The PRAYER Habit

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                 Jesus’ Life Of Prayer

Most believers today rarely believe in a life of prayer.
This is a result of the jargon, misunderstood concept of prayer. While some argue that Jesus spent time praying in a temple crying out loud for all to hear and speaking tongues not understood by others around him, others are already disagreeing that he did any of that. Their concept of prayer implies that Jesus was actually sitting still like a Babylonian statue, going on meditations and just pouring his heart to God as he kept nodding his head.

That’s quite the words of a nincompoop, I agree – but even if you haven’t found such people, I can assure you there are, and I have met so many of them.

And I will tell that NONE of those really touched my heart as the bible did. Those were fallacies!

The bible has it that Jesus prayed so often in awareness that his prayer knew no boundary. He was/is God’s Son but I doubt that we can’t live that life of prayer which he lived.
His ministry began with prayer and he ended it with prayer.
He prayed with his disciples.
He prayed to multiply the bread and fish to feed the five thousand and four thousand.
He prayed when guests asked to see him.
He prayed before he raised Lazarus from the dead.
He prayed when he was on the cross. How? When? It was a prayer of forgiveness toward his persecutors. It’s intercessory or incendiary prayer.

There are still so many details when Jesus prayed which will occupy more pages if I spent time mentioning them.

There’s no detail that Jesus was limited in his prayer life. Once, he said lock your door  when you want to pray to the Father and yet, there were times when he talked to his Father openly. Jesus was obviously talking about closing our hearts to prevent it from getting disturbed by external and internal thoughts.

His prayer life was all about talking to his Father.
Yes, prayer is all about talking to God.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s the peace in your heart that makes praying simple and easy. It’s the faith in your heart that makes you see the impossible as possible.

Jesus prayed before raising Lazarus but he didn’t first pray in the temple or on the mountain. He prayed right there; just before that grave.
He wasn’t standing before Lazarus’ grave when he prayed upon the fish and bread which was a little boy’s meal but fed 5,000 persons.
He was standing somewhere.
Yes, he was standing somewhere! Where? He was standing right before his Father talking to him and both were agreeing on what must be done.
We don’t need a temple as a permanent place where we must be before we can pray. I assure you, all you need is the presence of your heavenly Father with you as you talk to him and you have faith that it is done.

Since Jesus lived a life of constant prayer, I’m sure it’s possible with us too. We’re told to pray without ceasing but we sometimes don’t think it’s possible. We’ve got much work to do.
Most have Sunday as the only day to talk to God.
Prayer becomes a ritual rather than a lifestyle.
Jesus prayed to his Father each moment. He mayn’t have said a word out before you but you will notice he is ’cause of his strong connection to his Father.
We can pray while going to work.
We may be driving, but it doesn’t stop us from talking to him. Our teaching job doesn’t stop us either.
I’m so good at making errors but I think the more time I find my heart simply talking to Jesus, I don’t have the consciousness of making any.
Prayer can be breathed anywhere. It becomes as simple as breathing! When we realize the kind of prayer which Jesus took as a lifestyle, we’ll stop making prayer seem ritualistic.
Something ritualistic is that which when you fail to do it, you begin to think that guilt rises inside you.
When prayer becomes a lifestyle, you won’t do it in the name of ritual but a result of the standing you have with Christ. It becomes part of you.
It mayn’t be wrong to have a prayer time, but the error is only seeing that moment as the time for real prayer.
No prayer is useless when it comes forth from a heart agreeing with God’s will.
Our prayer time shouldn’t serve as a limit to constant prayer. Jesus wants us talking to him everytime, not necessarily our prayer time.
Have prayer become part of your life, then you won’t think of anyway you can substitute it.

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