KJV. 

  • Did you get any new insight as you were reading this, do share it in the comment box. 

Thank you! 

Is TERRORISM God’s Punishment Or A Result of Man’s Misuse of Dominion? 

Do you think God is punishing the world through Terrorism?

      This question was of interest to me when a fellow blogger, Debbie L. on WordPress posed a question on how the world misinterprets God’s love based on the unrest in the world. And it has been asked several times by a friend of mine in the Philippines, but I decided to write on it as a sequel to, Where Is God In A World Of Pain? 

If you haven’t read it, you might love to read it here:

    One truth I have discovered about God’s love is that it’s His nature. He’s not just the Source of our love for one another but Love Himself. So, terrorism, civil unrest, suffering, slavery, etc doesn’t change who God is and how He reveals himself as love in the midst of man’s brokenness, but it does seem to revolutionize how men see God and which is the reason why they question that love. This is going to be a lengthy one but God willing, I may divide it into parts. To answer such a question, we’ll need to go through different parts of Scripture beginning from the creation. 


     The world was a beautiful place to live in the beginning, for there was no disease, no hatred, no terrorism: man had no idea what sin was. Although, God already knew what good and bad was, He made a man who had no idea of both, but had an idea of LOVE. He lived to love the animals, garden and all of Father’s creation, and in the midst of such undefinable love was an atmosphere of peace. Surely, Father wasn’t selfish! 

Do you believe this was how the world was?


     God made man and gave him dominion over everything He had created. Reading the Book of Genesis, you’ll discover that man used his authority, or dominion appropriately: He made the right choices before the fall. Besides this choice, he had a major one to make, “Choose the Living Tree or taste of the Tree of Knowledge and break God’s word.” 

    How does planting the Tree of Knowledge tell of God’s love for us? Father was making sure it wasn’t something that required force but a choice, proving man’s affection for Him. Man’s obedience was the most important! He didn’t put that tree for man to stumble, but to prove his affection for Him. 

     Unfortunately, it was man’s wrong choice that resulted in the presence of sin, but don’t get it wrong, man didn’t  lose that dominion. He lost the desire to make the right choices and when his eyes were opened, he couldn’t tell what sin was, so the Law was given so he could differentiate between what is good and what is sinful. Also, this is God’s love in action as well, hoping that would help prevent man from walking in his evil ways. 

     With sin coming in, all that was sinful came in, and with that came the willful misuse of that dominion. Honestly, from a supernatural sense of authority, the dominion over the entire world is God’s, but from the perspective of the natural, man still has that dominion which is why whatever choice he makes either results in good or evil. And this good or evil results arising from man’s misuse of authority confirms where he got such foolishness from—Tree of Good and Evil. 

     Thus, terrorism, diseases, war, civil unrest all resulted from man’s misuse of authority. Also, the problem with the outside world is Ignorance. We have no idea that we still have that dominion, if not we will be very careful whatever choice we make in this world, knowing it leads no where, but even affect our generations to come and destroy the world we think we can make beautiful. 


     No, it wasn’t! In the beginning, man was working with God since He’s the overall Ruler, and they shared relationship. When Adam named the animals, God was delighted. Yet the devil wasn’t in the picture. He got into the picture by luring Adam away from God who was the One with whom Adam was able to make the right choices. Today, since the devil knows that man has that dominion over the natural world, he’s using man to destroy the world God created by being the brain behind all his suggestions. Over everything that exists, God remains the Ruler, but over the world, the devil stepped in to be the Prince. 

     The peace in the garden wasn’t just about how EDEN was made, but the presence of the Prince of Peace Himself. When man took his eyes away from Him and hid the Devil’s suggestion, he placed himself beneath his guidance. Man grew up with a heart for misusing that authority. 

     Scripture gives details of people who shared relationship with God in the Old Testament and God was the one guiding man on right ways to exercise that dominion in the world. Although, like the beginning, Satan repeatedly tried to get in, but when man left his eyes on God, he exercised his dominion rightly. If he took his eyes away from Him, that dominion was wrongly exercised. 

      The writer of Hebrews wrote, 

YOU HAVE PUT ALL THINGS In SUBJECTION UNDER HIS FEET ” For in subjecting all things to him, He left nothing that is not subject to him But now we do not yet see all things subjected to him.—Hebrews 2:8.

    Was that part talking about Jesus? No. It was talking about man. You HAVE PUT ALL THINGS IN SUBJECTION UNDER HIS FEET, yet the fact is nothing looks subjected to man yet because this is not the original kind of dominion given to man. Jesus’ death was to take over as man’s guide in exercising that dominion rightfully, but in His Name and by His Wisdom as it was in the beginning. So, God gets restored in the picture and we Christians now have the relationship which Adam lost, to put the rightful use of our dominion back in place. 

For every species of beasts and birds, of reptiles and creatures of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by the human race.—James 3:7.

      Therefore, terrorism, wars are a results of man’s misuse of authority. At present, Satan is working through man in the misuse of that dominion to destroy the world, but Christ, working  in and through man is restoring all that Adam lost, drawing us back to the Paradise of God which is much better than EDEN. 

A serious blast destroys a building. The world man once tried to make beautiful for God, he now destroys as he works WITH the devil.


Civilization Is Filled With Lies 

FROM GOD’S FINGERPRINT NOVEL. . . by Samuel Junoi Samuel —Chapter 2

I’m very sure you’ll recognize some of the persons here who were also written in the  I Corinthians letter of Paul. 

​The house of Chloe was warm in spite of the cold which had fallen over Corinth. This was a result of the fire-lamps which Gaius had stationed at different corners of the house so everyone could warm up themselves. She was still putting on John’s coat to stay warm, and he had gone out to talk with Crispus who was also a friend to Gaius. Jane chuckled at how loving John was and thought it would be nice to take him to Civilization with her. 

    She felt a gentle touch on her arm and turned to see who it was. It was John! She blew a sigh of relief, then put on a smile on her face. 

    “You scared me,” she laughed heartily. 

    “Did I?” John laughed as well, taking a seat beside her. “It’s been a cold morning, and after a long night as well. How are you feeling?” 

    “Warm,” She replied. “Thanks.” 

    “Oh, it’s nothing,” John laughed again. “It’s what I do most times, Jane. I was just talking to Crispus a while ago. He told me Paul would be visiting Corinth in a day or two.” 


    “Yeah. You know him?” 

    “I sure do,” she said, hiding her hands in the coat. “I have read his letters several times as a little girl and weeks back in the University. His writings aren’t so easy to understand.” 

    “Paul must really be so popular,” he joked, laughing as he glanced toward the people who sat round a camp fire outside the house. They were having discussions which produced repeated laughter among them. 

    “I’m so glad they are having a nice time together,” Jane sadly said. “I don’t know how my mom feels about me being away for a long time. I just wish I could write her.” 

    “We could help you with that,” John offered. “We have good writers here who can help. We’ll just deliver it to Civilization, hoping your mom will get it.” 

    “Oh, you don’t have to worry,” she said, realizing he had no idea that Civilization wasn’t a country but a state of modernity. 

    How do I tell him? She thought. 

    “You don’t have to tell me,” he said. She thought he was replying her thoughts. “It’s okay with me if you don’t want to have it sent.” 

    “Yeah,” she chuckled, thinking of a good way to ask him what she thought she didn’t know about the Corinthian believers. While she was at Ephesus, she began to comprehend what she read in Paul’s letter to them by been there. Now, it was no different from Corinth. “Is it true the believers here almost broke into groups?” 

    John answered, “Yes, they almost did. Paul had to talk into it before he talked about anything else.” He turned to look at her. “Why did you ask?” 

    “Well, ahem, we have something like that in Civilization,” she replied. “The people here were upholding some ministers above others, saying they are of Paul; they follow Apollos or Peter. Back there in Civilization, we’ve got Christianity in thousands of factions, as Paul calls it; and it’s no longer amazing, now that I’m here. I see the difference.” 

    “Yeah, sometimes history does repeat itself. Only people who don’t understand that tend to repeat it,” John said. 

    “You’re right,” she agreed. “My mom had once told me that. We have Catholics, Pentecostals, Protestants and many larger groups, but there are also Calvinists who are followers of a French Protestant John Calvin. And there are Lutherans as well who base on the teachings of Luther. 

   “It’s making much difference now that I see Corinth.” 

   “What really caused that?” 

   “I believe they were once like this before they got one whole group with traditions before the Protestants broke away after the Orthodox, and then the Pentecostal as well.” 


    “We’re having new ones each day claiming they are the true Church but they don’t seem to live up to the life I see you folks living here.” 

    “Jane, it was all about love.” 

    “Love? I don’t get it each time you say that, John.” 

    “If there were no groups, Jane, there would be nothing to break away from; nothing to join, leave or start up. It was all about love. Jesus gave the body brothers and sisters who are more advanced on the journey to encourage them to focus more on their relationship with Jesus and fellowship with each other. It was never something they possessed but a reality they were part of. Division is the result of thinking these people are ours. No they are God’s. That’s why the believers in Antioch first called us Christians—they saw us following Christ, not each other. But we’re loving each other.”

    “Which means the divisions we have in Civilization are results of trying to manage people?” 

    “Yes,” he answered. “When we take our eyes off of loving Him, we simply don’t realize we stop following Him. That’s why when Chloe told us they were already branding themselves as Paulians, Apollosians and Peterians, we did the best we could to deal with it before it got too tensed.”

    “Well, that’s not so easy to do in Civilization,” Jane regretted. 


    “There are thousands of groups, John, each with their own beliefs,” she replied. “And those who stand up to help others see how divided factions has made us become are always tagged heretics speaking heresies. No one wants to listen.” 

    “It’s clear to me that most people talk like that, not because those men’s words are incorrect, but they just react out of how different it is from theirs. Everyone hold their interpretation so dear and use the Scripture to agree with them, rather than letting the Spirit open the truth in Scripture to them and agreeing with Him.”

    “I never thought of that,” Jane confessed. 

    “When we replace love with our selfish attempts to protect our beliefs, there’s no loving way we can embrace each other. It would be like being friends as long as we know the same thing; not because we are learning to love others.

    “Conformity doesn’t produce love, Jane. It leads us to togetherness as long as we conform to one particular system.” 

    “Oh I see. . . So that’s why the people were together when they agreed to the same tradition, and split into Protestant, Orthodox and others when they didn’t?” 

    “Exactly. And there would be togetherness if they would just come back and assume their place with those who love tradition.” 

    “That would also be based on conformity, not love,” Jane observed. 

    “And it wouldn’t last, Jane,” John continued, “When we stay together in love, our differences in opinions doesn’t qualify to divide our unity. Unity based on tradition or sameness in beliefs will always lead to factions when we fail to agree. It’s like breaking into different political parties since you don’t share the same interests. What happens when a people split into parties?”

    “They’ll think of themselves more qualified as the real people to be elected, or the true ones to get more followers,” Jane replied, finally comparing it with Civilization’s attitude in Christianity. “I hate politics!” 

    “I do as well, but I love the people involved,” John said. 

    “Hm. . . What if we look past the branding to love one another again, without minding where people attend but simply loving and learning to follow Jesus together?” 

    “That would be awesome!” He commented. “But don’t think it’s going to be easy. There will be many who will turn their backs on you and call you ‘heretic’, but just remember that the manifestations of love aren’t often comprehended by people who carnally view fellowship with others.”

    “Perhaps, talking them out of it will make it easy, wouldn’t it?” 

    “No, it won’t, Jane. You will only hurt as many people than you can imagine in the process of trying to force truth into people, or force people into truth. We can religiously do both thinking it helps, but it doesn’t.” 

    “Isn’t truth so important?” She asked, gently drawing her gaze to the kids dancing playfully outside the house. 

    “It is; but not the way you go about it. You’ve been taught to tell truth engaging endless argument. However, almost every time that doesn’t work. Love is the most important part of truth which means you can’t separate both—you need both. In fact, trying to convince people into leaving could indirectly be like opening doors to establishing your own group. At the end, when things get worse and they never really followed their hungers to leave but were persuaded to, there will be further enemies for you to look into, and more divisions to unfold.” 

    She sighed. “Blame Constantine!” 

    “Constantine? Who is he?” John asked; those loving eyes questioning her. “Is he from Civilization too?” 

    “No. . . I mean ‘yes’—he was,” she sniffed. “He’s the one who brought the whole thing. For many years, we met together organically, enjoyed fellowship as brothers and sisters without having branded organizations, but he unified Christianity and paganism together and. . .” 

    “That’s a big mess!” He sadly commented. 

    “You talk as if you were there,” she laughed. “But it was really a mess. We had the first building and we began attending each Sunday. He changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, and his successor made attendance compulsory. It’s really nonsense now!” 

    “Is it?” 

    “Of course,” she answered. “Those methods of Christianity still survive until today. If you attend regularly, you’re considered highly spiritual. Miss a day or a week, or even a month, you’re either a backslider or an unserious believer.” 

    “Then when you stop attending, it means you’re no longer Christian,” John said, drawing my attention to what I had never thought about. “And when you don’t attend their group anymore, most have to give you a little space. What happens when you get back?” 

    “It all gets to become normal,” she finally realized. 

    John nodded. 

    “No wonder we determine who knows God by their attendance to church meetings, or seriousness in keeping to quiet times and even covenants,” she said. “It looks weird now.” 

    “Yeah, it’s really weird,” John shook his head. 

    “If knowing God isn’t about these, John, what’s it about?” 

    “It’s about love again,” he said, to her surprise which gave way for a frown. 

    “That’s what it’s about?” She asked, so desperate. “Don’t we have to work so hard at it?” 

    “No,” he answered. “At least, not in the way you see it. You’ve been taught that knowing Him requires you try so desperately to put one or two things together, or join movements, Jane, but it’s nothing like that. If you want to know Him, enjoy loving Him and others just the way you realized He first loved you. It begins with Him—never us. Do you know that those who love are actually those who know Him?”

    “I didn’t know that.” 

    “Because God is love, Jane,” he continued, “If you know Him, you will love others in spite of their imperfections, failures and difference in beliefs. Loving others tells that you know Him.” 

    “Which means if I don’t love others, I don’t know Him?” 


    “I can’t believe it’s that simple! It’s so contrary to what we do in Civilization.” 

    “Yes, it is,” he agreed. “It’s love that determines who is God’s. Those who learn to live in His love find themselves growing and yearning to love others. This wouldn’t be in words but deeds as well. It does result to a desire to share his life with other believers as well.” 

    “I see,” she nodded, releasing a knowing sigh. “I don’t think I want to go back to Civilization again.” 


    “I just think it will be awesome staying here, rather than going back to live in that confusion.” 

    “If you run away from them, how will they ever find this out?” John asked, shrugging his shoulders. “What can I say? Besides, you need to get back to your mom.” 

    “Yeah. You’re right! I almost forgot that.” 

    “I guess you already did, Jane,” he said, getting up to reach for his overall. “I have to see some people some miles away and won’t be getting back until tomorrow.” 

    She stood up with him, trying to pull off the coat he had given her, so he could have it in case he needed it, but he wouldn’t take it. He let her keep it since it was really cold. 

Copyright ©2017 Samuel Junoi Samuel 

All Rights Reserved! 

Love IS God’s Fingerprint 

That’s the cover of the new novel I’m writing.

    I’ve been writing on a story for a while now. It’s taking me over two months already to write what I’ve learned of God’s love as his fingerprint in our lives. I believe it’s the best story I’ll ever write! 


    JANE HARPER, an American student studying in Scotland, arrives Phoenix, Arizona to join her mom during the holidays. Days after her arrival, a storm—more like a tornado—sweep through the streets of the villages. Everyone finds their way to the underground hideouts while Jane limply carried firewoods to warm up the house because of those who had been affected by the cold before the storm. Her mom cries for her to abandon the sticks and save her life but she pleads with her mom to save hers instead. Unfortunately, the storm overtakes her and she’s recorded as missing by the Search Party. 

    Jane finds herself in the first Century about AD 58 on a mountain side, almost the peak, hoping to find her way back to Civilization. A man in his fifties arriving her became her guide to Ephesus. She discovers him to be John the Apostle, brother of James Zebedee. Her journey to Ephesus in the first chapter began her quest to comparing Christianity in the First Century to that of Civilization, realizing there was much difference, finding out that love is the Fingerprint of God that keeps the body of Christ together and leads people’s hearts to experience Jesus in all sides of their lives as love that transforms from within, aiding the renewing of the mind and fixing of our eyes on him. 

    Her journey to Corinth where Jesus’ mother, Mary was staying with Stephanas awaiting John, is the second chapter. She studies the reason why the Corinthians were placing themselves as followers of Paul, Apollos, Peter and finds out when we take our eyes off love, we think of being followers of the ministers of Christ rather than Christ himself. The similarities between that nature of division and the one at Civilization was explored and the way it’s compared will surprise you. 

    Other chapters of the story contains her journeys to Philippi, Thessalonica, Galatia, Rome, Colosse, with Paul and several others accompanying her. 

  • This is an exploration on Scripture proving that love is God’s fingerprint and that all the acts of God in the world are acts of love, confirming it to be his reason for Creation, his purpose, thought and action toward us. 
  • It brings an undeniable expression of love being an important part of truth and that sharing truth without love is catastrophic. While we enjoy loving people, we share Jesus with them as the Truth of God. 
  • Here, God is presented as loving, merciful and Sovereign, and where God is in the midst of the pain, sickness, disasters and wars in the world is discussed. 

    I hope this seems a great summary and hint on what I’m writing about this year. 

    Let’s be generous enough to contribute questions” in the comments box that deals with God’s love and what you think he’s doing in the world, and our lives as well. 

Thank you! 

LOVE JESUS WITH ALL YOUR HEART—Monday, 28th March, 2017

“And what does it mean to love Me? Love is the greatest commandment of the Father. All things are summed up beautifully in My love. Love is the perfect bond of peace. Love has no boundaries. I laid down My life for My brethren that they may be saved by My blood and now live forever even as I AM with My Father forever. 
“To love Me is to give all that you are to Me. If you love Me, you’ll not be afraid of dying for Me. You’ll honor Me above all else. You’ll worship no other but Me. You’ll give no honor to any such deity but Me, and only My Name will be found on your lips. 
“I AM God, and “BESIDES Me”, there’s no one else. Only My will triumphs in the heavens and in the lives of My own, My will will always be known. I AM able to hold you. I am able to secure you. In My hand, you are. Call upon Me and I will answer. 
“If you love Me, you will live as I lived when I walked the earth. You will follow My example. I have not called you to become like or walk in the footsteps of Paul, Mary, or Peter, but I have called you to walk in My footsteps. Let My Spirit guide you. 
“For the wickedness of men is increasing, and the heart of the Father is pained. But like the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of Israel, My Father sees My blood and grace is given. Yet, do not forget that grace is time. I AM coming soon! Unto men, the time is limitless, but I say to you, the limit is not far away, for I come quickly. Yet, I have no limit! For grace given to man is time given unto them to turn from their evil and see the finished work I wrought for them on the Cross. For there is no salvation in anyone else except through Me. Those who put their trust in any other have no salvation.” 

—This was received in an evening walk with God as Samuel read from Scripture. 
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When Did The Gospel Shift? 

In recent years, whenever people try to preach the message of salvation, they try to transfer it from Christ crucified as a result of His love for us to a message used to endear people to God by preaching fear (terror, dread)—thus, listeners are guided to come to Him through fear rather than opening the Message of Christ as a display of God’s love for them. Then, we ponder why people come to Christ and experience no transformation in that affection He has for them. No doubt, it must have been really simple to see them express through their lips—He loves me—but do they love Him? When did the Gospel revolutionize from a message of love through His death to a terrible message about hell? 

This doesn’t mean hell doesn’t exist but it only means we are setting people’s eyes to see the wrong personality. Their salvation experience will have its foundation on dread of Him, and most do come to Him because they fear if they don’t, Father would throw them into hell. In a sense, there’s a hell people will get to if they die in their sins, but hell was never to replace the salvation mainly Christ crucified. 
If you read through the account on the Pentecost, you’ll realize how different the message Peter preached —so different from what we preach today. He gave an explanation of God’s love for humanity by sending Christ to die for the sins of man. There’s no mention of words pertaining to a mix of the true gospel and a threat to come to God lest He dumps them in great furnace of fire. Those who came to realize that it was love for a person to die for them came to love Him too after they saw He loved them to have done that. 
The human mind is so notorious that no matter how well we preach the message of Christ crucified and add some threat about hell or like a warning, they would suddenly grab the part about threat, not the information of His love. In fact, salvation wrought for humanity was mainly to save men from the world and make them sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God. 
In the days of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, a minister was visited by an officer and this minister was threatened. He didn’t deny Christ but testify he loves Him. The soldier was too and confessed Christ is a pretty nice chap because He was able to love him while he couldn’t love Him. He was touched by His love and was willing to die for Him too. It was about love, not preaching hell as a part of salvation Message. 
His love is where we get transformed; love is His Fingerprint. 

When This WALK Becomes PRAYER 

  Occasionally, some people teach another kind of prayer which takes the nature of activity that is completely different from the time we spend with God every morning or night before we go to bed, but in some way, there seem to be a prayer so intimate that it can’t be separated from quiet times. It’s more like an interaction with Jesus that goes on continually, not just at special moments. 

    Is it really possible for our walk with Jesus to be so much like prayer? Is prayer just a lifting up of our needs to God without knowing his heartbeat? Can this awesome fellowship with him be completely separated from our prayer life? It’s easy to try to distinguish both from each other without realizing that both can’t be separated. 

    I grew up with people who teach that prayers aren’t permissible in a quiet time, and all that’s necessary is just get the required books, study and meditate on them i.e think on them. That sounds incredible, but it has made most people serious critics, rather than people so loving to know prayer as breathing. Although, we can separate prayer from quiet times, we can’t remove prayer from it. 

    Prayer isn’t about swinging the hands as a demonstration of binding, casting, asking all about needs, healing, etc. Although, those are involved, I speak about intimacy in prayer. What do we call it? Talking to God, right? No, prayer is talking with God as he speaks and you reply and you speak, he answers your deepest questions and guides your heart to his will. 


    It’s not so easy to count the number of times I listen to these words, Quiet time isn’t prayer time, so don’t pray at that time. Just take up these books or the Bible and read both; perhaps, one or the other. 

    When I began having a personal moment with Father every morning, I spent some time reading the Bible and other times, I didn’t, but one thing I always found myself doing was talking with Jesus and amazingly, he was replying me and asking me questions which I couldn’t answer and he answered all my questions in the process. But, was this prayer or just a little bit of some conversation? It was prayer, no doubt! One problem such people have is the establishment of tradition in the name of quiet time — this is the way to do it, and that becomes more like a rule and less a Spirit-spirit communion. I could be in a quiet time and suddenly find myself pasting questions like: 

    “Lord, let your love fill me always,” which is completely a prayer, no less. 

    And Jesus replied with words like this, “You’re filled with My love because I AM Love and you’ve given Me your heart to show you how much I love you. Thus, out of the abundance of My love in you, you’ll freely love others. You can’t give what you don’t have.” 

    And I was like, “Oh, God this is amazing! You’re so great and awesome!” 

    Sometimes, my major encounters with Christ started up with a prayer-conversation like that. 

    So, is that prayer? Or is that some religion of some sort as some people call it? 

    Paul wrote to the Ephesians, PRAY AT ALL TIMES (on every occasion, in every season) IN THE SPIRIT, with all [manner of] prayer and entreaty. . . (Ephesians 6:18). He wasn’t advising them to put-in a “prayer time” which they could only use as a time to conversate or walk with this God who loved them so much. He was instructing them to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, and I call it PRAY WITHOUT SEASON in terms of no particular season of prayer but all seasons is a season of prayer, of opening our lives to God, to talk with him, walk with him closely as he breathes upon us. I do translate PRAY AT ALL TIMES as, Talk with Jesus at ALL times. 

    Isn’t it possible to pray At ALL TIMES? 

    Prayer has no season, rather it’s all season. It’s not necessarily the public demonstration and point given in the arena, or auditorium, but the opening of our lives to God as we talk with him. 

    While on the way, a bus, at work or at home, in a quiet time, we can talk WITH him as we listen for his replies. We can sense him in and around us as we walk with him each day. 
Just A Part Of Walking With Him

    Both prayer outside and inside a quiet time is just a part of walking with him. To walk with him isn’t all about the time we spend alone with him. Instead, it’s our openness to him each moment of the day. Now, prayer comes in, but we can’t really comprehend how that works if prayer is limited to a certain time or separated from talking with him. Prayer is the casting away of our will to him and embracing his will, decisions and guidance as we go through life. This is what makes Paul’s words, PRAY AT ALL TIMES to be translated to LET PRAYER BE AS BREATHING. 

    How does this become like breathing? 

    Jim, a colleger, wakes up early every morning to read the Scripture, then he thinks on what he’s read as he talks to God and God talks to him (prayer). He gets bathed, dresses himself up and grabs a great breakfast before he runs to school. In the process, he talks with God about the day, asking for his guidance in every bit of situation that might come his way. He’s more concentrated on Jesus and open to his Spirit. So, a girl gets sad, alone on a bench during break and he asks God if he would help him get to her and when he does, he finds out she’s in a great moment of need. Both pray together, before he walks her back to her classroom. Again, he finds himself giving out several words to God without realizing so. 

    However, one thing becomes clear! It’s impossible for Jim to do this praying everytime, just like everyone else can’t. We can only pray at all times if we give the Spirit the chance to do the praying (talking with God) through us. It becomes more understandable that our body is busy externally, but our spirit stands before God as the Spirit prays through us. 

    Therefore, trying to lay down a rule that one must not dare to pray in quiet times isn’t only a tradition, but also an obstruction to let the Spirit pray through us at will. 

    Don’t get surprised when someday one follows this rule and the Spirit does otherwise, so you’ll just have to realize that praying in the Spirit at all times isn’t a tradition and can only be done through the Spirit of Christ. 

TAKEN FROM: Your Walk with Jesus by Bob Hernandez. 

Lovestream Ministries Copyrighted property. 

Where Do You Go To Church? 

Oh, it’s quite a day with some extra-stuff-stuff-stuff; much hopes on my side on finishing my secular novel — Secret Devils — which details much consequences that could arise when parents hide important secrets from their children and those secrets become devils good enough to destroy the family. No doubt, all are God-believing people residing in the Philippines. 

That’s just a hint of what I’m working on. . . 
Where Do You Go To Church? has been a real question in people’s minds when they spot a fellow not taking his pew every Sunday morning. First, in the early 300 years of the Church, there was no structure other than the homes of the believers where they met to build each other up, though, they met in the temple too simply because they were other believers who had duties as well as several priests among them also believed and some were constantly there, but the home was actually the perfect place they shared God’s life together. Then, Constantine, a Roman Emperor came in and united Christianity and paganism as one, a State Religion as well. However, some time later he ordered the construction of church buildings so believers and pagans could have this points of worship and gradually, the thought of church as a body of Christ shifted to a structure which everyone was commanded to attend as compulsory by his successor Emperor Theodosius. Church attendance became compulsory. 

That’s why we now have branded names as if we are so divided and all these I’m a member of the Gospel Source Church, and which one do you belong? Which church do you attend? As if church attendance is what determines our followership of Christ on this journey. The early Christians only had an idea of an organic church, not an organized one built with polished structures and millions or billions of dollars, peso or pounds but it was a group of people often citywide or each person recognized as a part of it. 

Since these believers never followed this attendance is compulsory, if you don’t go, you go to hell it’s most likely our tradition is based on a Pagan Roman Emperor’s law and less a God-ordained fellowship, or network of believers. New church, old church, another church, former church: all these are just fake terms that doesn’t relate to the church. They are related to buildings which we have called Church. 

Do you realize that the church isn’t any place or building but you? Since you are, how can you go to yourself? The church isn’t something you go to but a body which God has grafted you in. So, you don’t need this talk of joining a church, starting up a new one as if it’s some woods we can fix. Instead, be a part of the body which you already are and love other believers, share this journey of fellowship with them. You won’t be able to describe it when you finally see that the church has always been around you! 

“Not Your Quotes” 

It’s not necessary that when you approach a brother encountering painful circumstances, you render your bogos quotes and rebuke them for one lack of faith or the other. Most don’t even know how to react to situations like that which they find streaming up in their lives. They just want to be understood, not your long sermons. They just want to feel loved, not a scary environment of condemnation and demands for accountability to you. 

    Where love is substituted with all these actions and what we think they need to change them, people end up frustrated and they get shoved away from the loving hearts they hoped brothers and sisters possess. Instead, they don’t need you to change them because we just can’t. God is the one who does! Rather, love them and open and leave for them an environment where they can be loved and sense the Presence of God enveloping them, coming into their pain to show them he’s right in it with them. An environment where they are free to be known for who they really are and where such lifestyle isn’t guarded by ethics but a Love that transforms them in the loving arms of Christ to make them into the wonderful people he wants them to be. 

    People are changed when they are led to follow Christ and listen to him guide and show them that they are already loved, no matter what they go through. Our job is to encourage them on the journey to see Christ as victorious in all circumstances. Many will end up abandoning our laws to live in this freedom and peace that abides in him; where their lives can free others to hurt when they are hurt and joy when they are joyful. 

    Most of these don’t need an over-quotation of Scripture to have them bend to what you think they ought to do to stand such circumstances. They ought to know that loving heart who beats for them each moment. They will discover it in the process of following him. 

    When we let ourselves get in the way of the Spirit, we prevent him from freely doing the touching through us. We don’t need to struggle to touch them to try to change. Sometimes, it could be ‘struggling’. Let the Spirit touch others through us. When we let him do, we’ll be doing the loving as he speaks the words. Sometimes, our being there loving them is more than a thousand words struggled out. 
You may use this as a guest post if you hope to! 


When CHURCH BECOMES A Business Organization

This is your paycheck for the work done this month!
This is your paycheck for the work done this month!

Two days back or last Friday afternoon about 1:30pm, Daniel and I spent the brief walk to our usual parting point, talking about this life in Christ when it unexpectedly jumped into another interesting part of a kind of conversation I have most of the time. He wondered why church these days shifted all the way from City-wide elders-at-large to some institutional system having an authority, “The Church Board”. It sounded funny though but it was compared to The Board of Directors in public Corporations and other Enterprises who actually run it as an organization trying to promote conformity. 
Ministry has actually become a means of livelihood where anyone can make profit from. Although, there are wonderful people, most have been thought it’s the best way to do it. As church became an organization which anyone may run mechanically, there are people who can now be employed as workers to manage the system but everything is hidden under a cloak: “working in service for God” but it doesn’t change the fact that the usual pay-check is no less different from the usual “salary”. 
Why can’t we just be true? Why should we hide beneath the verse that says, EVERY LABORER DESERVE THEIR WAGES when what is talked about in Scripture is actually different. Ministry isn’t a job we do for a living! Every laborer deserve their wages, not in the sense of a paycheck released from a board where those who don’t perform better can have their own check withdrawn just like a salary. In the bible, we see the travellers being assisted on their journey and Paul himself had his needs been handled by several believers who took it that God laid it in their hearts to do that. It wasn’t salary, was it? God was actually doing the providing while Paul’s motive wasn’t about making anything out of ministry but because he loved Jesus. Father was big enough to fulfil that promise! 
Do ministry with an intention to make profit from it or become organized to do likewise, you’ll certainly be exploiting people to meet your needs rather than stick to the promise of God that every laborer is worthy of their wages. It’s God who pays every man as he deems necessary. 
Have a nice day! 

Living Connected 


I once dreamed of travelling to a Country in Asia, and when I realized God was the One guiding me to that, I couldn’t wait for it. To many, that may sound like a good “stuff” but these days, I feel there’s a nice thing about getting glad about seeing a people quite different from the color of your skin. 

You see, not getting to wait for God’s plan and just wanting it NOW the moment He mentions it, is no less a fool’s journey. I can agree I was that FOOL those days, just like I am in some part of my life these days, but it was more a good way to learn to live connected to both the past and future as we walk with Jesus in the present. 
A dreary past shouldn’t be considered garbage to be thrown away as USELESS: God wants us to learn from them, rather than spend the whole day sad and live as if disconnected from this Lovely Father who can weave our dreary past to work for our good. He’s not scared about what we did In the past or what we have done today which is self-guided, but He’s willing to guide us out of it if we just ask His help. 
I was disconnected from Him in many ways when I felt I had wasted the opportunity of visiting such a marvellous place and meeting new people, and that was my error. If I had spent the days back then walking with God in what he was doing, I never would have lived so disconnected from Him. I was so afraid of missing God’s will, and that’s why I did! I was afraid of the future and fear conquered me. I gave in to pornography, was insulting and had a dead spiritual identity. I was disconnected! 

Learning to live with, in and for God requires that I learn from my errors in the past and not be destroyed by my failures; walk with Jesus in the present in spite of the worldly pleasures and future plans, knowing that I am to worship God, not HIS PROMISES; and live a life not afraid of what comes ahead in the future. 
Living connected is all about being intimate with Jesus, no matter what comes and trusting him to help with the NO when it comes to temptation.   

The result of this is peace, and the assurance that we rest in God’s will no matter what He permits in our lives. 
We will receive many whose lives will challenge ours to walk with the Father as he desires that we will. Others whom we once knew as best friends and had the best conversations with and received much help from may be those who may turn their backs on us when we choose this wonderful journey where Christ is Savior and Lord over our lives, guiding us each moment and separating our hearts from the worldly ways of life; teaching us to stay connected to Him as we listen to His Spirit in us as our Guidance Counsellor. Through this, we will walk with Him with boldness in the past, present and future. 
Blessed be the Name of God! 

Not Everyone Is Destined To Marry 


    In this life, not everyone are destined to marry. Some are destined by God to but there are some who won’t get married, for the sake of the kingdom. Therefore you ought to understand that you’re not sinning if you choose not to marry (I Corinthians 7:8) nor is marriage a sin (I Corinthians 7:1). 

    There are people who aren’t meant to marry at all but these ones are very rare to find. If such people keep struggling to find a lifepartner, they sure will make a huge mess of themselves. They may become lost in this desire and knowingly or unknowingly drift away from what he thinks about them.

    Nevertheless, you don’t have to let someone decide for you if you really need to marry or not. God knows his plans for you, so go to him. Humans can misguide but God can’t. Your feelings and other impressions can misguide you but he can’t. This doesn’t mean that those feelings and impressions aren’t needed. They’re needed because the Spirit may use them to guide you. Sometimes, we may feel we never may marry but that’s just a feeling. While it’s a feeling, it could be of big help or supply us bigger loss. 

    In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul was on both sides – agreeing or refusing to – which means that it required freedom of choice not absenting God’s wisdom.  In I Cor. 7:1, Paul explained that it’s “good” for a man not to touch a woman, which he made clear that all he was saying wasn’t to be taken as a new command but something in way of permission. The grace to marry or not has been given to all men. It’s a matter of choice not absenting the will of God based on what he’s planned for us. 

Paul used the word, ‘good’ in vs 1, but didn’t use the word, ‘compulsory’ which imply that the word ‘good’ means something ‘beneficial’ but not everyone can accept it. It isn’t a command that you ought not to marry nor will anyone crucify you if you don’t. Marriage is a great blessing which God gives anyone, and it consists of a true life-partner who will be with us in our moments of pain and laughter for life. Paul still used the word, ‘good’ in vs 8 which in the real sense indicate that it is ‘beneficial’ not ‘compulsory’ for the unmarried and widows to be unmarried. 

    Therefore, you can see that marriage is also a matter of choice but also a great blessing which God has blessed the earth with. It’s him who blessed the man with a wife for them to become man and wife. 

