Venus-Christians: Science And The Bible II



Mercury do release the heat but Venus doesn’t.

     I finally discovered there was something more to life, especially Christianity when it comes to living. Some weeks ago, I walked over to the bathroom after my younger brother, Jerry had lectured us on the solar system, took a fine diagram of the Sun, earth’s moon and all the planets in the solar system. Such a meeting was so interesting that my mind got into it.
 “What if there were Venus-christians?” And “What if there were Christians like Mercury?” I was joyful because I understood what the Spirit was saying.

   Scientifically, the planet Venus is said to be so close to Mercury and second planet after the Sun which likely makes this planet gold-like. While mercury receives the heat from the Sun and thereafter, release it to the next planet which is Venus, it (Venus) receives the heat from both the Sun and Mercury. Instead of releasing the heat like Mercury, Venus retains it and then seems to be the hottest planet in the Solar System.

Is this any different from believers who retains hurt caused by those around them especially those best friends? If Mercury each moment hurt Venus, it retains the pain, hurt and anger inside of her but the Sun do hurt Mercury too. Instead of retain the hurt, pain and anger, it releases it.

We are sometimes imitating this attitude of retaining the pain, anger and hurt which we receive from others. Yes it’s true that releasing the heat of the pain and anger is quite hard but let’s remember that not one of us can release our pain, hurt and hatred except by God’s grace and mercy toward us.

   To whom should we release our pain and hatred? Not to the offender. Let’s release our heart to Jesus and he will take away our hurt and pain and  transform us from the inside. He will fill us with joy and happiness.

Let’s not forget: all these is all about forgiveness. Let’s keep forgiving even while they do the offending. The further we learn to forgive, the freer we become and it opens way for us to be Christ-like. Certainly, storing all the pain and hurt can get us explode from the inside but if we release it as Mercury does, we will find our lives becoming freer and freer from getting blackened inside. Instead of living a life of anger and pain, we will radiate the priceless mercy and grace of God.


       His Glorious Light Will Arise In Us.

                    An External Gold

     From the outside, Venus looks like gold, kind-ah beautiful but inside it’s hot and man is bound enough to FRY if he came any closer. It’s no different when we imitate such lifestyle. We may dress so well, have all the make-ups done, wear beautiful shoes and still miss everything that’s called Beautiful Inside. 
    Since our inside is filled piled hurt, guilt, frustration, insecurity, etc, we are sure to not forgive and love others and we would be the best at breaking friendships, Godly relationships, etc.

God says, “Deal first with the inside.”

     Forgiveness Gets Easy After Three

   Becoming a Venus-believer will have us peace-less. We will rarely have peace. Being a mercury-believer in this aspect of releasing requires that we also forgive. However, in this process, forgiveness gets simple after three processes. How sad we rarely recognize these ways that makes forgiveness simple. That’s the reason why we sometimes forgive and still try pamper the hurt, pain and frustration caused by our brother. Forgiveness is more than uttering words of “I FORGIVE YOU” just as love is more than saying “I LOVE YOU”.
     First, we are hurt by our brother but as the King’s children, we don’t need to let that hurt and frustration get rooted inside of us. No doubt, we first will feel the hurt but we should immediately let go.
     It was said of the Begum Bilquis Sheikh, once Muslim but converted to Christian, that when the Lord guided her to forgive her husband, she found it hard and again and again she felt separated from God. Then she took these steps which we’ve been discussing: (1) she knew she felt hurt and was hurt by someone. There’s no one to forgive if there’s no one who hurts. We must first realize we are hurt and recognize our inability to forgive. (2) she released her heart to God. What a primary part of knowing his mercy! She released it to him so he could take away her pain and fill it with his glorious, priceless love. (3) finally, she gave what she received from God. She released loving forgiveness to her offender (totally forgave him). She never felt like she was ever hurt. It was totally gone! When asked what she would do if her husband walked to her, she replied she would treat him like a king, serve him tea. She didn’t feel the hurt anymore.

    Therefore, this helps prevent us from harboring pain inside of us that leads to hatred, unforgiveness:
1. Receive the hurt and hand our heart to God.
2. He takes our hurt away and fills it with his love.
3. We release that loving forgiveness to our offender.

   May God bless us as we refuse the enemy’s plans of piling hurt in our hearts. Amen.

In his love,



6 thoughts on “Venus-Christians: Science And The Bible II

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus

    Thank you Bob for joining up with Freedomborn, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to visit you but I have had Health and Computer problems.

    A great message on Forgiveness, yes it’s very important to our Spiritual well being as you shared, hate and bitterness gives Satan a foothold, it’s like mixing poison for those who have hurt us and drinking it ourselves, it eats us away like Cancer.

    Thank you again – Christian Love and Blessings- Anne

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