THERE are moments when we realize that we must choose between God and others. That's a crossroad.

There are moments in our lives
When we must choose between God and
These are people we love a lot;
Including our best persons in the world.
Such decision is harder than being beheaded.
A person beheaded faces pain once for all,
But choosing God attracts scorn from others.
Such scorn is continuous unless they become
But we would have failed God too bad.
Choosing them attracts much favor from
But that’s the reward.
Such reward vanishes like smoke with time.
With God, all things are possible.
There are many impossibilities with us,
But God is more than thousand counselors.
Be it parents, brothers, sisters or spouse;
Choosing God is the best option.
There is no wrong in failing others when it is
that we must choose —-
Choose between God and they.
When they seem to act against his opinion,
And are never ready to understand,
The crossroad becomes clearer.
There is the choice to make.
The choice which we must,
Between God and others.
God is.

Samuel J. Written 20/6/16

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