Love IS God’s Fingerprint 

That’s the cover of the new novel I’m writing.

    I’ve been writing on a story for a while now. It’s taking me over two months already to write what I’ve learned of God’s love as his fingerprint in our lives. I believe it’s the best story I’ll ever write! 


    JANE HARPER, an American student studying in Scotland, arrives Phoenix, Arizona to join her mom during the holidays. Days after her arrival, a storm—more like a tornado—sweep through the streets of the villages. Everyone finds their way to the underground hideouts while Jane limply carried firewoods to warm up the house because of those who had been affected by the cold before the storm. Her mom cries for her to abandon the sticks and save her life but she pleads with her mom to save hers instead. Unfortunately, the storm overtakes her and she’s recorded as missing by the Search Party. 

    Jane finds herself in the first Century about AD 58 on a mountain side, almost the peak, hoping to find her way back to Civilization. A man in his fifties arriving her became her guide to Ephesus. She discovers him to be John the Apostle, brother of James Zebedee. Her journey to Ephesus in the first chapter began her quest to comparing Christianity in the First Century to that of Civilization, realizing there was much difference, finding out that love is the Fingerprint of God that keeps the body of Christ together and leads people’s hearts to experience Jesus in all sides of their lives as love that transforms from within, aiding the renewing of the mind and fixing of our eyes on him. 

    Her journey to Corinth where Jesus’ mother, Mary was staying with Stephanas awaiting John, is the second chapter. She studies the reason why the Corinthians were placing themselves as followers of Paul, Apollos, Peter and finds out when we take our eyes off love, we think of being followers of the ministers of Christ rather than Christ himself. The similarities between that nature of division and the one at Civilization was explored and the way it’s compared will surprise you. 

    Other chapters of the story contains her journeys to Philippi, Thessalonica, Galatia, Rome, Colosse, with Paul and several others accompanying her. 

  • This is an exploration on Scripture proving that love is God’s fingerprint and that all the acts of God in the world are acts of love, confirming it to be his reason for Creation, his purpose, thought and action toward us. 
  • It brings an undeniable expression of love being an important part of truth and that sharing truth without love is catastrophic. While we enjoy loving people, we share Jesus with them as the Truth of God. 
  • Here, God is presented as loving, merciful and Sovereign, and where God is in the midst of the pain, sickness, disasters and wars in the world is discussed. 

    I hope this seems a great summary and hint on what I’m writing about this year. 

    Let’s be generous enough to contribute questions” in the comments box that deals with God’s love and what you think he’s doing in the world, and our lives as well. 

Thank you! 


4 thoughts on “Love IS God’s Fingerprint 

  1. Debbie L

    This is wonderful! I’ve never looked at it like this. I recently read how one blogger sees beaches as God’s way of showing us love – we both really enjoy beaches. So now I will look at it more as a love offering from our Lord. And now, to see God’s finger print in LOVE or when I see LOVE it will be God’s fingerprint!
    Love this part of the summary: “This is an exploration on Scripture proving that love is God’s fingerprint and that all the acts of God in the world are acts of love, confirming it to be his reason for Creation, his purpose, thought and action toward us.”
    But for those who don’t know the Lord, when they see terrorist attack upon terrorist attack, death and destruction from hunger, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., I see they are so confused that God can’t be love. They don’t understand how sin entered the world and that mankind has a free will. He allows these things to happen…and that is where we question Him. Why? I understand but do your readers?

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