“God Was Never Unloving”

Dream of His awesome love

I pondered through a blog which I had read and then I had my mind on one of the many words during that moment, “God is more focused on the process than the product.” 
One truth is Father was never unloving: He has always been the loving Father who’s more concerned about our journeys than we are, and is able to get us through the process as we walk with him. We are often so concerned about the product—how we think we should become, or how we think God wants us to be—but rarely do we realize that the process is the foundation, and what we become is the product. Which is more important to be focused on? 

When we have our eyes on trying to become what we think God wants us to be, rather than trusting him to help us through the process, we either succumb to our abilities in trying to become that way. 

Gradually, our focus becomes perfection, so we have to struggle just to be perfect. Yet, Father desires to walk alongside in the process of our journey. When we focus our attention on perfection, we startup a life of struggle to get what God promises to make a reality in our lives. The result is frustration and anger toward God, plus a measure of guilt. His desire is that we just have to shy from trying to make something happen because He knows we’re not there yet. 
Isn’t it so blessed to wake up every morning in the reality that God is so loving and is treasuring to take us on this road each day, all by Himself? 


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