Never Alone

No matter tough days are, with God we will move on.

We sometimes don’t like being in a TIGHT
SPOT and hate confrontation; but such tough
moments are the best parts of our journey as
we rely on God’s ability rather than ours.
The way may seem blocked and there may be
no way to solve the problems we encounter in
the present but God has a full knowledge of
how it began and how it will end but we can’t
get to the GOOD end of it if we try become
angry, feel frustrated and fight our way
through. Let God DO the best part he’s got
and let’s BE as we watch him guide us
through those moments.
Sometimes, he puts the answer in our heart
and guides us to follow it that way. When we
conclude things will end up being bad, we use
the power in our tongue to build something
stored up for days, hours and years ahead.
When we just let God do what he thinks best
and conclude that we only know the beginning
but have no idea of the end, we are getting
out of the way (rather than stand in his way)
to let him do what is God’s will.
This doesn’t mean you won’t get confused,
face hard times and moments that seem to try
spoil your day. You will, but your love for and
trust in Jesus will make the way clear.

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