WE COULD SAVE LIVES BY “Being There” — Inspired by Janni Styles 

Show people who hurt deep within a blessed love of Jesus, letting them know how much you care about them.

These days, I spend most of my time on WordPress reading people’s stories and inspired teachings. One of those I read was that of a fellow blogger who’d gone through a lot in her life. 

Most people criticize those who tell their stories of attempting suicide—either through drugs, drowning themselves or by hanging. They just spread foolish words like, “You’re so silly! Why didn’t you just relax and let it just pass! None of these things lasts for long.” 

Such words only produce guilt in people’s hearts especially when it sounds as if you’re blaming them. It shows less or no understanding of their present situation. When we find people who go through hard moments such as being molested or abused sexually by someone that they get some problems, in the process, like almost being psychologically ill, if we’re readily going to infect them with our poison, it’s better to not meet them at all. 

Think about God! He comes into our pain to let us feel his love; that embrace of affection, assuring us that he’s going to help us through each moment of it, sort of saying, “I’m not here to add more pain to your present situation, but you must know, I’m right in it with you.” If God does this in the moments of our struggles, then our lives should reflect likewise—one of compassion (not being judgmental) —toward others. We often pray for the healing of the body, yet the healing of people’s bruised hearts is as important as the healing of their bodies as well. 
There’s nothing that gets such fellows,  who have been abused, molested; whom the world calls “insignificant”, moving on than knowing that there’re people who’re in it with them. No, don’t even say anything when they cry so hard; your being there alone is much encouragement to them, as much as an expression of your love toward them. Don’t get used to always saying something. 

Rather than building friendships with wealthy men and women whom you believe you might gain some financial aid from, build close friendships with those hurting folks whose lives seem to have been approaching their end. Who knows, your being there for them is big enough to get them live life again putting their hope in God. Avoid those guilt-inducing words and encourage them to call your attention whenever they need to talk. Above all, encourage them to enjoy God’s love for he’s right alongside them, NEVER TO LEAVE OR FORSAKE THEM. 

With that, you wouldn’t know how many lives you’d be saving from suicide by just being there. Your words could invite death or life in hurting lives. Rather than saying, “You didn’t do well by doing this. You’re such a failure!” or, “You should have done it this way”, you’d simply observe how they’ve gone so far and gently, lovingly encourage them by saying, “I believe you’re doing quite well. Even though, things are so hard, complicated right now, I know it’s gonna get better.” 

Don’t be so used to fixing people or even thinking you can fix their situations. Most don’t even know how to trust anymore because they’ve been made to believe everyone is just so good in hurting or inflicting more pain on others. Don’t try to convince them to trust you, just leave a space for them to feel the pain as you feel it with them, entrusting them to God’s hand. Instead of blaming them, embrace and comfort them, encouraging them that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Finally, such compassion and generosity should be a form of giving without trying to expect something in return. When we enjoy living like this and unrelentlessly share God’s love and compassion with the world, we share who HE is and how he walks with humans in the process of healing and expressing his affection. Some may graciously grow a hunger for God and yearn to also be a vessel for the manifestation and revelation of HIS LOVE AND LIFE in such a broken world. 


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