Jesus taught in Matthew 19:9-12 about marriage. However, there’s the part (vs 12) which expatiates more on eunuchs: those who were born eunuchs from the womb; those who were made so by men; those who made themselves so for the kingdom of God. These live on earth today. Some have been born that way without the opportunity to marry. For these ones, it’s their destiny! It wasn’t decided by anyone but God. Those who refuse to marry for the sake of the kingdom did this out of free will, not coercion. They only want one thing to attend: doing Father’s business. 

     Paul talked about this in his letter – My desire is to have you free from all anxiety and distressing care. The unmarried man is anxious about the things of the Lord–how he may please the Lord; 33But the married man is anxious about worldly matters–how he may please his wife– 34And he is drawn in diverging directions [his interests are divided and he is distracted from his devotion to God]. And the unmarried woman or girl is concerned and anxious about the matters of the Lord, how to be wholly separated and set apart in body and spirit; but the married woman has her cares [centered] in earthly affairs–how she may please her husband (1 Corinthians 7:32-34).

He gave the reason for saying that: 

Now I say this for your own welfare and profit, not to put [a halter of] restraint upon you, but to promote what is seemly and in good order and to secure your undistracted and undivided devotion to the Lord (vs 35).

In this verse, there are two important phrases: 

“for ‘ur own good”

“Not to restrict you” 

Both of these points us toward free will. 

    You don’t need to struggle in order to get married. All you need to do is trust Jesus and let him have his way. The more you struggle, the further you may make errors. It doesn’t take God a second to guide a good husband to you or wife to you. What you need is WAIT on him! 


    Think about this! If you had been asking God for someone’s hand in marriage and you heard the following as an answer – Not Yet; No; Yes, please don’t jump into conclusion and begin telling everyone whatever you think he might be saying. 
First consider those words, 

1. When he says ‘Not Yet’: When God says NOT YET, he doesn’t mean NO. There’s a difference between No and Not Yet. Therefore, don’t go tell everyone: God said I shouldn’t marry. Did he really say that? He said, WAIT! 

2. When God says ‘No’: This is an answer that depends on the nature of our question. Questions like: Lord, do you want me to marry? may take a NO or YES or even a NOT YET. However, we can agree that such question rarely get a NO. But when we have someone in mind, our question could be, Lord, do you want me to marry Jake? Lord, do you want me to marry Donna? Should I marry Bill? Or is Catherina your will for me? Such questions may take a Yes or No depending on Father’s plan for you. If he says NO, then ask further: Lord, if not him/her, then who? 

NOTE A PROBLEM: One Problem which we usually fail to avoid is the error of telling everyone: ‘God said this!’ ‘God said that!’ I have made those mistakes myself and I know how painful it gets to be when I notice I shouldn’t have said anything. However, if God guides you to tell someone, don’t fail to do so, but be sure he’s the one who’s doing the guiding. 



In friendships, I have witnessed much misunderstanding and break ups or should I say people who once loved each other affectionately in Christ, separate because of a certain misunderstanding. 
Yes, for the fact that we are Christians doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt, but what do we call this journey of getting to know each other “friendship” right? 

If it’s friendship, then there’s every possibility that we will get hurt. WHY? Humans are not God! Yes, they need to show some understanding, but a wise friend or brother getting to know his brother will know that getting hurt is part of the process of knowing each other. Man is not God! We expect too much from them and treat them like they can’t make mistakes. We are to forgive each they make. And if we try to withdraw from these brothers who hurt us in the process of learning to know us, we are most LIKELY to withdraw our LOVE too. Whether you see that or not, it’s true about relationships. Jesus said to forgive a brother/friend even if he wrongs us 70 × 7 times in a day. Do you think hurting me 490 times a day is possible? It’s not! Jesus was actually saying we should forever forgive and not just forgive, but also forget. Though, we can also be careful about such a person if he hurt us intentionally but we must forgive. I believe the hurts we get from friends who are trying to know us in areas which they never knew, are unintentional. 
After all, God knows that in the process of knowing him we will make mistakes, and it’s through that we learn. It’s true we dont have to wait to make mistakes before we learn. Only God never make mistakes, and most people view and treat mere men like God, expecting much of them. 
This is one of the saddest part in friendships and Christian relationships which we must learn to handle with Wisdom to save ourselves from the thought that we are loving, while we are not, toward that person. 

Where Is God In A World Of Pain? 

WE all go through hundreds of things in our days on earth, and also witness numerous things which happen to others in their lives as they live on this planet. Then suddenly, we begin to wonder where God is while all of those events were occurring and why he didn’t perform a miracle to save the precious souls of the victims. 

  • Oh no! Ma’am Cassie had an accident. She was a good christian woman. Where was God all the way? 
  • The building in Phoenix, AZ collapsed and 60 lives were lost. Some were christians while thirtythree were non-christians. I can’t believe God would ever let his children die this way! 
  • My daughter’s little child who became 4-years old yesterday just died this morning. She was playing in the garden and fell on a stony path. We rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said she was alright. Thirty minutes later, we discovered she was dead. This isn’t fair. 
  • Mr. Hans had an accident last week. We had been telling him to give his life to Christ but he refused. Now, God killed him for his unbelief. Everyone, be warned! 

The truth about that is that God has always been where he always has, and sees everything that happens in the earth, not excluding poverty, sickness, plane crashes, motor accidents etc. All these mess never existed in the beautiful world which God created until sin came into the world; and with it came death, darkness, accidents and many more but God never was the reason why all these death, accidents were happening. They are all what sin has done to the beautiful world which God created, and this had an effect on man too. 
To understand this, 

  • God has awesome plans for his creation and has planned a great future for mankind. He created the world with the laws of nature and he also brought salvation to man through Christ when he fell. As the Creator, he doesn’t wish evil for his creation. His will is always his plan. He wills everyone to come to repentance but not all do; for they may disobey his will but can’t frustrate his ultimate purpose. 


Not everything that happen on earth is approved by God. Most happen by his permission. All of that which he approves is in bible. He approves that: 

  • We should come to him and be children in his household. 
  • We obey his Son and love one another. 
  • We preach the gospel and help those who are still immature to become mature believers in Christ. 
  • We use the Name of Christ as he has commanded us to. 

He already approved: 

  • The birth of Christ; 
  • His death and resurrection; 
  • His return to get his people; 
  • The end of the world etc which can’t be changed because they are already in his signature. 

Almost everything that happen in this world happen by his permission and this doesn’t make him the responsible cause of what happens. He is responsible cause of all that he approves, not all that he permits. 
So where is God in this world of pain? He is always where he has been. It’s an error to say that he causes or approves war, inflicts suffering or causes accidents. Even if he can restrain such from happening; he doesn’t do it so often. 

His miracles are his extraordinary acts; not his normal acts. We send him blames which he doesn’t deserve when we keep looking to that side of seeing miracles as his normal acts. 

Most things in our lives happen because of secondary causes (Satan; natural disasters; man and animals). If a house collapse, it’s not God who’s responsible for it. Those who built it are, since there’s every possibility that there was a weak construction. The actions of other people could be beneficial to us; and at thesame time it could be so harmful to us. We are part of the human scene! So we might be expecting him to perform a miracle by adding more brick-blocks to it to hold it firm but he doesn’t normally do that. It was only permitted because he didn’t save the building. 

He permits Satan to tempt people but he doesn’t approve it; and he also will not let Satan tempt us beyond that which we can bear. The laws of sowing and reaping; cause and effect; good and evil still continue without interference because he’s still permitting it until Jesus comes. 
God never approved death. He only permitted it. He warned Adam and Eve that they would die if they tasted of the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge and it did. He had the power to stop it but he didn’t. He permitted it. He never wills a person’s death even if they were terrorists; drug dealers; lesbians and gays (which are all defilers of his laws) but all these are part of the sowing and reaping, cause and effect laws that governs the earth. He created us to choose between good and evil; right and wrong and now, he has given us his spirit in us to guide our hearts and feet to the right path. He is able to guide us away from the dreariness which the sin has caused in the earth but all we have to do is LISTEN. 
If you tell your child, “Sit there! Don’t get up until I come!” if he does, he won’t get hurt or face an accident. But if he doesn’t listen and goes to the place you warned him about, if anything happens to him, surely you will cry and be heartbroken; but you’re not responsible for it. You ain’t the responsible cause! You never approved it but there was nothing you could do. 
Likewise, God is Omnipresent because he sees all things even before they happen. His spirit in us isn’t a mistake. He had reasons for doing that! He knows Mr. Hans would have an accident if he went on that journey but he never could discern the voice of God since he was never sensitive to him. God permitted it but never approved it. 

Those who died in the crash of the building must have been guided one way or the next but weren’t discerning enough and got caught in it. 
Finally, to answer the above question, Where Is God In A World Of Pain? God is in the world guiding us in spite of the darkness in the world which may cause us unmeasurable pain. He is simply in thesame world we are in, offering the help required (and if he desires – a miracle); the help we need. It depends on us to make a choice to accept his help or try our own way. 
Imagine how silly it is to blame God for being a diabetes patient, when all his life he consumed much sugar. Advice from others tell it causes diabetes, but he refused, saying, God will heal me even if it happens. It happened and God once sent word to you through others but you foolishly rejected it. 

This doesn’t mean we won’t encounter pain, hurt or suffering on our journey; but rather than cry God Why? we can simply join him in the work he’s doing in our lives through those circumstances. 


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God bless. 

Never Alone

No matter tough days are, with God we will move on.

We sometimes don’t like being in a TIGHT
SPOT and hate confrontation; but such tough
moments are the best parts of our journey as
we rely on God’s ability rather than ours.
The way may seem blocked and there may be
no way to solve the problems we encounter in
the present but God has a full knowledge of
how it began and how it will end but we can’t
get to the GOOD end of it if we try become
angry, feel frustrated and fight our way
through. Let God DO the best part he’s got
and let’s BE as we watch him guide us
through those moments.
Sometimes, he puts the answer in our heart
and guides us to follow it that way. When we
conclude things will end up being bad, we use
the power in our tongue to build something
stored up for days, hours and years ahead.
When we just let God do what he thinks best
and conclude that we only know the beginning
but have no idea of the end, we are getting
out of the way (rather than stand in his way)
to let him do what is God’s will.
This doesn’t mean you won’t get confused,
face hard times and moments that seem to try
spoil your day. You will, but your love for and
trust in Jesus will make the way clear.

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Conditional love

I have read here across the newsfeed and
there’s the talk of Father’s love being
conditional. If you’re one of those fans of
conditional love, you certainly mayn’t like
what I’m writing here but please I’m not trying
to convince you to agree with me. If your idea
of conditional love seem to draw you close to
God, I’m okay with that. But it shouldn’t be a
means to get us divided.
Scripture tells that we were sinners and Jesus
came to die for us because God so loved us
(John 3:16) affectionately. We never did
anything to make him love us to that extent of
dying for us. DID YOU RECEIVE ANY
Those who think his love to be conditional are
those who seem to love others after they have
met a condition or requirement. For the fact
that we don’t attend the same institution;
have the same doctrine or meet the same
people in a specialized structure doesn’t make
God love us more or less. It shouldn’t make
me love you more or less either.
If his love for me was conditional, then I can’t
love you unless you meet certain expectations
and if you don’t, I will withdraw my love. Why?
What God did to me I’m doing to you. But
Father’s love isn’t conditional. He loved me
first when I couldn’t love him and when I
realized he filled my heart with his love, I am
able to love him likewise and love others
Jesus loved the adulterous woman ans
brought freedom to her. Conditional love
would have said, WELL YOU AIN’T A
He met the Samaritan woman and love went
past the Jewish law that a Jew has nothing to
do with a Samaritan.
Was that conditional love?
Would you ever show compassion for people if
you don’t love them?
Love for Enemies
“But to you who are listening I say: Love
your enemies, do good to those who hate
you, bless those who curse you, pray for
those who mistreat you. If someone
slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the
other also. If someone takes your coat, do
not withhold your shirt from them. Give
to everyone who asks you, and if anyone
takes what belongs to you, do not demand
it back. Do to others as you would have
them do to you.
“If you love those who love you, what
credit is that to you? Even sinners love
those who love them. And if you do
good to those who are good to you, what
credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.
And if you lend to those from whom you
expect repayment, what credit is that to
you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting
to be repaid in full. But love your
enemies, do good to them, and lend to
them without expecting to get anything
back. Then your reward will be great, and
you will be children of the Most High,
because he is kind to the ungrateful and
wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father
is merciful. (Luke 6:27-36) NIV.
If God loved me conditionally, would he let me
love you unconditionally?
Would conditional love ever do all that Jesus
said up there?
Think these things and pray for wisdom. God’s
love is unconditional.

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A thought on The House Of God

Is this the house of God?????

I would be so glad if this begins a real conversation by posting your comments about this:. It’s my view of God’s house and I believe the Bible does say likewise.

The House of God has been mistaken for a
building or institution in the system of
organized religion. Whereas, what Stephen
had said before his death was, But it was
y Solomon who built a house for him.
48 z Yet the Most High does not dwell a in
houses made by hands, as the prophet
49 b “ ‘Heaven is my throne,
c and the earth is my footstool.
What kind of house will you build for me,
says the Lord,
or what is the place of my rest?
50 Did not my hand make all these
things?’ (Acts 7:47-50).
Paul said that we are the House of God (His
living temples) (1 Corinthians 3:16).
Thus, if the building isnt the house of God but
we are, then how can we go to ourselves?

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Life Partner Could Be In Or OUT


This may be against your belief but even if
you’re of one religious group that suggests
that you must only marry someone who is
the same denomination with you, you better be
I was in a house taking tutorial while the
grand father began a talking session about
teens who’re ready for marriage but were
restricted by church (institutional) law from
marrying someone outside of the church’s
congregation. The time came when unmarried
persons in the church were asked to stepout,
and they were paired one to another whom
they would consider a life partner.
I know this sounds way against God’s will in
finding a life partner even if the scene looks
godly but the step isn’t. What if such action
place people just away from marrying the one
whom Father already had in mind for them?
Most of us can’t think outside marrying a
person from our own local congregation due
to facts that it may incur strange habits from
kinsmen and women in the local group. Such
fact is also outside God’s intention when his
intention is ‘ask-me_-for-the-perfect-choice’.
I have read through books and magazines
finding such mentality and people whom I met
in the JW, and other religious systems that
insist people ought to obey such a law. I got
a thought,
could be any congregation. This doesn’t mean
that one can’t find one IN the system but why
should God’s name be tagged to a manmade
law? Finding a life partner outside of God’s
will is the reason why there are broken
marriages; one godly dad, an ungodly mom, or
the other way round. I have heard stories
about the man losing his woman or the
woman losing the man after marriage or years
of being together in marriage. I ask thesame,
“What if it wasn’t God’s will?”
Why? The reason is , I don’t think God simply
misunderstands this, “A life partner is one
whom you would spend the rest of your life
with.” He’s willing to give you one whom you’ll
spend your entire life with, not someone with
whom you’ll spend only less than half or just
half of your life with.
All he says is, ASK ME; JUST ASK ME.”
It takes time to find two persons whom God
sets as a perfect match but it would be simple
if we could just get off our thought or
religious law that displays itself as Father’s
will when it’s not.
Even Paul never mentioned such in his letters.
He encouraged the believers to marry someone
who’s in Christ, not someone in a certain
religious group (I Cor. 7:39). He said that to
widows but such is for all. Someone in Christ
whom God has said is his will.
So Take Your Time.
Don’t be in a hurry. God is big enough to
connect your life-partner to you, no matter
where they are in the present.

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THERE are moments when we realize that we must choose between God and others. That's a crossroad.

There are moments in our lives
When we must choose between God and
These are people we love a lot;
Including our best persons in the world.
Such decision is harder than being beheaded.
A person beheaded faces pain once for all,
But choosing God attracts scorn from others.
Such scorn is continuous unless they become
But we would have failed God too bad.
Choosing them attracts much favor from
But that’s the reward.
Such reward vanishes like smoke with time.
With God, all things are possible.
There are many impossibilities with us,
But God is more than thousand counselors.
Be it parents, brothers, sisters or spouse;
Choosing God is the best option.
There is no wrong in failing others when it is
that we must choose —-
Choose between God and they.
When they seem to act against his opinion,
And are never ready to understand,
The crossroad becomes clearer.
There is the choice to make.
The choice which we must,
Between God and others.
God is.

Samuel J. Written 20/6/16

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The PRAYER Habit

"The PRAYER Habit" will be coming out soon as an eBook some days from now. Lovestream will be working toward its paperback. It may take some time though, 'cause more will be added to the message.

                 Jesus’ Life Of Prayer

Most believers today rarely believe in a life of prayer.
This is a result of the jargon, misunderstood concept of prayer. While some argue that Jesus spent time praying in a temple crying out loud for all to hear and speaking tongues not understood by others around him, others are already disagreeing that he did any of that. Their concept of prayer implies that Jesus was actually sitting still like a Babylonian statue, going on meditations and just pouring his heart to God as he kept nodding his head.

That’s quite the words of a nincompoop, I agree – but even if you haven’t found such people, I can assure you there are, and I have met so many of them.

And I will tell that NONE of those really touched my heart as the bible did. Those were fallacies!

The bible has it that Jesus prayed so often in awareness that his prayer knew no boundary. He was/is God’s Son but I doubt that we can’t live that life of prayer which he lived.
His ministry began with prayer and he ended it with prayer.
He prayed with his disciples.
He prayed to multiply the bread and fish to feed the five thousand and four thousand.
He prayed when guests asked to see him.
He prayed before he raised Lazarus from the dead.
He prayed when he was on the cross. How? When? It was a prayer of forgiveness toward his persecutors. It’s intercessory or incendiary prayer.

There are still so many details when Jesus prayed which will occupy more pages if I spent time mentioning them.

There’s no detail that Jesus was limited in his prayer life. Once, he said lock your door  when you want to pray to the Father and yet, there were times when he talked to his Father openly. Jesus was obviously talking about closing our hearts to prevent it from getting disturbed by external and internal thoughts.

His prayer life was all about talking to his Father.
Yes, prayer is all about talking to God.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s the peace in your heart that makes praying simple and easy. It’s the faith in your heart that makes you see the impossible as possible.

Jesus prayed before raising Lazarus but he didn’t first pray in the temple or on the mountain. He prayed right there; just before that grave.
He wasn’t standing before Lazarus’ grave when he prayed upon the fish and bread which was a little boy’s meal but fed 5,000 persons.
He was standing somewhere.
Yes, he was standing somewhere! Where? He was standing right before his Father talking to him and both were agreeing on what must be done.
We don’t need a temple as a permanent place where we must be before we can pray. I assure you, all you need is the presence of your heavenly Father with you as you talk to him and you have faith that it is done.

Since Jesus lived a life of constant prayer, I’m sure it’s possible with us too. We’re told to pray without ceasing but we sometimes don’t think it’s possible. We’ve got much work to do.
Most have Sunday as the only day to talk to God.
Prayer becomes a ritual rather than a lifestyle.
Jesus prayed to his Father each moment. He mayn’t have said a word out before you but you will notice he is ’cause of his strong connection to his Father.
We can pray while going to work.
We may be driving, but it doesn’t stop us from talking to him. Our teaching job doesn’t stop us either.
I’m so good at making errors but I think the more time I find my heart simply talking to Jesus, I don’t have the consciousness of making any.
Prayer can be breathed anywhere. It becomes as simple as breathing! When we realize the kind of prayer which Jesus took as a lifestyle, we’ll stop making prayer seem ritualistic.
Something ritualistic is that which when you fail to do it, you begin to think that guilt rises inside you.
When prayer becomes a lifestyle, you won’t do it in the name of ritual but a result of the standing you have with Christ. It becomes part of you.
It mayn’t be wrong to have a prayer time, but the error is only seeing that moment as the time for real prayer.
No prayer is useless when it comes forth from a heart agreeing with God’s will.
Our prayer time shouldn’t serve as a limit to constant prayer. Jesus wants us talking to him everytime, not necessarily our prayer time.
Have prayer become part of your life, then you won’t think of anyway you can substitute it.

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Hiding JESUS In OUR Creed (#4)

Nothing Else Matters So Sweetly As Equipping!

I was really thinking then before Ollie came.

   THIS afternoon, the church board reported back to me that Dale had done it all. He told lies about me to kick me out. Lois Carma, one of those who worked with him in this filed an allegation against me that they had caught me in the act of adultery, redhanded. Photos of me beside a redhaired Filipino was presented to the board and they believed this for months but just few had the truth in them: Dale and Lois had computed all of these with any other picture due to jealousy or perhaps, I knew part of their secrets which even the other senior pastors hadn’t known. It was that way until I received a letter from them, inviting me to return as pastor. In one sense, it sounded good, and in another sense, I didn’t appreciate it: I really needed to solve the problem of my emptiness before anything about ministry. God had to prepare me first!
Now I was longing to make a choice, and such could change my circumstances forever, either to make it worse or better. So I drove to the coffee shop to have sometime to think what choice to make. That’s when I felt a hug around my neck. Closing my eyes with both hands so I wouldn’t recognize him. Who can this be? I thought. It can’t be Diane since she had taken the kids to school.
As fast as I could, I said, “Let me guess! Oliver. . . Am I right?”
And he had my eyes free from his hands. “Yeah, it’s me,” he replied. “I saw you walk through the shop doors and really had to check on you. You don’t seem so happy. Is all well at home?” He asked, sitting on the chair at the side of the diner. He began to figure out what it was.
“Yeah, all is well at home. Everyone’s doing great! How’re you today?” I was trying to prevent him from finding out anything about what the board had requested.
“That doesn’t sound good. . . What’re you trying to hide, Bob?” He didn’t answer my question. He had found out something and I wasn’t sure how he knew.
“A long story, Oliver,” I confessed. “The board had discovered the truth and apologized for what Dale and Lois had done. I’m in thoughts, Oliver. Don’t know what to do!”
“What really had they said?”
“Both had filed an allegation against me just to kick me out. Lies had spread that I had committed adultery with a Filipino. I bet, Oliver, I was amazed to see those photos myself.”
“Why should Dale engage himself in such?” Oliver asked, desperately.
“Well, you know Dale and me had been friends for years now and he knows most secrets about me and I know even more about him. However, I stopped being too open to him when I found out he wasn’t after anything else but my shame. He needed me off the stage. Today, thesame who kicked me out are asking me to be pastor of the institution. Certainly, I don’t see how possible that is. . .”
“Which means you aren’t going to return as pastor?”
“I don’t see how, Oliver. I don’t see how. . . I still have got much to learn; frustrating things to deal with inside of me and I guess without having those things handled carefully, things won’t be so easy,” I explained as he looked straight at me.
“What’s frustrating you, Bob?” He asked. “The pastoring job? Dale? Lois?”
“Certainly not,” I replied. “It’s not those at all. . . I just need to first deal with my emptiness. That’s all!”
“I ‘uld say that’s a wise choice, Bob,” he commented. “We need solid equipping before any talk of ministry.”
“Yeah,” I agreed. “And I don’t know if I’m ever going to have that job done. Something doesn’t want me there. I need to first grow in Christ and experience some changes in this place,” I said, touching my chest, “before talking about ministry.”
“Absolutely, Bob,” he laughed. “Today, we’re more concerned about things he promised he would add to us: finance, job, and many more but these don’t tell how mature we’re. When we notice a dirt get stain our white dress, we need to quickly wash first, then we can freely help others.”
“Well, Oliver, would you say Dave and Lois are mature?”
“Sorry, what do I gain judging others?” He asked, without any answer to my question. “You just need to know that you know mature ones through the life they live in him. They live just the way he did while he walked the earth. Those who ain’t mature ‘ll always be those who’re caught in gossips, quarrels and even the struggle for religious power, just to satisfy their ego.”
“Really, Oliver, I’ll say I’ve met some milk believers who live just like Jesus lived. Does that tell they’re mature?”
“I won’t say it does, Bob,” he replied. “They aren’t milky ones at all. The reality about this journey is that those ready to grow ‘ll always be found following Jesus closely. They mayn’t be mature but they won’t depend on the teachings of men alone. The way a believer can grow is when he’s following Jesus closely no matter what he goes through.”
“Even if he isn’t an attendee? How then will he grow?” I asked, putting down the bag I had been carrying.
“He surely ‘ll, Bob,” he answered. “The religious collaborations which we term ‘church’ today isn’t the only place to equip people. We can admit that it’s rare before you find one that do, and if it tries to, it won’t last.”
“The reason is religious obligations oft get in, and the detonation process begins. That process can have them live mechanical, and even away from the life they are called to live.”
“Is that what I had been doing years back?” I was waiting to hear him say it’s not true.
“Measure it for once and see, Bob if those times you had yourself in the mechanical thing was satisfying. Sometimes, you get home frustrated. Other times, the happiness and joy you get doesn’t come from the life he’s called you to live but from those approvals you oft get to have you fit in.”
I paused a while. Oliver said nothing. He waited me out so I may go through what he had said again. He’s right! I’ve done that not just years ago but months back. I tried every way possible to make people love me. Those who refused to were oft avoided by me.
“You’re right,” I continued, “Then is there any other way, any place we can equip people, apart from these organized system?”
“In many ways, Bob,” he replied. “What’re we doing now? I’m helping you understand what it takes to be his church, living to face life as he opens ways for it. Equipping is that way! A mature servant-leader equips people in homes, attics and anywhere God opens for them. It’s not compulsory that these structures be constructed before you’re aware you’ve ministered.
“You don’t know how joyful I am to help you in this journey.”
Whew! I haven’t thought that through, I thought. I had been on this without knowing?
“I don’t see how I’m going to take that job, Oliver,” I sniggered. “Equipping is for a certain time depending on when God chooses. However, I’ve got a problem with that institution!” I confessed.
He pressed closer to see what I meant. . .
“That you don’t have the chance to freely equip others?” He asked with a raised brow.
“I don’t think that’s it,” I replied. “In these institutions, thesame people are taught forever. Most aren’t satisfied with what they find in one institution, and become church hoppers just to find the best principles like I wanted to.
“That’s what happened when Wyle, our senior staff arrived several institutions. He had told us the first wasn’t caring enough about their members. The next were trying to survive. Another was only concerned on repairing the structure and increase the size. Several others were demanding tithe more than he expected. To him it was like bribe. Now, he’s planning to leave our church.”
“Wyle said the people weren’t caring enough and the ministers seem to exploit the people who follow them. He finally said it can’t be the church Jesus is building.”
“Sounds like a tough story to me,” he commented. “Wyle discovered it, Bob. Such system is always very destructive. Institutional religion often breed more renegades who don’t have a passion for more of Father’s life. Once an unbeliever believes, he must be equipped to live that life, so he may go to also equip others. The servant leader equips him for some time depending on the growth of the one equipped. It’s that way, Bob. Such a person is growing to learn from Jesus directly in close fellowship, as he also equip others to live the life of Christ.”
“Should that mean servant leaders produce servant leaders?”
“What Jesus instructed his disciples to do was to disciple men of all nations. Look at most things they wrote. It was to encourage these believers to become Christians who live his life.”
“Do you mean what you just said?” I asked, not sure if he understood what I had said. “So being a believer is different from being a Christian?”
“Yeah,” he replied. “Not all believers are Christians, Bob. Many may believe that Jesus is God’s Son but they aren’t Christ-like. They claim to be but if they don’t obey him and follow him closely, they aren’t. They’re mere believers on the name of Christ. Even Satan believes that Jesus is God’s Son. Therefore, he believes too. We can only be christians if we live as Jesus did.”
“I never thought of that,” I confessed. “If Satan is a believer, why isn’t he saved?”
Hearing my question, he laughed as hard as I had ever thought. “Was that funny?”
“Yes it was,” he replied. “Salvation can only be made possible for anyone when they’re here on earth. Satan isn’t on earth in human body. Those who are dead and are in hell begin to believe Jesus is Father’s Son but the chance is no more.”
“Okay, I get. Oliver, how do you get them to know you’re an equipper?” I questioned. “Don’t we need billboards or posters?”
“None,” he said. “We don’t need any. Jesus didn’t call us to advertise. Remember, we met each other without a billboard or poster but through an already planned meeting which God had promised he will. What really drew people to Jesus, John the Baptist, and the apostles? Was it their props and devices? Was their preaching ability the reason? Or did they construct mansions for limiting the truth about Jesus? Of course not! Peter was a mere fisherman whom Christ equipped for his Father’s work. The other disciples were just ordinary men. It wasn’t anything else that drew people to hear them but the Anointing. Just as those institutions aren’t needed, so those modes of advertisements aren’t necessary.”
“But most people mistake that anointing for something else,” I said, spreading both arms.
“Just because people misunderstand the Anointing doesn’t mean the truth is no more. The Anointing is the spirit and he’s the one who draw people so we can help them. Try fixing billboards or posters, you’ll find yourself unknowingly setting-up an institution. It attracts crowds, and the life of the journey can’t be fully shared in large organized meetings.”
“Sounds great, Oliver!” I exclaimed. “How do you know that the equipping process is over for someone?”
“How do you mean?”
“I mean, how do you know when to stop equipping someone?”
“Bob, you can find that through the Lord’s guidance as you are sensitive to changes in the person’s life: some incredible growth that he’s getting mature spiritually.”
“Then you ‘abandon’ them?”
“I don’t think the word is ‘abandon’, Bob,” he said. “I’ve equipped hundreds of people in the last forty years and I still meet many of them. Since I’ve equipped them, I don’t need to keep teaching them again and again but keep encouraging them. I often go visit them just to spend time with them. However, that may be rare sometimes.”
“Isn’t that religion?”
“Religion? How? Where?” He asked these questions with several gestures.
“I was just pointing out what most people told me about religion. Meeting others to share the life with them, encouraging them on the journey is all about religion. . . I know it isn’t true.”
“How can it be true?” Oliver asked. “Religion isn’t what we think it is, Bob. It’s trying to serve God mechanically, trusting our abilities rather than his, to get us to him. It makes people think that the further they do, the more God stays with them and if they don’t, he won’t. It defies the very nature of God and fills people with dread in approaching him. It makes people depend on others rather than depending on Jesus. It’s based on man’s efforts. . . It survives through our religious obligations and thinkings. Meeting others on the journey isn’t religion. We meet to encourage each other. However, it gets twisted when we meet to depend on each other, instead of helping each other grow to trust in him.”
My mind began to repeat those words and I was much more aware that God was rearranging my views. Silence hung about the place for almost ten minutes. Then he raised his head, inquiring,
“How’s Diane? And the kids?”
“No much of ‘how’ to talk about. They’re doing great. They’re also feeling the pain of being looked upon as the ‘odd ones’.”
“Why is that?”
“You know it’s due to the fact that we aint attendees anymore.”
“And Dr. Fletcher? Have you gotten in touch with him lately?”
“I haven’t met Fletcher for a long time now. Hoping to see him again. Donna Woolf travelled to New Zealand after we met last Saturday evening. She’s got so many people to help on this journey.”
“Hm! She’s really mature to help others.”
“Yeah, and why do you say that?”
“Every reason, Bobby,” he replied. “Her honesty and love has won the hearts of many.”
“She said she had known you for over eighteen years, and that you’re the one who helped her on her journey. Is that true?”
“Uh-oh! Yeah, it’s true.”
“Should that be what you meant by meeting them once a while?”
“Yes, I meet them just to find out how they are doing and encourage them to keep following Jesus daily, no matter all they go through. Many I had met years before I met you have their attention away from what they might get from Father. They just want to know him better.”
“I wish to follow Jesus that way, irrespective of my circumstances,” I confessed, as I stood up with him, heading toward the coffee seller. “But I’m still sorting it out!”
“Just follow him as best as he leads you. We can’t sort these things in a single day. Learning process is continuous as long as we’ve got life as the classroom.”
As we headed for the doors, Oliver concluded playfully, “If you try return to your selfish, religious thinking, you may end up like that dog over there.” He pointed toward the animal at the far end.
“That’ll make me look like an idiot!” I said, laughing, as we walked out together.
I had given off the thought of the pastoring job, willing to find out God’s plans for me.

