THE MINISTRY OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Encouraging Others To Walk With Jesus



We are all in his hands and has given us each other for our good.

  Truthfully, before we can obviously encourage others to begin this amazing journey with Jesus, we must know ourselves. By knowing ourselves, I mean we should find out if we also are having a growing walk with him, if not we can’t encourage anyone to. The greatest gift we can ever offer a person after they become saved is the encouragement to join Jesus in having that fellowship grow.
     The moment we believed, it was the beginning of our relationship with God. However, it’s not we who need to maintain that relationship, for we most times overestimate our capability thinking we can build it. We can’t! It’s God who do. Ours is to maintain the fellowship with him. His is to maintain the relationship with us. Even so, we have full confidence that his part in maintaining this is 100% perfect.

    In what ways can I encourage fellow believers? You may ask. . . I will say there are several ways which God provided for this Encouragement Ministry, though the enemy is also using these ways to corrupt the hearts and lives of men.
    As Christians, the King’s children, we can use this to also change lives and encourage them to keep moving.

      The Ministry Of Encouragement

    We can joyfully encourage our fellow believers through these ways (if you haven’t been practicing these, am sure you could find this a great moment):

(a) Encouragement through face-to-face meetings/conversations: On this journey, Father has opened ways to encourage others to walk very closely with him. One of these is the direct conversations we may tend to have with others. This may be in discipleship programmes, local groups, through having meals together as we conversate, moments of group prayer time, etc. Just name them as God puts it in your heart. When this is done frequently, we will be having more and more of our brothers and sisters grow into him and live encouraged each day, no matter what they face.


(b) Encouragement through phone-calls: I haven’t got that perfect chance to use this part so well but I can admit I use it sometimes. I receive phone calls from friends whom I encourage on their journey and also encourage me on my journey. However, that’s rare with me! I don’t do that often. Are there people whom Father wants you to encourage through this way? Of course! We can use our money and time to save each other from falling into the enemy’s snare. If we can spend some time watching T.V., then we can also spend more time encouraging others. We can buy as much airtime to find out how they are doing and when we do, we surely will find God guiding us to encourage them in whatever areas they find themselves so close to “given up”. Gracefully, we will be able to encourage as many as a dozen people in a week.
(Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean you should spend all the day on phone calls. The ministry of encouragement is a ministry requiring guidance.)

(c) Encouragement Through emails, phone messaging and the net.: This has been my major way of encouraging believers. I have been blessed to encourage people from Alabama and also be encouraged by them to move on. I have talked with believers from California, Ghana, India, etc who have been a blessing to me as I have been to them. Meeting the Indians has always been my desire but I can say I rarely meet them these days. However, on the net, even if we don’t get to talk, we can use our posts to encourage each other. Rather than spend much time talking about this friend did this or that to me, look at my problems or blaming some people or throwing unnecessary insults, am sure we can use that moment or even more to encourage people. Don’t get if wrong! I don’t mean you shouldn’t share your burdens with others but each of these have got limits. You won’t know when you begin receiving words like, You don’t know how much I needed this. No. It’s not you! It’s God who deserves the thanks, so don’t forget to give it all to him when you hear those you encourage saying all of that.

                Don’t Forget Yourself!

    Just as amazing as encouraging others is, there’s something so much important that it’s possible that we might overlook its necessity. Let’s not forget ourselves! This doesn’t mean that we should rate ourselves above others or consider our needs above the needs of others. When encouraging others, we should remember to have the condition of our lives in good order not beaten or defeated. We can’t give what we don’t have. In order to encourage others who are in need of the encouragement, we who need to encourage them should have been encouraged and also staying strong in that part of life.

    Encouragement comes from knowing that you’ve learnt what I haven’t and I have learnt what you haven’t. Therefore, I’m glad to help you understand what you haven’t and stay strong in it, just as am glad as you’re also glad to help me in that part I don’t understand and help me stay strong in it.
     Once a certain moment when I was lost in pornography and didn’t know how to get out, God used a friend to get me out through wonderful encouraging words of God’s affection and love and power which is available to get me out of that sin. Till this day, I know I’m safe and saved because I see Christ’s finished work. Only knowing that he loves me was enough to get me out. With that, I felt his light inside of me and my friend that moment was also in need of encouragement. Therefore, she was also encouraged in that part of life where I was free and I was encouraged in that part of life where she was free.
    Therefore, don’t forget yourself! You’re not all+knowing nor are you mega-sufficient in yourself. You need encouragement too no matter who you are. God has provided you for this others and this others for you. In them, you’ve found him. Receive the encouragements he sends you through them. Don’t forget you also need it!

          You Can’t If You Never Love

    Certainly, anyone who really want to encourage others on their journey is someone who must be filled with love and affection for others. He must embrace their success and pain, failures and also share the burdens which is necessary. Though there are burdens which we must not partake, we require Father’s help in doing that.
    Love cares for others. Encouragement comes from a loving heart, humble and filled with the King’s light and life.

    Finally, don’t assume you must encourage others to gain a place in their hearts, for you never will. The job is God’s not yours, so let him do the encouraging through you. Encourage them with a “God bless you”, “God loves you”, “trust him, my brother, he’s got the best plan”, and many more. All these depends on the situation of the brother or sister in need of the encouragement.

God bless you as you practice this knowing that Jesus would have done more if he were here.

Also share this post with others. God bless. Amen.

In his Iove,



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