Life Partner Could Be In Or OUT


This may be against your belief but even if
you’re of one religious group that suggests
that you must only marry someone who is
the same denomination with you, you better be
I was in a house taking tutorial while the
grand father began a talking session about
teens who’re ready for marriage but were
restricted by church (institutional) law from
marrying someone outside of the church’s
congregation. The time came when unmarried
persons in the church were asked to stepout,
and they were paired one to another whom
they would consider a life partner.
I know this sounds way against God’s will in
finding a life partner even if the scene looks
godly but the step isn’t. What if such action
place people just away from marrying the one
whom Father already had in mind for them?
Most of us can’t think outside marrying a
person from our own local congregation due
to facts that it may incur strange habits from
kinsmen and women in the local group. Such
fact is also outside God’s intention when his
intention is ‘ask-me_-for-the-perfect-choice’.
I have read through books and magazines
finding such mentality and people whom I met
in the JW, and other religious systems that
insist people ought to obey such a law. I got
a thought,
could be any congregation. This doesn’t mean
that one can’t find one IN the system but why
should God’s name be tagged to a manmade
law? Finding a life partner outside of God’s
will is the reason why there are broken
marriages; one godly dad, an ungodly mom, or
the other way round. I have heard stories
about the man losing his woman or the
woman losing the man after marriage or years
of being together in marriage. I ask thesame,
“What if it wasn’t God’s will?”
Why? The reason is , I don’t think God simply
misunderstands this, “A life partner is one
whom you would spend the rest of your life
with.” He’s willing to give you one whom you’ll
spend your entire life with, not someone with
whom you’ll spend only less than half or just
half of your life with.
All he says is, ASK ME; JUST ASK ME.”
It takes time to find two persons whom God
sets as a perfect match but it would be simple
if we could just get off our thought or
religious law that displays itself as Father’s
will when it’s not.
Even Paul never mentioned such in his letters.
He encouraged the believers to marry someone
who’s in Christ, not someone in a certain
religious group (I Cor. 7:39). He said that to
widows but such is for all. Someone in Christ
whom God has said is his will.
So Take Your Time.
Don’t be in a hurry. God is big enough to
connect your life-partner to you, no matter
where they are in the present.

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