LOVE JESUS WITH ALL YOUR HEART—Monday, 28th March, 2017

“And what does it mean to love Me? Love is the greatest commandment of the Father. All things are summed up beautifully in My love. Love is the perfect bond of peace. Love has no boundaries. I laid down My life for My brethren that they may be saved by My blood and now live forever even as I AM with My Father forever. 
“To love Me is to give all that you are to Me. If you love Me, you’ll not be afraid of dying for Me. You’ll honor Me above all else. You’ll worship no other but Me. You’ll give no honor to any such deity but Me, and only My Name will be found on your lips. 
“I AM God, and “BESIDES Me”, there’s no one else. Only My will triumphs in the heavens and in the lives of My own, My will will always be known. I AM able to hold you. I am able to secure you. In My hand, you are. Call upon Me and I will answer. 
“If you love Me, you will live as I lived when I walked the earth. You will follow My example. I have not called you to become like or walk in the footsteps of Paul, Mary, or Peter, but I have called you to walk in My footsteps. Let My Spirit guide you. 
“For the wickedness of men is increasing, and the heart of the Father is pained. But like the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of Israel, My Father sees My blood and grace is given. Yet, do not forget that grace is time. I AM coming soon! Unto men, the time is limitless, but I say to you, the limit is not far away, for I come quickly. Yet, I have no limit! For grace given to man is time given unto them to turn from their evil and see the finished work I wrought for them on the Cross. For there is no salvation in anyone else except through Me. Those who put their trust in any other have no salvation.” 

—This was received in an evening walk with God as Samuel read from Scripture. 
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