Deeper Than the LOVE Of Women


That is love indeed…

   Hi friends! Hope you’re doing great today? It’s the second week of March and I’m these days finding out how much God means to me and how much I can share the love in my heart with others. Yes, those moments when it looked like there are incredible ways I could really love them, I had to see why: first, I had to know God loves me even if I am just so far from perfection (at least, in my eyes) and next, I found it a blessing to discover that I could love others irrespective of their imperfections.
    Studying about loving others in spite of what the world says about them, I remembered an intriguing story; really, a life+long relationship between two men. One was a King’s son who was supposed to be the next king after his dad dies. The other was no less a country-shepherd who had to tend his dad’s sheep, day and night. Yes, he was the last of the sons of Jesse, and was anointed as next king?
    So, what should I think? If I were in Jonathan’s shoes, (humanly speaking) I would fight for the throne and look for every way to get it. However, Jonathan’s love for David was more than concern for the Royal Throne: IT WAS THE LOVE WHICH WAS DEEPER THAN THE LOVE for WOMEN.
     He loved David and promised he (David) would be the next King after Saul. Would a human mind ever say that? No, it was a LOVING HEART who said that.

He Loved Him While The World Pointed Those Fingers At Him

    Love is always known for unbelievable sacrifices. To think Prince Jo. would spend his time trying to save a non-royal blood who’s going to become the King Of United Israel looks impossible and foolish to the natural mind. It was like Jesus’ death, the Jews thought him to be the chief-idiot on earth when he said he would sacrifice his life for humanity. It looked like a fool’s errand to Saul and it sure, seemed that way to everyone else who couldn’t look beyond Jonathan’s throne to his affection for David.
     In I Samuel 20, we find Jonathan assisting David in his quest for survival rather than siding his father in the devilish plans to kill God’s anointed King. That was love! The world had pointed the finger at him but one was enough to keep him moving.
    On our journey, do we really love others more than ourselves? (Vs 17) Jesus said the greatest expression of love is to lay down our lives for others. Jonathan was laying down his life for David. When Saul chased after David while he was in the wilderness of Ziph, Jonathan risked his life to encourage David, “fear not: for the hand of Saul my father shall not find thee; and thou shall be king over Israel, and I shall be next unto thee, and that also Saul my father knoweth (I Samuel 23:17).
   What a great sacrifice!

   We Can Love Others More Than The Love Men Have For Women


    It’s true that the love between a honest man and wife is sincere and strong that he’s willing to die for her. However, we don’t have to use words like ‘Christian love’ when describing how believers should love others. And there’s no principle that states how we should express that love toward them. Jesus himself is our perfect Love. If he abides in us, we will love others affectionately than the way we love women. Before we can love others unconditionally, it begins with the Love that already abide in our hearts. A heart that lacks the Love of God in it can not love. Where Jesus is, there is a river of love which the world can’t destroy. No matter every search for blames and accusations, love stands in to encourage and agonize with the sufferer. How? He spends his time loving and freeing others; dying for others in every way Jesus did.
     By dying for others, I don’t mean dying for a guilty person. How do we die for/with those brothers and sisters in Christ’s body? By agonizing with them in whatever they go through. Jonathan was certainly agonizing or suffering with David in everything. That’s what it is to really love!

               People May Mistake It

    I wonder how many Christians dare tell their brethren, ‘I love you affectionately’. The other is bound to think he’s talking about some homosexual act Or sexual feeling. If anything, Jesus talked about love as if it were his breathe. He loved the word, for he is Love. However, if those words were directed toward a certain woman, I bet that comes out easily. Brotherly love in the body of Christ should be so easy to express to each other as if it were a woman it was been expressed to.
   If we loved a woman, we would spend our time caring, loving and agonizing with her in whatever she was going through. If she had a court case, we would find the best lawyer and if it were a financial problem, we would offer the help we can just to show her we love her.
     Nevertheless, a christian should be able to express his love toward others not necessarily with words, but his lifestyle toward them. It’s true that most people show us affection because of what they expect from us. However, that’s not love! It’s greed! They mistook it for love, just as they mistook your affection to mean sexual desire of some sort: homosexual, etc.
    Love isn’t forced out! It’s the Son in you who loves others through you. Therefore live free and experience the wonderful life of one who loves, more than the love of women.


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