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Hiding JESUS In OUR Creed (#3)



THIS morning had topped it all! Dale had phoned me that I should come see him in his office the next day. My mind became blown at the discovery of ‘why’ I had been made to meet such demands. Maybe he wanted me fired from the institution. Yet, when I approached him that Friday morning which was the day of the appointment, he just sniggered at me as if I was a poultry chicken. Then he confessed that I had been seen around with someone in person of Oliver, planning the destruction of the church. Certainly, he was wrong and had been told a lie. And when I tried to explain what it was all about, he blew me off. He further unveiled that he had been snooping around everyday to discover what I was up to.
Later, in frustration, I hollered at him, saying that he only cared about himself and no one else. He had refused to have me paid and had further degraded me, so how would someone like me be insulted still further? I didn’t take it so easy with him.
After much warnings and threats, I left his office with his final shot which I hadn’t expected from someone whom everyone termed ‘godly’. He had warned that he would kill me if I corrupted his name out there. It didn’t sound like the Dale I used to know. It didn’t even sound good, but it had resulted to a furious burning inside me.
Again, I was longing to meet Oliver. He was the cause of it all and I couldn’t help myself but kept blaming him for this mess. It looked messier than I had thought it would. So I walked off, away from the environment, headed for the restaurant. And that’s where I met him: that figure of his, coming out of the restaurant doors. He was calculating his change to find out the amount he could use for boarding a taxi-cab.
“Where in the world ‘ve you been?” I cried out in amazement. It had been four months since we last talked, and everything had turned upside down since then.
Then he broke into a broad smile, “Oh, hi Bobby!” Simultaneously, we presented our hands for a usual shake.
“I just had a brief conversation with a friend in this place. He’s at his tail-end and is about giving up. He had become pretty frustrated ’cause of an institution which had wasted him, and finally, he’s concluded leaving. I believe he’s on thesame journey you’re on and is absolutely worn-out with religious obligations,” he replied in answer to my question.
Then he asked, “So how’re you doing, Bobby?”
    And we got back into the restaurant.
“Not so much of good, Oliver,” I answered. “My life is at stake. Everything I had conjured to earn a living ‘re just seeming like it’s all gone. I don’t know why but the pastor called me today, threatening me that if I continue destroying the identity of his institution, he ‘uld kill me. I had been given so much of obligations and I carried them out faithfully. Now, why all these mess?”
“Listen, Bob. I know this isn’t easy but even at that, you got to see that God has a good reason for it.”
“Perhaps. Dale is preparing to have me fired because I didn’t meet the obligatory requirements of the institution last week.”
“Huh? So what’re you going to do about it?”
“What else than abandon the institution to find another that has better principles!” I guessed, very frustrated.
“And what good ‘uld that do, Bob?” He asked, gently, as tears began to well up in his eyes. “Do you think it ‘ll fill the vacuum of your heart?”
“However it may be, Oliver, I for sure just want to get out of the whole thing. I need to run from it.”
“Bobby, you may try running away from it just to find it unescapable.”
“How do you mean?” I wasn’t sure what he meant but the words stood out clear and I knew that how he meant that was very different from mine.
“I mean that if you try to run out of these problems, you’re sure to put yourself into others worse than this. Just wait and find out what God intends for you. He’s working things out through this and freeing you from so many excesses that try to hold you from entering that amazing friendship he has for you. Just hold to him, trusting him to work it out the way he wants best.”
“Then I shouldn’t search for better principles which can draw me closer to Jesus?”
“What change ‘uld that bring? It may even get things worse. We aren’t drawn close to Jesus by how much we perform our religious activities but through simple obedience to his will. Jesus remains the irreplaceable Way to his Father. Any other way we try won’t work; they will keep shoving us away from him. Abandoning the friendship he yearns to have with you in order to find principles that could draw you close to his Son is all zero. It will ease your emptiness further if what you try to accomplish is away from what Father has in mind for you.”
“But I once thought that the more I met those requirements, the further it increases his love for me.”
“Or makes you become more active on the outside,” he corrected. “There’s nothing you can do to make him love you more or less; he just loves you. Religious ethics ‘re religious, moral principles that control or influence our behaviors. That doesn’t sound like a journey we ‘uld want to be on, if we find out what Jesus wants for us. They can’t increase Father’s love for us today nor can we have it less if we don’t; but he forever loves us without any condition.”
“Which means that it has nothing to do with right and wrong?”
“In our lives, we know what is right and what is wrong but haven’t you discovered that some things we call right are really wrong and others we call wrong are very right?”
“Haven’t thought of that. It means christianity is beyond. . .”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. From sunday school days, I’d been taught that it was all about ethics but now Oliver was saying something different.
“Absolutely,” he answered, nodding his head. “I know you’ve learnt all your life it’s all about ethics. I certainly don’t see how. It bypasses our teachings based on right-wrong morally correct and acceptable principles. Where people ‘re mainly focused on ethics or living by it thinking that they are changed through these standards and that it draws them to Jesus, it’s no less a collaboration facilitating religion.
“Live daily in awareness that we come to know the Father through his Son and not by any obligation which we engage to serve him. While these obligations may look good, it doesn’t change who we’re on the inside. Therefore, this hollow place remains empty!” He explained, pointing toward his chest.
I grew amazed at all he had said. Should that be the reason why I often feel empty? I thought.
“It makes more sense now, Oliver,” I realized. “That’s the reason for my emptiness! It’s not about how much obligatory requirement I get to meet each day but if I am living in awareness of his love and life, or not.”
“Now Oliver, I understand! Obligation can be replaced as we learn to live his life, love others just as we begin to see how much he loves us.” I continued, “But one thing still bother me, Oliver.”
“It looks very true that ethics seem to hide who we’re on the inside. I had known a lady who attends our church, and lives a life of gossip and abusiveness as best as she could. I won’t say it’s natural, but it was becoming natural. However, the institution’s obligation states that such things aren’t allowed because it’s the duty of Christians to always avoid being gossips or troublemakers.
From that moment, Lois ‘uld always use these words when she was provoked, “if not for the rules of this church, you ‘uld have seen my true colors.” The commandments show that, but as you said, we can’t obey them unless we follow Jesus.”
“At best, she knew how real those colors are!”
“Yeah, but it doesn’t change who she is. Rumors still get to us that she does such things out there.”
“And Dale had no word for it?”
“He said such actions aren’t right and need to be put aside, so peace would reign. But I didn’t sense that peace when I talked to him. It’s as if he’s a victim of this too. Maybe, he’s hiding himself like Lois.”
“Sounds that way, Bobby,” he agreed. “However, it seems very clear that she’s being controlled by ethics. She believes more in punishing others through her own insecurity. It does make her opposite of who she really is.”
“But some people aren’t as miserable as Lois, even if they’re bound by such ethics.”
    “I would say that the believers I have met aren’t affected by it because of their passion for more of Christ. However, that doesn’t last so long, we ‘uld admit, as much obligation are been enforced than necessary. Their passion begins to be replaced by excess doing to earn God’s favor, unknown to them that they already have it. Those ones who’re bound by it always feel such emptiness like that which you feel now. Some enjoy institutionalized Christianity and mistake their mere feelings for his presence, and his presence for mere feelings. They’re just lost or confused.”
“That means we ‘uld call the right thing, the wrong, and the wrong, right?”
“Yeah, Bob,” he answered. “That’s what it does. It convince us to see ‘going to church’ as something obligatory but I discovered that it’s just ethics, religious obligations. Therefore, attendance is considered right and not attending is tagged as an error. Do you see that you could become the supposed devil who’s trying to divide the organized groups?” He asked and added, “Just as Dale once accused you; refused your friendship and discredited you, so it breeds relationships with short lifespan. It cause division and aids much conflicts among the body.
“I haven’t attended church for over forty years and that doesn’t change my relationship with him. Instead, it frees me more to run closer to him without trying to do my good against his best. Others may agree am a backslider since I no longer take my regular pew, but the misunderstanding stemmed from their minds which survives being based on ethics, instead of the life of Christ and how this life can be expressed toward others.”
This moment, my mind had begun to beat, and for sure, I knew why. ‘Over forty years? Phew!’ That’s way too much than I had figured out.
“What’re you doing when you missed church for over forty years?” I asked, trying to understand what had led him to such decision.
“I was on this incredible journey, learning what Father’s life is all about and how I could live it and help others to, sharing the authenticity of this relationship with passionate believers who’re tired of religion and are hungry to embrace his love just as he makes it known in every part of their lives. Those forty years had helped me grow in both experience and love for him and the body; but he did it all.”
“And you had condemned institutional church since then, due to ethics?”

“Of course not! I hadn’t condemned anything at all. My main concern was exposing the shamefulness which exists so much in the organized system and how others can find how much Jesus loves them. Ethics isn’t enough reason for me to condemn institutional religion, but what I hate the most is how it gets people stuck without exposing them to Father’s life.” Then, he adjusted himself. “You had never thought religious ethics and obligations ‘uld lower you from the life Jesus needed you to live, had you?”
“No, I hadn’t,” I confessed. “But it somehow reflected in my character. Does it result to pretense, Oliver?”
“It does, Bob. It results to self righteousness too,” he said, and I’m sure I didn’t understand that part.
How could ethics and obligations result to self righteousness? I thought.
“We could understand this through the reality of the troublesome tongue. It has always being a part that has the ability to set man on fire. It works directly with the heart and seem to be the most powerful of the body organs. Yet, this organ needs to be tamed but our efforts can’t help tame it, unless we turn to Jesus to help us. We can’t stop it in our power; for it detonates beyond what we expect. It could praise and curse God. Religious obligation is just that way, Bob. People ‘re given instructions on how to behave in the institution but when they’re out, they live obverse of who they’re minutes ago. Having ethical teachings or instructions mayn’t be wrong but it doesn’t change who we’re on the inside. It doesn’t encourage any further growth in him. Such a person who can’t control his tongue but try as much to stepdown due to ethics, ‘ll surely be back on it when out. It’s good to watch what we say but when such behavior is determined by ethics, there ‘uld be no real improvement in our lives. It’s pretense; hiding our real person and forcing ourselves just to be good.”
“And you say that’s wrong?”
“Yes, it is,” replied Oliver. “That’s why most religious collaborations has turned a deadly sea monster over the years. Religious ethics could appear corrosive, bring our lives to nut if we aren’t focused on him.”
“Should that be the reason why Dale is acting like a raging maniac?”
“It may,” he answered. “It seems obvious that those who turn raging maniacs the most are those who control the system. They’ve much time spent on preparing religious programmes instead of building the lives of others through encouragement.”
“So, where can I find the best principles to follow Jesus better?”
“Don’t think your search for principles will produce any life in you. It won’t! They ‘uld rather conform you to performance-based, shoving you from following Jesus freely. Instead of searching for principles, why not go to God directly and ask him to guide you into all he’s got for you today. Undoubtedly, you’ll discover more than you’ve ever thought you will.”
“Maybe the solution is to abandon church-ing and begin meeting other believers at home.” I was sure I wouldn’t get what I’d hope to.
“No. The solution isn’t shifting off, just to think you can hide away from the guilt and manipulation which you face at present or indirectly tell others that you’ve got a better way to do church. Shifting the focus to the home as the meeting place is no cure-all. What you ought to see is that the problem isn’t the place but we, ourselves. When Jesus approached the Syrophenician, what did he tell her about his people’s relational life?”
What’s that got to do with relational life? I thought again. I had taught that topic many times. So it didn’t require much thought. “He told her that in the days ahead, it wouldn’t be where we worship that matters but how we worship,” I continued, “but how does that relate to relational life?”
“It has a lot to do with it, Bobby,” he replied. “Jesus was not only talking about our relationship with one another but with him too. He wants every part of our lives to be done according to true worship which doesn’t exclude the reality of spirit-truth worship. Whether we are with others or not, our worship to him can flow in our lives. In our relational life, it’s worship involved. Don’t you think that if we’re learning to live alongside others, learning what it is to live as living sacrifices to him each day, we would all be helping each other grow in worship to him, no matter where we are or what we’re doing for him at the moment? We don’t have to be misdirected like the Syrophenician who had her focus on something unproductive. She thought it was compulsory for one to have their regular pew in either Jerusalem or the mountain, but he encouraged her to see that those things ‘re just a shadow of what he had in mind years ago: freely worship his Father anywhere, anytime. What concerns him is we live in spirit and truth.”
“Then I ‘uld better be that way,” I confessed.
“But that mayn’t last as long as obligation still keep surfacing.”
“Is worship an obligation?” I asked. “I don’t know, so I once thought it is due to some reasons. I’m sure you get that thought before when you begin to realize something quite strange, haven’t you?”
“Yeah, I’ve,” he answered, nodding his head. “It’s like a peppery feeling, I guess. But worship isn’t an obligation, Bob. It’s beyond today’s singing, dancing praise concert or whatever. These aren’t bad but when they become an obligatory requirement, you know what I mean. It’s about offering our lives as living sacrifices to him. Obviously, that kind of worship practiced today is no less an obligation as it’s compulsory for an institution to have it done, lest they ‘ll think the ritual is left incomplete.”
“Oh I see!” I exclaimed. “Any wonder why Dr. Brian Fletcher, a senior pastor at Jesus Foundation, and several other pastors had a misunderstanding. The choir wasn’t left out. He had told them one sunday morning that God had guided him to go straight into teaching without the usual Sunday morning praise and worship. The others were frustrated and complained that it never had been that way. The routine was compulsory and breaking the rule incurred serious punishment from the Board.”
“Was he aware it ‘uld be so devastating?” Oliver questioned, lifting a brow.
“Yeah he was,” I answered. “He didn’t bother and it caused a wide disagreement between the others and he, and many refused attending the church again.”
“Why? That’s just a small incident!”
“I don’t know how it got worse, Oliver but they had a division that Sunday. Those who didn’t mind the praise stuff had fallen to Fletcher’s group. The others remained where they had been. Fletcher was almost beaten but those dozen or so rescued him and they shared relationship together.”
“Did he call their attention and explain further why his actions were that way?”
“Of course, he did,” I replied. “But they’re damn angry. They kept thinking he didn’t let them perform their usual duty. It looked like they had wronged God a lot and had no better way to get rid of it.”
“Disgraceful, right?”
“I don’t know if that’s the word but I will say it’s not the kind of body we wanted to know.”
“That’s true, Bob,” he agreed. “That’s what happens when we think it’s all about being obliged to certain rules or rituals. It’uld cause disagreement between two fellows since they’re lost in thinking Father is caught in one religious web and that without several routines the church has missed the point of what it means to enjoy the life of one-anothering. He isn’t lost in our selfish way of thinking. He isn’t confined to a particular system nor is his body. He has made more ways and places for them to meet. That’s why the officials of that institution missed the point. No doubt. If they’d any idea that his body can meet anytime and anywhere he calls them to gather; not necessarily on Wednesday evenings; Friday mornings or Sunday services, they wouldn’t need to worry if Fletcher was saying the truth or breaking the rule but that they were about to embrace the reality that Father isn’t limited to a particular system.”
“Which means that the church can meet in many ways, not necessarily this institution! Whew!” I was very amazed to hear that. The expression of church-life isn’t limited to our usual institutional structures.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “The life of the journey can be shared in local groups, homes, attics and basements, underground hideouts, orphanages and a thousand other places where it can be shared without any obligation tied to it. Obligation can be replaced as these believers come together to have their focus on Jesus, instead of a building programme or spectacle.”
“But, I thought you said meeting in homes isn’t a good option?”
“I didn’t say anything like that, Bob, did I?” He asked. “I just wanted you to see that the solution isn’t about moving the meeting to homes because it won’t even free you from the guilt and manipulation which you feel now. The way out is to follow Jesus as best as he leads you, and he’ll open bigger opportunities for you to meet other believers on the journey, not minding the color of their skin so you can serve as a big help to them.”
“Wow! That ‘uld be so much fun!” I exclaimed, excitedly.
“Yeah, but what matters most is that you live it first, then you’ll find never-ending folks to share it with.”
Just as Oliver was completing his statement, someone walked behind me, hugging me from behind. I tried to guess who, not until she spoke before I recognized. Diane? How did she find me? I thought. Then she drew another chair and sat beside me.
“What ‘re you doing here, Diane?” I questioned, at her unexpected arrival.
“Was coming from a meeting at church and felt hungry, stopped by and found something to eat,” she replied, opening her bag to have the burger.
“Nice, anyways,” I accepted. “Here, Diane, this is Oliver, the one I had been telling you about.” Turning to him, “This is my beautiful wife, Diane. She knows few things about our conversations.”
I noticed how delighted he was to meet her.
“I’m glad to meet you, Diane. Really, you must ‘ve heard much about me.” He said, confidently.
“Well, could we settle here a little to talk?”
“I’m really sorry, I’ve few minutes left before meeting someone at the park. I believe we ‘uld meet sometime later.”
“But I’ve much to ask, Oliver.”
“So do I.”
“Trust Jesus, Bob and Diane,” he encouraged. “I ‘uld keep talking from this moment till next time, but what Jesus intends is that this life ‘uld be lived by you. So, trust him with that and find out how great it turns out.”
Then he waved us ‘goodbye’ and headed for the park. I wasn’t sure when we would meet again but I was sure of one thing: whatever it would take to live this kind of life which Oliver had been talking about, I’m very ready for it.
Well, I ‘uld admit that all I had hoped to find just in time wasn’t what I found. The flowing income, good job and having a church of my own was just off the point. I needed to go through the ups and downs of the journey, learn many lessons through them, so I would know how to encourage others when I find them going through thesame.
“You’re fond of him than I thought,” Diane commented as my senses returned. “What ‘re you thinking, Honey?”
“Oh, Diane,” I caught myself. “I ain’t thinking anything at all. I’m just amazed at everything which have been sorting out in the past months. Oliver has opened my eyes to something I hadn’t seen for years. . .”
“For sure; a great treasure, I would say.”
She laughed as I quickly joined her, walk out the restaurant.

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Hiding JESUS In OUR Creed (#2)


The diner where we had our second conversation.

WAKING up this morning, I quickly picked up my bible and had a time to meditate on the Lord’s teachings. This wonderful act had been erased from my heart years back when activities replaced my passion for God’s presence. I had narrated everything that Sunday to my wife but she laughed uncontrollably, explaining that I went to invite Oliver but my intentions ‘re thwarted: I was the one who was being lectured.
    For sure; as always as it had been years back, each morning I spent in God’s presence was always relieving. ‘Sometimes’, my day didn’t seem to go bad. I wondered if I misunderstood all that Oliver enlightened me on that day. It sounded good though, but something extra was missing. Within the next two weeks, my faithfulness in meeting the Lord every morning was wiped by excessive work at church. I wondered if I was getting distracted by church activities and if it had caused all those enigmatic experiences upon me. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore, so I had hurried quickly one Monday morning, which was five months since I had talked with Oliver, and I found out that he wasn’t at the coffeeshop where I first met him.
    Expectedly, the overall leader of the church raged at me for my unseriousness and lack of commitment to the institution. He further explained that he’s going to withdraw my paycheck from been given me. I had no word in mouth. Though, it sounded like a threat, I had something in mind – I had to talk to Oliver before things become worse. And frighteningly, it had gotten to three months after the incident which occurred between the pastor and me. Weeks had added again, and here I was scanning every place just to find him before I gave up the thought of finding him, in awareness that he might not be real. Was he really? Or was that my impression?
    Really I was wrong. Oliver had gone to Oxford from Alabama to spend the holiday with Carlie, his wife. Later he returned after 3 months and already, had freshen up. With some interest and furstration welling within me. I searched for him and found him in the home of a couple who ceased to attend our church. Rumors had spread that they never attended any church again. Maybe Oliver must have lighted them all!
    “What are you doing here, Bob?” he asked with such broad smile.
    “Not good, Oliver,” I replied. “Everything went bad and I don’t know what next to do.”
    “Perhaps, you think you don’t,” he expressed, increasing my frustration. “But, what happened?”
    It took me a long while before I became free from that frustration; then, I began explaining the events which occurred in the last 5 months.
    “It was that bad?”
    “Yes it was. The pastor cautioned that since I ain’t ready to work for God, my monthly payment won’t be given me and I would be withdrawn from being senior pastor. It somehow makes me frustrated when I imagine that such little mistake could lead to such fatal punishments. When I apologized, he said my sin was exactly unforgivable.”
    “Whew? It was even worse. I confess I was provoked and decided leaving the church would be a very good option.”
    “When you explained to him that you would abandon the church, what did he say?”
    “Nothing else!” I replied. “He only said he would find someone else to do the work better. It seemed like I aint capable of working for God.”
    “Does that sound like a work for Christ’s sake or mechanical assignment to work harder for a pay?” 
    Oops! The way Oliver asked that made me a bit uncomfortable and I had no reply for it. He waited me out in silence. I finally found my mouth to speak what I thought was best.
    “Maybe the man is just looking for someone to place guilt on!” I guessed. But Oliver didn’t still say anything. My mind explained that I hadn’t answered him yet. So I said again,
    “It looks like forcing someone to work harder to pull  God’s hand – ”
    “Which in the true expression is mechanical,” he interrupted, completing my unfinished sentence. “The life of the church is filled with unforgivable errors, yet Christ forgave us all. The hurt which you caused doesnt look like a hurt to me. That which Dale said was unforgivable was in preparation to something great. The more you think that God’s Spirit is limited to one particular system, the more your inner restlessness will increase.”
“But how could someone who’s meant to live an exemplary life not forgive?” I questioned, feeling very confused.
    “One who can’t forgive isn’t having Christ in him. He’s just got his mind set toward the carnal-management system: if you work for me, it would be fine between us and if you don’t we will be caught in one shoe. Organized religion is that way, Bob. It makes you work harder just to move Father’s hand. And unknown to you, just a simple whisper he does hear.”
    “Why a carnal-management system, Oliver?”
    “Today’s system of church is just that way. It’s often convincing people to think that’s the best way to serve Father, while they hide the basic truth that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Anytime people realize God moving, they often think he’s calling them to build structures and begin to get a crowd to teach. Well we can agree that not all are as destructive as yours. Most large organized groups try bury the spiritual gifts of those amongst themselves. They may sometimes find a longing to exercise it, but they are made to think that those spiritual gifts are limited to the structure.”
    “I thought it can only be exercised in church.”
    “Of course not, Bob. The Spirit is free to do the Father’s will anytime, anywhere, not necessarily in the structure. I believe that it’s possible and you should also understand that you seem to see your gifts as something limited to the church structure. And I can explain that it makes you frustrated. Remember the apostles exercised their gifts anywhere and anytime it was needed not necessarily the temple. Look at this: going out on a certain day, you prayed to God, Lord if there’s anyone whom you would want me to bless with this gift, bring them my way.’ Don’t you realize that’s how free you can be to exercise those gifts?”
    “Should that be the reason why most people I had met try to be part of the organized system again after years of leaving church?”
    “It’s even worse,” he chuckled. “I believe that can’t be enough reason to have them do so. Most people who struggle to go back into the system often do so because they aren’t finding enough believers who share the same hunger which they do, or they aren’t getting the encouragement which they should have got since the non-churchers are quite interested in convincing other non-churchers not to relate or meet with those who attend. Anything could do. When we conclude that encouragement isn’t needed, we will have more believers who will become discouraged. Some may even fall away.
    “It’s not necessary to be part of any organized group before you know you will get the encouragements you need. Father sends us these encouragements even while we are outside the system. It could come through many ways. Don’t just try to think God sends the encouragement through no one because you will that moment be killing yourself. Don’t even think he only sends it through those who do what you do. You would be depriving yourself an amazing gift.”
“If it is that way, Oliver, then how will the church meet?” I asked, feeling sure of myself. I knew he did notice that.
    “That’s the rob, isn’t it?” He questioned, lifting a brow. “We think of the way we can gather people, perform a certain spectacle, but we can’t see that it’s less of helping people live Father’s life. The church can meet in many ways. He has opened the eyes of many people to meet anytime, anywhere he makes way for them: some once in a week and others everyday. Some are constantly with each other for encouragement. It doesn’t matter where they may meet but how they live in him.”
“But it would be very hard to have relationships with other believers if we don’t have a place to gather together.”
    “And you think constructing a building only to get a group can help make the life of the journey to become really shared?”
    I didn’t know where he was having this headed but I am very sure that I wished I hadn’t come to find him.
    “I don’t know for sure; but even if structures are constructed that doesn’t mean the life to be shared ‘ll be shared,” I said.
    “Exactly,” agreed Oliver. “And that’s why it produces men like Dale who are good at trying to control people instead of equip them for the important work ahead and the life of Christ they’re called to live.”
    “When I studied the part where Jesus explained that he would build his church,” I shared. “Something drew my heart. I wondered if it is the church we’re building in order to gather people into them, preach certain sweet sermons. Later on I found out it’s not, since Jesus said the church is his body: flesh and blood, not something woody. Am I right, Oliver?”

At this moment, I couldn’t believe what I was saying. Going to church seemed out of the way this moment; the most thing made me wonder what the Lord meant. Maybe Oliver would also see what I saw, I thought.
    “Of course, you’re, Bob,” he agreed. “The church isn’t what many believers today call ‘church’. It’s not those organizations/institutions or structures which men try to build together. We can’t build this incredible church by our efforts; we can by his grace build divine relationships with each other. The building of the church isn’t ours to do but his: ours is to do what he assigned us, and see him change others. Then he would effectively build it through us.”
    “I don’t still understand why Dale is angry with my small mistake? I can’t succumb to his control!” I exclaimed in deep frustration.
    “Or do you think you made a mistake?”
    I didn’t understand what he meant. Was he questioning my actions? Or he must be right, it wasn’t any mistake. “Perhaps God must have arranged that meeting between you and me to answer my many questions. If I had missed it who knows what’s next? And I keep wondering why those thoughts came to me to pursue you.”
    Oliver became silent. I saw as Charlie, the daughter of the couple ran toward us and he patted her head, asking her about school and many important things. I confess I still believe it that I saw him as a different kind of person from that moment. Then he turned back to me,
    “The kid loves Jesus more than I thought a person would.”
    “Yeah,” he replied. “She’s a very good view of how the Church would be.  Her parents got tired of going to church and decided to abandon being Christians. That’s when I found them and helped them up. Happily, I find their relationships growing.”
    “They attended our church once before, but they left later on.”
    “Hmm. Why did they leave?”
    “For the same reasons which I am about to leave. No encouragements; burying of gifts; no real relationships; and most times, some just want to try get something from our friendships to satisfy their own ego. I am already planning home meetings. At least, such things can’t happen there.”
    “Did I really hear that, Bob?” he asked, not sure what he was talking about. “No doubt, Bob, what you’re trying to do is no different from making it even worse. You’re trying, instead of trusting God to fill up the vacuum of your heart by helping you discover how much he loves you.
“Encouragements and other interesting things we can find on the journey could be much lacking when the idea is transferring the meeting place to homes just to maintain a certain organized system that doesn’t produce any help or encouragements but just trying to control people to act under certain laws; rules and regulations.
“The “where” is the exact mistake we have been making thinking the church life is limited to a certain specialized structure and can’t go beyond our buildings. Don’t think constructing a structure or moving the church into a structure will make that life really shared. It wont. It would make things become even worse.”
    Then he looked at me with such grief. “Or what do you think?”
    “If it’s that way; how can a Christian live without going to church? At least, they need something to motivate them.”
    “I don’t think churchgoing does that, Bob. Jesus is the one who always has.”
    “Okay. Maybe I get that. But how do they get someone to teach them everything they need to know if they don’t go to church?”
    “How would they learn those things if the Holy Spirit was put aside?” God! I was shocked to hear that! “The further you keep seeing church life as something in an organized system, you’re sure to miss a very big part and expression of it. Or do you think Jesus didn’t mean what he said? He taught that the spirit ‘ll teach us all things. Brothers and sisters are needed alongside each other to shapen each other’s vision, but bear in mind that it mustn’t replace the work of the spirit in our lives.
    “He’s a teaching spirit. We can only rub the surface and have others drink of it but if the spirit teaches through us, we will teach a true gospel. The deepest teachings about Christ are found in him.”
“That means that we could have people focused on doing church instead of living his life in the awareness that we are the church?”
    “Then how would the church be maintained if someone doesn’t maintain it?”
    “The church doesn’t need any man to maintain it.”
    “How do you mean, Oliver?”
    I couldn’t trust what I was hearing. Rearranging my views was the hardest thing I experienced on my journey.
    “Who then would maintain it?” I asked again.
    “Look, Bob, the way you think the church is, is what affects. The church I have been talking about from the beginning isn’t the usual structure we know it for. It is much more than a so-called institution. Its meetings or get-togethers is just like a network unmaintained and uncontrolled by our efforts. It’s God to maintain them, not us. You can encourage someone to know him but you can’t be their mediator, Jesus is.
    “Why do you think Dale’s reaction was based on your performance and obedience to him, instead of God? Because he thought the church was something he could control and manage.”
“Do you believe I haven’t thought of that?”
    “Not everyone ‘ll, unless Father helps them to!”
    “I just can’t give off the thought of ‘leaving the church’ to find ‘another church’.”
    “What good will that do?”
    “I just thought something different may come out of it.”
    “Understand one thing we rarely realize. Two years ago or so, I talked with a friend who’s trying to find out more about Father’s life and how the church meets and shares the life together. He was sorting out answers to the feelings arising within him. He finally complained he was leaving the church which he had settled in. However, when he discovered he could live free without being tangled, he abandoned his thought of leaving. At present he’s concerned with helping others get free from their impressions on guilt and manipulation.”
“Did he proceed with abandoning the church?”
    “Absolutely not,” he replied. “Bob, I helped him understand that ‘leaving the church’ isn’t possible unless we want to abandon Christ himself. If we think that it’s the church we are leaving, let’s have it in mind, it’s not. Since Christ is the head, we are the body and when the body is away from the head, it’s dead.”
“Then why do people use that so often?” I said in amazement at a new discovery.
“Perhaps, out of ignorance, Bob,” he answered. “My friend, Andy finally discovered that we can’t abandon the body as long as we are part of it. Abandoning the body, we must first abandon the head. However, the church is the body of Christ and when we leave Christ, we leave his body. Since the church is what we are and not where we go to, how can we leave it? Don’t you think separating ourselves from other believers all in the name of ‘this is my group which I worship with’ is so foreign to Jesus? By that many are excluded by those who think they are most qualified as a group. It’s a fallacy to think yourselves right and others wrong.”
“I think I understand you now, Oliver,” I confessed. “It simply must have been that I had been blindfolded from seeing this. Then if we speak about ‘leaving church’ we are not talking about the church but the institution in which we are.”

Oliver gently nodded, glad at the realization of what he meant.
“Well, it doesn’t make sense being a renegade, I bet.”
“Who ever said it is? Being a renegade, church hopping from one religious spot to the next in search of that which Father said he would add, doesn’t help anyone at all. What matters most is that we follow him closely than we ever think we can”
“Well, since ‘going to church’ is wrong, what should I do?”
“When did you ever hear me say that?”
“I thought that’s what you meant.”
“I don’t think I’ve anytime today. I was only helping you discover that it can’t easily help you on this journey when you think it’s all about attending, meeting to grow the institution or any thing else that doesn’t bring positive effects in others’ lives. Such collaboration may many times hinder our walk with Jesus and affect the way we treat others.”
“Yes it has been that way with me,” I agreed. “You remember the last time we talked, I told you I was going to have more attention directed toward my relationship with God?”
“Yeah, Bob, I do! What about that?”
“Nothing good. I really had focused more attention on it but it didn’t seem to last. My activities would creep in. No time for God, so it seemed! Sometimes, I came to him because of my desires instead of knowing and loving him.
“It wasn’t long before Diane noticed this change in me; always looking for the time to hit the exact moment so I could have my time with him. The glory of all that was no more when I was back on repairing this machinery,” I continued, “I certainly was wondering if it was this same institutional Christianity that the apostles cultivated during their day and passed down to us.”
“They had no props, devices. Nothing else but the Anointing.” Then he looked at me carefully investigating my face.
“May I ask you something?”
“You said you scanned each moment to find out if your time with God was near. I believe you know better than that. You’re still caught in the ‘doing’ thinking his presence is in some certain place you could hide to discover it. It’s not. You find his presence as you know his spirit in you. Do you think there’s any difference between these point of suggestions: ‘come, let’s go to church’ and ‘come, let’s go to his presence’? They’re just no different from ‘doing’. You’re just trying to find him in regiment of rituals which means you may never stop trying to find him. Believe it that he’s in you and this makes his presence in you. His presence isn’t what you do, where you go or even what you discover in your memory. It’s in God’s spirit.”
“Which means that God’s presence is about him in me, in charge of my life.” I said at the sudden realization. I had been missing it so long. “Does it mean we shouldn’t have some time with God?”
“You’ve to,” he answered. “It’s important to spend time each day with him. But it’s really risky to think we find his presence in our memory. That’s why some find such moments to be boring. They feel it’s no different from attendance. In, they feel it; out, they don’t.”
“Yeah, I know that. No wonder Donna Woolf had quitted this same thing. She confessed she found no life in it and questioned believers if they found it biblical or if Jesus had instructed anyone to build any machinery called ‘church’. What a mess! Everyone was pretty angry and warned her to rethink everything which she had learnt. They said that if Jesus didn’t want it, he would have destroyed it long ago.
“I know such people could become very touchy especially about those buildings which they manage. However, all that matters most, Oliver, is if we’re pretty right with him or not.”
Oliver faced his head downward and in minutes raised it again. He had seen this whole thing happen in so many organized groups and the dissatisfaction which often arise from those involved affects him in ways I don’t know.
Confidently, and with a smile, he cocked his head and stared toward me, expressing the calm features of a good American.
“What else did she say, Bobby?” That was the first time someone pronounced my full name.
“She didn’t condemn the congregation or their leaders but concluded that she hadn’t found God’s life in it. The religious collaboration seemed to have done something worse toward her that she abandoned the institution.”
The certainty of all I was saying became even clearer to me that I was the one whom this message was for.
Oliver proceeded, “Donna was correct when she discovered that all our attention need to be focused on Jesus, not church. Living the opposite of true life will turn us into believers who are just alive but are suffering inside. He didn’t teach his disciples to be religious maniacs, nor does he praise anyone for being structure-projected collaborators. The teachings of Christ has been interpreted by many to suit their selfish purpose.
“For instance, I was talking about an important issue when I heard someone saying, ‘Yes, the building isn’t the church but we call it that because it’s comprised of people.’ That doesn’t sound like something straightforward, does it? In Israel, there were temples but that doesn’t mean that was the church. Of course, the believers often met there to share Father’s life and encourage each other but those temples in the real sense wasn’t the church. The focus wasn’t the obligations, rituals or the building but Jesus. The superior motive wasn’t managing a system but building close relationships with each other and helping each other grow into him.”
“If living as his church is this way, who then can?” I asked in bewilderment.
He replied, “By God’s help, we will live as his church. The journey has never being easy. In these days, what we need most is how to help people live his life, not how to have them do church.”
He continued, after wiping his brow, “Just be however he puts you and you’ll find things sorting out than you’ve ever thought. However, live away from his will and plans, then you will find yourself struggling on what kind of church principles make more sense.”
With that he apologized for having to leave, promising me that God had his eyes on me, with excellent thoughts. Then he left, and I remained with the couple, rethinking all I had heard today, praying to live them. From then on, my plea was that I would never live a life outside him.

This is a fictional work expanded after been taken from my walks with Jesus in 2013.

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Hiding JESUS In OUR Creed (#1)


Ollie and I met here many years ago. The coffee shop is stationed at the right.

