Where Do You Go To Church? 

Oh, it’s quite a day with some extra-stuff-stuff-stuff; much hopes on my side on finishing my secular novel — Secret Devils — which details much consequences that could arise when parents hide important secrets from their children and those secrets become devils good enough to destroy the family. No doubt, all are God-believing people residing in the Philippines. 

That’s just a hint of what I’m working on. . . 
Where Do You Go To Church? has been a real question in people’s minds when they spot a fellow not taking his pew every Sunday morning. First, in the early 300 years of the Church, there was no structure other than the homes of the believers where they met to build each other up, though, they met in the temple too simply because they were other believers who had duties as well as several priests among them also believed and some were constantly there, but the home was actually the perfect place they shared God’s life together. Then, Constantine, a Roman Emperor came in and united Christianity and paganism as one, a State Religion as well. However, some time later he ordered the construction of church buildings so believers and pagans could have this points of worship and gradually, the thought of church as a body of Christ shifted to a structure which everyone was commanded to attend as compulsory by his successor Emperor Theodosius. Church attendance became compulsory. 

That’s why we now have branded names as if we are so divided and all these I’m a member of the Gospel Source Church, and which one do you belong? Which church do you attend? As if church attendance is what determines our followership of Christ on this journey. The early Christians only had an idea of an organic church, not an organized one built with polished structures and millions or billions of dollars, peso or pounds but it was a group of people often citywide or each person recognized as a part of it. 

Since these believers never followed this attendance is compulsory, if you don’t go, you go to hell it’s most likely our tradition is based on a Pagan Roman Emperor’s law and less a God-ordained fellowship, or network of believers. New church, old church, another church, former church: all these are just fake terms that doesn’t relate to the church. They are related to buildings which we have called Church. 

Do you realize that the church isn’t any place or building but you? Since you are, how can you go to yourself? The church isn’t something you go to but a body which God has grafted you in. So, you don’t need this talk of joining a church, starting up a new one as if it’s some woods we can fix. Instead, be a part of the body which you already are and love other believers, share this journey of fellowship with them. You won’t be able to describe it when you finally see that the church has always been around you! 


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