When This WALK Becomes PRAYER 

  Occasionally, some people teach another kind of prayer which takes the nature of activity that is completely different from the time we spend with God every morning or night before we go to bed, but in some way, there seem to be a prayer so intimate that it can’t be separated from quiet times. It’s more like an interaction with Jesus that goes on continually, not just at special moments. 

    Is it really possible for our walk with Jesus to be so much like prayer? Is prayer just a lifting up of our needs to God without knowing his heartbeat? Can this awesome fellowship with him be completely separated from our prayer life? It’s easy to try to distinguish both from each other without realizing that both can’t be separated. 

    I grew up with people who teach that prayers aren’t permissible in a quiet time, and all that’s necessary is just get the required books, study and meditate on them i.e think on them. That sounds incredible, but it has made most people serious critics, rather than people so loving to know prayer as breathing. Although, we can separate prayer from quiet times, we can’t remove prayer from it. 

    Prayer isn’t about swinging the hands as a demonstration of binding, casting, asking all about needs, healing, etc. Although, those are involved, I speak about intimacy in prayer. What do we call it? Talking to God, right? No, prayer is talking with God as he speaks and you reply and you speak, he answers your deepest questions and guides your heart to his will. 


    It’s not so easy to count the number of times I listen to these words, Quiet time isn’t prayer time, so don’t pray at that time. Just take up these books or the Bible and read both; perhaps, one or the other. 

    When I began having a personal moment with Father every morning, I spent some time reading the Bible and other times, I didn’t, but one thing I always found myself doing was talking with Jesus and amazingly, he was replying me and asking me questions which I couldn’t answer and he answered all my questions in the process. But, was this prayer or just a little bit of some conversation? It was prayer, no doubt! One problem such people have is the establishment of tradition in the name of quiet time — this is the way to do it, and that becomes more like a rule and less a Spirit-spirit communion. I could be in a quiet time and suddenly find myself pasting questions like: 

    “Lord, let your love fill me always,” which is completely a prayer, no less. 

    And Jesus replied with words like this, “You’re filled with My love because I AM Love and you’ve given Me your heart to show you how much I love you. Thus, out of the abundance of My love in you, you’ll freely love others. You can’t give what you don’t have.” 

    And I was like, “Oh, God this is amazing! You’re so great and awesome!” 

    Sometimes, my major encounters with Christ started up with a prayer-conversation like that. 

    So, is that prayer? Or is that some religion of some sort as some people call it? 

    Paul wrote to the Ephesians, PRAY AT ALL TIMES (on every occasion, in every season) IN THE SPIRIT, with all [manner of] prayer and entreaty. . . (Ephesians 6:18). He wasn’t advising them to put-in a “prayer time” which they could only use as a time to conversate or walk with this God who loved them so much. He was instructing them to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, and I call it PRAY WITHOUT SEASON in terms of no particular season of prayer but all seasons is a season of prayer, of opening our lives to God, to talk with him, walk with him closely as he breathes upon us. I do translate PRAY AT ALL TIMES as, Talk with Jesus at ALL times. 

    Isn’t it possible to pray At ALL TIMES? 

    Prayer has no season, rather it’s all season. It’s not necessarily the public demonstration and point given in the arena, or auditorium, but the opening of our lives to God as we talk with him. 

    While on the way, a bus, at work or at home, in a quiet time, we can talk WITH him as we listen for his replies. We can sense him in and around us as we walk with him each day. 
Just A Part Of Walking With Him

    Both prayer outside and inside a quiet time is just a part of walking with him. To walk with him isn’t all about the time we spend alone with him. Instead, it’s our openness to him each moment of the day. Now, prayer comes in, but we can’t really comprehend how that works if prayer is limited to a certain time or separated from talking with him. Prayer is the casting away of our will to him and embracing his will, decisions and guidance as we go through life. This is what makes Paul’s words, PRAY AT ALL TIMES to be translated to LET PRAYER BE AS BREATHING. 

    How does this become like breathing? 

    Jim, a colleger, wakes up early every morning to read the Scripture, then he thinks on what he’s read as he talks to God and God talks to him (prayer). He gets bathed, dresses himself up and grabs a great breakfast before he runs to school. In the process, he talks with God about the day, asking for his guidance in every bit of situation that might come his way. He’s more concentrated on Jesus and open to his Spirit. So, a girl gets sad, alone on a bench during break and he asks God if he would help him get to her and when he does, he finds out she’s in a great moment of need. Both pray together, before he walks her back to her classroom. Again, he finds himself giving out several words to God without realizing so. 

    However, one thing becomes clear! It’s impossible for Jim to do this praying everytime, just like everyone else can’t. We can only pray at all times if we give the Spirit the chance to do the praying (talking with God) through us. It becomes more understandable that our body is busy externally, but our spirit stands before God as the Spirit prays through us. 

    Therefore, trying to lay down a rule that one must not dare to pray in quiet times isn’t only a tradition, but also an obstruction to let the Spirit pray through us at will. 

    Don’t get surprised when someday one follows this rule and the Spirit does otherwise, so you’ll just have to realize that praying in the Spirit at all times isn’t a tradition and can only be done through the Spirit of Christ. 

TAKEN FROM: Your Walk with Jesus by Bob Hernandez. 

Lovestream Ministries Copyrighted property. 


6 thoughts on “When This WALK Becomes PRAYER 

  1. Samuel Junoi Samuel

    I know blogs are really not enjoyable without photos. It’s been this way for a while, so I’m still working on getting a new device since this I use doesn’t allow me to upload photos to wordpress.

    Thank you!



  2. LucyJartz

    I enjoyed this discussion of experiencing the presence of God, and considering it prayer to be in continual companionship.You have helped me liken prayer to a walk or dinner together that is not all conversation, but is also awareness of one another’s company.
    Have a blessed day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. janjoy52

    If I am in Christ and He is in me and the Father makes His abode in me and I am the temple of the Holy Spirit it makes perfect sense that every conscious moment of my waking day I include Him in my thoughts and look for His guidance, counsel and reactions also. The devil loves to divide us from our Father and Good Shepherd. He chains​ us to rules and formulas and expectations like the Pharisees that cared more about how they appeared to others than what they looked like to God. Jesus came to free us from form to become captivated by joy and love. We are new creations in Christ Jesus. He is not about religion. It’s about Family!👍😁❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samuel Junoi Samuel

      Great words, Janjoy!
      I enjoyed reading these over and over again, ” it
      makes perfect sense that every
      conscious moment of my
      waking day I include Him in my
      thoughts and look for His
      guidance, counsel and reactions
      also.” Oh my! Those words are summed up in a word, RELATIONSHIP void of routine, lost in reality.

      I’m thankful you stopped by. It’s being a blessing!


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