IN the last few moments of my frustration, I had nothing else but get angry because of the whole scenario which I had encountered at this very point of my life. Diane and me had finally being appointed senior pastors of the church, Inner Life City, Vance, Alabama, and at first it did sound very interesting to be at the peak of the whole thing. It seemed very true when a very good friend in the congregation congratulated me on my growing life in Christ. However, it doesn’t seem that way these days, and my frustration almost or even every time get to lash out toward Diane when I found out later on that what I had spent my entire time building up was nothing else but religion.
   Truthfully, I hadn’t known this for over 17 years until that moment of frustration when a strange man walked into my life rearranging the whole thing I had ever known about this christian ‘stuff’ which I thought I had known so well but didn’t realize I was having this hollow place empty. To understand how it all began and how these experiences led to my big success, you ‘ll have to journey back with me to the time when it all started, and to the very end of it.
   It was an amazing moment when we walked past the Wall where bible verses had been designed. We ‘re headed for the usual sunday morning programme which lasts for about three hours, when I bumped into a greyhaired man. Having apologized, I continued with Diane and few others toward the building where the usual service was taking place.
   Consequently, I had this feeling burning inside of me when I sat on a chair near the usher wondering how angry that strange man must have been. Or was there anything that moved me to apologize properly? The reason for this strange feeling was that he didn’t look like someone who was going to church. So I decided very quickly to rush out the streets and find him out, inviting him over to church.
   As quickly as possible; yes, it was that way, I rushed to find him and encourage him to come in, but I didn’t find him. I remember minutes back when I glanced back at him as he was sitting at the nearby coffee shop having a conversation with the coffee seller. Nice idea though, but I tried to shake it off; it didn’t work. So I journeyed as fast as I could in awareness that the service would begin in about thirty minutes time. Thirty minutes was sure too much to encourage someone on basis of Christian and church life.
   The bench at the coffee shop wasn’t empty; as forsure, he was there scanning the lawn. Certainly, on Wednesdays there was a regular mowing of the lawn which was meant for golf. This moment it still looked as tidy as it was when I visited it some days back. The old man didn’t seem to be drinking or reading any magazine, and I honestly found it an opportunity to walk over to him.
   Approaching him, I quickly called out, “Hello!” as I still was conscious of time. His reply was a very comfortable one, “Yes,” which brought a new apprehension filling me. Then I introduced myself to him.
   “I’m very sorry to disturb, sir, but I remember bumping into someone and wondered if he doesn’t go to church. So I decided to come invite you in,” I explained as nicely as I could. His eyes stared toward the church-building; gave a brief smile and crossed his arms.
   “Well, I don’t attend church,” he replied.
   “Then why not join our church. . . I think you left one before.”
   “I’m really sorry,” he apologized. “But the church isn’t something you need to join but a body he’s made you a part of.” That hit me there. I still had to press on.
   “But you know how compulsory it is for Christians to attend church every Sunday?”
   “Hmm! And I haven’t found that in the bible. Can you show me where you found it? I really need to know if attending religious services is compulsory.”
   Though that request looked like those ones which I had once asked myself when I was 18 years old, I quickly wondered who he was. Confidently, I settled beside him, forgetting that few minutes was left for me before I return back to the congregation.
   “No, I’m really sorry. I’ve been struggling with this same thing for over 17 years. At the beginning when I became pastor of that church over there,” I explained, pointing to the structure which was few feets away from us. “I felt my heart had attained the very purpose why God called me. However, the glory of that which I treasured was no more: the emptiness overshadowed my sincerity in the whole thing. I tried to cover it with my activities, trying to act more spiritual and even attend services regularly just to make it look like it was alright. Toward others, it was looking good but I knew I had a problem.”
   “Well, Bob, it seems clear that you’re just trying to hide yourself from him and that’s why your heart may look even messier. Possibly, you may be pampering that emptiness too.”
   “Pamper? No, that’s not it. It sure can’t be it.” Briefly, I paused before realizing he was right. “You’re right! The further I keep trying to serve him, it often become very awkward along the way and it makes me wonder if he’s at fault or he went away from me – ”
   “Or you’re and you did,” he gently reversed the playing field. “Don’t think God gets away from us, it’s us who get away from him as we gradually succumb to our will and desires.”
   Gradually, I began to wonder that all the moment when I talked with him, my heart kept burning. Suddenly, he dropped words which got me shocked.
   “When’ll you understand that the Christian life isn’t about mere attendance to meetings or religious services but about living Christ’s life to the fullness of it? Or you haven’t discovered that our religious trappings aren’t that on which we can absolutely rely to fill that emptiness which seems to occupy our hearts. This isn’t the kind of life Jesus lived, is it? He lived daily in awareness of his Father’s presence, knowing his Father can’t be at fault. When we keep looking at God as the one at fault, we’ll just have ourselves feel more empty.”
   “Yes. Yes I remember living in his presence everyday and experiencing it in me daily. However, it doesn’t sound that way now; at least it looks good on the outside,” I expressed, pointing toward my chest. “But my heart doesn’t seem focused now. I become very active in Church and continually miss God’s presence. How can I be a Christian and still not get it right?”
   “Confusing, right? But it can’t be any better as long as you’ve your attention directed toward something that can’t draw you any closer to God.”
   “Really? You mean my becoming so active in Church and teaching sermons from scripture is certainly different from living the life of God’s presence?”
   “Absolutely,” replied Oliver. “It ‘uld serve as a pretty cheap substitute for what is real. Our activeness in church doesn’t indicate our freedom from sin or that we live his life. And the fact that we’re good teachers, gifted with teaching ability doesn’t express that we live in his presence. Being in his presence comes from following him closely as best as he leads you. When you realize that you’re his son, you won’t struggle to be in his presence. You’ll always be there to meet him.”
   “Should it mean that if I keep teaching others, I’ll continually go away from him and never feel his presence?”
   “I believe you know I didn’t mean that.”
   “Yes, but it almost sounded that way. You made it sound like teaching others is wrong and that we can’t be in his presence by doing so,” I queried.
   “No, Bob,” he continued. “I’m only trying to help you stop finding his presence in regiment of rituals. His presence isn’t discovered in ‘doing’ but ‘living’. We find his presence in our spirit, not our ‘memory’. That’s what I need you to see – that his presence isn’t a certain place or activity but the spirit of Christ present in our hearts. All the freshness we will get will come from knowing his spirit in us. Therefore, what we teach others can seem more powerful when we live them. It doesn’t seem good to teach what we aren’t living at all. It ‘uld be like passing out sweet teaching from an empty bowl without life, only to find that these same people turn out like us. Sometimes, you mayn’t easily get to know how to reply your argumentators.”
   Honestly, I really needed to rethink everything again, but what if God’s plan was for me to remain there: at least, I get paid through working there. It had been the place where I had spent my earliest years as the son of christian parents who played not with Christian teachings.
   “But now, you seem to see that going to church is bad,” I blurted out sorrowfully.
   “You didn’t hear me say that, did you?” questioned Oliver. “You just need to see that going to church isn’t compulsory nor is it even required. It isn’t easy to produce disciples in a crowdy place where their focus is on obligation and routines. These routines are very lifeless and equipping people when such considerations ‘re put in place could have a couple of things get mixed up.
   “Mind you, Bob. Whether one is an attendee or not isn’t what matters but if he’s intimate with Jesus or not. Have you considered how many people live those teachings which they hear?”
   “Yes, I would say most remained hard within them,” I confessed. “I haven’t even understood this Christianity completely.”
   “No one can, but we just need to follow him as best as we can. You know we’re forever learning.”
   A prolonged silence hung for a time. I had my intentions: if things become too tough, I’ll give up being a christian and ‘ll leave Alabama for New England. Breaking the silence, I blurted out, “It, at least, makes it obvious to discover that this church life isn’t about attendance but living. Even at a point, all these didn’t seem to make sense anymore. There’re so many rules and regulations, influencing me to conclude if we’re still under the law.”
   “Is that what you struggle with?”
   “It is. I’ve sort this relationship with Jesus years back but each moment when I find it, the next moment, I seem to be out of it. Maybe he got further away from me, or —”
   “He’s loved you too much and ‘ll continually do,” corrected Oliver. “To think that God gets away from us isn’t at all true: it’s us who get away from him. You want to know why you still struggle? The reason is you’ve got intentions – finding God’s presence – but the way you try to seek it is very obverse to the way he’s planned for us. Have you wondered why you can’t find his presence in so many structures?”
   I wasn’t sure I understood what he meant, yet I had to reply as best as I could.
   “Maybe I must have. Perhaps, we aren’t performing enough to let his presence be there,” I guessed.
   “Where is Father’s presence, Bob?”
   “I know his presence isn’t in mere attendance but can be discovered as we learn to live daily in him. But, when I was a kid till today, I often think that when we go to church, we come into his presence. Though it sometimes sounded very foolish to me, but I had it as an instruction passed from my parents.”
   “And it’s not something to sort out properly?” he asked with a raised brow. “Understand something, Bob, today’s system of church is performance based and it takes it very hard to discover any that help us grow closer to Jesus. Attending services doesn’t awaken the reality of being in his presence. It’s awakened through our willingness to follow him as best as we can. Knowing his presence begins here,” he said, pointing his chest. “And as we get free each day, it flows out to touch others. You don’t even need to find his presence, Bob. The problem is not realizing that we are his children and have been given the approval to walk in his presence each moment.”
   “So if we realize that his presence is his spirit in us, we won’t need to find but just live in awareness of him?” 
   “Yes. Many I have met keep searching for his presence because they haven’t realized that Jesus has given us the Spirit and now we are free to approach the Father. 
   “I met a guy who narrated how he got saved from religion. He said there was much props and devices to make everything look good, but on the inside, everything seemed awkward. Do you think people learning to live in Father’s presence ‘uld see things seem so boring and filled with manipulation?”
   In growing interest, I answered, “No, they won’t. But why does mine seem so boring? I don’t get it at all!” 
   “Boredom could come for several reasons; but the popular kind which I found among many whom I’ve met isn’t due to anything else but that they don’t feel they’re doing anything that counts.”
   “You mean the mechanical way of life?”
   “Truly, that’s the same manipulative expressions I often feel everytime. I sometimes think it’s a result of my hunger that I’m beginning to experience it now.”
   “You did feel this way when your heart was in the mechanical thing?”
   “Yes, I did. I felt that way. I know it’s because of my hunger to find out the reality of the Father’s life.” As he nodded, I checked my watch and found out the time was almost over. Had I stayed that long? I thought. We had talked for about two hours and I had an hour left.
   “I would get to meet you another time, Oliver. As at this moment I’ve got to run as fast as I can. And one last question: Would it be good to introduce this way of life to the church?”
   “Don’t be in such a hurry, Bob!” he warned. “Let this find a place in your heart as you find out answers to your many questions. If you begin teaching it first; even as it’s the surface, it ‘uld be a cheap substitute for living this incredible life in him. But when you begin living it first, you’ll find more people to equip on the powerful life of Christ.”
   “Thanks so much, Oliver. I’ve got to run. Would find you later.”
   With that, I waved him and ran for the service before it becomes almost over. Things may go awkward but Oliver’s words would stick to my heart.
   The last I saw him, he was conversating with the coffee-seller. Little did I know that this brief conversation and unexpected encounter ‘uld open ways to more answers to my many questions.

This is a fictional work culled from my journeys with Jesus in 2012 & 2013.

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Sex And Pornography Part I

Sin prevents our lives from receiving this flow.

And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the sky and over all the beasts that tread upon the earth. (Genesis 1:28)

  The history of sex is undoubtedly older than man, which was immediately after the days of creation of the fishes and birds. God had said, Be fruitful and multiply but to whom had he said that? Not to man, for man was one of the last creatures whom Father created. He had said to the created fishes and birds, And . . . Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let the fowl multiply in the earth (Genesis 1:22). Surely, man was yet to exist! Man was made to occupy the land, not live in waters and hang on air, for that would make them more animal-like or fish-like. But God had said that before man was created, not after man was created, which implies that sex among animals was itself, older than man.
   However, even sex among man and wife isn’t as old as sex among those animals first created but all in a general sense, sex is older than man.

                 No Other Way But Sex

   When God blessed his creation, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let the fowl multiply in the earth, (vs 22) he wasn’t expecting magic. There surely was no other way but sex in other to have them multiply, increase all over the earth. Sex was made for procreation, not for T.V. drama; between husband and wife, male and female, not a husband and another man’s wife.
   God said the same after man was created, but there’s no record of Adam and Eve having sex before the fall. We see a record of that after it. This means that the time between the creation of man and the fall may, perhaps be a very short while. However, woman wasn’t created for man to always have sex with her. Both had a job to do in Eden! They had to care for what God had planted in Eden, the animals and every other living thing which was in it. Woman was made as his helper not a being made for sex. This doesn’t mean that sex is a SIN but it’s good when we remove it from this: women were made for sex. Certainly, that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Since man was put in that garden to tend it, the woman made as his helper was to assist him in the assignment given unto him. When we see woman as made for sex, there’s no way we would get our thoughts off of lust.
   The second chapter of Genesis is summary of the first chapter and bears some extra account not included in the first chapter, like the rivers leading to Eden. However, this particular verse, So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them (1 : 27) explains that man and woman had already been created but in chapter 2, we are told that man was first created and then the woman and also, why she was created. One thing before the days of the fall, was just so different from the days after the fall, And the man and his wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence (2 : 25). They never were ashamed of their nakedness and in that side of life, sex would be appreciated as part of the gift to procede the work of procreation.

              Not A Result Of Sin

   I have gone through the net, discovered many blog posts point that sex is nothing but a result of sin. How does that look? Would God command that they be fruitful and multiply, only to have all they did termed as sin? If sex is a result of sin, wouldn’t it make it so clear to discover that even the animals were exchanging a sinful act? But man is not an animal, nor do animals have sin in them. They never had sin but sin itself came to change the look of everything. Friendly ones became the devourers and some loved to stay distant from man but in the creation, it wasn’t that way.
   It was this way: man’s major desire was to please God by tending the garden and caring for the animals but perhaps, just a side of the job was left undone: there was no child who came from sexual intercourse bearing the nature of God in human body. All that came through the moments man had sex with his wife was of the nature of Adam, yet created in the image of God.
   Therefore, sex isn’t a result of sin. Sin brought them to realize they were naked and the shamefulness of that came alongside the discovery. What God had given as a gift to man in order to procreate more people in the nature of God was now used to procreate people in the nature of a sinful man, until Jesus came to have man reborn into the nature of God, just as it was in Eden.

Some people believe pornography to be all about an EROTIC GRAPHIC CONTENT but they miss a lot about it by forgetting it's also about the real practical sex-act which humanity get involved in either outside marital-life or dirty acts in marital-life.

                 Sex And Pornography

Just as the history of sex was traced back to the days of Adam before the fall, so pornography is traced to after the fall of man, when man abused the God-given gift which was to aid the procreation of more humans and populate the earth.
    Pornography is the obverse of natural sex-life, behaviors and it arouses the interest of man for corruption, uncontrollable lust and dreary desire for sex outside of marital-life; stirring the desire to have sex in the wrong parts. It has encouraged even Christians to participate in anal sex. While some identify that such anal activity isn’t recorded in the bible and can be done out of free-will even in marital-life, as no part of scripture forbids man to engage in such defying activity, it draws them further into the dark tunnel of evil.
    Some find this activity to be refreshing their desire for sex in marital-life and a means to ban loneliness from their mind for a certain moment. Perhaps, some identify that for fun. Whether loneliness, fun or marital-desire, it still is against the divinely-arranged sex which Father commands is included in marriage.

Fun-less Fun  

  Basically, fun is something that adds more beauty to life. So is pornography fun? Viewing it on internet can be so tempting that it adds more pressure on the blood to make one put what he sees into practice. Let’s look at the following which we’ve been made to believe is true:
It’s all about fun: It’s not! It’s a soul-killer! One’s spirit gets dragged deeper into that tunnel filled with confusion, digs a man’s grave without a knowledge of it and makes the love of God look obscure. In the actual sense, the fact is the love of God never grow obscure, but the blackness which resides in a man’s heart have him blinded from seeing that love. When pornography is looked to for fun, it’s not because there’s no other way. It’s because the victim doesn’t have the idea of any other way. There’s constant hiding found in his life as he access the tunnel: fear that he might be caught and excommunicated, or something worse may happen in his marital life. It’s that way! The fun which they run to find only gets them turning their backs on the whole lot of people who know nothing about them.
   In the days when I was in the dark tunnel, I often would hide myself from others just to at least, get one video that would paint my loneliness with much fun. But what did I get? Nothing! Each time I try that way, all I get is nothing . . . No possible, interesting gain in having that done. It only shoved me further from God, having my heart dimmed from recognizing his love toward me. The more I seeked this fun-less fun, the further I could see myself falling, falling and falling. The blood would keep rushing back after I had done the whole thing. I would look around to find out no one was watching, so I could have some chance to pray a forgiveness-prayer. It was a mess and I was too! More days and months were getting wasted and I couldn’t fill them back.
   If you’ve gone through such experiences, I assure you it’s the grace of God that took you out. It was just so tough finding fun through that because you never will find it. Just stop looking for it!
It’s all about a loneliness-solver: This act isn’t about any loneliness-solving. Rather, it ease that lonely feeling further to another degree of wantonness. When Adam was the lonely fellow in the garden without a partner, a woman was brought to him as his wife with whom he would spend some time. There’s no record that he got lonely afterwards. Why? The love for his wife and the love toward God was occupying that empty hollow place in his life. There’s no way he would ever pause to look at something adulterous in nature. If you’re a married fellow and you cry you’re lonely, and all you do to get rid of that loneliness is view this fun-less fun, you certainly may get addicted to it. The reason is you don’t love your wife as much as you loved her when you first married and your affection toward God is dead.
  Our earthly partners are given to us to erase that thought of loneliness and help us move on. All we think about is how much we may impress each other and show more love. This fun-less fun creates no loneliness-solving, rather, it empties our desire to make our spouse happy. You’re what you eat! The habits you absorb into your heart from the moments of the dark tunnel is what you’ll exhibit toward your spouse. Your craving for more sex, inviting the wrong sexual parts will keep replacing your love. Rather than help you look away from trying to have more sex, it deepens your desire for it and gradually blots your thoughts to nothing else but it. What you learn in moments of your loneliness is what you’ll exhibit. Nothing else, nothing less!

The Purpose Of Sex

   Look all through scripture, you’ll discover a unique truth about sex: childbearing. They had sexual relations because they needed to get children to succeed them but what does pornography do? It encourages people, including believers who view it, to engage in anal sex which was never Father’s intention from the beginning. He made the woman as a helper to the man and through her he can produce more people like himself who will populate the earth. He included the rightful part as part of her body to be actual region where sex must take place, not the anus. Childbearing doesn’t include the anus. So why should we engage in such abominable thing?
   I won’t say the purpose of sex is fun but sex could be filled with fun. However, that’s not its purpose. Adam didn’t have sex with Eve for fun but to procreate. Therefore, it’s good if we remove our thoughts from explaning that its purpose is just for fun. It’s not!

You Condemn It, But The Bible Doesn’t Talk About It!

   Just as scripture talks in detail about sex-life, so does it talk about pornography. Many parts of history contain stories of men and women who carried out the activities involved in modern pornography, though, it wasn’t called so in those, it was. Let’s look briefly to several examples found in scripture and what they did which is so akin to modern pornography.
In Genesis 19:3-10, the Sodomites approached Lot’s house to have sex with the two men whom Lot had just shown hospitality. These men were angels whom Father had sent to Sodom and Gomorrah in answer to Abraham’s request. The Sodomites were so desperate to do the task: it’s called gay (man to man sex). 22You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22). Understand that pornography also encourage this same sex sin, which means it was already in existence but not as rampant as these days, as it also occupy the net.
This dark-tunnel encourages outside-marital-sex but you may wonder, “Where is it in the bible?” But it is! 20Moreover, you shall not lie carnally with your neighbor’s wife, to defile yourself with her (Leviticus 18:20). God has called this a carnal act and those who engage in it are living in such carnality. Their soul will be getting drawn to the evil in this sin. David, though, we can’t call him a pornographer also carried out this outside-marital-sex sin by laying with Uriah’s wife. The real core of the cause of succumbing to pornography is lust. If the enemy can’t overtake you in a tough battle, he will use your carnal pleasures to get you under Father’s judgment. The enemy couldn’t defeat David in battle but was able to defeat him through the carnal pleasure and had him under Father’s judgment.
Amnon was caught in this pornographic act when he forced his brother’s sister, Tamar, into relations with him. God had commanded, 9You shall not have intercourse with or uncover the nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father or of your mother, whether born at home or born abroad (Leviticus 18:9). Those who are well aware that pornography do encourage sex between a brother and sister, can agree that this is true. For to them who have no knowledge of scripture, such sin is no offense. For scripture equally said thesame about abominable sex-life. 6None of you shall approach anyone close of kin to him to have sexual relations. I am the Lord. 7The nakedness of your father, which is the nakedness of your mother, you shall not uncover; she is your mother; you shall not have intercourse with her. 8The nakedness of your father’s wife you shall not uncover; it is your father’s nakedness. 9You shall not have intercourse with or uncover the nakedness of your sister, the daughter of your father or of your mother, whether born at home or born abroad. 10You must not have sexual relations with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter; their nakedness you shall not uncover, for they are your own flesh. 11You must not have intercourse with your father’s wife’s daughter; begotten by your father, she is your sister; you shall not uncover her nakedness. 12You shall not have intercourse with your father’s sister; she is your father’s near kinswoman. 13You shall not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, for she is your mother’s near kinswoman. 14You shall not have intercourse with your father’s brother’s wife; you shall not approach his wife; she is your aunt. 15You shall not uncover the nakedness of your daughter-in-law; she is your son’s wife; you shall not have intercourse with her. 16You shall not have intercourse with your brother’s wife; she belongs to your brother (18:6-16).

All of these mentioned above reigns in a pornographic world where no one tends to respect and obey the laws of God. There’s no sin on earth that isn’t recorded in the scripture, one way or the other which means that engaging in any of these acts is nothing but SIN.

Who Are The Pornographers?

   It’s easy to conclude that the pornographers are those persons who engage in the real dramatic sex which is then compiled into a video tape for others to view. However, the pornographers ain’t only those who do the sexing. It’s also those who engage in the viewing.
   Why? Those who do the sexing are committing the sin externally after it has been rooted within their hearts and those who do the viewing are also committing sin in their hearts and the sin externally is the process of viewing.
   Pornography isn’t just an internet graphic content. It’s biblically known as sex-sin.
   Jesus said all the issues of life, spring forth from the heart. Sex-sin is committed at the root and with time, it grows to be committed externally. What we have within us is what we’ll exhibit toward others.
   Therefore, the pornographers are those who view the pornographic contents thereby committing sex-sin in their hearts, and those who do the sexing also are for they have taken it to the practical.

Like The Holy Of Holies

   In the Old Testament priesthood, only the High Priest had the grace to enter into the Holy of Holies (Hebrews 9) while other priests were able to enter into the Outer Court to perform their duties to God. The High Priest had to enter in to offer sacrifices once a year.
   The parts of the body that were created for sex are just like the Holy of Holies and it’s only established for man and wife for the purpose of procreation. When any other priest apart from the ordained High Priest get into the Holy of Holies, it’s termed a sin before God. Likewise, anyone who breaks the law of God by defiling himself through sharing these body parts with others apart from the chosen man or wife whom God has given unto us as a companion, is under the judgment of God.
   Paul said wives are to submit to their husband, yes, their husband in everything (Ephesians 5:24). What does this include? What are they to submit? He’s not only talking about finance, tongue or anything else but also talking about her body. This also applies to the man who must submit his body to his wife.
   When both see their bodies as the Holy Place which mustn’t be defiled and the hidden parts of the body as the Holy of Holies which likewise must not be defiled by anyone else so as not to defile the marriage bed, both will keep their bodies only for each other, not for those who are external.
   Furthermore, sex outside of marriage is no less pornography; for it is sex-sin in God’s eyes. In his eyes, SIN is more than a disease.

          A Sex Outside Pornography

   A godly marriage is always a marriage that has a sex-life outside pornography. No one among the spouse is caught in the trap of a pornographic lifestyle. They see sex-life as a divine gift from God to continue the work of creation. They don’t see sex as the purpose of man’s existence. The purpose of our existence is worship (a godly living outside of sin).
   Though, it’s true that there’s a possibility that one or both of the spouse may be caught in pornography but how do they get out of it if both suddenly find out about these error of theirs? Should they split? Or should they work with a pornography industry to complete the scene? While all these sounds so ungodly, we still have believers who engage in this acts.

In our next post, we’ll see why people including believers engage in this before we talk about the Way out.

If you’ve anything you want to say about this, feel free to share it in the box or to

God bless.


Something BEHIND The Stone

David's stone and sling aren't just capable of defeating the Philistine giant. There was a power behind the stone.

     King Saul and his Israeli brethren were so scared of the Philistine because he was a real giant: about 9 fts   tall, had a large sword which was good enough to crush men at the same time and his shield was carried by more than one man. What else? Saul was only focused on the size, the the appearance of the human who was right before him. Yes, they all feared!
     That’s why they thought David to be a fool when he insisted he would face the giant. His brothers doubted him, insulted him and even tried to stop him but he knew who he was. He was more than the shepherd’s youngest son. He was a King’s son who had the greatest power in the world. Yes, and HOW? (We’ll see that minutes below).
    The fight began. . . the giant raged at the boy and he escaped the giant’s sword but only a stone. . . yes, only a stone was able to bring the heathen hero down.
    However, there was something behind the stone with a greater force and power applied that was able to sink into the heathen’s skull.
    It was the Spirit behind the sling! It was the spirit that was the mighty force that pushed forth that stone with every power involved. When it brought down the heathen, there was a spiritual victory as well as the physical victory.
     There was faith on David’s side that opened doors when he said, The Lord Who delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. 1 Samuel 17:37. David had faith in God and the Lord was with him.
     In our day how rarely we have faith in God. How rarely we realize that David’s stone was just a symbol of the words which we say and are empowered by the Spirit to change every situation which the world doth term impossible. What empowers it? The spirit of God. As we speak in the Name of Jesus, His Spirit empowers those words of ours and makes it a reality.
     When we pray for the sick before the Lord through the Spirit by the Name of Jesus, those words we speak are empowered by him and are like stones of power thrown against the enemy and the soul is set free. However, doubt is the enemy of faith.
      Peter was able to identify with Christ when he said to the lame man, Arise and walk! Not that Peter had to pray and pray and pray to let the power be released to enable the lame man’s walking. All he did was use the Name directly since there is power in the Name.
      The one who walks with God is also like that sling. He is used to speak those powerful words that can shake the enemy gate.
      Circumstances oft come our way but it’s not the bad part. It’s what makes the moment interesting! The bad part is facing these circumstances; these demoniacal forces (which God permitted, to show the world his power) without recognizing that Jesus has put all these under his feet. We don’t have to claim it! It’s already done. . . Now we can move without any sense of inferiority toward the enemy because the Spirit is in-charge within us.
       For when the Lord had authority over all the kingdoms and powers, he said we will do even more. He gave us the Name to use freely, fearlessly without giving room for the enemy.
      Therefore, since we are the body of Christ, we also have authority on earth to use that Name to free the captive in every way.
     All we need is that faith!
The Name in itself is not powerless even if it seems these days we lack a real amount of faith.
    When dealing with these spiritual matters, we should avoid being Hopers when it comes to handling the heavenly authority. Hope in itself is very good but how does it look when the Lord says, Samuel, in three days time, I’ll deal with your bill!!! Suppose my bill is over $1000, I may see it as an impossibility and conclude, I hope so. . .
      Is that faith?
No. . . such a person is faithless and can easily be distracted but if he just says Yes You Are Able. That’s a testimony! Nothing seems to have happened yet but you’ve seen it already.
    When you are faced with a terrible situation, don’t say, The Lord will do it; and don’t say The Lord Can do it. Conclude it to the last side of it,
             THE LORD HAS DONE IT!

That alone gets heaven in rejoicing and songs of praise. That feels your heart with praise and increases your sense of his presence in greater way.
    Before men, David was the idiot.
    Before God, he was a superman. A man with the supernatural ability or power and authority bestowed on him by God.
      Why HAS rather than CAN or WILL?
      Because in Christ, we have everything.
      The battle is WON.
      The victory already is.
      We no longer see any need to fight for victory.
      We stay in the already achieved victory of Christ.
     Our fight now becomes defensive rather than offensive.
     We secure the already won victory. 
     In Christ, we are victorious.

Praise God. . . In Christ, I am victorious.

Let’s follow Jesus with this  kind of faith and we will never try to have it any other way.

Praise God.

Samuel Junoi Samuel


Lord, Kill My Enemies: the prayer of the flesh and Spirit





I’ve not really been a frequent traveller these days (and by travel, I don’t mean journeying from one country or state to the other) but I can really account for those which I had last year about 30 to 40 times toward Gospel Street which is filled with almost hundreds of churches.
    The last or so which Jerry (he’s my closest person in the world and my brother by blood) and I had, was filled with sorry sights. All we could do was feel sorry and pray that God opens his people’s eyes to see that he doesn’t require his people to pray against their enemies nor curse them. Realizing this, I had to go through scripture to read Jesus’ words about prayer.

Pray For Your Enemies

43 You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy;

44But I tell you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

45To show that you are the children of your Father Who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good, and makes the rain fall upon the upright and the wrongdoers [alike].

46For if you love those who love you, what reward can you have? Do not even the tax collectors do that?

47And if you greet only your brethren, what more than others are you doing? Do not even the Gentiles (the heathen) do that?

Matthew 5:43-47

      In Nigeria and so many African countries, most prayers revolve around this that we are to pray the Lord to kill our enemies. And who do we see as these enemies? We see those who seem to torment our lives as our enemies; those who seem to annoy us one way or the other and so on but Jesus said PRAY FOR THEM.
     You may be asking, It’s so useless! How can I pray for my enemies? Didn’t David also curse his enemies and pray against them? You know, God didn’t call us to follow David but Jesus. If he could pray for his enemies while he looked down from that cross, how much more we? There’s joy in praying for your enemies and even blessing them.
     Jesus said, pray for those who persecute you, vs 44 and how’s that possible except it begins with the presence of love for our enemies right here in our hearts? No one can ever pray for their enemies unless there’s the presence of love in that heart. God is love and if he resides right there in us, then love will live right there but if we don’t have his spirit in us, we surely will not love.


       If Jesus lived a life of love all his days on earth and still lives to love, then shouldn’t we do the same? Let’s live a life of love! I won’t use the word, should in this statement. There’s no possibility that we will live to love others unless we follow Jesus closely to have him live his life through us. It’s not a question of ‘should’ but of having him live that life through us.
    Our problems don’t always lie with our enemies, for our enemies have no power over us if God doesn’t permit them. Let’s stop facing this enemy, enemy, enemy prayer stuff or whatever they call it and get past that notion to embrace that freedom which Christ has offered us to realize that even our enemies deserve our love and prayer.

    May God from this day live that life of love through us.


Matthew 6:19: Don’t Ever Break-Through!


   Do not gather and heap up and store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust and worm consume and destroy, and where thieves break through and steal (Matthew 6:19).

   Do you notice that word in italics, black and underlined? It’s the most used word when believers are so focused on money.
   Here in the West, there’s much attention directed toward this word. Most prayers are rapped on it, “Lord, please I need breakthrough in my finance”, “I need breakthrough in my marital-life”. And patiently, God answers this sometimes for reasons they haven’t really understood. Most times, he rarely does!
    So what’s the word in italic, black and underlined? Breakthrough!
Jesus said, where thieves break through and steal. He said it’s thieves who spend time breaking through to get things. When robbers decide to get a huge sum of money and the whole building is totally surrounded, what do they do? They break through to have it. Breaking through is simply a word that implies force and illegal means of obtaining things.
    The ways of thieves are illegal and their way requires breaking through. So do we still need to break through?

                This World Is A Bank

      Lately, news ran across the country that over fifty robbers had robbed banks and we were told how they got in. They had to breakthrough. While robbers do breakthrough, normal citizens who respect the law do enter in through the door of the bank.
    In the same way, we should understand we don’t need breaking through in any part of our lives. We need to trust Jesus.
   This world is like a bank. It has lots of good things that the heart lust after. However, we’re not to lust after them but ask Jesus and if he’s willing, he’ll give them to us. We ain’t made for them but they were made for us.
   In getting the things of this world, thieves breakthrough but Jesus said how we’re to get them,

I am the Door; anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live). He will come in and he will go out [freely], and will find pasture. (John 10:9).

    All we need to do is ENTER IN. To who? Into the Door. Thieves break through the walls but Christians enter in through the door to get what’s in the Lord’s will.
    This is where the verse ASK and it shall be GIVEN unto you comes alive. We get in to live, ASK and receive. The children of this world break through to kill, take by force and and receive. It’s exactly what the devil does in every way.
                           Enter In


            Just ASK!!!

      We’re to enter in, not break through to get whatever is necessary in our lives. God knows we need these things and is wholeheartedly ready to give them to us. He doesn’t want us to breakthrough but just ASK. Children ask from their daddy. Thieves get by FORCE.
     Yes, we all need finance, children, marriages and many more but the key is by ASKING. We aren’t told to seek these things but seek Jesus and he will add them all. We don’t break through. We let God open the door for us to get in.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

     When we seek him, we’re simply entering in but when we seek the things of this world, we’ll no less breakthrough to get them.

     From this moment on, may our desire be to seek Jesus without any intention to get the good things of this life and we’ll be surprised how much he knows about our needs and is ever willing to provide them. We’ll not need to break through!

God bless you.



Church-Culling: the separation of those who feel right from those who don’t seem to.


     Seeing the church in its present state is big enough to make me cry. But I know Christ will erase our divisions in the days ahead. That brings joy and happiness to my heart. Worthy is the Lamb!!!


  Words from a heart that hates division. . .

     When there are mature believers and those who still are far from maturity, have many flaws and weaknesses, whose lives are spiritually empty or those mature ones who have different view points from that which we do or are basically failing in one area of life or the other, is there need for division?

             Don’t Separate Or Divide!


     Especially here in the West, once there’s a certain failure or weakness, flaw or imperfection, the healthy side of the Western Church usually embark on dividing or separating from the ones who are still far from the point they are in or are failing one thing they already have comprehended. Wherever there’s separation in the body of Christ or among individuals, there’s the presence of the religious spirit. It’s the religious spirit that causes people-groups or individuals to embark on splitting as an option to solve the differences between them. Of course, it’s no use as long as we are living unbiblical like heathen men. Rather than engaging in The Ministry Of Encouragement, we would be busy joining the enemy in scattering Father’s people abroad.
     When we find out that there’s much disagreement, in-fighting, the next system isn’t church-culling but breach-repairing. We are to be the repairers of the breach and join the Lord in saving many other brethren in the body.  
      Suggesting culling as an option for clearing our many imperfections is useless. It’s no different from running away from our responsibility in aspect of the body of Christ. Christ wants an undivided church, wholly united, not one  which is fault-finding but that which desires unity among the believers.
    Thus, separating from these others increases the gap which exists among us, rather than breach it. What if Paul had separated from Peter the moment he found out Peter was no less engaging in hypocrisy? (Galatians 2:11-13). Several others had joined him in the act of which Paul opposed them. What would a mature believer (though quite young in years of conversion to the apostle who was with Jesus while he walked the earth) do when he discovered that his friend hadn’t learnt what he had learnt? Would Paul separate himself from Peter, Barnabas and others who were involved in the hypocritic attitude which Paul found Peter exhibiting?  Of course not! He opposed his behavior and opened Peter’s eyes to the truth (vs 14-22). If there’s anything we can stand against in the process of erasing disagreements, it’s those attitudes which are wrong and obverse to the Truth. We shouldn’t stand against anyone no matter their weight of blindness. Paul discovered that and was clear enough in conscience to humbly point to Peter that he was strictly against his hypocrisy, not him.
      Anytime you find people withdrawing from others because they found a little or some fault in them, they’re sure to also be withdrawing their love. Love is always committed to saving others no matter the errors in them.

    It’s Easy To Cull Especially Through The Rat-Hole Of The Box

     Our religious boxes are good enough to encourage culling among people-groups. However, we shouldn’t be stupid! It happens anywhere! For instance, Living Stone Church had the best Sunday-service (speaking religiously) but suddenly, there’s a news that it isn’t as it was 7 years ago. It’s ministers are more focused on the offerings and are concerned about the building’s expansion. People begin to withdraw from attending. Why? There’s an error! Who should fix it? Isn’t it easy to fix?
     Who can? When the attention is on fixing the error in the organized, you’re bound to be the next heretic. If you mention one word, there’s surely to be an uproar. So who should fix it? Next, you find people slipping out the hole of the box, for perhaps, no one can fix it.
     The truth is there’s no one whose ideas will be bought in the process of trying to breach the gap or correct the errors. They’ll take you for a poultry-chicken. Therefore, culling is always possible in the organized but breaching the gap or erasing errors is almost impossible except for change of heads.
     However, if the people are living as an organic body; more like a family under Father’s  authority, correcting or breaching the gap is possible and easy, for none is bossy but there exist a brotherly affection. The culling process may never even exist, for the church is not adapting an organized system that opens a chance for its members to find a moment to separate themselves from others who lack the knowledge they do.
      In the early church, while they spent time on food distribution, there was a complaint. The Greeks complained their wives never got as much as that of the Hebrew women. There were changes made! The Greeks didn’t have to leave or separate themselves in the name of minding their business. They brought out what they thought was best and the others looked into it, dealt with it and solved it. Why? There was no possible way that people would have to separate from others where the church was seen as a whole body.
     What makes division easy and possible these days is the extent of which more denominations seem to be built. If there were no denominations and the body was seen as a city-wide church, most problems we have these days won’t be there.
      To the extent to which division has grown is the same extent to which unbiblical and false doctrines have. If there were no divisions, perhaps, all the disagreements may seem simple to handle.
       Our different denominations is also known as divisions.
    Let’s join Jesus in gathering his own and shame the enemy.



Deeper Than the LOVE Of Women


That is love indeed…

   Hi friends! Hope you’re doing great today? It’s the second week of March and I’m these days finding out how much God means to me and how much I can share the love in my heart with others. Yes, those moments when it looked like there are incredible ways I could really love them, I had to see why: first, I had to know God loves me even if I am just so far from perfection (at least, in my eyes) and next, I found it a blessing to discover that I could love others irrespective of their imperfections.
    Studying about loving others in spite of what the world says about them, I remembered an intriguing story; really, a life+long relationship between two men. One was a King’s son who was supposed to be the next king after his dad dies. The other was no less a country-shepherd who had to tend his dad’s sheep, day and night. Yes, he was the last of the sons of Jesse, and was anointed as next king?
    So, what should I think? If I were in Jonathan’s shoes, (humanly speaking) I would fight for the throne and look for every way to get it. However, Jonathan’s love for David was more than concern for the Royal Throne: IT WAS THE LOVE WHICH WAS DEEPER THAN THE LOVE for WOMEN.
     He loved David and promised he (David) would be the next King after Saul. Would a human mind ever say that? No, it was a LOVING HEART who said that.

