Something BEHIND The Stone

David's stone and sling aren't just capable of defeating the Philistine giant. There was a power behind the stone.

     King Saul and his Israeli brethren were so scared of the Philistine because he was a real giant: about 9 fts   tall, had a large sword which was good enough to crush men at the same time and his shield was carried by more than one man. What else? Saul was only focused on the size, the the appearance of the human who was right before him. Yes, they all feared!
     That’s why they thought David to be a fool when he insisted he would face the giant. His brothers doubted him, insulted him and even tried to stop him but he knew who he was. He was more than the shepherd’s youngest son. He was a King’s son who had the greatest power in the world. Yes, and HOW? (We’ll see that minutes below).
    The fight began. . . the giant raged at the boy and he escaped the giant’s sword but only a stone. . . yes, only a stone was able to bring the heathen hero down.
    However, there was something behind the stone with a greater force and power applied that was able to sink into the heathen’s skull.
    It was the Spirit behind the sling! It was the spirit that was the mighty force that pushed forth that stone with every power involved. When it brought down the heathen, there was a spiritual victory as well as the physical victory.
     There was faith on David’s side that opened doors when he said, The Lord Who delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. 1 Samuel 17:37. David had faith in God and the Lord was with him.
     In our day how rarely we have faith in God. How rarely we realize that David’s stone was just a symbol of the words which we say and are empowered by the Spirit to change every situation which the world doth term impossible. What empowers it? The spirit of God. As we speak in the Name of Jesus, His Spirit empowers those words of ours and makes it a reality.
     When we pray for the sick before the Lord through the Spirit by the Name of Jesus, those words we speak are empowered by him and are like stones of power thrown against the enemy and the soul is set free. However, doubt is the enemy of faith.
      Peter was able to identify with Christ when he said to the lame man, Arise and walk! Not that Peter had to pray and pray and pray to let the power be released to enable the lame man’s walking. All he did was use the Name directly since there is power in the Name.
      The one who walks with God is also like that sling. He is used to speak those powerful words that can shake the enemy gate.
      Circumstances oft come our way but it’s not the bad part. It’s what makes the moment interesting! The bad part is facing these circumstances; these demoniacal forces (which God permitted, to show the world his power) without recognizing that Jesus has put all these under his feet. We don’t have to claim it! It’s already done. . . Now we can move without any sense of inferiority toward the enemy because the Spirit is in-charge within us.
       For when the Lord had authority over all the kingdoms and powers, he said we will do even more. He gave us the Name to use freely, fearlessly without giving room for the enemy.
      Therefore, since we are the body of Christ, we also have authority on earth to use that Name to free the captive in every way.
     All we need is that faith!
The Name in itself is not powerless even if it seems these days we lack a real amount of faith.
    When dealing with these spiritual matters, we should avoid being Hopers when it comes to handling the heavenly authority. Hope in itself is very good but how does it look when the Lord says, Samuel, in three days time, I’ll deal with your bill!!! Suppose my bill is over $1000, I may see it as an impossibility and conclude, I hope so. . .
      Is that faith?
No. . . such a person is faithless and can easily be distracted but if he just says Yes You Are Able. That’s a testimony! Nothing seems to have happened yet but you’ve seen it already.
    When you are faced with a terrible situation, don’t say, The Lord will do it; and don’t say The Lord Can do it. Conclude it to the last side of it,
             THE LORD HAS DONE IT!

That alone gets heaven in rejoicing and songs of praise. That feels your heart with praise and increases your sense of his presence in greater way.
    Before men, David was the idiot.
    Before God, he was a superman. A man with the supernatural ability or power and authority bestowed on him by God.
      Why HAS rather than CAN or WILL?
      Because in Christ, we have everything.
      The battle is WON.
      The victory already is.
      We no longer see any need to fight for victory.
      We stay in the already achieved victory of Christ.
     Our fight now becomes defensive rather than offensive.
     We secure the already won victory. 
     In Christ, we are victorious.

Praise God. . . In Christ, I am victorious.

Let’s follow Jesus with this  kind of faith and we will never try to have it any other way.

Praise God.

Samuel Junoi Samuel



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