When CHURCH BECOMES A Business Organization

This is your paycheck for the work done this month!
This is your paycheck for the work done this month!

Two days back or last Friday afternoon about 1:30pm, Daniel and I spent the brief walk to our usual parting point, talking about this life in Christ when it unexpectedly jumped into another interesting part of a kind of conversation I have most of the time. He wondered why church these days shifted all the way from City-wide elders-at-large to some institutional system having an authority, “The Church Board”. It sounded funny though but it was compared to The Board of Directors in public Corporations and other Enterprises who actually run it as an organization trying to promote conformity. 
Ministry has actually become a means of livelihood where anyone can make profit from. Although, there are wonderful people, most have been thought it’s the best way to do it. As church became an organization which anyone may run mechanically, there are people who can now be employed as workers to manage the system but everything is hidden under a cloak: “working in service for God” but it doesn’t change the fact that the usual pay-check is no less different from the usual “salary”. 
Why can’t we just be true? Why should we hide beneath the verse that says, EVERY LABORER DESERVE THEIR WAGES when what is talked about in Scripture is actually different. Ministry isn’t a job we do for a living! Every laborer deserve their wages, not in the sense of a paycheck released from a board where those who don’t perform better can have their own check withdrawn just like a salary. In the bible, we see the travellers being assisted on their journey and Paul himself had his needs been handled by several believers who took it that God laid it in their hearts to do that. It wasn’t salary, was it? God was actually doing the providing while Paul’s motive wasn’t about making anything out of ministry but because he loved Jesus. Father was big enough to fulfil that promise! 
Do ministry with an intention to make profit from it or become organized to do likewise, you’ll certainly be exploiting people to meet your needs rather than stick to the promise of God that every laborer is worthy of their wages. It’s God who pays every man as he deems necessary. 
Have a nice day! 


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