He Loved Him While The World Pointed Those Fingers At Him

    Love is always known for unbelievable sacrifices. To think Prince Jo. would spend his time trying to save a non-royal blood who’s going to become the King Of United Israel looks impossible and foolish to the natural mind. It was like Jesus’ death, the Jews thought him to be the chief-idiot on earth when he said he would sacrifice his life for humanity. It looked like a fool’s errand to Saul and it sure, seemed that way to everyone else who couldn’t look beyond Jonathan’s throne to his affection for David.
     In I Samuel 20, we find Jonathan assisting David in his quest for survival rather than siding his father in the devilish plans to kill God’s anointed King. That was love! The world had pointed the finger at him but one was enough to keep him moving.
    On our journey, do we really love others more than ourselves? (Vs 17) Jesus said the greatest expression of love is to lay down our lives for others. Jonathan was laying down his life for David. When Saul chased after David while he was in the wilderness of Ziph, Jonathan risked his life to encourage David, “fear not: for the hand of Saul my father shall not find thee; and thou shall be king over Israel, and I shall be next unto thee, and that also Saul my father knoweth (I Samuel 23:17).
   What a great sacrifice!

   We Can Love Others More Than The Love Men Have For Women


    It’s true that the love between a honest man and wife is sincere and strong that he’s willing to die for her. However, we don’t have to use words like ‘Christian love’ when describing how believers should love others. And there’s no principle that states how we should express that love toward them. Jesus himself is our perfect Love. If he abides in us, we will love others affectionately than the way we love women. Before we can love others unconditionally, it begins with the Love that already abide in our hearts. A heart that lacks the Love of God in it can not love. Where Jesus is, there is a river of love which the world can’t destroy. No matter every search for blames and accusations, love stands in to encourage and agonize with the sufferer. How? He spends his time loving and freeing others; dying for others in every way Jesus did.
     By dying for others, I don’t mean dying for a guilty person. How do we die for/with those brothers and sisters in Christ’s body? By agonizing with them in whatever they go through. Jonathan was certainly agonizing or suffering with David in everything. That’s what it is to really love!

               People May Mistake It

    I wonder how many Christians dare tell their brethren, ‘I love you affectionately’. The other is bound to think he’s talking about some homosexual act Or sexual feeling. If anything, Jesus talked about love as if it were his breathe. He loved the word, for he is Love. However, if those words were directed toward a certain woman, I bet that comes out easily. Brotherly love in the body of Christ should be so easy to express to each other as if it were a woman it was been expressed to.
   If we loved a woman, we would spend our time caring, loving and agonizing with her in whatever she was going through. If she had a court case, we would find the best lawyer and if it were a financial problem, we would offer the help we can just to show her we love her.
     Nevertheless, a christian should be able to express his love toward others not necessarily with words, but his lifestyle toward them. It’s true that most people show us affection because of what they expect from us. However, that’s not love! It’s greed! They mistook it for love, just as they mistook your affection to mean sexual desire of some sort: homosexual, etc.
    Love isn’t forced out! It’s the Son in you who loves others through you. Therefore live free and experience the wonderful life of one who loves, more than the love of women.

Suggestions FOR Resurrection Sunday



   Therefore live each day as he wills, not just on Sunday.

   Hi, dear friends. Hope you’re having a great day and looking forward to Easter? I’ve been receiving information that it’s toward March 27 this year or some time before or later (Not Sure!) but whatever the date, it’s good to plan what we would be doing that Easter.
     Here in the country, both believers and unbelievers do celebrate this moment as if it were some kind of secular celebration. We also know that this moment of the year is for celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. Though the origin of this celebration is the pagan celebration as written in history:

 A festival held in honour of the goddess Eostre or Ostara and celebrated at the spring equinox or within the month of April. Also known as Eostre.

History also records:

Christian feast commemorating the resurrection of Christ; the first Sunday following the full moon that occurs on or next after the vernal equinox, neither earlier than March 22 nor later than April 25.

     Pagans celebrates Easter within April and the Christians also celebrate it  every first Sunday following the full moon but between March 22 and April 25. Therefore, this makes it so similar to a pagan celebration.

              We Don’t Need To Argue

     The fact that Easter, Christmas and other celebrations may evolve from paganism has caused a lot of division in Christ’s body these days. We discriminate those who celebrate and join those who don’t. It’s all silly! What’s the difference between the Easter celebrated by Pagans and that celebrated by Christians? Pagans use it to worship the goddess, Eostre or Ostara while the Christians celebrate Easter to mark the resurrection of Christ. Even so, I guess we shouldn’t be using the word, Easter. It’s origin is from the word, Eostre (a goddess) which means that celebrating this after her name is still kind-ah subjecting us to something akin to celebrating her.

  Why Not Call It Resurrection Sunday?

     Since Easter originated from the name of the goddess, Eostre, we sure should not be celebrating Eostre: we aren’t followers of Eostre. We are followers of Christ and if we call it Resurrection Sunday, I’m sure it will make more meaning especially identifying what we are celebrating.
     Easter is all about Christ’s celebration (in the Christian way) but anyone who listens to that name recognizes it originated from Eostre, perhaps, they don’t know our motive isn’t to celebrate Eostre but Christ. I believe if we call it Resurrection Sunday there will be more life in our celebrations of his Resurrection and more difference between Christians and the world.

                   Our Best Stupidity

     You know what, we are just so stupid after discovering that Easter is originated from Eostre that we conclude to shut ourselves off from those who celebrate the moment. Don’t be so stupid! Celebrate it with them! They (those Christians who call it Easter) have it inside their hearts that the day is for remembering the Lord’s resurrection and we also have it in ours too, even if we mayn’t call it Easter.
     Let’s look beyond what we call it to whom we follow. Why do we celebrate it? Who’re we honoring? When we don’t get past the word we call it, we’ll spend much time criticizing others who call it one name or the other. It’s akin to quiet time. My dad believes it’s different from what he calls covenant time or agreed or set time but it’s not. This sometimes put criticism in his tone. It’s that way! We could have the same focus, aim or motive but we may call it different things.
    I once was told that we who don’t attend church are different from those who do and those who do are unbelievers but when I read Paul’s words in Romans 14:5-16, I could see things differently.

One man esteems one day as better than another, while another man esteems all days alike [sacred]. Let everyone be fully convinced (satisfied) in his own mind.

6He who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord. He also who eats, eats in honor of the Lord, since he gives thanks to God; while he who abstains, abstains in honor of the Lord and gives thanks to God.

7None of us lives to himself [but to the Lord], and none of us dies to himself [but to the Lord, for]

8If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord.

9For Christ died and lived again for this very purpose, that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.

10Why do you criticize and pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you look down upon or despise your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God.

11For it is written, As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God [acknowledge Him to His honor and to His praise].(A)

12And so each of us shall give an account of himself [give an answer in reference to judgment] to God.

13Then let us no more criticize and blame and pass judgment on one another, but rather decide and endeavor never to put a stumbling block or an obstacle or a hindrance in the way of a brother.

14I know and am convinced (persuaded) as one in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is [forbidden as] essentially unclean (defiled and unholy in itself). But [none the less] it is unclean (defiled and unholy) to anyone who thinks it is unclean.

15But if your brother is being pained or his feelings hurt or if he is being injured by what you eat, [then] you are no longer walking in love. [You have ceased to be living and conducting yourself by the standard of love toward him.] Do not let what you eat hurt or cause the ruin of one for whom Christ died!

16Do not therefore let what seems good to you be considered an evil thing [by someone else]. [In other words, do not give occasion for others to criticize that which is justifiable for you.]

   My dad and I have got much differences in christian views but never once do I let that have me hate him or criticize him. Never once except out of ignorance have I intentionally written or spoken against attendees. I usually expose the shamefulness of organized religion holding people from seeing Father’s love but I love the people and I know many who are in organized system but aren’t caught in the religious game. They love God and others and don’t play religion. What’s the secret? They don’t demand people do things their way and it would be better if others don’t demand they do it their way. There would be no criticism if we don’t demand people do things our way and if they don’t demand we do things their way. Let’s be however God puts us.

      Celebrating Resurrection Sunday

     Sometimes we usually assume this moment to be for secular partying but would there be anyway of celebrating the Lord’s resurrection other than meeting each other to encourage others on the importance of his Resurrection? What if we spent some time that Sunday growing our young ones and new believers on the power of the Lord’s resurrection? If we had meals together with other believers as a family, spend time reading scripture, meet in each other’s homes, wouldn’t it look more blessed to discover that we could live his life sharing with each other all he did that day as he resurrected and the purpose of his resurrection? Of course. That’d help more in many ways than we can ever fathom. Just having the Resurrection Sunday as a moment to party and eat with friends with no opening of the importance of celebrating that day is just lifeless.
    If you care or are free to, you could call over few folks or dozen of them, not necessarily the same institution you attend, and you could share the life of the Resurrection together, have meals more like a family. What if we took this Easter to be beyond our normal Sunday church programmes and celebrate it more like a family rather than a production, party or meeting?

          There Is Something, Though

    I took my time talking about sharing the life of Christ’s resurrection on that Sunday but I guess I’ll be so stupid talking about only Sunday. Think about it! What if we had sometime spending each day as our Resurrection Sunday? It’s not stupid! What do you think? With all I’ve written above, most people will feel glad to only share Christ’s life and the power of his resurrection on Sunday but other days will be left empty as they spend their time living for the world. Let’s sort to live each day sharing the testimony of Christ’s victory over death as he resurrected, not only on Sunday but everyday. Christ resurrected, perhaps, on Sunday but he didn’t resurrect for us to have life only on Sundays. He died that we will have life and have it abundantly. No shortage of life. The life isn’t limited to days of the week. It’s a life that flows into us each day.
     Since we are offered a resurrection life to live, that means we are to live everyday as resurrection Sunday, Monday, etc.
    Therefore, after the Sunday of the celebration, live everyday as if it were the Resurrection Sunday. Then you’ll discover that all day is the Lord’s and must be lived unto the Lord.

If you feel anything more should be added to this post as your suggestions for that day, kindly add it at the comment box, then I will quickly attach it to the post (indicating its ‘said by’).

God bless.

Have a blessed week.

Daniel’s Prophecy Of The World Powers


Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great weekend? I found this on the net and it’s surprising to me that the Christians are those who crown most world powers.  Note this is very lengthy and reading it requires much time but if you are sincere to know what Daniel’s prophecy means through history, you will know it’s worth the time spent on reading. Note also that none of these was written by me.

God has revealed, in the books of
Daniel and Revelation , the world-
ruling Gentile (non-Israelite) empires
(kingdoms) that would exist from the
time of Babylon’s empire to the
Second Coming of Jesus – a span of
more than 2,600 years! Biblical
prophecy predicts no less than fifteen
empires and the most influential false
religious system the devil would
The symbolic Bible prophecies that
proclaim such events BEFORE they
happen are the large image of a man
dreamed by King Nebuchadnezzar of
Babylon (Daniel 2) and Daniel’s
dream of four great beasts : A lion,
bear, leopard and one strong beast
with iron teeth and ten horns (Daniel
7). Daniel’s vision of a ram and a
male goat (Daniel 8) and the apostle
John’s vision of a woman riding a
beast with seven heads and ten horns
(Revelation 17) along with an end
time beast that will rule the world just
before the Second Coming of Jesus
(Revelation 13:1-8) are also symbolic
of end time events .
One simple but profound question
generated from Bible prophecy
concerns ancient Israel. Why would
God allow Gentile nations to dominate
the world instead of his chosen
people – the Israelites? The Bible
records God making a very special
promise to the people of Israel just
before they crossed the Jordan River
to receive their inheritance in the land
of milk and honey. He promised to
make them HIGH ABOVE all the
nations IF they keep his
commandments (Deuteronomy
God promised to make the Israelite
nation preeminent in the world IF they
obeyed his voice. Over time, however,
they increasingly rejected God’s way
to the point where they refused to
have him as their King and instead
requested a human king be put over
them (1Samuel 8:5-7). Eventually,
because of their ongoing disregard for
God’s laws, ten of Israel’s tribes were
conquered and taken out of the land
by the Assyrian empire (723 B.C.).
The remaining tribes (Judah,
Benjamin and Levi) lived in Palestine
until they too, because of
disobedience, were conquered and
taken from their inheritance. Because
Israel rejected God, he rejected them
and gave their promised leadership
role in the world to others – the
Gentile empires which are listed

Babylonian Empire – 612 B.C.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Head of Gold (Daniel 2:32, 38)
First Beast like a Lion (Daniel 7:4)


Babylon was the kingdom that ruled
the earth at the time when
Nebuchadnezzar dreamed an image of
a man.

In 612 B.C. King Nabopolassar of
Babylon defeated the Assyrian Empire
and sacked its capital city of Nineveh.
It was this victory that began
Babylon’s period as a world empire.
The empire’s greatest King was
Nebuchadnezzar (reigned 605 – 562
B.C.), who conquered the Kingdom of
Judah, took the inhabitants as
captives to Babylon and, in 586 B.C.,
burned Jerusalem and destroyed its
temple. Babylon’s world supremacy
lasted for only 73 years.

Persian Empire (Medo-Persian Empire)
– 549 B.C.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Chest and Arms of Silver (Daniel 2:32,
Second Beast like a Bear (Daniel 7:5)
Ram with two horns (Daniel 8:3-4, 20)

Persia is the second beast (prophetic
kingdom) to rule the earth. This
kingdom actually represents two kings
(“ram with two horns”) – the king of
Media and king of Persia.

Astyages became king of Media in
585 B.C. Cyrus the Great became king
of Persia, though not an independent
ruler, in 559 B.C. Like his
predecessors, Cyrus had to recognize
Median dominance over his kingdom
(“one was higher than the other, and
the higher one came up last”). In 549
Cyrus overthrew the Medes and King
Astyages (who was a family member,
possibly Cyrus’ grandfather).
The Persian empire is considered the
most powerful kingdom of the ancient
world. At its height it ruled more than
2.9 million square miles (7.5 million
square kilometers) of land that
spanned three continents: Asia, Africa
and Europe. The Persians were the
largest empire in ancient history in
terms of total land controlled. It is
estimated that in 480 B.C. Persia had
50 million people living under its
authority – or roughly 44% of the
entire world’s population. It was
during the reign of Cyrus the Great
that captive Jews were allowed to
return to Jerusalem.

Macedonian (Greek) Empire of
Alexander the Great – 336 B.C.
Division of kingdom into four pieces –
323 B.C.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Belly and Thighs of Bronze (brass)
(Daniel 2:32, 39)
Beast (Leopard) with four Heads
(Daniel 7:6)
Male Goat with large horn and four
smaller horns (Daniel 8:5-8, 21-22,

After Alexander’s death (the “broken
horn”) the “four that stood up in its
place” to rule in his stead were his
four generals. This means the empire
that Alexander built and its
subsequent division into four pieces
are counted as the third , fourth , fifth
and sixth prophetic kingdoms to rule
the earth.

Alexander the Great, born in 356 B.C.,
was an ancient Greek king whose
father was King Philip II of Macedon.
Soon after ascending to the throne in
336 B.C. due to his father’s
assassination Alexander began a
military campaign to realize his
father’s expansion plans. His
conquests included the Persian
Empire, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Egypt
and Mesopotamia. The empire’s
boundaries stretched as far west as
the Ionian sea and as far east as the
Himalayas and India. Alexander never
lost a battle (though many times he
was outnumbered) and is considered
one of the most successful military
commanders in history.

The Greek kingdom, after Alexander’s
death in 323 B.C., was NOT passed to
either of his two sons (“but not
among his posterity”). Instead, as the
prophecies indicated, it was divided
up into four separate kingdoms by his
generals Ptolemy, Antipater, Seleucus
and Antigonus.

Roman Empire – 27 B.C.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Two Legs of Iron (Daniel 2:33, 40-43)
Fourth Beast with teeth of iron and
ten horns (Daniel 7:7, 23-24)

The transition of the Roman Republic
into the Roman Empire highly likely
occurred in 27 B.C., when the Senate
granted extraordinary powers to
Augustus – who many consider to be
the first true Roman Emperor.
The greatest extent of the empire
occurred with Trajan’s conquest of
Dacia in 117 A.D., which gave the
kingdom control of 2.5 million square
miles of territory (6.5 million square
kilometers). Rome is considered the
third largest and most powerful of the
ancient empires (behind the empires
of Persia and the Han dynasty). At
the time of Jesus it is believed Rome
controlled a total population of 60
million people.
In 395 A.D. the united kingdom split
into two separate pieces: The Eastern
(Byzantine) Empire, which lasted until
1453 A.D. and the Western Empire,
which lasted until 476 A.D.

The Great False Religious System
Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Little horn among ten horns that
causes the first three to be removed
(Daniel 7:8, 20, 24-27)
Mystery, Babylon the Great, a whore
riding a beast who is the mother of
harlots (Revelation 17:1-6, 18)

Prophecies represent the Roman
Catholic Church and the Papacy .
Rome is the “great city” that rules
over the kings (kingdoms) of the

The great whore of Revelation 17 did
not ride any of the seven prophetic
heads (empires) mentioned in Daniel
2 (Babylon, Persia, Greece (four
heads) and Rome before its split ) nor
the first three horns of the fourth
beast of Daniel 7. It did, however,
mount and ride the fourth beast’s last
seven horns. These last seven horns
of Daniel 7 are the same as the seven
heads ridden by the great whore in
Revelation 17.
The title “Supreme Pontiff” (Pontifex
Maximus or “highest office”) was first
used around 220 A.D. by Tertullian to
refer to the head of the Roman
church. It wasn’t until the 590’s A.D.
that this title was used in an formal
sense to refer to the Pope.

The Vandals – 439 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
First of ten horns / kings / kingdoms
related to Rome’s classical empire
(Daniel 7:24)
First of three horns “plucked up” due
to a little horn (Daniel 7:8, 20)

The kingdom was overthrown at the
behest of the Papacy.

The Vandals migrated to live in
Roman territory around 400 A.D. King
Geiseric led the tribe to North Africa
in 429. In 439 they created their own
kingdom which included parts of
Africa that were controlled by Rome
plus islands such as Sardinia, Malta
and Corsica. They sacked Rome in the
year 455. The Vandals defeated the
fleets sent against them from both
the Western (460 A.D.) and Eastern
(468 A.D.) Roman empires. Their
empire collapsed, however, in 534
A.D. when Belisarius (commander of
Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s army)
defeated them at the battle of Hippo.

The Heruli – 476 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Second of ten horns / kingdoms
(Daniel 7:24)
Second of three horns “plucked up”
due to a little horn (Daniel 7:8, 20)

The kingdom was overthrown at the
behest of the Papacy.

Under Odoacer (who became the first
barbarian King of Italy) the Heruli
deposed the last Emperor of the
Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D. In
508 their short-lived empire came to
an end when they were destroyed by
the Lombards.

The Ostrogoths – 493 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Third of ten horns / kingdoms (Daniel
Third of three horns “plucked up” due
to a little horn (Daniel 7:8, 20)

The kingdom was overthrown at the
behest of the Papacy.

In 493 A.D. Theodoric the Great
became the first king of the
Ostrogothic kingdom and replaced
Odoacer as ruler of Italy. The
Ostrogoths considered themselves
upholders of the direct line of Roman
traditions. In 535 A.D. the Byzantine
emperor Justinian attacked the
Ostrogoths and started what would
become the nineteen year long Gothic
War. In 554 the Ostrogothic empire
finally fell.

Partial Restoration of the Roman
Empire – 527 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Fourth of ten horns related to Rome’s
classical empire (Daniel 7:24)
First of seven heads of scarlet Beast
rode by the great religious whore
(Revelation 17:1-6)

Under Byzantine emperor Justinian I
the Eastern empire conquered many of
the lands lost by the Western Empire
when it collapsed in 476.

Justinian, who reigned 527 to 565
B.C., was the first Eastern Roman
(Byzantine) king who sought to
reclaim the glory of Rome through
conquering lands lost by the Western
Empire. As a “Christian” emperor he
considered it his divine duty to restore
Rome’s kingdom to its ancient
boundaries. During his reign he
fought many wars (Iberian, Vandalic,
Gothic, Moorish, etc.) and did conquer
many territories formerly controlled by
the West (Italy, Africa, southern
Hispania, etc.).
Although he considered himself “priest
and king” over the Empire, Justinian
officially recognized the Roman See
(office of the pope) as the highest
ecclesiastical authority.

Charlemagne (Charles the Great) – 800

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Fifth of ten horns related to Rome’s
empire (Daniel 7:24)
Second of seven heads of Beast rode
by the great whore (Revelation

Charlemagne, crowned by the Pope,
was the first Roman Emperor in
Western Europe since the fall of the
empire in 476 A.D.

Charlemagne was king of the Franks
(starting in 768 A.D.) and the
Lombards (starting in 774 A.D.)
before becoming Emperor. In 799 A.D.
Pope Leo III was mistreated by the
Romans who tried to put out his eyes
and tear out his tongue. After
escaping and fleeing to Charlemagne
the Pope requested his position be
restored. Charlemagne traveled to
Rome, then entered it with the Pope in
November 800 A.D. A synod was held
December 1 and the charges against
Leo pronounced false.
On Christmas Day in 800, during
Mass, the Pope crowned Charlemagne
as Emperor of the Romans. This was
the first time in history a Pope
crowned a Roman Emperor.
Charlemagne became the papacy’s
chief protector. He would ultimately
unite most of Christian Europe under
his rule.

Otto the Great – 962 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Sixth of ten horns related to Rome’s
empire (Daniel 7:24)
Third of seven heads of Beast rode by
the great whore (Revelation 17:1-6)

In 962 A.D. Otto the Great, in Rome,
was crowned the first “Holy” Roman
Emperor by the Pope.

Otto the Great was king of Germany
and Duke of Saxony (starting in 936)
and king of Italy (starting in 961)
before becoming Emperor. He is
considered the founder of the Holy
Roman Empire.
Otto considered himself the protector
of the Church in part due to his belief
he had the “divine right” to rule. He
strengthen ecclesiastical authorities
such as bishops and abbots at the
expense of the secular nobility.

Charles V – 1530 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Seventh of ten horns related to
Rome’s empire (Daniel 7:24)
Fourth of seven heads of Beast rode
by the great whore (Revelation

In 1530 Charles was the last Holy
Roman Emperor to be crowned by the
Pope .

Charles was also Lord of the
Netherlands (starting in 1506) and
the first king of Spain (starting in
1516). He was of the house of
Hapsburg, who produced all the
formally elected Holy Roman
Emperors from 1438 to 1740 A.D.
Charles became king of the Romans /
Italy in 1519. He ruled as Emperor
from 1530 to 1556. It was during his
reign that the Hapsburg Dynasty, for
the first and only time, achieved the
status of a true world empire.
Charles is best known for his role in
opposing the Protestant Reformation.
The Society of Jesus (Jesuits), formed
initially to peacefully combat
Protestantism, was started during his

Napoleon I (Bonaparte) – 1805 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Eighth of ten horns related to Rome’s
empire (Daniel 7:24)
Fifth of seven heads of Beast rode by
the great whore (Revelation 17:1-6)

Napoleon was crowned King of Italy
by the Pope in 1805, a title which he
held until 1814 A.D.

In 1806 the Holy Roman Empire
formally dissolved when the last
Emperor abdicated following his
defeat at the hands of Napoleon and
the French. Napoleon reorganized
most of the empire into the
Confederation of the Rhine, which
eventually was composed of 9 kings
and 28 princes. The confederation
collapsed in 1813 after Napoleon’s
failed attempt to conquer Russia.

Otto von Bismarck – 1871 A.D.

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Ninth of ten horns related to Rome’s
empire (Daniel 7:24)
Sixth of seven heads of Beast rode by
the great whore (Revelation 17:1-6)
The ‘one is’ king that will come after
five have fallen (Revelation 17:10)

The five kings / kingdoms that fell
before Bismarck’s rule were Justinian,
Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Charles
V and Napoleon. After a series of
short wars, Otto was able in 1871 to
unify numerous German states into a
powerful Empire. He was the first
Imperial Chancellor of the Empire
from 1871 to 1890.

Otto created a “balance of power” in
Europe that preserved the peace in the
region from 1871 until 1914 (World
War I).

Benito Mussolini – Adolf Hitler – 1929

Represented in Bible prophecy as:
Tenth of ten horns related to Rome’s
empire (Daniel 7:24)
Seventh of seven heads of Beast rode
by the great whore (Revelation
The ‘other that has not yet come’ king
(Revelation 17:10)

Represents the European empire
(kingdom) created by Hitler and
Mussolini. In 1938 it became one of
the wealthiest empires (by size of
GDP) in modern times.

Mussolini was Prime Minister of Italy
from 1922 to 1943. Hitler was
Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to
1945. Supporters of Mussolini’s
attempt to create an Italian empire
called it the New Roman Empire.
Interestingly, in 1917 the British
Security Service (MI5) paid Mussolini
£100 a week to help him get started
in politics.
In 1929 the Lateran treaties were
signed by Mussolini and the Vatican.
The treaties established the
independence of Vatican City within
Italy and granted Roman Catholicism
special status in Italy. The treaties
also included a legal provision
whereby the Italian government would
protect the honor and dignity of the
Pope by prosecuting offenders.
The term “Third Reich,” meaning the
third German empire, is often used to
refer to Germany during its years
under Nazi control. The Nazis
considered the first Reich to be the
Holy Roman Empire from 962 to 1806
A.D., and the second Reich to be the
German Empire from 1871 to 1918

Final World Empire / Government
Represented in Bible prophecy as:

Ten Toes of Iron and Clay ultimately
destroyed by God’s kingdom (Daniel
King that will kill Christians and fight
the return of Jesus (Daniel 8:23-25)
Beast with seven heads and ten horns
who will rule earth 42 months
(Revelation 13:1-8)
Beast with two horns like lamb but
spoke like a dragon (Revelation
Eighth head that is Beast “that was,
and is not, is himself also the
eighth” (Revelation 17:11)
Ten horns (kings) that will give their
power to fight against the Lamb
(Revelation 17:12-14)
The full meaning of these prophecies
has yet to occur.

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I LOVE YOU: A Compassionate Father



    We usually term this amazing parable to be, The Prodigal Son but one close look at it unveils that the story is meant to be The Compassionate Father or The Wonderful Nature Of God In Dealing With His Rebellious Children. Having the title as a picture of the prodigal son hides the most important part of Jesus’ parable and how he changes or deals with men.
  When the youngest son approached him, he heard his request and shared all he had with both sons. The younger son took it all, walked out the beautiful gate into a strange world where most things were done outside the Laws of God. He partied, drank and ate until all he had was gone. He decided to be a hired man, ate pigs’ meal and rested on the bare floor. The requirements was too high that he finally saw his father’s love.
  With all sincerity, he finally returned to his dad confessing how sorry he was and he readily was already forgiven.
  The younger wasn’t the only rebellious son, for the elder also was. So why call it, The Prodigal Son? The older brother had jealousy in his heart and couldn’t also see his father’s love. All he could see was his brother being robed with a beautiful garment. He was in real hunger for the riches his dad had, rather than knowing the love of his father.
  Therefore, The Compassionate Father or The Wonderful Nature Of God In Dealing With His Rebellious Children should be the appropriate title for this parable.
  As we move on, we will look at the following:
1. They didn’t lose the relationship
2. The sin of the older son
3. The sin of the younger son
4. Who is safer among both sons?
5. His compassionate heart


    They Didn’t Lose The Relationship

  Certainly, the younger son losed so many things he would have gotten had he remained with his father but he never losed his relationship with him. He left for a distant land but the relationship which his dad had with him was constant. He’s still father’s son, still had his love, still related to his father by blood. So how could he lose it?
  If anything else seemed to not grow the moment he left, it was his fellowship with his dad. They hardly get to meet to talk with each other. That didn’t end the father’s hunger for fellowship with his son; for he was still longing to talk with him, just as David was longing to talk with Absalom. However, his father’s reaction wasn’t akin to the king’s; for the king never wanted to see Absalom once he returned but while he was away, he still longed to fellowship with him.
  Just the opposite, the younger son’s father didn’t wait for his son to get to the gate. He rushed out to embrace him, expressing that love once more. That moment, the fellowship he had longed desired to have with his son was restored and ready to grow.
  The bible had it this way, in Luke 15:20; So he got up and came to his [own] father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity and tenderness [for him]; and he ran and embraced him and kissed him [fervently]. With this expression which his father shew toward him, it’s clear that the son never lost his relationship with his father. What he had lost was their close fellowship.


  On the other hand, even though the elder son was just so jealous, that doesn’t mean he losed his relationship with his father. He also had the fellowship and was able to tell his father his feeling toward everything which had just occurred. He couldn’t believe his eyes but the words of his father still pointed out that they still had fellowship: And the father said to him, Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. 32But it was fitting to make merry, to revel and feast and rejoice, for this brother of yours was dead and is alive again! He was lost and is found! (vs 31-32).

  Imagine God’s words to us who are caught in selfish motives; self-righteousness, and self-glorification: Son, you are always with Me, and all that is Mine is yours. That shows the presence of fellowship with God.


  We never lose our relationship with God. Each of us are caught in either the self-righteous attitude of the elder son or the prodigal life of the youngest son. Both do affect our fellowship with him, and have our eyes clouded from seeing his love. Though, we’re not of those who abandon the Father, when we see our fellowship with him weakening and we discover we are caught in any of the two, all we have to do is RUN TO HIM. When we do, we will begin to see how much he loves us even more.


            The Error Of The Older Son

  The elder brother’s error was nothing else but Religion. He was upgrading himself; outlining all he had been doing for his father, expecting a reward. He wasn’t doing all that because he loved his father but he was expecting a gift. In that case, he was doing all that as a servant, rather than a SON.
  A servant work for wages but how is it with a son? He works each day, doing all he can because he loves his father. A servant mayn’t recognize the love his master has for him but a son first see that love, then begin to love his father more and more.
   Walking with Jesus in this relationship is that way! Playing the religious game with him is just too harmful for us. Yet, he’s right beside us, feeling our pain and freeing us from it. Some of us have experienced the stage where we try doing all the works for him but with a wrong motive: working so as to earn his favor. In that case, we aren’t different from the elder son as we look for every means to use as a tool to getting something from him.
  We work for God, not because we believe that if we do so, he will supply all our needs, but we do his will because we love him. Religion omits the desire to love God and others more than ourselves. It blinds us from recognizing his unchangeable love toward us. Just like the elder son, our view of God become blackened with untrue descriptions of who God is and how he works in our lives. We won’t be able to see beyond our activities; our selfish priorities into the glorious and compassionate heart of God.

  Religion doesn’t distinguish us from self-righteousness. It opens our heart to become self-righteous (righteous in our own eyes), not minding the way Father sees us, even if we are that good or bad. However, as far as we’re concerned, none of us is good. We’re not just qualified to be robed with the cloak of  righteousness because there’s always a level of imperfection in each of us. However, when Christ died, he became our righteousness. Thus, in following Jesus in this relationship a day at a time, he begins to humble us and help us live away from the strings of self-righteousness.
    Father opens our eyes to see beyond our own position, priority and even selfish ambition. Even in our relationship with him, we ignorantly strive to earn a place in Father’s heart but have we paused a day to hear him say this again: “Son, you are always with Me, and all that is Mine is yours”? You’re already a son, so why play religious games? There’s nothing you can do to earn a place in his heart. He’s included you already without a working on your part. A place in his heart can never be earned.
     Like the elder brother, struggling to have position will always lead to jealousy; pride; unnecessary comparison between ourselves and others. When we do that, we’re trying to criticize others because of their failures, instead of looking at them as wonderful children whom Father is drawing so near to himself. If you find yourself in the shoes of the elder son, understand that it’s more beneficial to know how much your heavenly father loves you rather than seeking to gain all his blessings.


         The Error Of The Younger Son

  All the younger son had done toward his father was Rebellion. He had simply wandered off his father’s presence, seeking the perishable things of this world above the wonderful fellowship which he treasured with him. Though the elder brother had a selfish reason for fellowshipping with his father, the younger never had a respect for; selfish reason towards; or even desire for that fellowship. The last time he could fellowship with his father, it was for personal gain, rather than growing closer to his father. He neither respected nor valued it.


     He was truly a rebellious son but no different from the elder son in the early parts of his life before he came to his father’s feet to repent.
    Both religion and rebellion corrupt our view of God’s compassion toward us. While the elder was being self-righteous, the younger was being rebellious, but both attitudes lead to one poison: unable to recognize the Father’s affection toward them.
     Being rebellious doesn’t shove God away from us. Rather, it shoves us away from him. God is never scared to see our imperfection. He’s with us, ready to help but most times, he mayn’t offer a helping hand but just the protection we need. He would let us go, until we get to the end of ourselves. Getting to the end of ourselves means humility. Humility gives us more room to see his love for us and embrace that love. It was after he had been broken, before he was fully convinced about his Father’s love toward him.
     Again, he was unable to love his father and remain with him because he wasn’t convinced that his father always had loved him. It’s the same with us! In our relationship with him, we mayn’t be convinced that he loves us but the moment we get convinced, we find ourselves beginning to love him too. John made it clear that God first loved us before we were able to love him. As we grow in fellowship with him, we will find him opening our heart to see and embrace that love; for the more we don’t realize it, the further we become rebels.

       Who’s Safer Among Both Sons?

    If I was asked this question in an interview, Yeah, get to think of it, Bob. Which among the King’s sons is safe? I would reply the following, First, we know that his two sons had errors each. The first was self-righteous and the other rebellious. However, speaking in view of the past life of the younger, none of his sons is safe. Both were just rebellious. The younger had his rebellion expressed before his father’s presence, which makes him quite free from the one who hid rebellion in his heart. Rebellion was also present in the older son’s heart. Therefore both are rebellious and unsafe. Rebellion isn’t safety. It eats up our fellowship with God, beclouding our heart from fully realizing his love toward us. Before you can recognize if someone loves you or not, fellowship is necessary; and when you discover it, fellowship becomes even more necessary. The elder isn’t safe in the sense that he had fellowship for a wrong reason and the younger isn’t safe because he abandoned the fellowship.
  Thus, none is safe!

              A Compassionate Father


     The end of the story reveals how God deals with us, lovingly embracing us, and welcoming us home after our long wandering away. I used to think that when we come to Jesus, he would stay some distance away to have us clean, before he takes us close to himself. Those teachings just fell off some months after my own experience of wandering away from him. I was thinking I would still be kept waiting distance away until I’m clean. It was all lies! God doesn’t distance himself from us but we distance ourselves from him. I still can have a couple of pictures in my mind: First, the Lord withdrawing from me as I realize my sin and begin running closer in my torn clothes. Next, the Lord seeing the prodigal son who wandered away and immediately ran to him, gave a hug and more kisses. The son had a rag on, rather than a sparkling cloth. The father ran to him inspite of the rag his son was wearing. I still wondered why!

  Therefore, the question is “Why did the father not command the guards to stop his son at the gate, change his clothes before taking him in; before giving a hug and multi-kiss?”
  He wasn’t after anything else but his son’s return. Look the joy Jesus has when we return to him to renew our fellowship with him. He runs to us even before we get to the gate and gives us a hug and more kisses, assuring us of his love again. He isn’t after our torn clothes but our changed hearts and the return which he had hoped for, since the moment we left. He throws a party with his angels and many other believers who had long prayed for our return to him. He has more to offer us even if we had ignorantly wasted many.
    The picture that the Lord oft will withdraw whenever we return with dirty clothes is all lies! Jesus never shy away from his own. It’s them who shy away! Now that they have returned, would he also shy away? Is that the compassionate Father we are talking about? Or someone who loves pleasure for himself as to get his people lost in the lie that they can change themselves? That’s what we mean when we picture him that way. We’re simply pointing out that he believes we can change ourselves.

