Church-Culling: the separation of those who feel right from those who don’t seem to.


     Seeing the church in its present state is big enough to make me cry. But I know Christ will erase our divisions in the days ahead. That brings joy and happiness to my heart. Worthy is the Lamb!!!


  Words from a heart that hates division. . .

     When there are mature believers and those who still are far from maturity, have many flaws and weaknesses, whose lives are spiritually empty or those mature ones who have different view points from that which we do or are basically failing in one area of life or the other, is there need for division?

             Don’t Separate Or Divide!


     Especially here in the West, once there’s a certain failure or weakness, flaw or imperfection, the healthy side of the Western Church usually embark on dividing or separating from the ones who are still far from the point they are in or are failing one thing they already have comprehended. Wherever there’s separation in the body of Christ or among individuals, there’s the presence of the religious spirit. It’s the religious spirit that causes people-groups or individuals to embark on splitting as an option to solve the differences between them. Of course, it’s no use as long as we are living unbiblical like heathen men. Rather than engaging in The Ministry Of Encouragement, we would be busy joining the enemy in scattering Father’s people abroad.
     When we find out that there’s much disagreement, in-fighting, the next system isn’t church-culling but breach-repairing. We are to be the repairers of the breach and join the Lord in saving many other brethren in the body.  
      Suggesting culling as an option for clearing our many imperfections is useless. It’s no different from running away from our responsibility in aspect of the body of Christ. Christ wants an undivided church, wholly united, not one  which is fault-finding but that which desires unity among the believers.
    Thus, separating from these others increases the gap which exists among us, rather than breach it. What if Paul had separated from Peter the moment he found out Peter was no less engaging in hypocrisy? (Galatians 2:11-13). Several others had joined him in the act of which Paul opposed them. What would a mature believer (though quite young in years of conversion to the apostle who was with Jesus while he walked the earth) do when he discovered that his friend hadn’t learnt what he had learnt? Would Paul separate himself from Peter, Barnabas and others who were involved in the hypocritic attitude which Paul found Peter exhibiting?  Of course not! He opposed his behavior and opened Peter’s eyes to the truth (vs 14-22). If there’s anything we can stand against in the process of erasing disagreements, it’s those attitudes which are wrong and obverse to the Truth. We shouldn’t stand against anyone no matter their weight of blindness. Paul discovered that and was clear enough in conscience to humbly point to Peter that he was strictly against his hypocrisy, not him.
      Anytime you find people withdrawing from others because they found a little or some fault in them, they’re sure to also be withdrawing their love. Love is always committed to saving others no matter the errors in them.

    It’s Easy To Cull Especially Through The Rat-Hole Of The Box

     Our religious boxes are good enough to encourage culling among people-groups. However, we shouldn’t be stupid! It happens anywhere! For instance, Living Stone Church had the best Sunday-service (speaking religiously) but suddenly, there’s a news that it isn’t as it was 7 years ago. It’s ministers are more focused on the offerings and are concerned about the building’s expansion. People begin to withdraw from attending. Why? There’s an error! Who should fix it? Isn’t it easy to fix?
     Who can? When the attention is on fixing the error in the organized, you’re bound to be the next heretic. If you mention one word, there’s surely to be an uproar. So who should fix it? Next, you find people slipping out the hole of the box, for perhaps, no one can fix it.
     The truth is there’s no one whose ideas will be bought in the process of trying to breach the gap or correct the errors. They’ll take you for a poultry-chicken. Therefore, culling is always possible in the organized but breaching the gap or erasing errors is almost impossible except for change of heads.
     However, if the people are living as an organic body; more like a family under Father’s  authority, correcting or breaching the gap is possible and easy, for none is bossy but there exist a brotherly affection. The culling process may never even exist, for the church is not adapting an organized system that opens a chance for its members to find a moment to separate themselves from others who lack the knowledge they do.
      In the early church, while they spent time on food distribution, there was a complaint. The Greeks complained their wives never got as much as that of the Hebrew women. There were changes made! The Greeks didn’t have to leave or separate themselves in the name of minding their business. They brought out what they thought was best and the others looked into it, dealt with it and solved it. Why? There was no possible way that people would have to separate from others where the church was seen as a whole body.
     What makes division easy and possible these days is the extent of which more denominations seem to be built. If there were no denominations and the body was seen as a city-wide church, most problems we have these days won’t be there.
      To the extent to which division has grown is the same extent to which unbiblical and false doctrines have. If there were no divisions, perhaps, all the disagreements may seem simple to handle.
       Our different denominations is also known as divisions.
    Let’s join Jesus in gathering his own and shame the enemy.




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