In friendships, I have witnessed much misunderstanding and break ups or should I say people who once loved each other affectionately in Christ, separate because of a certain misunderstanding. 
Yes, for the fact that we are Christians doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt, but what do we call this journey of getting to know each other “friendship” right? 

If it’s friendship, then there’s every possibility that we will get hurt. WHY? Humans are not God! Yes, they need to show some understanding, but a wise friend or brother getting to know his brother will know that getting hurt is part of the process of knowing each other. Man is not God! We expect too much from them and treat them like they can’t make mistakes. We are to forgive each they make. And if we try to withdraw from these brothers who hurt us in the process of learning to know us, we are most LIKELY to withdraw our LOVE too. Whether you see that or not, it’s true about relationships. Jesus said to forgive a brother/friend even if he wrongs us 70 × 7 times in a day. Do you think hurting me 490 times a day is possible? It’s not! Jesus was actually saying we should forever forgive and not just forgive, but also forget. Though, we can also be careful about such a person if he hurt us intentionally but we must forgive. I believe the hurts we get from friends who are trying to know us in areas which they never knew, are unintentional. 
After all, God knows that in the process of knowing him we will make mistakes, and it’s through that we learn. It’s true we dont have to wait to make mistakes before we learn. Only God never make mistakes, and most people view and treat mere men like God, expecting much of them. 
This is one of the saddest part in friendships and Christian relationships which we must learn to handle with Wisdom to save ourselves from the thought that we are loving, while we are not, toward that person. 


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