     How was the son fully convinced of his father’s love? It was when he saw his father run toward him. Isn’t that what encourages us too? The further we get to approach him, his light, his love is enough to convince us of how much he loves us. We begin to see the heart of a compassionate father who treasures our relationship and fellowship with him more than our works. The prodigal son didn’t hide his pain and sorrow; for he used the clothe which he had on him since his days of suffering, to approach his father. It’s like saying, Father, look at my clothes! I have been suffering from my own rebellion. Now, I realize I can’t change myself. Take me as your servant and I will be satisfied with that.
  Then, we’ll realize that all we need is to return to him the way we are, without any attempt to change ourselves or hide our pain.

This blog post was written in his yet-to-be-published book: THE FATHER’S HEART CRY which is presently on Editting process @ Harvesters Online Publishers, New York, United States Of America.

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The Breach

The Ministry Of Encouragement: Encouraging Others To Walk With Jesus

THE MINISTRY OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Encouraging Others To Walk With Jesus



We are all in his hands and has given us each other for our good.

  Truthfully, before we can obviously encourage others to begin this amazing journey with Jesus, we must know ourselves. By knowing ourselves, I mean we should find out if we also are having a growing walk with him, if not we can’t encourage anyone to. The greatest gift we can ever offer a person after they become saved is the encouragement to join Jesus in having that fellowship grow.
     The moment we believed, it was the beginning of our relationship with God. However, it’s not we who need to maintain that relationship, for we most times overestimate our capability thinking we can build it. We can’t! It’s God who do. Ours is to maintain the fellowship with him. His is to maintain the relationship with us. Even so, we have full confidence that his part in maintaining this is 100% perfect.

    In what ways can I encourage fellow believers? You may ask. . . I will say there are several ways which God provided for this Encouragement Ministry, though the enemy is also using these ways to corrupt the hearts and lives of men.
    As Christians, the King’s children, we can use this to also change lives and encourage them to keep moving.

      The Ministry Of Encouragement

    We can joyfully encourage our fellow believers through these ways (if you haven’t been practicing these, am sure you could find this a great moment):

(a) Encouragement through face-to-face meetings/conversations: On this journey, Father has opened ways to encourage others to walk very closely with him. One of these is the direct conversations we may tend to have with others. This may be in discipleship programmes, local groups, through having meals together as we conversate, moments of group prayer time, etc. Just name them as God puts it in your heart. When this is done frequently, we will be having more and more of our brothers and sisters grow into him and live encouraged each day, no matter what they face.


(b) Encouragement through phone-calls: I haven’t got that perfect chance to use this part so well but I can admit I use it sometimes. I receive phone calls from friends whom I encourage on their journey and also encourage me on my journey. However, that’s rare with me! I don’t do that often. Are there people whom Father wants you to encourage through this way? Of course! We can use our money and time to save each other from falling into the enemy’s snare. If we can spend some time watching T.V., then we can also spend more time encouraging others. We can buy as much airtime to find out how they are doing and when we do, we surely will find God guiding us to encourage them in whatever areas they find themselves so close to “given up”. Gracefully, we will be able to encourage as many as a dozen people in a week.
(Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean you should spend all the day on phone calls. The ministry of encouragement is a ministry requiring guidance.)

(c) Encouragement Through emails, phone messaging and the net.: This has been my major way of encouraging believers. I have been blessed to encourage people from Alabama and also be encouraged by them to move on. I have talked with believers from California, Ghana, India, etc who have been a blessing to me as I have been to them. Meeting the Indians has always been my desire but I can say I rarely meet them these days. However, on the net, even if we don’t get to talk, we can use our posts to encourage each other. Rather than spend much time talking about this friend did this or that to me, look at my problems or blaming some people or throwing unnecessary insults, am sure we can use that moment or even more to encourage people. Don’t get if wrong! I don’t mean you shouldn’t share your burdens with others but each of these have got limits. You won’t know when you begin receiving words like, You don’t know how much I needed this. No. It’s not you! It’s God who deserves the thanks, so don’t forget to give it all to him when you hear those you encourage saying all of that.

                Don’t Forget Yourself!

    Just as amazing as encouraging others is, there’s something so much important that it’s possible that we might overlook its necessity. Let’s not forget ourselves! This doesn’t mean that we should rate ourselves above others or consider our needs above the needs of others. When encouraging others, we should remember to have the condition of our lives in good order not beaten or defeated. We can’t give what we don’t have. In order to encourage others who are in need of the encouragement, we who need to encourage them should have been encouraged and also staying strong in that part of life.

    Encouragement comes from knowing that you’ve learnt what I haven’t and I have learnt what you haven’t. Therefore, I’m glad to help you understand what you haven’t and stay strong in it, just as am glad as you’re also glad to help me in that part I don’t understand and help me stay strong in it.
     Once a certain moment when I was lost in pornography and didn’t know how to get out, God used a friend to get me out through wonderful encouraging words of God’s affection and love and power which is available to get me out of that sin. Till this day, I know I’m safe and saved because I see Christ’s finished work. Only knowing that he loves me was enough to get me out. With that, I felt his light inside of me and my friend that moment was also in need of encouragement. Therefore, she was also encouraged in that part of life where I was free and I was encouraged in that part of life where she was free.
    Therefore, don’t forget yourself! You’re not all+knowing nor are you mega-sufficient in yourself. You need encouragement too no matter who you are. God has provided you for this others and this others for you. In them, you’ve found him. Receive the encouragements he sends you through them. Don’t forget you also need it!

          You Can’t If You Never Love

    Certainly, anyone who really want to encourage others on their journey is someone who must be filled with love and affection for others. He must embrace their success and pain, failures and also share the burdens which is necessary. Though there are burdens which we must not partake, we require Father’s help in doing that.
    Love cares for others. Encouragement comes from a loving heart, humble and filled with the King’s light and life.

    Finally, don’t assume you must encourage others to gain a place in their hearts, for you never will. The job is God’s not yours, so let him do the encouraging through you. Encourage them with a “God bless you”, “God loves you”, “trust him, my brother, he’s got the best plan”, and many more. All these depends on the situation of the brother or sister in need of the encouragement.

God bless you as you practice this knowing that Jesus would have done more if he were here.

Also share this post with others. God bless. Amen.

In his Iove,


Venus-Christians: Science And The Bible II



Mercury do release the heat but Venus doesn’t.

     I finally discovered there was something more to life, especially Christianity when it comes to living. Some weeks ago, I walked over to the bathroom after my younger brother, Jerry had lectured us on the solar system, took a fine diagram of the Sun, earth’s moon and all the planets in the solar system. Such a meeting was so interesting that my mind got into it.
 “What if there were Venus-christians?” And “What if there were Christians like Mercury?” I was joyful because I understood what the Spirit was saying.

   Scientifically, the planet Venus is said to be so close to Mercury and second planet after the Sun which likely makes this planet gold-like. While mercury receives the heat from the Sun and thereafter, release it to the next planet which is Venus, it (Venus) receives the heat from both the Sun and Mercury. Instead of releasing the heat like Mercury, Venus retains it and then seems to be the hottest planet in the Solar System.

Is this any different from believers who retains hurt caused by those around them especially those best friends? If Mercury each moment hurt Venus, it retains the pain, hurt and anger inside of her but the Sun do hurt Mercury too. Instead of retain the hurt, pain and anger, it releases it.

We are sometimes imitating this attitude of retaining the pain, anger and hurt which we receive from others. Yes it’s true that releasing the heat of the pain and anger is quite hard but let’s remember that not one of us can release our pain, hurt and hatred except by God’s grace and mercy toward us.

   To whom should we release our pain and hatred? Not to the offender. Let’s release our heart to Jesus and he will take away our hurt and pain and  transform us from the inside. He will fill us with joy and happiness.

Let’s not forget: all these is all about forgiveness. Let’s keep forgiving even while they do the offending. The further we learn to forgive, the freer we become and it opens way for us to be Christ-like. Certainly, storing all the pain and hurt can get us explode from the inside but if we release it as Mercury does, we will find our lives becoming freer and freer from getting blackened inside. Instead of living a life of anger and pain, we will radiate the priceless mercy and grace of God.


       His Glorious Light Will Arise In Us.

                    An External Gold

     From the outside, Venus looks like gold, kind-ah beautiful but inside it’s hot and man is bound enough to FRY if he came any closer. It’s no different when we imitate such lifestyle. We may dress so well, have all the make-ups done, wear beautiful shoes and still miss everything that’s called Beautiful Inside. 
    Since our inside is filled piled hurt, guilt, frustration, insecurity, etc, we are sure to not forgive and love others and we would be the best at breaking friendships, Godly relationships, etc.

God says, “Deal first with the inside.”

     Forgiveness Gets Easy After Three

   Becoming a Venus-believer will have us peace-less. We will rarely have peace. Being a mercury-believer in this aspect of releasing requires that we also forgive. However, in this process, forgiveness gets simple after three processes. How sad we rarely recognize these ways that makes forgiveness simple. That’s the reason why we sometimes forgive and still try pamper the hurt, pain and frustration caused by our brother. Forgiveness is more than uttering words of “I FORGIVE YOU” just as love is more than saying “I LOVE YOU”.
     First, we are hurt by our brother but as the King’s children, we don’t need to let that hurt and frustration get rooted inside of us. No doubt, we first will feel the hurt but we should immediately let go.
     It was said of the Begum Bilquis Sheikh, once Muslim but converted to Christian, that when the Lord guided her to forgive her husband, she found it hard and again and again she felt separated from God. Then she took these steps which we’ve been discussing: (1) she knew she felt hurt and was hurt by someone. There’s no one to forgive if there’s no one who hurts. We must first realize we are hurt and recognize our inability to forgive. (2) she released her heart to God. What a primary part of knowing his mercy! She released it to him so he could take away her pain and fill it with his glorious, priceless love. (3) finally, she gave what she received from God. She released loving forgiveness to her offender (totally forgave him). She never felt like she was ever hurt. It was totally gone! When asked what she would do if her husband walked to her, she replied she would treat him like a king, serve him tea. She didn’t feel the hurt anymore.

    Therefore, this helps prevent us from harboring pain inside of us that leads to hatred, unforgiveness:
1. Receive the hurt and hand our heart to God.
2. He takes our hurt away and fills it with his love.
3. We release that loving forgiveness to our offender.

   May God bless us as we refuse the enemy’s plans of piling hurt in our hearts. Amen.

In his love,


We ARE Becoming Even Worse Than Isis: Isis Bomb/Kill But We Do The same!



    I’ve been at church in the early years of my life and never loved what I saw or heard in there. The teachings, prayers and even relationships seemed like it was so dreary, always having a hook in it tying each person toward commitment to the rules and obligations. Yes, I hated it! And I bet, I was surprise to find out I was right. Christians have become so committed to false doctrines and opinions, causing divisions in the body. To me, these are WORSE than Isis.
    Isis bomb and destroy nations, show no mercy nor do they exhibit any feeling of compassion toward their victim. Are these different from what we find in today’s church? Is there any difference between what Isis are doing and what we are doing? Of course not! Isis hate and criticize any thing different from their religion (mainly Christianity) and what do we do as Christians? We do the same. We criticize each other and deal unjustly with anyone else all because there’s a different view, denomination, belief existing between us. We let the gap get wider, rather than prevent and deal with it.

     Isis are sure physical men with physical weapons used for destroying humanity. They themselves are weapons in the devil’s hands for terminating the lives of men. The devil believes he gets stronger by terminating men and keeping them in fear.
     What about the Christian?

Christians are to be the lights of the world but you know what? We’re living like Isis. We use our physical body to produce strong, deadly spiritual weapons which deepens enmity into men’s lives and by that, their hatred toward God gets deepened. They are unable to see his life in us. These days, we also live like weapons in the devil’s hands to intimidate and oppress others.
Our love lacks commitment to each other. The words (negative words) that evolve from our mouths are stronger and deadly than ISIS weapons. There’s a power that comes with each word, a very strong one.

Finally, in revolutionizing all these negative lifestyles, it must begin with us. Let’s be the people whom God is willing to use to reach out to this lost world. Gracefully, even ISIS members may come to know he loves them also. Let’s quit being ISIS-PARTNERS. Let’s join Jesus gather his people.

In his love,


The Breach


  In today’s church, we can agree that there’s a breach which is certainly a result of division, wrong doctrine and even unbiblical teachings which have caused separation among many brethren.
     You may see yourself this way, “I understand His end time move but these churches barely believe in Jesus” but don’t forget scripture says, “without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater” (Heb. 7:7). Therefore since you’ve been gifted with the wisdom of understanding these things which these others don’t understand, equip them to know it that despite their disagreement they can continually love each other and through reading scripture together and waiting on God in prayer, you all will find a full understanding of what you once disagreed.
    We who are filled with the grace to do away with this division and repair the breach should come between and do so. Let’s not let that gap continue among us. This gap is the distance between how things are and how they are meant to be. Don’t say, “It’s certainly not me! There are those who should do it.” No. Be the people whom God has called to repair the breach. Don’t run from it!

Father, you’re in charge. Please, we pray you repair the breach through us. Amen.

In His love,


My Return Is NEAR!


    “Truly, I say to you, that those who are My Kingdom Children are ‘wells of life’ whom I water all moments, for they are My sheep. My love is in them, so others can share of that love- this love is what I put in them.”
     “They are like the vessels filled with oil. The supply of oil determines on the request of the one in need of oil. Now, this is no different from the ‘supply of life’ in the hearts of My Children. As they continue to ‘love’ and ‘walk’ with Me, My life will continue to fill them. Therefore, they are the ‘wells of life’ because the ‘water of life’ is in them.”
     “My Water of Life is ‘always’ pure and when in the hearts of men, is connected to the flowing river. I am the River of Life. Those who remain connected to Me will forever be watered with My life. I am not a ‘stagnant river’. My river contains life for the refreshing of the hearts of men.”
     “My Children are also like the censer, filled with pure and grounded incense, to release a wonderful fragrance of love and peace to all men. Their hearts are like the Censer filled with the love of the Father and His eternal-life. At each moment, their lives are like wonderful fragrances to Me.”
     “When you really learn to walk with Me, your heart will be like a well filled with My life. All who know you will appreciate this life in you. For I am Life! For this reason, they will see Me in My Children. The presence of love in the hearts of My people is the presence of God.”
      “Being a ‘well of life’ will always lead to equipping the Children of the Father, entrusted unto those with the life of God. This equipping process will help those who have dry wells to have their wells watered, because they will lead them to Me. Therefore, that’s what I meant when I called My Children, ‘wells filled with life’!”
      The Lord continued, giving the advice to His Children on true living of the life of Christ, “As My Children, you are to be My representatives, living as I did while I walked the earth. By this, those on earth will truly know that you are Mine. Be hospitable! Love those who are on the earth and care for them. They are those whom I have created. Don’t see them as those who must be hated or despised. See them as they are called to be. By doing this, all the people on earth will truly know that you are Mine.”
      “Being a servant filled with My life can’t be gotten through serving yourself but by loving Me and serving others. See yourself as a servant to them and not one who should impose rules and regulations upon them. With that, My life will be in you and you will remain in Me. Because you love Me, you will also love them!”
     “My Children must be prepared and also help the unprepared to become prepared. My lights must also help others to become lights through which I will reveal Myself to the world. For the great gathering of the ‘lights’ is done by My Spirit and I am looking for those who will also join Me in this gathering. Those who don’t gather with Me are scattering abroad.”
      “I am gathering all My Children from all parts of the world because My return is near. I am gathering them to Myself. This gathering will lead to the ‘standard positioning’ of all parts of My body. For to Me, all are important.”
      “I am equipping My saints for My return. I am opening the eyes of many and rescuing them from ‘religion’ and also drawing them to intimacy. No more need to worry about which comes first between the ‘rapture’ and ‘tribulation’. Yours is to focus on Me and continue on the mandate. Obey the word which I had said unto you many years ago and which I still repeat now, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’
Now, I say this- this is the ‘mandate’! All those who are Mine will testify to mankind that My return is near.”
     “For 2,000 years, I have been in the move of knitting My body together but some among them refused to hearken unto My Word. They say I don’t exist and they all look for ways to counter the truth. However, the truth has always prevailed, even when men don’t see it. I see My truth prevailing in the hearts of those who truly love and it also prevails through them.”
      “Truly, the last gathering is now, and many will be left out. No prophet should dare confuse the hearts of the Children anymore by causing an argument for which of the two (tribulation and rapture) comes first. Even you, son, you must never try that. You must tell them I am coming and they have to prepare because My coming will seem like a thief’s.”
     “You must remain on obeying that which I commanded you- discipling others. Helping people get prepared, not minding about which comes first but living in awareness that I am coming anytime and the day of My return is not known.”
      “Equip them for the ‘rapture’ because the time is so near. But, don’t let your ‘disagreement’ serve as a means to get you divided. Encourage love and put your disagreements aside. Accept My Word and equip them to live My life, because My return is very near! No more arguments!”
     “Equip them on the ‘reality of the Cross’ too, for the times ahead will not be easy. Only My Son will see you through. Remember the mandate!”

Tears of Christ

When Jesus had said these words about the mandate which He gave to His disciples and was now neglected by many, I noticed that His tears were coming again.
He continued, “I will not cease to weep, because many of My people are refusing to hear My Voice! They are refusing the mandate given unto My servants.”

It got to the point when He said this, that I became almost angry. I said the following words to Him, “Lord, but You are a loving Father and not a weeping Christ. They had their choice and followed it. It’s their choice to go to hell! So, I don’t like it when You weep!”

I never knew I was trying to rebuke Him. I was really intending to not make Him weep anymore. My intentions were right but my way of putting forward was really wrong.
Then the Lord said more words as a correction to my foolishness. These were words which sent several shocks to my spine.
He replied, “If I hadn’t wept, you should have died years ago. If I hadn’t come to lay My life, you wouldn’t have existed, because the world would have been destroyed long ago.
Now, I weep because I love them. I love them and they are My creatures. They are those for whom I have the imprint of these nails on My hands. The time will come when these imprints will be no more. This will be after My return!”
     “I won’t cease to weep until they really know My Voice in their hearts. Without My Voice, they will perish! I am not forcing anyone but the choice to know Me is theirs to make. I weep even for those in hell, because I love them. They are those redeemed by My blood.”
      “Therefore, the mandate mustn’t be forgotten. Remember that this is My Word to all My Children- equipping those who haven’t known Me to know Me. This must be your duty, for the return of the Son of Man is at hand! Prepare the people!”

Joy of the Father

He continued, “The joy of the Father is knowing that you love Me and desire Me. He desires the communication between the Son and His people. I desire that My Children will know Me and this is also the goal of the Spirit- ruling the hearts of men and sealing it with the Father’s Word. Not all are ruled! Some come to Me to have a part of their lives but only those who draw nearer experience the TOTAL RULING OF THE SPIRIT.”
      “That’s why I weep when I see My Children doing wrong and following their ways because it pains the Father’s heart to see how some of them are doing.”

Words of the Rapture

And He began to speak words of the future, when He will return to take His own, “For, truly I say to you that My return is going to be like that of a thief whose time of coming was unexpected. My return will be to take those who have had their hearts purified with My blood and My fire. They are My true and sanctified ones. The return is only for those who are ready to walk with and know My Person.”
      “Therefore, I have given the MANDATE! Go you into the earth and prepare My people for My coming. The time is so short and the Door of Escape is about to be closed. My return is very near, even at the door!”

Preparations will increase in these last days. The Lord is awakening many saints to spread the Word of God to the people of the earth so that many will be saved from eternal damnation. Begin to gather with Him! He is coming SOON!

Warning: He didn’t say we shouldn’t TELL THE TRUTH about the Rapture and Tribulation but that we ought to quit arguing and quit being worried (becoming fearful about it).

An Easy Journey



  Becoming hurt is just a part of my journey, I’ll admit so. There are many people I have been with in days back who make me wish I never knew them, due to the immense, ongoing degree of hurt which the thought of them produce inside of me. Perhaps, individualism would be better than fellowship with these ones, I used to think. Of course, most of us wish there would be no people on our journey who would bring us sorrow, no joy, no comfort, no encouragement . . . and everything good which they feel should have a NO as a reply. It can’t be so! We should be aware that we will get hurt on this journey especially by those whom we love to be around.

     Christian journey isn’t one of cake and tea. There’s much contours everywhere but we are made to STAND. When Jesus’ strength fills our heart, we won’t expect ourselves to not get hurt. Instead, we will ASK for more grace to stand through those times of betrayal, hatred, which we face from others.

    Some don’t expect themselves to get hurt at church but they should know they will. If anything, we should be aware that they are included on this journey for a specific reason. We may be lied to, plotted against and of course, we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be liked by others. What matters most is What does Father think about me? Knowing what he thinks about us is big enough to get us past sick friendships to healthy community where Jesus is the head. One of the major mistakes I’ve made on my journey is trying to make others like me and have them do what I want by coercion. After five months of discipline, I ask help from them with please, can you. . . I had known what it means to be hated by others and always loved by God. To give others choice to make in assisting me or not. Forcing them to agree was now this way Forcing them to agree. It was totally cancelled.

    You shouldn’t worry if other believers you once trusted are deserting you. God oft permit that to help us depend even more on him. Some get kicked out of church because of several reasons but Jesus was watching it all. Ask why he did that. . . perhaps to give you peace and freedom. The way to be Christ-like is no easy way.

A brother of mine, William R. Clowater had said something like this: To be Christlike would be very easy if there were no people. Truthfully, he was right. But what God intends is not the easy journey but the hard journey. If there were no people, we won’t get hurt, no anger but these people have been put alongside us to crush our anger, pride and know Father’s love alone. Without these people, we won’t really know our actual character. When we get hurt and they say to us, I’ll kick you out! Our reply should be, please do. . . I have known this a very hard way. When we begin dragging with them, we are sure to get even hurt than we were. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t settle our differences and move on. We mustn’t have a sick past with anyone. We must make them know how clear our conscience is and let them do as they please.

Becoming hurt is part of paying the price in being Jesus’ disciple. He never said you will be liked by others for being his. He said, You’ll be hated by others for being Mine. That’s a fact! Prepare for it and even more, then you’ll keep thanking him each day for whatever comes and whoever goes and whoever will come; for he’s the one who’s in charge.

When Circumstances Points Its FINGERS At YOU



    Circumstances in our lives is just like Goliath but God has given us authority as David but we need to exercise it through faith.

    We’ve all got circumstances in our lives that just seem to tear us apart. Most of these which we go through sometimes, seem to overshadow our godly view of God, conforming our godly view of him into the heathen view that God is a hard-master, loves only those who are good to him, hates me, approves my suffering and is punishing me each moment I have some troubles in my life. It points us to a cross-road in choosing between God or going back.
     So what happens when you find your circumstances pointing its fingers at you? What do you say to your situations when it shows its toughest Pointing? Hey circumstance, I know you’ve got a tough finger but you know what, I’ve got a BIG GOD.
     Replying that requires faith. Jesus said that it takes faith to move the mountains. We’re all on a Faith Journey and we’ve got so many troubles (mountains) in our lives which we want the Lord to help us move but it requires our faith. We just have to believe him when he tells us, Trust Me! I have power over the storms in your life. When the disciples approached a great storm that tossed the ship and increased the waves of the sea, what did Jesus say, Why are you afraid, O you of little faith? ( Matthew 8:26). He has given us the power over our circumstances and he wants us to use that authority over them but through faith. This authority over circumstance isn’t the casting of demons or wroughting of miracles but exercising the authority of a prince, a son of Power over terrible situations by the words prepared in our hearts and releasing them through the lips that MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN MY SITUATION. When we see him above those situations, we will also be sitted with him in authority over those situations. We are to bring the reality of heaven to earth, not just live in wait of the glory of that time.
    John wrote that Jesus has made us kings and priests (1 John 1:6). Kings OVER sicknesses; over ALL circumstances that we might face here on earth. This scripture doesn’t give detail that we are kings over each other; for some usually misunderstand that to mean so. It talks about the authority which God has given us over circumstances. This doesn’t mean that these circumstances won’t come; for they surely will but we will see Jesus in control.
     When Daniel exercised authority over his circumstance, he didn’t move a finger nor did he proclaim some strong words. He only spoke faith-words. The faith he had was enough expression of the authority/power of Jesus over what he was going through. Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego were to be thrown in fire but they stood on the rock which is Christ and exercised their faith.
     What do you think the devil will do in hearing those faith-words?
     He would shrink and be afraid of the authority which the sons of God had exercised over him through faith.
     Isn’t that incredible? That we can live without fear for our circumstances and believe God to do more than we can imagine. That’s faith!


    But what do you fear?

    That if you trust God and live in faith over your troubles, you’re afraid those problems mayn’t leave? That doesn’t look like any faith. For the fact that you trusted God to take those situations away and he hasn’t taken them away, doesn’t mean he never heard. He heard your plea but perhaps, you ain’t seeing through his viewpoint. Those circumstances will be taken away if you had sinned and brought those problems upon yourself but it may take time. Don’t expect freedom to happen quickly! However, if you never had sinned to incur those situations upon yourself, understand that he won’t take them away until they have completed what he permitted them for in your life.
     When these situations look like they aren’t leaving, don’t give up! Keep loving, trusting, obeying, praising! It doesn’t take God a second to take it off. There may have been so many evils in us that need to be broken away or we need to break from, but he helps us become free through those problems.

Keep loving and trusting him on this faith-journey. He’s done it already!

In his love,




25/12/15 blog post When Circumstances Points Its Fingers At You


How Is Jesus Like?



   It was five weeks or so, before the first term examination and we were putting in efforts so as to help our kids understand how profitable reading those works handed over to them, were.
   I remember a certain time, perhaps, times, when we would have a Religious Study class and the kids would load me with a dozen of questions which they never had an idea about and we would laugh together, share stories from the bible based on the topic. Some already had an idea about the topic and stories and each would come out to tell theirs. More applause for them; promise about end of term gifts, were NEVER to compare with that afternoon when we had a conversation that topped all our other conversations.
     I had just started the topic in our Religious Study, JESUS Provides Our Needs, when some kids asked bunches of questions and I finally decided to ask mine.
    “Alright, my question,” I said, turning to them. “What is Jesus like?”
    Mike (Michael), one of the funny ones who wants to be a pastor when he grows up, said, “Teacher, Jesus has a long hair; beautiful eyes and he wears this kind of Jewish clothes with kind of rope round his waist; along with a brown sandal.”
     I bet that he had a wonderful description and I let him know so.
     Another said, “Jesus is a good man and he laughs a lot.”
I agreed with him and said he was kind-ah correct.
Then I moved on to tell them that when I asked them how Jesus is like, I didn’t mean his physical stature. I helped them discover that Jesus is a loving Father who wants to be their Friend. He’s a compassionate One who loves little children like them and is capable of making them like him. He is their Brother who loves them unconditionally and cares and protects them as he carries them in his arms.
     Look how joyful they were but I knew some seemed surprised to find out that he loves them even while some of them stole or lied. They later found out that Jesus isn’t like fleshy man but is God, loves everyone no matter how they are and is ready to change them if they were ready to embrace his HELP.
      I also let them know that Jesus is big to help them in their exams and sure he did. Then they knew how he was like: LOVE.






Bob Hernandez
24/12/15 blog post How Is Jesus Like?



Enoch’s Friendship With A Real Friend; Not A Supposed Angry-Looking God:


Who on earth had such interesting friendship with God like the way Enoch did? He yearned for the very presence of God and to constantly remain IN him. Any doubt that most of his revelations weren’t when he was asleep; and God himself desires our companionship just as Enoch did. Look what the scripture says about him: When Jared was 162 years old, Enoch was born. 19Jared lived after the birth of Enoch 800 years and had other sons and daughters. 20So Jared lived 962 years, and he died. 21When Enoch was 65 years old, Methuselah was born. 22Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God after the birth of Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 23So all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24And Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God; and he was not, for God took him [home with Him].(A) (Genesis 5:18-24). Was he good enough to really be taken away? Of course not! He doesn’t draw us close to himself by how good we are but the longing on his side and the willingness on our side. He didn’t drag Enoch into a relationship but waited for 65 years to have him come in not excluding his willingness to walk with him. Though he waited 65 years, Enoch walked 300 years with him. Amazing, right? Such a long and growing friendship! God had helped him realize that he is a loving One who values friendship with him and this encouragement eliminated all of Enoch’s dread for him. This doesn’t mean that he didn’t have him feared as a Father. Rather, he learnt the difference which exist between the fear in one who is a slave to sin and one who is a son and sees God as his Father.
My daughter (though I don’t have one) won’t come to me with dread in her heart. She would come freely so she could share close friendship with me. If fear occupies her heart, she won’t be able to approach me easily. She may even hide important informations away from me because she feels I’m just too tough to reach. And if she stands before me having fear within her, the freedom to look to my face is hard to find. She won’t know what to tell her daddy in times like this. She would shy away and the freedom being denied would have her mind look like it did eat her up. It wasn’t her mind but the presence of fear in her.
Enoch didn’t see God that way. He saw God inviting him into real friendship free from religion; not bound in the whip-whip-not game depending on his successes and mistakes. God was fully inviting him in and he sure would take care of it.
We need to see his presence constantly with us. Whether on the wayside or anywhere else, it’s a constant one.

Building A Relationship With Jesus


FOR the fact that we desire this relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean we are capable of building it. It’s him who builds it in us and if we try overestimate our capability thinking we can do anything to have it get built, we’re wrong! That relationship was built in us by him that day when he reconciled us back to his Father. Our friendship with him is like a seed. It is already in the soil but if not properly or daily watered, it may never grow. That’s the essense of fellowship! Who waters it? Who else but the farmer! That’s how that friendship he treasures with us grow. Not by what we can do or are doing but what he has done in us and promised to do in us.
  A friendship grows when there’s love in it to have it stronger and have it grow further. This requires nothing on our part but simply love and trust. The further we take our eyes away from the thought of building a relationship which we can never build, we’ll realize the wonderful friendship which he longs to have with us already growing. Yet, without a working on our part.
  Look at John’s friendship with Jesus! He had come to understand that he could do nothing else but simply love and trust. He didn’t try to do anything to earn it. As his friendship with Jesus grew, more love, more trust, absenting every trace of fear which might try prevent him from growing close to Jesus’ heart. When the disciples needed to know who the betrayer would be, they asked John to find out from Jesus. This isn’t because they’re scared to ask but something more was there. John took the responsibility to ask. Why? The fear wasn’t there and he wasn’t trying to because he knew he didn’t need himself to build any part of the friendship. He knew that if he tried to build, he’s surely to make an error which may invite the presence of fear again. He was free to lean on Jesus’ breast and feel his heartbeat.
  Is that any different from our friendship with him? He requires nothing of us but that we walk with him daily, trusting and loving him to continually build that relationship in us. When we live in the assurance that he’s going to do that perfectly, we won’t need to worry again but simply trust him to help.



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/21 blog post Building A Relationship With Jesus


Community Of Possessions

Photo based on sharing joyfully:


  This post is based on a conversation which I had with a friend this morning, and the story of this friend in this post was written as an example and to give glory to God.   

    There was REAL love in the sharing of the possessions in the days of the early church. They were so united in everything which is the Will of God. No one under-estimated anyone but sold what he had so no one would lack anything good.
      But why were they able to do these good deed? It’s not because the apostles told them to. Their joy and love for each other was full. To see each other happy, joyful and graced to partake of each others’ pain and be happy with each other. However, the one who feels the pain with the suffering brother assists anyway he can, out of the abundance of what he was given by God.
     So, why were they able to share among themselves; with the needy, while they should have it remain in their pulse? The reason is they realized that all they had, belonged to God, and would God leave the needy to hunger when his desire is to care for them?
     Is this ‘community of possessions’ absent in our fellowships, community with others? Do we still think that everything we have belongs to us? Have we forgotten that we never could have a single of them had God not put them in our path?
    What we have been blessed with isn’t only for our use but the use of all (Acts 4:32). Sharing those possessions with others will serve as a true expression of our thankfulness to God. We’ll be sharing with others in need, not because we need something in return but we are so thankful for the ones Father gave us.
    A certain brother by the name of William R. Clowater had told me his story of how God guided him to the needy. He said, ” I went into a pastor’s house one time in Virginia USA. I was dropping off some beef I was blessed
with. He and his family were not at home, but the door was open. I went to put the meat in the refrigerator and
it was completely empty. Nothing in the cabinets. They had two young kids. No milk. Nothing. The people in his church had wrongfully turned against him and were purposely trying to starve him out.  He was a good man of God. I went to the store and bought everything like I
was shopping for my own family and stocked their cabinets before they got home. . . The pastor has the most difficult calling of all. . . I was in church
the Sunday after as he gave a testimony of God’s provision. He and all of his family were in tears. . .”

    My friend was God’s vessel who was there at the right time; gave freely out of what he was been given. The pastor and his family later testified in church of God’s provision. They were in tears. What goodness and loving kindness we will also show to others when we realize all our possessions belongs to God!  Give it with all your heart! The possessions ain’t yours but God’s, so God is willing to open your heart to many whom you’ll bless on your Faith Journey.
      Love-sharing isn’t barter-trade. It’s giving to others with no thought of expecting something from them. When Paul was going to Jerusalem with the gifts, he wasn’t doing that to get something from them. That, he knew, was selfish motive. Look what he said in 1 Corinthians 13:3. We give because the love of God is in us. The Macedonia Christians were known to give a lot. They gave “as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability,” and also “pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints” – 2 Corinthians 8:3-4. They never were doing that with wrong motive but the abundance of the love in their hearts. God had blessed them but it was for the good of all.
      Let’s know today that all we are, and all we have is for the good of all. We’re not our own!



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/20 blog post Community Of Possessions 


You Were There?


When you find out he was THERE – More Hugs with Jesus!



I bet that’s a question we ask God when we find out that he was right there when we were going through terrible circumstances. Imagine how it was for me the early five months of this year (2015)! It seemed like I was maltreated, my head seemed to no longer be surviving. I would always try look for places to think. Unknowingly, I was becoming more than an introvert. I would look for time in myself to pray to God for help, yet, I wasn’t even getting the help. I was tempted to commit suicide when it was like Father had shut the door of communication and fellowship from me. All I could here was, God is Dealing with you. He is punishing you! How does that sound? I was shattered to the very core; halfly in sane; going through emotional discover but where was God?
      Yes, that’s what I had been asking myself for so long but he didn’t seem to show up. What I didn’t realize was that God was right there going through each part of my painful moments with me. All I  could see was my troubles. My eyes couldn’t go beyond my troubles! Where was God? He was right there! Look how frustrated I was when one great day, I just asked him a question, Lord, Where are you? All he said was, I am NEAR! Would you believe yourself hearing your best-friend tell you, When you’re going through molestations and emotional disorder, I was there. Crazy right?
     Certainly, we all go through such moments in our lives when we keep praying for help but it looks like there’s none. What happened? We’re looking at what we can do to get out of that terrible situation rather than what God has done and what he’s presently doing through our toughest moments; the insults we get from others and how much we’re being humiliated anywhere else. God had been offering us the help we needed all along, even when we didn’t realize it. If . . . yes, if. . . if only we could gracefully look beyond our circumstances and see JESUS freeing us from many hurts through that terrible situation. If only we could see the freedom we get from those pains we experience.
     Lord, take it away! You’re here but you left this circumstance on my part! Please, take it away! It’s true that God hears that sometimes but there’s a good thing in also realizing that we should add this: . . . Nevertheless, let your will be done. When we say that, we already recognize he’s there with us going through that terrible situation with us and we submit to his authority in that, once more. Father won’t take those circumstances away from us until we learn a lesson from them, and he won’t take it away until those lessons are learnt.
    So God loves me to go through those circumstances and he brings them upon my life to make me suffer, right? Of course not! He wasn’t the one who was doing that to you. He took advantage of those circumstances so he could walk his glory into you. He doesn’t like you to suffer but has gracefully included you in the process. You’re in this broken world going through all that but he’s there agonizing   with you. He said he would never leave you nor forsake you. Why not claim and believe that promise he’s made!
    Then you’ll find the secret to stronger Christian life. You won’t need to ask him with fury anymore, You’re there? All your words will be Thank you Lord! Then you’ll discover that all the circumstances he permitted was to help win your trust and work his nature into you.



