Where Is God In A World Of Pain? 

WE all go through hundreds of things in our days on earth, and also witness numerous things which happen to others in their lives as they live on this planet. Then suddenly, we begin to wonder where God is while all of those events were occurring and why he didn’t perform a miracle to save the precious souls of the victims. 

  • Oh no! Ma’am Cassie had an accident. She was a good christian woman. Where was God all the way? 
  • The building in Phoenix, AZ collapsed and 60 lives were lost. Some were christians while thirtythree were non-christians. I can’t believe God would ever let his children die this way! 
  • My daughter’s little child who became 4-years old yesterday just died this morning. She was playing in the garden and fell on a stony path. We rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said she was alright. Thirty minutes later, we discovered she was dead. This isn’t fair. 
  • Mr. Hans had an accident last week. We had been telling him to give his life to Christ but he refused. Now, God killed him for his unbelief. Everyone, be warned! 

The truth about that is that God has always been where he always has, and sees everything that happens in the earth, not excluding poverty, sickness, plane crashes, motor accidents etc. All these mess never existed in the beautiful world which God created until sin came into the world; and with it came death, darkness, accidents and many more but God never was the reason why all these death, accidents were happening. They are all what sin has done to the beautiful world which God created, and this had an effect on man too. 
To understand this, 

  • God has awesome plans for his creation and has planned a great future for mankind. He created the world with the laws of nature and he also brought salvation to man through Christ when he fell. As the Creator, he doesn’t wish evil for his creation. His will is always his plan. He wills everyone to come to repentance but not all do; for they may disobey his will but can’t frustrate his ultimate purpose. 


Not everything that happen on earth is approved by God. Most happen by his permission. All of that which he approves is in bible. He approves that: 

  • We should come to him and be children in his household. 
  • We obey his Son and love one another. 
  • We preach the gospel and help those who are still immature to become mature believers in Christ. 
  • We use the Name of Christ as he has commanded us to. 

He already approved: 

  • The birth of Christ; 
  • His death and resurrection; 
  • His return to get his people; 
  • The end of the world etc which can’t be changed because they are already in his signature. 

Almost everything that happen in this world happen by his permission and this doesn’t make him the responsible cause of what happens. He is responsible cause of all that he approves, not all that he permits. 
So where is God in this world of pain? He is always where he has been. It’s an error to say that he causes or approves war, inflicts suffering or causes accidents. Even if he can restrain such from happening; he doesn’t do it so often. 

His miracles are his extraordinary acts; not his normal acts. We send him blames which he doesn’t deserve when we keep looking to that side of seeing miracles as his normal acts. 

Most things in our lives happen because of secondary causes (Satan; natural disasters; man and animals). If a house collapse, it’s not God who’s responsible for it. Those who built it are, since there’s every possibility that there was a weak construction. The actions of other people could be beneficial to us; and at thesame time it could be so harmful to us. We are part of the human scene! So we might be expecting him to perform a miracle by adding more brick-blocks to it to hold it firm but he doesn’t normally do that. It was only permitted because he didn’t save the building. 

He permits Satan to tempt people but he doesn’t approve it; and he also will not let Satan tempt us beyond that which we can bear. The laws of sowing and reaping; cause and effect; good and evil still continue without interference because he’s still permitting it until Jesus comes. 
God never approved death. He only permitted it. He warned Adam and Eve that they would die if they tasted of the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge and it did. He had the power to stop it but he didn’t. He permitted it. He never wills a person’s death even if they were terrorists; drug dealers; lesbians and gays (which are all defilers of his laws) but all these are part of the sowing and reaping, cause and effect laws that governs the earth. He created us to choose between good and evil; right and wrong and now, he has given us his spirit in us to guide our hearts and feet to the right path. He is able to guide us away from the dreariness which the sin has caused in the earth but all we have to do is LISTEN. 
If you tell your child, “Sit there! Don’t get up until I come!” if he does, he won’t get hurt or face an accident. But if he doesn’t listen and goes to the place you warned him about, if anything happens to him, surely you will cry and be heartbroken; but you’re not responsible for it. You ain’t the responsible cause! You never approved it but there was nothing you could do. 
Likewise, God is Omnipresent because he sees all things even before they happen. His spirit in us isn’t a mistake. He had reasons for doing that! He knows Mr. Hans would have an accident if he went on that journey but he never could discern the voice of God since he was never sensitive to him. God permitted it but never approved it. 

Those who died in the crash of the building must have been guided one way or the next but weren’t discerning enough and got caught in it. 
Finally, to answer the above question, Where Is God In A World Of Pain? God is in the world guiding us in spite of the darkness in the world which may cause us unmeasurable pain. He is simply in thesame world we are in, offering the help required (and if he desires – a miracle); the help we need. It depends on us to make a choice to accept his help or try our own way. 
Imagine how silly it is to blame God for being a diabetes patient, when all his life he consumed much sugar. Advice from others tell it causes diabetes, but he refused, saying, God will heal me even if it happens. It happened and God once sent word to you through others but you foolishly rejected it. 

This doesn’t mean we won’t encounter pain, hurt or suffering on our journey; but rather than cry God Why? we can simply join him in the work he’s doing in our lives through those circumstances. 


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God bless. 


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