When Did The Gospel Shift? 

In recent years, whenever people try to preach the message of salvation, they try to transfer it from Christ crucified as a result of His love for us to a message used to endear people to God by preaching fear (terror, dread)—thus, listeners are guided to come to Him through fear rather than opening the Message of Christ as a display of God’s love for them. Then, we ponder why people come to Christ and experience no transformation in that affection He has for them. No doubt, it must have been really simple to see them express through their lips—He loves me—but do they love Him? When did the Gospel revolutionize from a message of love through His death to a terrible message about hell? 

This doesn’t mean hell doesn’t exist but it only means we are setting people’s eyes to see the wrong personality. Their salvation experience will have its foundation on dread of Him, and most do come to Him because they fear if they don’t, Father would throw them into hell. In a sense, there’s a hell people will get to if they die in their sins, but hell was never to replace the salvation mainly Christ crucified. 
If you read through the account on the Pentecost, you’ll realize how different the message Peter preached —so different from what we preach today. He gave an explanation of God’s love for humanity by sending Christ to die for the sins of man. There’s no mention of words pertaining to a mix of the true gospel and a threat to come to God lest He dumps them in great furnace of fire. Those who came to realize that it was love for a person to die for them came to love Him too after they saw He loved them to have done that. 
The human mind is so notorious that no matter how well we preach the message of Christ crucified and add some threat about hell or like a warning, they would suddenly grab the part about threat, not the information of His love. In fact, salvation wrought for humanity was mainly to save men from the world and make them sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God. 
In the days of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, a minister was visited by an officer and this minister was threatened. He didn’t deny Christ but testify he loves Him. The soldier was too and confessed Christ is a pretty nice chap because He was able to love him while he couldn’t love Him. He was touched by His love and was willing to die for Him too. It was about love, not preaching hell as a part of salvation Message. 
His love is where we get transformed; love is His Fingerprint. 


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