How much the amount of organization that comes into church life these days when our healthy community with other brothers and sisters seem lacking! It’s quite normal with organized religion where community seem to take a back seat. Scripture doesn’t talk about the early church as being organized but organic: a growing body of believers learning to live alongside each other in a growing fellowship, though, not absenting the fellowship with Jesus as the Head of the body.
      With the amount of organization that crept in came some modern-worldly kind of church that now resembles a company where ministers work to be paid rather than serve because of love. There’s now a big misunderstanding of what the pastor ministry is all about. We think it’s a ministry anyone comes to pick on the wayside. When Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, Peter was given the job of tending and feeding the sheep and lambs but Jesus didn’t motivate him through “will-you-do-my-work-and-get-paid”. All Peter went through was a love motivation!
    All the religious collaboration and church structures all aid more organization in the church and encourage people to become followers of men, rather than God. Ministers become Benefactors rather than slaves who serve for the sake of Christ.
        So, how will the body of Christ look like with healthy community; living as family rather than distant spectators who are caught in a meeting? There would be some amazing growth, none would depend on another, and each individual will be partaking in the fellowship of believers. There would be no one who takes part as a distant spectator, letting one person (the pastor ministry) do the whole serving.
       Every part of the body is to SERVE and FOLLOW Jesus. They will let each other be the brothers and sisters whom God has provided them to be. There will be more openness in our relationship with others and more life will flow in.
    Therefore, my advice is that we get past our organized religion to a body that seeks to serve. Then there will be more community and no organization; no commitment to any religious group but Jesus alone.

God bless.




WARNING: This is  not an accusing blogpost about the quoted-writer (unmentioned) but an opening to correcting the lies about the rapture which many are comfortable with.

I was reading through posts on Facebook this morning when I came across one that held my heart feeling sorry for someone who had no idea about the fallacious teachings he was putting out of the cup for others to drink.
I discovered this was exactly what most were also been taught. Please note that I haven’t talked with the quoted-writer before but only saw this post for the second time; and all I wrote here is no expression of hatred, criticism or abuse. That’s why his name is unmentioned!

It looks like mixing some truth with some lies. Here is what he wrote. Underlined  words are our points of concentration): BE READY TO BE CAUGHT UP WITH THE
The rapture approaches. JESUS will surely
come. You need to be ready, vigilant, waiting,
watching and looking for His Return! Now I
will go on to the visions and revelations of the
LORD. On the 19th of February 2015, I saw a
vision in my dream as I lay in my bed. And
behold, the persecution of Christians. They
were seriously pursued by their persecutors.
Even their families were against them for
totally following CHRIST. I strongly believed
that the LORD was speaking to me concerning
the tribulation that had happened and still
happening in the lives of Christians (see
Matthew 10:17-23). You see, tribulation is one
of the sign of the Coming of JESUS and of the
end of the age (see Matthew 24:9-13). As
followers of CHRIST, we will experience
tribulation (John 15:18-25; 16:2-4, 33; 2
Timothy 3:12). We are to patiently endure
tribulation, so that we can also be glorified
and reign with Him (Romans 8:16-17; 2
Timothy 2:12; Mark 13:13; 1 Peter 2:19-23).
Tribulation can not separate us from the love
personal SAVIOUR (Romans 8:35-39). It follow
that through many tribulations we must enter
the Kingdom of GOD (Acts 14:22; 1 Peter
1:6-9; 4:12-16; 5:10; Revelation 2:9-11). Yes!
We shall be saved and delivered through the
grace of JESUS (Acts 15:11; Psalms 34:19; 2
Timothy 4:17-18).
Several people confuse tribulation with the
Great Tribulation. Listen closely. Tribulation is
the state of afflictions, persecutions, insults,
hardships, trials, temptations, tests, issues,
troubles, problems, difficulties, distresses,
sufferings and tortures. They are met to
discipline, refine and purify us until the time
of the end (Daniel 11:33-35; 12:10; Hebrews
12:3-11). And to be more like JESUS, that we
may be perfect, mature, whole and complete,
lacking in nothing (James 1:2-4; 12-15).
While the Great Tribulation is a series of
terrifying, disastrous and punishable events
until the Second Coming of JESUS (see
Matthew 24:21; Revelation 6:12-17; Zephaniah
1:15-18; 9:3-10; 16:1-4, 8-9; 2 Thessalonians
1:5-9). It means the great judgement and
wrath of GOD as great intolerable anguishes
(torments), disasters, calamities, extreme
commotions, violent disorders and panics,
thick darkness, unquenchable fires and great
devastations, coming upon the whole (sinful)
Earth immediately after the rapture. This
terrible and painful long period of time will
last for seven years; 3½ years for the reign of
the first Beast from the sea, and the
remaining 3½ years for the reign of the
second Beast (the Antichrist) from the Earth
(Revelation 13:1-3; 5, 11-14; 14:9-11).
The true Christians (i.e., the Church of
CHRIST; those who walk uprightly with GOD)
will never experience the Great Tribulation,
instead they will be in Heaven enjoying the
Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelation
19:6-9). Know this, the rapture is not the
Second Coming of JESUS, rather it is the
Return (Coming) of JESUS. They are two
different events. The rapture will happen
before the Second Coming. The Second
Coming will take place on the Earth; JESUS
will descend to the Earth to fight and defeat
the Beast and his angels (armies) including
false prophets, the Antichrist and Satan
(Revelation 19:19-21; 20:1-3; Zechariah
14:3-4; Acts 1:11). On the other hand, the
rapture will take place in the air; JESUS will
stay in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17). In the
day of the Second Coming, JESUS will come
with His saints (armies; the holy ones) with
power and great glory, in other to gather
together the left behind Christians (the
martyrs) to Himself, and every eye shall see
Him (1 Thessalonians 3:13; Jude 1:14;
Revelation 19:11-14; 20:4; Zechariah 14:5;
Matthew 24:30-31; 25:31-46). Whereas in the
day of the rapture, JESUS will come for His
holy and righteous Bride and claim them; and
it is only them that will see Him (John 14:3; 2
Thessalonians 2:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).
In conclusion, JESUS is the Escape Route from
the great judgement and wrath of GOD to
come; the Great Tribulation (Romans 5:9; 1
Thessalonians 1:10; 5:8-10). Since GOD have
already reserved and kept His great wrath for
His adversaries and enemies (Nahum 1:2;
Deuteronomy 32:39-43); so how can you
escape if you neglect the great eternal
salvation of JESUS? Henceforth, lay aside
every unnecessary weight, worldly things and
sin that you cling to so tightly which so easily
ensnares you, and look unto to JESUS, the
Author and Finisher of your faith (Hebrews
12:1-2). Sincerely and completely repent now;
and turn away from your sins, iniquities,
uncleanness, corruption, disobedience,
hypocrisy, complacency and lukewarmness!
Hearken to GOD today and you shall dwell
securely and shall be at ease and rest, without
fear or dread of evil and disaster (Proverbs

Let’s look at each, comparing them with scripture.

1. While the Great Tribulation is a series of
terrifying, disastrous and punishable events
until the Second Coming of JESUS: While it’s true that the Great Tribulation is terrifying, it’s not a sign of God’s punishment toward his own. Jesus said the reason would be because we believe in him (Matthew 24:9) and it would be to test the faith of the believers worldwide; which means the tribulation will not be half the world but all over the world.
   This writer is certainly mistaking the Great Tribulation for the Wrath of God. We must understand that Matthew 24:1-9 is just a brief explanation of 15-35.

2. It means the great judgement and
wrath of GOD as great intolerable anguishes
(torments), disasters, calamities, extreme
commotions, violent disorders and panics,
thick darkness, unquenchable fires and great
devastations, coming upon the whole (sinful)
Earth immediately after the rapture This
terrible and painful long period of time will
last for seven years; 3½ years for the reign of
the first Beast from the sea, and the
remaining 3½ years for the reign of the
second Beast (the Antichrist) from the Earth
Certainly, we’re experiencing all that now. The difference is that we are right here in this world experiencing them all but surviving as Father’s children through his protection over us. The world is this way because it was man who brought it upon himself when he tasted of the fruit of good and evil. Jesus’ death and resurrection has got us covered in his blood. One thing we must understand is that both the Great Tribulation and the Day of God’s Wrath are tribulations. After the rapture, it’s God who punishes the world himself. The difference between the days before the rapture and after it is that the problems in the first entered the world with SIN but the second is from God himself. Therefore all the writer mentioned would happen after the rapture are God’s Wrath not the Great Tribulation. But both times are times of tribulations.

The bible doesn’t tell us how many years, days or months for which God’s Wrath will last. Here, the writer says 31/2 years in the reign of the first beast and 31/2 years in the reign of the second beast. That is 7 years! 7 years? The bible never told us 7 years tribulation but 31/2 years Great Tribulation (Daniel 7:25). And it was never recorded in the Bible that the first and second beasts would rule separately. Both will rule together within the 31/2 years.
   Most people are confused of what is written in Revelation 13. The first beast’s duty was recorded in vs 4-8 before the second beast was revealed in 11-18. What does this mean? Vs 12 points that this second beast did everything he did in the very presence of the first beast, not AFTER the reign of the first beast. The second beast commanded that the image of the first beast be worshipped and this isn’t in different reigns but the same reign of the first beast. As it is, the first is a political beast but the second beast is a religious one.

3. The true Christians (i.e., the Church of
CHRIST; those who walk uprightly with GOD)
will never experience the Great Tribulation: Did Jesus say that we won’t go through the Great Tribulation? Is it at all true that the Great Tribulation is currently happening? In Matthew 24:21, Jesus said that there will be Great Tribulation worse than any other tribulation. This would be the Tribulation of Tribulations. Rev. 7:9-17 points that it’s us who will go through the Great Tribulation. All the tribulations of the past will never equal it. Look all through the world, does it look like the Great Tribulation has happened or is already happening? The sigñs to precede the Great Tribulation, have they happened?
   When Russia and Romania were facing tribulation in the years of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, America was experiencing freedom. Does that sound like the Great Tribulation or just one of the pointers?

4. In the
day of the Second Coming, JESUS will come
with His saints (armies; the holy ones) with
power and great glory, in other to gather
together the left behind Christians (the
martyrs) to Himself, and every eye shall see . . . Whereas in the
day of the rapture, JESUS will come for His
holy and righteous Bride and claim them; and
it is only them that will see Him: What a lie! Matthew 24:30 says that Jesus will come for his prepared people and every eye shall see him, not only his people. Most scriptures the writer fixed in his post were just opposite of what he’s talking about. How long will our eyes be closed?

5. Know this, the rapture is not the
Second Coming of JESUS, rather it is the
Return (Coming) of JESUS. They are two
different events. The rapture will happen
before the Second Coming: The rapture isn’t the first coming of the Son of Man but the second coming of Christ. If you look through your bible very well, you will see many scriptures talking about Jesus’ coming to earth as the Savior of Mankind. That’s why the Jews expected him to come in the sky to save them. They never believed he would be born to die for their sins. Major parts of the OT elaborate more on the birth of Christ as the first coming into the earth.

Therefore, what this writer is trying to say is that there will be two raptures. Scripture only has one rapture in record, not two.

WARNING: We should test everything we read before we believe them. Most are just mixed up with truths and lies. It takes the grace of God to find Christians who aren’t deceived with this false rapture-teaching.

Smashwords – What God Says About an Apostate Church – a book by Samuel O. Samuel

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the PDF available through the link.

Since 2,000 A.D., Jesus have been
confirming through His prophets that He is
coming SOON to take a beloved bride whom
He is preparing. But the church today is far
from the true nature of a Holy bride and
caught in the World System; not minding
what the Lord thinks about her. This doesn’t
mean that everyone in the church have
become caught in apostasy: instead, just a
little have remained true to Christ while
majority are caught in a wrong teaching
which is not separated from the modern
‘bless me, bless me’ believers who come to
the Lord for nothing else than fish and
bread. Jesus is going to change this and
DRAW to Himself, those who accept the
HEARTS, letting Him in again, as they once
did. These are the ones who will be restored
to also become one of the Lord’s TRUE
servants. He is allowing them to remain in
His church now, to teach His people how to
love and use the obedient ones to also open
their eyes.
Therefore, let those who remain true to Him
begin to sound the alarm to our brethren
who are caged in the world system, telling
also spread the GOSPEL all over the world to
the lost, so they will come to know Jesus as
their Lord and Savior.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the PDF available through the link.

***I Really Sometimes Do Hide My Bad Part***


When we enter our relationship with him, we often think he’s just like we are. Thus, we think it better to hide our bad part, mistakes from him but he, on the other hand, won’t have it that way. He’s very much interested in our bad part just as he’s interested in our good part and it means that he’s always present in our good and bad moments. He keeps saying to us, Don’t try to hide your worst moments from Me. I’m not in this friendship to leave you to suffer. I’m here to help you in your good times and save you from the problems you put upon yourself in your bad times. I’m not only interested in your good part but, also your bad part. Give it all to Me and I will make it alright!

103-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out of Church After Attending for 92 Years!

In a fallen world where the Church is meant
to bring a body of believers together, it’s
disheartening to see hostility where there
should be unity and legalistic division where
grace should stand.
Where would you stand in the battle of Biggs
vs. Church?

When We Fail, Jesus fails?

Being beside us at all times, we sometimes wander away: This doesn’t mean that God will also leave. He isn’t that kind of friend. In the process of wandering away, he still comes to get our attention, telling us that our present path is filthy and destructive, outside him and away from his will. I usually think he comes to whip. No, he doesn’t come to whip! He comes to bring us out of the whip which we put ourselves in.


Following our ideas and filthy plans, the whip comes in our lives. He doesn’t approve whips in the lives of his children but he permits them.
I remember watching a movie, Blood On The Altar by Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, who were one of those who took part in the movie. A certain minister had committed adultery and tried every way possible to cover his sins. No one had a knowledge of what had happened? Why did Tooni, the lady who came to find refuge in the ministry commit abortion which led to her death? After hiding it for months, he still had forgotten that he had already left his Friend. Jesus kept coming to him during the day, night, just to correct him. He would say, Confess your sins and stop hiding them.


You have left the path where we walk together. He was like the lost sheep out of the hundred who had left Jesus. But Jesus still came to look for him and try correct him, so he would understand how wounded sin had made him become. Did Jesus hate him because he sinned? No. He didn’t hate him but loved him. If you hate someone, you won’t try to come rescue him. You’ll wait for a time for him to finish digging his grave. Jesus wasn’t with any whip. The sin of the minister was already whipping the life out of him.
  That’s how loved following Jesus is. He never leaves! It’s us who do, following our own wisdom, thinking we can stir the boat ourselves, thinking we are in charge of the ship, deceived that we can hide our sins. It’s not just worth it!


Is he really ugly?

What do you think? I read a post on twitter that talked about this fellow being ugly but I certainly don’t think he’s ugly. God’s creation isn’t ugly. Why? God loves him a lot just the way he is. Broken teeth and a kind of brownish ones doesn’t make a person ugly. What makes us ugly is our hearts.

Science And The Bible ( I )

Science has some observations, theories which rhymes with what the Bible says about the same things observed.
We know for sure that God is the Author of science and true science begins with God. Even if most Archaeologist, Evolutionist refuse to admit that God exists and that he is the One who made man, the Bible says it that man was created by him. Just as the bible says the same, so does Science itself confess it.

1. We will look first at one of the things which scientists observed and reported to us would take place, which is already written in the bible. Only when we view it properly can we really say it’s true.

(A) The Sun As Red Giant
It  was written that the sun in billions of years time will become a red-giant. Read this carefully: About 1.2 billion years from now, the sun
will begin to change. As the hydrogen fuel
in its core is used up, the burning will
spread outward toward the surface. This
will make the sun grow brighter. This
increased radiation will have a
devastating effect on our planet. Here’s
what that might look like.


Certainly, we can say that this is a sun which may become hotter than it is now to burn up the earth.

The report further said: The mean surface temperature of the
earth will rise from about 68°F to 167°F.
The earth’s oceans will evaporate. The
planet will become a stark, lifeless desert.


That’s too much of temperature and we can agree that it may even be above that which scientists stated.

What will happen next? Finally, as it approaches the age of 5-8
billion years, the sun will run out of
hydrogen almost entirely. When the sun
uses hydrogen to create energy, it changes
it to helium. After all these years, the
core of the sun will be filled with left-
over helium. This helium will become
unstable as it begins to collapse under its
own weight. The core of the sun will
become even denser and hotter. As this
happens, the sun will swell one-and-a-
half times its normal size and grow more
than twice as bright as it is now.
Over the next 700 million years, it won’t
grow any brighter . But it will continue to
grow larger. It will swell to more than
twice its present size. As it does so, it will
cool down a little. From the parched
surface of the earth, the sun will look
like an enormous orange ball hanging in
the misty sky.




the ever-swelling sun will become a red
giant. It will become 166 times larger
than the sun we knew. This is almost as
large as the orbit of the earth today. The
planets Mercury and Venus will be
devoured in the flames of the giant star.
The mountains of the earth will melt and
flow like red-hot molasses into vast, flat
seas of lava. A bloated red sun will fill
more than half the sky.


Take note that all these observations weren’t observed by me but the scientists. We are looking at how it rhymes with what is written in scripture.

Out of fuel, the sun will approach the
beginning of the end. It will grow to an
enormous size as the last gasps of helium
and hydrogen are blown away. It will
become 180 times larger than the sun we
know and thousands of times brighter.
Huge quantities of its atmosphere will be
thrown off into space, until nearly half
its mass is lost. The loss of mass will
cause the planets Venus and the earth—-
now little more than burned-out cinders
—-to move even farther away.



The white dwarf star that was once our
sun, seen from the burned-out cinder that
is all the remains of our planet.



That’s exactly what was written by the scientists and we may compare with what the bible said about the hotness of the sun and if truly the sun has an end.

From The Bible
1. There will be no more sun: And the city has no need of the sun nor of the moon to give light to it, for the splendor and radiance (glory) of God illuminate it, and the Lamb is its lamp. (Revelation 21:23). There will exist no sun to lit the earth by day. Howe’er most people are already scared that it will happen when Christians are here on earth.
The truth is that there will be no more sun. For the fact that the scientists say billions of years doesn’t mean it’s true. If God wants to do it, it doesn’t take him an hour.

2. When this will take place: Scientists usually say billions of years and extra billions but the bible says the exact time it will take place. It didn’t mention the number of years. Then the fourth [angel] emptied out his bowl upon the sun, and it was permitted to burn (scorch) humanity with [fierce, glowing] heat (fire).

9People were severely burned (scorched) by the fiery heat, and they reviled and blasphemed the name of God, Who has control of these plagues, and they did not repent of their sins [felt no regret, contrition, and compunction for their waywardness, refusing to amend their ways] to give Him glory. (Revelation 16:8-9).

This is because they had refused to obey God and had defied his holy name. Therefore the hotness of the Sun will be one of the plagues on those who remains on earth after the Rapture.

Therefore, even scientists have this observations in line with scripture even when they don’t notice it.

Please post your comment so I may know what you think about this.

Blessings. . .

Divorce Isn’t Necessary If You See These Things. . .


Letter To Wives And Husbands

I wrote this letter based on what I thought was good: God nudging my heart to have it written. Here on earth, God has chosen to make up a good family out of every family. Most times, we don’t just appreciate his good plans but try settle for our own ways in marriage, not caring about the big plans he has for our family.

A family oft go through these processes:
1. Birth of a child.
2. He/she grows to be a healthy man/woman ready for marriage.
3. We find good life partner for him/her who will be with him/her until the last breath.
4. If they encounter quarrels among themselves, we try to settle it so this pact between them remains strong and growing to stand whatever comes against it in the





Most may not be as healthy as that but guess what? If they don’t have a good life partner, there usually may be something’s like these:

1. After they get married, they mayn’t be so close again like those times they played the love game.
2. They may quarrel many times with each other, disrespect each other’s feelings and even settle for divorce.

That’s unimpressive! It makes God unhappy because such wonderful treasure given to you may not be cherished. Your marriage is the big gift he’s given you and if you look at it like something dreary, you are bound to have a fight or divorce with your husband or wife. God never intended that a man and his wife should divorce. He knew the joy and happiness in that relationship and wants them to enjoy it. Divorce makes things worse, destroys relationships and even create hatred between families, brothers and sisters and many others because of the wide disagreements which rises during such moments.

On whose side is the fault when we think of divorce?

I know families who keep arguing amongst themselves about whose side the fault is. I know the pain involved but who gets to think of the pain? The question every time shouldn’t be the talk about ‘whose fault?’ but praying for ways to save the relationship. Fault-finding, blames on each other would make things worse and even result to the final part of breaking the relationship. Whose fault is it? The truth is the fault is on both sides when we keep asking that question. You shouldn’t be so concerned about each other’s faults compare to the way we seek God’s intervention in saving the relationship. And even if you are concerned about each other’s faults, it would be for a good reason: to help each other see true love beyond the



s you


In every christian marriage, the thought which should never come to mind is divorce. Suggesting such a thing may mean you both never loved each other. You’re just together out of a coincidence or an accident and it may be an arranged marriage not done willfully. However, as a married christian, you have got challenges on your side. You’re arranging a divorce forgetting you’ve got kids to take care of, looking for a man or woman to call ‘papa or mama’ and even if you’ve got none, don’t you think divorcing one another isn’t a good option? How does it make you look before God? What about the future and the pain involved? What about the children who may keep asking, Mom, where’s/who’s my dad? Will you be able to bear the consequences of what the future holds? If you decide to remarry after devorcing your wonderful husband, have you forgotten you’re caught in adultery? And if you marry again, what will happen if the kids find out the truth about their real dad? If such incident cause you to break your relationship with your family, friends so they won’t put a finger in it or help the situation, do you know the treasure you lose?

The reason why many seem to divorce their husband or wife is because there is no love and trust between them. Truth says it that it’s better never to marry than to be divorced. I agree with that! Check yourself and ask: why is this marriage about to end in a divorce? Have I failed to play my role in any way? Have I spoken to my husband or wife in any offensive manner? Have I lived a life not worthy of the way Christ wants me to live so his love may also be part of my lifestyle, then my husband or wife will also see his love in me and love me the way I love him?



Roles –


Remember this: You may never know the value of what you have until you lose it. So it’s better to know the value of your husband or wife no matter how good or bad they are.
Love your wife with all your heart, then there will be true friendship in your marriage, more laughter, joy and happiness, longing to be with each other.
Don’t withdraw your body from your wife for the bible also encourages that you submit your bodies to each other (1 Cor. 7:3-5): The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights (goodwill, kindness, and what is due her as his wife), and likewise the wife to her husband.
4For the wife does not have [exclusive] authority and control over her own body, but the husband [has his rights]; likewise also the husband does not have [exclusive] authority and control over his body, but the wife [has her rights].

5Do not refuse and deprive and defraud each other [of your due marital rights], except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves unhindered to prayer. But afterwards resume marital relations, lest Satan tempt you [to sin] through your lack of restraint of sexual desire. And that’s true of the wife too. It’s true that if the man deprives his wife of his body, it usually may lead to a quarrel. However, it may be a senseless r



3. The husband should always remember his wife in everything especially things that concern her most.
4. You should remember you aren’t a fancy hubby but a Godgiven husband who’s to serve as an encouragement to his wife at all times.

Your roles – wives
You’re there to play a big role. You’ve been learning these for years when you’re aware and when you’re not:
‘submission’ to authority (husband); respect and real love which ought to exist between man and wife; how you ought to talk to your husband; the way you need to gently present matters to him; the way you ought to take good care of your children and your husband, and also help them on the godly path; dealing with your interactions between yourself and your neighbors or relatives; respecting your boundary as a wife; how you ought to spend money and the way you need to manage your home, and many more. You don’t know how good this may seem but you can be sure that your family, marriage, or home is the exact place where you can begin knowing yourself as you really are.
Spend most of your time growing close to your husband. Love him with all your heart, then there will be true friendship in your marriage, more laughter, joy and happiness, longing to be with each other.
Submitting to him at all times both in body, finance, monthly earnings and others but if he insists that he cant handle everything alone, then say a YES to him. Two heads are better than one. That’s why you’re his helper to be available to him at all times.
Hide nothing from him. When you do, you are making a mistake.
Submit your body to him just as he submits his to you.

Handling Tough Or Simple Situations

Truthfully, some usually think a tough problem, which is just too disgraceful should require DIVORCE but I will say they are wrong. The way we apply divine wisdom in small situations is the same way we apply wisdom in tough ones. If you’ve ever watched the “Married Again” (Punar Vivah) movie, you’ll understand what I mean. No matter the tough situation, what matter’s most is trusting God to help settle the problems.
But sometimes we are just over reactive and too demanding that what our spouse do for us is just not satisfying. We want him/her to satisfy us 100% before we know he’s done something great. It’s just not pleasant. In the process where God is trying to rescue us from the error we put ourselves in, we are heaping hotter ones and in the process, we blame him and our partner. Instead of that, why not look beyond the hurt and have God guide you on how to settle the problem.

The summary of this is that you should look beyond the poor nature of your husband or wife, forget about the thought called divorce and see into his or her life as a real and better man or woman. Then you will see the kind of person he really is.


The Dad-son Talk

Please, after reading, let me know what you think about the story.


Don McClain, the young eye specialist had an appointment with his 65 year old dad one afternoon to dig into several issues about life and how one can be affected if he doesn’t live as he ought to. McClain was sure he wouldn’t need to miss those lectures which papa would say about himself explaining the importance of living life to the fullest of it. George McClain, his dad, opened his eyes to the way one can contain this life, enjoying friendship with Jesus and having it grow as we live alongside others on the journey.
“Dad, which means I will need to have that friendship with him?” His son asked with his heart pounding.

“Yeah, son. Believe me! You already have that friendship with him but you don’t seem to realize it. A friend will always back and support you and won’t leave you even when you leave him. He won’t force you to stay either. You’ve been experiencing that in many parts of your life but understand, son, there’s nothing you can do to earn his friendship. You have it already. You just have to join him in having it grow.”

He won’t force me to stay and won’t leave even when I do? I already have it and I’m still playing religious games? His son thought.

“What can I do, dad? I really need to have it grow. I mean being close to Jesus has always been my dream. I just don’t know what to do to make it a reality, dad. It’s just not working.”

“What’s not working, son?” George asked.

“Everything I’ve tried to do to help make my friendship with him grow.”

“Oh, son, there’s nothing else you can do to help it grow but simply trust him to have it grow. We overestimate our capabilities by thinking we can build a relationship with God. It’s him to do it in us as we trust and lean on him each day. When your Love for and trust in him grows, your relationship with him will also grow. There’s no religious ‘stuff’ to make it so but the simple trust in him. Just keep walking with him.”

“I don’t believe you ‘uld ever say that!” Don exclaimed with a big surprise. “I hear that so often but how can I walk with Jesus when I can’t see him?”

George laughed briefly than he had thought he would. “Sorry, son, the relationship Jesus wants to share with you is just like this we’re having now. We’re on the walk together. That’s the kind of walk he wants to have with you.”

“But we aren’t walking across the street or those unfamiliar roads, are we?” George’s son questioned at his dad’s supposed foolishness.

“That’s where most people get it wrong, son,” replied George. “They feel walking with him is on a certain spot and if not, they aren’t walking with him. Don’t get it wrong, son! The moment of walking with him isn’t limited to any place or activity. It’s you being available to him at every moment. It’s no different from what we’re having here, son. We’re walking through these things together. It doesn’t have to be on the road or street. We can walk together anywhere.”

“Hmm. Which means my quiet times aren’t important or even necessary?”

“No. No. I didn’t say that. If anything, you must treasure that too, son. Just don’t take it that that’s all it means to walk with Jesus daily. Walking with him in quiet times is just a significant part of that walk. Walking with him is being in growing friendship with him no matter where you are or what you’re doing for him at a certain spot.
“It’s a father-son relationship, son. I don’t have to be here before you know we have that friendship. It’s always there but for it to grow, we have to keep in touch to keep it growing. Don’t you think walking with Jesus is that way?”

“Yes. Yes, it is,” answered Don, running his hands through his sandy hair. “I rarely have quiet times each morning but will go back to it. I need to deal with this stuff too bad.” Then he looked straight at his dad. “Isn’t that part also like trying to build a relationship?”

“I will say there’re a couple of ways to see that. Most people think that they must have it done to have the relationship stand and that if they don’t, Jesus would leave it too. They still think the relationship is surviving because of what they are doing and if they don’t, it may fall. They’re in the web of religion which makes them think they ought to do more so they can build it. But those who have their quiet times, not because they want to build anything but they know they already have it are those ones who can have a growing relationship.”

“Which means that those who don’t have quiet times have sick relationships?” Don questioned, with a confused tone.

“Of course not! Our relationship with Jesus grows, not because of what we do but by simply trusting Jesus at all times. You and me keep in touch to have it grow but a growing relationship with him comes from believing he’s always with you.”

His dad nodded and both men stood up to watch a scene occurring some distance away.

Abandoned, Not Destroyed


After the sin of man, the interesting relationship they once had in the beautiful garden seemed abandoned. Yet it wasn’t even destroyed. It existed before the fall and after it but man didn’t know how they could have such interesting friendship with such a God whom the Old Testament jewish men defined as an angry, worse and unapproachable King whose glory seemed very striking and certainly they couldn’t even bear to approach such a God who has the desire to talk to each of them. They were just like today’s believers who feel that if they got any closer to him, he would strike them dead or even have his glory blindfold them. But it was all lies! If only they had an idea why he was taking those actions he took in the OT and finalized in the Son’s death on the cross.
  He was willing to conversate with his own people, the Israelites but they were so scared of his glory that they couldn’t bear to stand and listen to him speak. They preferred hearing him through Moses. They missed the opportunity of growing closer to him by demanding for a king who could watch over them. To them, God wasn’t enough.
  The impression and faulty thinking that if they came any closer to him, his glory would strike them dead or may even blind them, wasn’t created by anyone but the presence of the sinful nature inside of them. God was never willing to abandon communion so I don’t see the reason why we should. Even the carnal nature is aware that the communal relationship with the Almighty God is still available but what he fears is that he may fall down dead if he tries to. That’s how Adam and Eve felt when they felt God walk in the garden. They had realized their nakedness and tried to shy away from him. Of course, it wasn’t just them shying away but the SIN in them which couldn’t bear to stand before God. The friendship was no longer easy as they were scared to approach him. That’s the reason why most people run from him and prefer to reach him through a middle man.



Another Word from Jesus had dropped by that moment of utter confusion and I had no reason why I blamed Him. Then, He assured me of His forgiveness and encouraged me to not stop half-way on the journey but go on to get the Crown. Indeed, His loving Spirit is an encouraging Spirit.
Now, He began to tell me about the true Christian journey. These words were both words of rebuke: to those who cultivated the habit of “injustice” among His people, and words of encouragement: to those who love Him and are seeking Him to continue to do so.
Christian Bribe
“I am the Word of God! There’s also a spoken word which ascends from the mouth of the Father. Anyone who is against My Word is against Me. Until now, there have been some teachers and servants of truth who can’t release the Word of God to anyone unless it was to be bought. Of such activity, My hand is so far away.”
“These profit-makers are deceiving many, and through this activity, the Word of the Lord was fulfilled,’…in the last days, there shall come false prophets and teachers who would lead so many astray…’ Therefore, with-holding the Word to gain money isn’t the Will of the Father. My Word is released freely without cost to all men through My true servants. It is a gift, given to all men who come to Me. There’s nothing you can do to earn it. I have paid the price, so you will hear it freely.”
Fullness of Life
“A willing heart filled with My life, will never do that wrong, would it? It will continue to desire fullness and become really joyful when it goes through circumstances. It wouldn’t smell the cup but drink it immediately. My Word becomes alive in you when your heart becomes so ruled by My Spirit.
“Each passing moment is a glorious adventure of important mysteries. Today’s brokenness is in preparation for tomorrow’s fullness. Desire to be ruled by the Spirit, then you wouldn’t need to live a ruthless life. My life; My Word is awesome when you know Me in Person.”
“Today’s trouble is a pointer to tomorrow’s glory, and the moment of each glory, is a greater process of ruling power. You must be truly ruled by My Spirit, if you want to get to My Kingdom. Only holy men can get there! Their hearts are pure. They are free from religion’s claws and their love isn’t faded. The further you become ruled by My Spirit, the more you will have My nature. My glory is revealed in My nature. The importance of getting ruled is fullness of life in all measures. Paul attained this and concluded, ‘…no longer I but Christ that lives in Me…’ He arrived the fullness of life in the Spirit and became a ruled-man after My Father’s Will.”
“If the people of this age must have their stay in My Kingdom, they have to recognize the ruling of the Spirit and not the flesh. They look towards ‘what they can do’ and not ‘what I will do’. My plans are superior to yours; and the blind-eyes of men will always lead them astray.”
“You need to totally submit your heart completely, to Me. And forecasting the future through your agenda is so much of your ability. Recognize My ability! See My finished work, achieved on the Cross! My agenda, My plans is a supernatural one but My desire is to have it activated in your life.”
His Plans Are Revealed Moment By Moment of Daily Walk
“Then, why don’t You tell us all Your plans?” I asked, so worried. “At least, our mistakes mayn’t be so much or mayn’t even exist.”
Suddenly, I realized that this was just the difference between the Old and New covenants. The Old had all laws stated on two tablets of stone and not following them increased the guilt of the people who try to follow them; while the New had the words and ways of God written in our hearts. We experience His Spirit’s leading, a day at a time.
Jesus continued, “My obedience is the Will of My Father. He tells Me His plans and I do them. He has given Me all authority in heaven and on earth and even over all Creation. This is the difference between the Old and New covenant- all the laws were stated to them and written upon the tablets of stone but in the New, My Spirit became your daily Guide. Once disobedience, comes death in the Old and in the New, it is My grace upon men. But the Father is never willing to unveil all His plans for a full year but reveals His plans, a day at a time.
“Follow the Spirit at every pace of life. If I unveil all the things that will ever come upon your life in your days on earth, in just a single day, to you, you will not be interested in trusting the Father. Instead, you may not walk with Me anymore, and you will focus on your ability rather than Mine.
“And your mistakes aren’t a means to punish you but they are permitted, that you may learn through them. The more you become afraid of making mistakes, the further you get to make them. I weave your mistakes into glory, as the master-weaver weaves errors in and out into a better pattern or design. My ability changes all things! All Creation will fully recognize the Power in knowing My ability, when the Father truly wills. Follow Me, a day at a time. Today’s plans will be revealed to you while you mustn’t bother about tomorrows: it will worry about itself.”
Yes, He was right! When we look what we have today, we see Him and see how solved the problems are. It’s when we LOOK FURTHER into the future that we begin to worry. This has been repeated in the lives of many.
Then the Lord continued,
“When My agenda is told to you, you will abandon yours and run the race completely. You will engage in the full word of Truth and become filled with My Spirit. For, you will know that He is with you as you learn to follow Me daily. In this, you require willingness! All you go through is to give unto you a new heart which is controlled by My Spirit. I desire that you have a holy heart, given to you, freely from the Father, so you would freely experience the coolness of the atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.”
“Daily troubles arise to quicken the transition of your heart to the heart of the Father. Holiness spring forth from the union of that heart with Me: a free one not bound in religion but being a bond-slave of Christ.”
His Judgments upon Our Lives
“I urge you to ask continually that My judgments will come upon your life. Pray that I judge your heart, so it wouldn’t be condemned with the world. I desire to send My judgments upon My people, so they can be pure and holy as I AM. Truly, My judgment makes a difference when it is released. My judgment is true and powerful; it changes the hearts of men into the hearts of after the Spirit. It transformed Nebuchadnezzar into an obedient son and prince. So, why won’t you desire it?”
Jesus Is the Truth
“Lord, I truly desire to have Your judgments upon my life. However, Lord, I know You are Grace, and I know You would have us know Your will,” I prayed, becoming convicted of my sin, as I was also seeing His judgments upon my life. I knew that His people need to also have His judgments upon their lives.
That’s when the Lord answered and said, “Conviction is the work of My Spirit! I am the Truth but I am not grace! I am the Truth from the Heart of God but I am not grace.”
“Lord, I thought you were grace?” I asked again, knowing this had been a truth I had heard for years.
“No, I am not grace but I am the Source of Grace, for grace has a limit but I don’t have a limit. If I have a limit, I am not God. However, I am not grace but I am Truth. Grace comes that all should repent and turn to the Truth. After grace is the ‘time of the last judgment’. It is the ‘time of My Wrath’. Grace exists through Me. The fallacy many have come to believe is that I am grace and that I will give them more time even if they choose their ‘moment of repentance’.
They unknowingly forget that ‘grace’ has a limit before the ‘time of My Wrath’ set-in. For grace is repentance time and I will give more grace unto My people who run quickly to Me.”
“I am the reason why grace exists. I am the One Who have ruled the line! If I am grace, I have a limit. But since I am not, My plans are forever and My life is unlimited.”
The Lord began to communicate His desire for His Creation. I felt the pain in His heart and the joy which later arose from within Him, “The purpose of grace is that all should turn their hearts to Me…The immediate longing of My heart is for you to have intimacy with Me. That is the purpose of creating mankind. I desired a love-affair with My Creation in Eden but it was lost. One man (Adam) brought death to all, but I (Jesus) brought life of the Father to all. I took My life and shared it with many that they also will have their lives, renewed.”
“When the relationship in Eden was lost, the communion between Me and man was also lost. Now, a new way has been opened for many to partake of My Spiritual tree. This was what Enoch ate that he never tasted death; that Elijah tasted and wasn’t ready (refused) to join the way of the world.”
“The Father desired to have a love-affair with His Creation and has opened the way for this through His Son. My life was laid that many should be saved from death. I became the sacrifice for the opening of the new-Creation people.”
“The world has failed: for it refused to recognize Me as the Power of God. It hasn’t believed in My death nor has it remembered My Captivity as the Only Solution to her problems, because of their love for Sin.
“It is time to know I am the Way to Holiness! Only when your heart is united in Me can you truly become holy as I am. And this is the Will of the Father, ‘that you be dead to Sin and alive to Him.’ At each moment, you must recognize that when I died, you also who believed, were dead and buried with Me. Now that I am arisen and alive, you also will arise again on the Last Day. However, you who believe have already arisen to live a new life and testify of My glory.”
“I urge you to come to Me and partake of My life!”
Intimacy is so deeper than we expect. We have to desire it than anything else. THIS IS THE PURPOSE WHY WE EXIST!

