Living Connected 


I once dreamed of travelling to a Country in Asia, and when I realized God was the One guiding me to that, I couldn’t wait for it. To many, that may sound like a good “stuff” but these days, I feel there’s a nice thing about getting glad about seeing a people quite different from the color of your skin. 

You see, not getting to wait for God’s plan and just wanting it NOW the moment He mentions it, is no less a fool’s journey. I can agree I was that FOOL those days, just like I am in some part of my life these days, but it was more a good way to learn to live connected to both the past and future as we walk with Jesus in the present. 
A dreary past shouldn’t be considered garbage to be thrown away as USELESS: God wants us to learn from them, rather than spend the whole day sad and live as if disconnected from this Lovely Father who can weave our dreary past to work for our good. He’s not scared about what we did In the past or what we have done today which is self-guided, but He’s willing to guide us out of it if we just ask His help. 
I was disconnected from Him in many ways when I felt I had wasted the opportunity of visiting such a marvellous place and meeting new people, and that was my error. If I had spent the days back then walking with God in what he was doing, I never would have lived so disconnected from Him. I was so afraid of missing God’s will, and that’s why I did! I was afraid of the future and fear conquered me. I gave in to pornography, was insulting and had a dead spiritual identity. I was disconnected! 

Learning to live with, in and for God requires that I learn from my errors in the past and not be destroyed by my failures; walk with Jesus in the present in spite of the worldly pleasures and future plans, knowing that I am to worship God, not HIS PROMISES; and live a life not afraid of what comes ahead in the future. 
Living connected is all about being intimate with Jesus, no matter what comes and trusting him to help with the NO when it comes to temptation.   

The result of this is peace, and the assurance that we rest in God’s will no matter what He permits in our lives. 
We will receive many whose lives will challenge ours to walk with the Father as he desires that we will. Others whom we once knew as best friends and had the best conversations with and received much help from may be those who may turn their backs on us when we choose this wonderful journey where Christ is Savior and Lord over our lives, guiding us each moment and separating our hearts from the worldly ways of life; teaching us to stay connected to Him as we listen to His Spirit in us as our Guidance Counsellor. Through this, we will walk with Him with boldness in the past, present and future. 
Blessed be the Name of God! 


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