“Not Your Quotes” 

It’s not necessary that when you approach a brother encountering painful circumstances, you render your bogos quotes and rebuke them for one lack of faith or the other. Most don’t even know how to react to situations like that which they find streaming up in their lives. They just want to be understood, not your long sermons. They just want to feel loved, not a scary environment of condemnation and demands for accountability to you. 

    Where love is substituted with all these actions and what we think they need to change them, people end up frustrated and they get shoved away from the loving hearts they hoped brothers and sisters possess. Instead, they don’t need you to change them because we just can’t. God is the one who does! Rather, love them and open and leave for them an environment where they can be loved and sense the Presence of God enveloping them, coming into their pain to show them he’s right in it with them. An environment where they are free to be known for who they really are and where such lifestyle isn’t guarded by ethics but a Love that transforms them in the loving arms of Christ to make them into the wonderful people he wants them to be. 

    People are changed when they are led to follow Christ and listen to him guide and show them that they are already loved, no matter what they go through. Our job is to encourage them on the journey to see Christ as victorious in all circumstances. Many will end up abandoning our laws to live in this freedom and peace that abides in him; where their lives can free others to hurt when they are hurt and joy when they are joyful. 

    Most of these don’t need an over-quotation of Scripture to have them bend to what you think they ought to do to stand such circumstances. They ought to know that loving heart who beats for them each moment. They will discover it in the process of following him. 

    When we let ourselves get in the way of the Spirit, we prevent him from freely doing the touching through us. We don’t need to struggle to touch them to try to change. Sometimes, it could be ‘struggling’. Let the Spirit touch others through us. When we let him do, we’ll be doing the loving as he speaks the words. Sometimes, our being there loving them is more than a thousand words struggled out. 
You may use this as a guest post if you hope to! 



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