Written by Samuel O. Samuel, in his eBook: THE KINGDOM CHILDREN. The link to the book

Freely check the link. God bless you.

AMERICA: a Rebellious Nation

AARN; as I love to abbreviate it is one of  the ebooks published last year on about America and its rebellion toward God. Here is the link to read carefully:


That (photo) was written by a dearest friend of mine who also lives in America and witness many of the crimes or rebellions which are today committed against God. This doesn’t mean that the occurrences aren’t by God’s wisdom. In fact they are. The Bible makes it clear that there will be a time of rebellion and the man of sin will come before Jesus comes.

We also apologize for some certain words which weren’t meant to fit into some sentences e.g “perhaps” was used so often, and this was the author’s error not the editor’s or anyone who assisted.

I believe this will be a great read.

following Jesus OUTSIDE THE BOX of Organized Religion: the strangest encounter

This is a story of how I discovered my emptiness and slowly learnt to handle it. I had a big time learning how to know the difference between going to church and being the church; and between leaving the church and living the life of the church. I strongly believe Oliver’s answers will also help you on your journey.


Then we will know how to live as a soldier of faith knowing Jesus as the master builder of the church.

The Strangest Encounter

In the last few moments of my frustration, I had nothing else but get angry because of the whole scenario which I had encountered at this very point of my life. Diane and me had finally being appointed senior pastors of the church, Inner Life City, California, and at first it did sound very interesting to be at the peak of the whole thing. It seemed very true when a very good friend in the congregation congratulated me on my growing life in Christ. However, it doesn’t seem that way these days, and my frustration almost or even every time get to lash out toward Diane when I found out later on that what I had spent my entire time building up was nothing else but religion.

Truthfully, I hadn’t known this for over 17 years until that moment of frustration when a strange man walked into my life rearranging the whole thing I had ever known about this christian ‘stuff’ which I thought I had known so well but didn’t realize I was having this hollow place empty. To understand how it all began and how these experiences led to my big success, you ‘ll have to journey back with me to the time when it all started, and to the very end of it.

It  was an amazing moment when we walked past the Bubble Gum Alley where chewing gums had been pasted on walls. We ‘re headed for the usual Sunday morning programme which lasts for about three hours, when I bumped into a grey haired man. Having apologized, I continued with Diane and few others toward the building where the usual service was taking place.

Consequently, I had this feeling burning inside of me when I sat on a chair near the usher wondering how angry that strange man must have been. Or was there anything that moved me to apologize properly? The reason for this strange feeling was that he didn’t look like someone who was going to church. So I decided very quickly to rush out the streets and find him out, inviting him over to church.

As quickly as possible; yes, it was that way, I rushed to find him and encourage him to come in, but I didn’t find him. I remember minutes back when I glanced back at him as he was sitting at the nearby coffee shop having a conversation with the coffee seller. Nice idea though, but I tried to shake it off; it didn’t work. So I journeyed as fast as I could in awareness that the service would begin in about thirty minutes time. Thirty minutes was sure too much to encourage someone on basis of Christian and church life.

The bench at the coffee shop wasn’t empty; as for sure, he was there scanning the lawn. Certainly, on Wednesdays there was a regular mowing of the lawn which was meant for golf. This moment it still looked as tidy as it was when I visited it some days back. The old man didn’t seem to be drinking or reading any magazine, and I honestly found it an opportunity to walk over to him.

Approaching him, I quickly called out, “Hello!” as I still was conscious of time. His reply was a very comfortable one, “Yes,” which brought a new apprehension filling me. Then I introduced myself to him.

“I’m very sorry to disturb, sir, but I remember bumping into someone and wondered if he doesn’t go to church. So I decided to come invite you in,” I explained as nicely as I could. His eyes stared toward the church-building; gave a brief smile and crossed his arms.

“As nicely as your proposal seems, I find it hard to believe if you carefully had inspected what you said,” he presented.

“Pardon me, sir,” I apologized. “But how do you mean?”

“I ain’t a church goer, that’s what I mean.”

“But you know how compulsory it is for Christians to attend church every Sunday?”

“Hmm! And I haven’t found that in the bible. Can you show me where you found it? I really need to know if the Bible says attending religious services is compulsory.”

Though that request looked like those ones which I had once asked myself  when I was 18 years old, I quickly wondered who he was. Confidently, I settled beside him, forgetting that few minutes was left for me before I return back to the congregation.

“No, I’m really sorry. I’ve been struggling with this same thing for over 17 years. At the beginning when I became pastor of that church over there,” I explained, pointing to the structure which was few feet away from us. “I felt my heart had attained the very purpose why God called me. However, the glory of that which I treasured was no more: the emptiness overshadowed my sincerity in the whole thing. I tried to cover it  with my activities, trying to act more spiritual and even attend services regularly just to make it look like it was alright. Toward others, it was looking good but I knew I had a problem.”

“Well, Bob, it seems clear that you’re just trying to hide yourself from him and that’s why your heart may look even messier. Possibly, you may be pampering that emptiness too.”

“Pamper? No, that’s not it. It sure can’t be it.”

“You’re right! The further I keep trying to serve him, it often become very awkward along the way and it makes me wonder if he’s at fault or he went away from me – ”

“Or you’re and you did,” he gently reversed the playing field. “Don’t think God gets away from us, it’s us who get away from him as we gradually succumb to our will and desires.”

Gradually, I began to wonder that all the moment when I talked with him, my heart kept burning. Suddenly, he dropped words which got me shocked.

“When’ll you understand that the Christian life isn’t about mere attendance to meetings or religious services but about living Christ’s life to the fullness of it? Or you haven’t discovered that our religious trappings aren’t that on which we can absolutely rely to fill that emptiness which seems to occupy our hearts. This isn’t the kind of life Jesus lived, is it? He lived daily in awareness of his Father’s presence, knowing his Father can’t be at fault. When we keep looking at God is the one at fault, we’ll just have ourselves feeling more empty.”

“Yes. Yes I remember living in his presence everyday and experiencing it in me daily. However, it doesn’t sound that way now; at least it looks good on the outside,” I expressed, pointing toward my chest. “But my heart doesn’t seem focused now. I become very active in Church and continually miss God’s presence. How can I be a Christian and still not get it right?”

“Confusing, right? But it can’t be any better as long as you’ve your attention directed toward something that can’t draw you any closer to God.”

“Really? You mean my becoming so active in Church and teaching sermons from scripture is certainly different from living the life of God’s presence?”

“Absolutely,” replied Oliver. “It ‘uld serve as a pretty cheap substitute for what is real. Our activeness in church doesn’t indicate our freedom from sin or that we live his life. And the fact that we’re good teachers, gifted with teaching ability doesn’t express that we live in his presence. Being in his presence comes from following him closely as best as he leads you.”

“Should it mean that if I keep teaching others, I’ll continually go away from him and never feel his presence?”

“I believe you know I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes, but it almost sounded that way. You made it sound like teaching others is wrong and that we can’t be in his presence by doing so,” I queried.

“No, Bill,” he continued. “I’m only trying to help you stop finding his presence in regiment of rituals. His presence isn’t discovered in ‘doing’ but ‘living’. You find his presence in our spirit, not our ‘memory’. That’s what I need you to see – that his presence isn’t a certain place or activity but the spirit of Christ present in our hearts. All the freshness we will get will come from knowing his spirit in us. Therefore, what we teach others can seem more powerful when we live them. It doesn’t seem good to teach what we aren’t living at all. It ‘uld be like passing out sweet teaching from an empty bowl without life, only to find that these same people turn out like us. Sometimes, you mayn’t easily get to know how to reply your argumentators.”

Honestly, I really needed to rethink everything again, but what if God’s plan was for me to remain there: at least, I get paid through working there. It had been the place where I had spent my earliest years as the son of christian parents who played not with Christian teachings.

“But now, you seem to see that going to church is bad,” I blurted out sorrowfully.

“You didn’t hear me say that, did you?” questioned Oliver. “You just need to see that going to church isn’t compulsory nor is it even required. It isn’t easy to produce disciples in a crowdy place where their focus is on obligation and routines. These routines are very lifeless and equipping people when such considerations ‘re put in place could have a couple of things get mixed up.

“Mind you, Bob. Whether one is an attendee or not isn’t what matters but if he’s intimate with Jesus or not. Have you considered how many people live those teachings which they hear?”

“Yes, I would say most remained hard within them,” I confessed. “I haven’t even understood this Christianity completely.”

“No one can, but we just need to follow him as best as we can. You know we’re forever learning.”

A prolonged silence hung for a time. I had my intentions: if things become too tough, I’ll give up being a christian and ‘all leave California for New England. Breaking the silence, I blurted out, “It, at least, makes it obvious to discover that this church life isn’t about attendance but living. Even at a point, all these didn’t seem to make sense anymore. There’re so many rules and regulations, influencing me to conclude if we’re still under the law.”

“Is that what you struggle with?”

“It is. I’ve sort this relationship with Jesus years back but each moment when I find it, the next moment, I seem to be out of it. Maybe he got further away from me, or —”

“He’s loved you too much and ‘ll continually do,” corrected Oliver. “To think that God gets away from us isn’t at all true: it’s us who get away from him. You want to know why you still struggle? The reason is you’ve got the right intentions – finding God’s presence – but the way you try to seek it is very obverse to the way he’s planned for us. Have you wondered why you can’t find his presence in so many structures?”

I wasn’t sure I understood what he meant, yet I had to reply as best as I could.

“Maybe I must have. Perhaps, we aren’t performing enough to let his presence be there,” I guessed.

“Where is Father’s presence, Bob?”

“I know his presence isn’t in mere attendance but can be discovered as we learn to live daily in him. But, when I was a kid till today, I often think that when we go to church, we come into his presence. Though it sometimes sounded very foolish to me, but I had it as an instruction passed from my parents.”

“And it’s not something to sort out properly?” he asked with a raised brow. “Understand something, Bob, today’s system of church is performance based and it takes it very hard to discover any that help us grow closer to Jesus. Attending services doesn’t awaken the reality of being in his presence. It’s awakened through our willingness to follow him as best as we can.

“I met a guy who narrated how he got saved from organized religion. He said there was much props and devices to make everything look good, but on the inside, everything seemed awkward. Do you think people learning to live in Father’s presence ‘uld see things seem so boring and filled with manipulation?”

In growing interest, I answered, “No, they won’t. But why does mine seem so boring? I don’t get it at all!” 

“Boredom could come for several reasons; but the popular kind which I found among many whom I’ve met isn’t due to anything else but that they don’t feel they’re doing anything that counts.”

“You mean the mechanical way of life?”


“Truly, that’s the same manipulative expressions I often feel everytime. I sometimes think it’s a result of my hunger that I’m beginning to experience it now.”

“You didn’t feel this way when your heart was in the mechanical thing?”

“No, I didn’t. Now, I feel that way. I know it’s because of my hunger to find out the reality of the Father’s life.” As he nodded, I checked my watch and found out the time was almost over. Had I stayed that long? I thought. We had talked for about two hours and I had an hour left.

“I would get to meet you another time, Oliver. As at this moment I’ve got to run as fast as I can. And one last question: Would it be good to introduce this way of life to the church?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, Bob!” he warned. “Let this find a place in your heart as you find out answers to your many questions. If you begin teaching it first; even as it’s the surface, it ‘uld be a cheap substitute for living this incredible life in him. But when you begin living it first, you’ll find more people to equip on the powerful life of Christ.”

“Thanks so much, Oliver. I’ve got to run. ‘uld find you later.”

With that, I waved him and ran for the service before it becomes almost over. Things may go awkward but Oliver’s words ‘all stick to my heart. The last I saw him, he was conversating with the coffee-seller. Little did I know that this brief conversation and unexpected encounter ‘uld open ways to more answers to my many questions.

PAVITRA RISHTA: a friendship between you and your bestfriend

Do You Believe in Your Best Friend?



Not everyone on earth can have a [earthly] best friend but we can agree that some do. Being a human, I wonder why I don’t desire to have any earthly one again. Perhaps, it may be due to HURT but I don’t think it is. Being a best friend, we share everything with him and he shares his with us. There’s the presence of trust and love which is a strong affection existing between us.

To our bestfriend, we would want to spend a very good time with him conversating with and learning from him. He would share wonderful experiences, ideas and teachings with us, being a godly friend. He would agonize with us in our times of pain and we would do likewise to him. Those whom he intends to intercede for, we would have thesame burden. We would free him to hurt when we are hurt and free him to joy when we are joyful. His will affect us the same.


We would share between us the true meaning of forgiveness, as if nothing happened between us. He won’t do away with the wrong I committed without helping me learn from it. Being my bestfriend, I would rely on him and not rely on anyone else. He would be with me in my moments of success and times when I have nothing: he will be with me more than a friend, in moments when I lack and when I am successful. In times of lack, we would work together to develop something good. We would work not only for ourselves but for the good of others too. Even our enemies won’t be hated by us: for my bestfriend won’t even allow it.

Being my bestfriend, he can lay down his life for me and I can do likewise because I know it’s worth it. He would live as the true life partner I had need of and understand me more than anyone else and I would keep on with becoming close to him.


Everything could perfectly be found in ONE person. A man whom we must have despised all our lives, believing that he doesn’t exist; called several names; worshipped idols in substitute for him; cherished others over him. All these we may have done but it would mean that we are running away from the wonderful love he has for us. Even while we seem to run from him, his love doesn’t fade. He, forever, is in love with us no matter what we do to smear his name.
Do you hate this man – one who is willing to be your bestfriend – all because someone said we can never see him, and he just doesn’t exist? Do you substitute him for idols; mere statues whom you pray to but don’t give reply or even move? If you really want to hear the truth about this man who’s willing to be your bestfriend, many of us who were with him have seen him and have talked with him intimately. For this reason, we have been commissioned to share the truth of his existence with you. He is one in whom we can absolutely rely; the ONLY Way to God, his Father. Most people today haven’t discovered him as their best friend because they don’t seem to see that if only they will accept his invitation and working in their lives, he would make their eyes opened along with their hearts in order to embrace this wonderful life in him.

Our reactions doesn’t frighten him. Instead it draws his heart to pain because our reply towards him reflect one which is unembracing of the life which he wants us to live. The closer we are to him, the further we become transformed into his nature. When we are caught in the world system, he doesn’t abandon us but keeps stretching his hand to us to come to him again. He is ever willing to accept us if we return. Be we gentile or Jew; friend of him or idolworshipper, he loves us the same and wants us to come to him.

In our worst moments when we are faced with suffering from within and without, he agonizes with us; comforting us that he’s making all things new.
When we have a knock from him upon our hearts, how do we reply him? The way we reply him would tell the condition of our lives at the moment: did our reply that moment increase peace within our hearts? Or did it ease that emptiness further? When he calls our attention, do we pause to hear all he has to say? Or do we tell him to WAIT till we are finished with our home chores?
Some kind of replies could save our lives forever while others would have us lose our lives forever.
The biggest question which he is asking you today is, “Will you walk with me?” Your reaction and how willing you are to have it put in practice after answering his question will determine how well your growth on your journey.

I have been using “he” to indicate this best friend, now I will tell you his name. His name; this glorious best friend’s name is JESUS. Don’t stop here. Begin knowing how much he loves you, then you will know his Person, not by what others say about him.




This is a novel about how Bill Laggard met a man who encouraged him on his journey to follow Jesus in his marriage life as well as other areas of life. As Jack  makes it clear: You don’t ask because you think he wants you to decide that and because you think he doesn’t have to. He is in charge of your destiny, and as you have willed yourself to him, he is in control of you. And why do we have to ask? We have to because our eyes are but weak lenses with blind retinas that could capture but only a few range of life, but his are special binoculars that sees the future, even from the
beginning and from the greatest distance. Remember he is Omniscient?”
I believe that as you read this story, though the characters are fictional, all the stories are true. They are from real life experience gathered together to help others God brings our way.

As a learner, I always try to put up an exuberant performance, to impress my aunt and also to persuade my lecturers into thinking that I was no ignoramus.  But this year, this peculiar year, I massively missed the mark for the four core subjects or courses in line with biochemistry. Some of my less intelligent colleagues were even successful. I cringed at the thought of it. Was it that my lecturers felt a little inconsistency with my answers? Having known me to be someone in whom he had confidence, and also hearing the news of my failures, the vice chancellor of the university, Mr. Clang Waiter, called me to his office. He blamed me for losing concentration and bringing my academic end to ignonimous. I seethed inside as I left his office. He spoke roughly to me and I had never seen him explode so. Afterall, I wasn’t ill-bred so as to reply roughly in return but I did know that he wanted no other than the best for me. It so gripped me with guilt that I was going to throw a whole full year, having spent a whole lot of money, estimated €150,000. What was I to do?

Trying to control my emotions, I wiped my brows with my pocket handkerchief and began plunging down the stairs which opened up to a broad lawn which lay in front of the water fountain. I caught a glimpse of the vice chancellor, Mr. Clang, coming out of the office. He scowled and turned around the other way, started towards the other staircase with each squawk from his shoes, sending pain through me. I had never felt so frustrated in Oxford. When I got to the end of the stairs, I saw three among my course mates. Kim, Rake and Jokstan were members of a deadly secret society located two blocks away from the university,  and even at that, they were expected to fail. But when I indeed ask them, they said they all passed. The thought about this seemed to incinerate my mind and I could detect signs of incipient unrest winding up in my heart. I preferred it best to move about incognito so as to at least, ease the painsome, and not only that but to also reduce the level of my fame. I walked a few steps away then withdrew and hid behind a tree with my ear still zeroing into the conversation of my friends. My gut roiled as I heard them making jest of me; calling me names. And then they hummed a rondo and laughed wickedly. I was awe struck with the laughter that was imbued in their staccato of voices. So, I decided to leave there at once to find some place to have this guilt feeling rest for a while.

The streets of Oxford were very busy; quite as usual, but the atmosphere was crisp and dry and even the place where I had usually gone out of my way to wash my hands was now completely dry. After walking two-quarter a mile, I reached a coffee shop and checked in, requesting for a diner for two. I wasn’t really expecting anyone because I hadn’t scheduled one. The waitress came out from the servery with food in a large glass tray covered with a piece of acetate material. This was my favorite and I really ate until I was sated. Eating was now the only thing that could satisfy my emotions, and I soon came craving to forget about the morning experience. I requested for a cup of coffee, and when it did come, I freely drank. It calmed my nerves and I soon fell asleep.

A few moments later, I was awakened by a buzzing bug which had stung my ear. I whimpered a little and turned towards the glinting wall which was enough mirror to see my reflection and examine my ear. Amidst all this, I sensed a growing impulse, stimulating me to turn back but I though it was just a series of passing infatuation. Rather, it was so pressing that I couldn’t resist it. I gazed dreamily out of the window and caught a glimpse of a figure coming towards the entrance on the horizon, which was tiles with silver. I chuckled with delight, thinking it was my nephew, Collins Errando. He was my best person in the world. I got past the rest of the people taking coffee and tiptoed to the sliding glass doors at the entrance, trying not to make a squeak of my shoes as I loosely buckled them. From the door, I could see three men- one old and two others- with two ladies. One of the four college-aged opened the door ahead of the old man and the others. Seeing them, I pretended to be the waiter, although, I wasn’t on uniform. I ushered them to a group diner close to mine at the far corner of the room. Rubbing my hands, I asked if they would prefer tea or coffer or any other food, according to normal British etiquette. They requested coffee, and I turned round to inform the waitress of their arrival. She served them coffee and I think I heard fragments of their prayer. Then as they settled down to drink, I awkwardly shuffled forward to take my seat, and burying my face in an album of pictures. Almost simultaneously, one of the ladies inserted her hand into her grocery bag and brought out an envelope which she threw on the group-table.

“That’s my result. Do open and see,” she requested.

Carrick Helmington, a young college-aged bespectacled german, with an air of warm smiles and gentle sense of humor, extended his vein-lined hand to grasp the envelope, but the old man got it just before he could. I chuckled inwardly as Carrick paused, with his hand stretched out and a bewildered look at the old man. The old man actually looked like some belligerent, with arched brow, sunken eyes and aquiline nose, appearing to be some unpleasant fellow with a vicious look. His face broke into a smile.

“Cool!” He exclaimed. “You came fourth in the microbiology department. Take a look at this Carrick.” Now that he spoke, I found places in my heart to believer that he might actually have some avuncular behaviour towards this friends of his.

“Well, Mathelda, not in the least,” Carrick said. “And that’s because my elder brother whom I stay with wants nothing less than third.”

Amused, I looked over the album, just to see the name “MATHELDA STONE” and to hear Carrick’s concluding statement; “But it doesn’t seem so to me.”

The rest chuckled, seeming to deride his idea, perhaps because they thought it old fashioned as I did. Who was good enough even to be fourth? Carrick turned away. It was after this joke that their conversation began and I. Soon discovered the names of the others. The other girl was “LIZY CALLAR”, and “ELLE FREDERICTON” was the next young man and the old man, who had been silent for sometime was “JACK”.

“…You know, my brother feels there’s nothing difficult in schooling and studying…” It was Carrick speaking. “He graduated summa-cum-laude from Harvard university and is actually the best biochemist this town has ever seen. To him, all things are possible with God. How is that so?”

“You think it’s not?” Lizy questioned, with a mock chuckle.

“How should I?” Carrick shrugged. “It doesn’t make any difference. All things can never be possible. It is what I had been taught in my first year seminar. It’s not that I don’t believe in Christian teachings. I do, but even at that, doesn’t ti sound so foolish for someone to say that all things are possible?”

“If that’s what you think, better steel yourself for this question,” Jack said. “If all things aren’t possible, with God, then why are you living?”

“Well that only suffice a part, because he may be the one keeping my life but probably not my education, even though I came second in medicine and surgery department.”

Jack smiled. “Doesn’t it occur to you that if you had no life-sustainer, you would have no life, and likewise no education. If you were dead, how would you hold a pen to write an exam?”

I was astonished at how wisely this man answered questions.

“So, then, how would I make heaven for doubting God?” Carrick whined. “At least, I go to Church.”
“Then that’s all!” Fredericton exclaimed.
“Sure!” Lizy commented.

But Mathelda clenched her lips and crossed her legs. She just squinted at the morning’s young sun through the arms spreaded window, much to my surprise. Carrick winked at Jack, who leaned forward to acknowledge it with a nod.  Then he dropped his comment,
“When will you come to recognize that life in Christ isn’t about going to a place where you can find Christians gather and hear comments from the bible? Notice that I am not saying that you can’t share Christ’s life among other Christians but I don’t  just want you to view it the wrong way. Regular attendance in church meetings and continuous commitment to church activities can’t lead you to  heaven or earn you a place in God’s heart. You need an intimate and cordial relationship with him. Then he will develop in you the trust that Carrick now lacks. To think that God is happy with your just going to a meeting and just sitting down, without even digesting a helpful word in your heart, is estimately zero to the mark.” Jack implied.

“Sir, you speak of relationship. Where do we get that kind?” Lizy demanded. “As for me, I can’t attend a day’s meeting without commenting at the end that I gained something.” Fredericton added.
“Something like?”
“You know, feeling satisfied that I learnt something beneficial and also helped someone,” Lizy replied.
“Alright Lizy.”

I hated the somewhat criticism implied in his voice. I thought Lizy had finally bit him to it but it didn’t occur so. His face was still intense.

“But that has to do with motives and not mere words of mouth or external gestures and expressions,” he continued, “and the things learnt are many times forgotten once you get past those doors.”
“I know. It’s sometimes that way,” she agreed as the others nodded.
“Check this out,” Jack said, as his face turned serious. “Lizy, when you got to your service last week, what was your motive as you were going about your course? What did you really have in mind for that day?”

Clenching her fist, she replied, “Well, to be sincere, I really wanted everyone in the congregation to learn through my actions; to know how loving I was and how much worth emulating my life was. I also organized a series of songs to calm them down.”
“Wow!” Mathelda exclaimed. “How did they feel?”

“Glamorous!” She responded, with a beam of smile. “They couldn’t control their voices when they appreciated me. They commented that they haven’t seen such display of savoir-faire attitude. I felt my head spinning like a carousel. I was on top of the world with the realisation that I had changed enormous amount of lives. I was enthralled at the thought that I felt the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit.”

I nodded, knowing how much I had done that today. It occurred to me that I was no different from Lizy Callar and so I expected no contrasting response from anybody. Mathelda’s lips were pursed. Carrick had on his face a look of bewilderness and Fredericton was overwhelmed by a mock chuckle but Jack wasn’t even fazed. This expression of his was enough presage to determine his words. He didn’t berate, though, but took Lizy’s hand and began expressing his ideas.
“That was actually wrong, Lizy. Do you think God would be happy with such a mind setting? He doesn’t measure sonship by religious display and religious starship, but by discipleship.”

“But why not, sir Jack?” Carrick almost whined. “Being religious enhances for a steady growth in Christ. Doesn’t it increase God’s love for us?”

“That is where you are getting it backwards, Carrick,” Jack replied, clenching his fist. “Displaying of habit and praise seeking from men will make you no different from the religious leaders whom Jesus rebuked. They were extremely perfect in clothing the outside. They could initiate a thousand laws for others to follow. Attending ceremonies and sitting in the highest places at banquets were their ulterior motives, but they lacked the Holy spirit.

“All thesame Lizy,” he said turning to her, “many people get themselves started in ministry and religious institutions just to gain a good name down the street. It doesn’t seem to me that you went to that occasion that day to share Christ’s life with the body but to gain personal aggrandizement was your sole aim.”

That sounded antagonistic to my feelings. Outrageous! But I knew this man actually had the right answer.

“But we are not under the law,” Fredericton said.
“But it makes no difference between you and them,” Jack responded with a snigger. “They thought keeping those rules and regulations would draw them nearest to God,but it never did and you think going to church would save you, even when nursing wrong motives and priorities.”
“I don’t know if you mean that those ideas are carnal?” Mathelda asked with a raised brow and John nodded.
“But even at that,” Mathelda continued, “your comment of a few minutes ago by-passes my understanding.”

“Okay take this illustration; Lizy went to ‘church’ last sunday, with the expectation that if she gave to the poor,  they will honour her and that with that she had attained what God wanted her to gain. Doesn’t that sound like being bred out of a carnal mind? A spiritual mind wouldn’t do that. Do you remember a part in the bible when Jesus refused to be called ‘good master’? Name calling and magnifying words Will make you think you have attained a great height but in other words, it will rob you of all the great things God has for you on this journey. Approving and accepting such praise will show that you are no lowly servant but a self-approved slave.”

“But I thought God ordered us through Christ, to always care of for the poor and give to the needy?” Fredericton queried.
“Not when it gets twisted as to coming from a wrong mind setting,” Jack implied.
“So it means I shouldn’t give at all?” Lizy further questioned. “All these seems like giggling over words.”

“It’s not,” Jack broke in. He sized the room and noticed my presence and my face fell again into my paper. With a smirk, which broke into a beam on his lips, he continued, “The fact that the young waiter over there is sitting on that bench doesn’t give an explanatory word to his love for the chair. He may hate it, but it’s meant to be sat upon, probably because he wants no one mocking him of having no place to sit.” Turning back to them, he explained his idiom; “the poor are always given. Yes they are meant to, I can’t alter that. But not when it gets twisted and you give out of a wrong mind. If you are being led not to give, don’t. If you feel you are led to, obviously, you should. But when you give wrongly and it dawns on you later that you didn’t ask yourself what motive or what feelings motivated you to do so, you will suddenly find yourself in a betwixted state.”

“I get that now!” Carrick, who had been quiet for sometime, said. “But Mr. Jack, I have a question. Just one more in my arsenal.” Jack nodded. What he said sounded less questioning. “My brother recently sent an amount of money to my bank account. I will withdraw it immediately I leave here. It is part of the evidence that he is really happy with my result. Sir, I will like you to advice me how much, or what percentage, I could give the less privileged fellows.”

“Where did you get that idea from?” Mathelda asked.
“What idea?” Carrick acted stunned.
“The idea that issues the necessity for a mere human with no special difference from you, apart from age and God-given wisdom, to dictate a specific part of your life for you, Carrick,” Fredericton broke in.

Jack smiled, “Who then should he ask?”
“I don’t know! I only expected him to dismiss that idea because you can’t let somebody remote you as though you were some blind and deaf, led by a labrador. You know, it isn’t at all right.”

They all guffawed. I tittered. I saw that Carrick, who didn’t laugh at all, saw this as a bit of laceration because he suddenly put on an icy glare. Jack resounded his question. “Who then should he ask?”
At least, I felt it right to get indulged into their conversation. This, as well, looked like an opening. This thought was indefinable, although I would have nothing to say if I get some questions from this icono-clastic minded fellow; so he seemed. Dropping my album of pictures, the words dripped out of my lips: “Ask God Mr. Carrick!”

Jack smirked at me and nodded. “I thought you were the waiter?”

I adroitly avoided answering that question. Collecting myself, I replied that I wasn’t the waiter but I only had to help them locate their places. Suddenly, the thunders uttered their voices. The sky, which had appeared a little rosy sometime ago, had turned indigo. Waves upon waves filled the air. The gale had begun and many large trees surrounded their branches. The clouds spread their arms to cover the sun and within some minutes, the entire premises belonging to the restaurant officials was soon filled with miniature rivulets of rain.  Almost all the loquat grasses in the environment were soon uprooted by the erosion.

“I think we have got to go,” Fredericton reasoned.
“I also suggest we use the rain coats with Lizy and the boots with Carrick,” Mathelda suggested.

The materials were presented and when they were prepared to leave, they put it on and as the rest headed for the door, Jack hesitated. Slowly but firmly, he gradually shuffled to my direction and placing his hand on my shoulder, reassured me of God’s love for me. He dropped only three words.
“Jesus loves you.”
“Could we find a little time to talk now?” I pleaded.
“I would have loved to but next time would be okay.”
“And when would that be?”
“You believe God is in control, isn’t it? Same I do because it is he who knows how to arrange our meetings. Trust God with that and have a nice day!”

With that, he turned and left. The last I saw of them, they were plodding towards the gate, through the rain. I never knew such truth and trust could ever lie in the hearts of mere mortals.

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After REBIRTH is an article conveying a message about the infant life of new believers and how they may grow. In this article you will discover that not all Christians grow. AFTER Rebirth has a second part which isn’t included in this first After Rebirth series. The second After Rebirth (2) talks about the equipping of new believers by mature teachers in the gospel. I believe the comments of mature believers here (WordPress) would help contribute to the development of this.
God bless.

Bob Hernandez.


I believe that preparing these young ones After Rebirth is a vital job as we look forward to HIS COMING.

The Cross not Earthly Riches


I believe God do bless his children with true earthly riches, but what I don’t agree with is the preaching about these earthly riches. Jesus said, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33). I believe these things to be added aren’t what to be preached or seeked, if not Jesus would have encouraged us to seek them. What must be seeked isn’t what he has promised to add. What we are to seek is the kingdom of God, not these earthly riches, then IF HE WILLS, HE’LL ADD THEM TO US.

Paul and the apostles had their teachings centered on “Christ crucified”, so why should ours be any different? I remember writing that most ministers base their teachings and attention on riches and prosperity teachings while the true teachings about Christ are abandoned – and I VERY MUCH agree with her. Those teachings make believers remain in babyhood, instead of growing unto maturity. As Christ’s servants, we have to follow what Christ did, only then can we be called HIS servants/ministers.

In John 4, we notice that Jesus had a conversation with the Samaritan woman about “The Living Water”. In vs 11-12, we also see the woman questioning Jesus about what he would use to draw the water there at Jacob’s well. The point is this: Jesus was pointing to her a real life free from our own efforts and struggles, independent of our ability to make things work.

Obviously, many believers all over the world still try to apply “The Rope System” in their daily lives, as they ‘try’ to have God ACT on their behalf by constantly falling under various religious uunnecessary obligations and ethics in order to move God’s hand. We can agree that it’s no different from ‘the rope system’ where we TRY to please God with our fleshly efforts and struggles to make things work.

What Jesus intends for us is that as soon as we become believers in him, we ought to believe that the New Life, and all Christ has was given us freely without we working for it. If we worked for it, then it wasn’t given us freely. Therefore, no matter how we TRY to worship him with our efforts in order to draw his attention, it only shoves us away from him. All that we need is found in the Cross of Christ. Embracing the living water will means embracing the cross too.

Would you also consider this?