We ARE Becoming Even Worse Than Isis: Isis Bomb/Kill But We Do The same!



    I’ve been at church in the early years of my life and never loved what I saw or heard in there. The teachings, prayers and even relationships seemed like it was so dreary, always having a hook in it tying each person toward commitment to the rules and obligations. Yes, I hated it! And I bet, I was surprise to find out I was right. Christians have become so committed to false doctrines and opinions, causing divisions in the body. To me, these are WORSE than Isis.
    Isis bomb and destroy nations, show no mercy nor do they exhibit any feeling of compassion toward their victim. Are these different from what we find in today’s church? Is there any difference between what Isis are doing and what we are doing? Of course not! Isis hate and criticize any thing different from their religion (mainly Christianity) and what do we do as Christians? We do the same. We criticize each other and deal unjustly with anyone else all because there’s a different view, denomination, belief existing between us. We let the gap get wider, rather than prevent and deal with it.

     Isis are sure physical men with physical weapons used for destroying humanity. They themselves are weapons in the devil’s hands for terminating the lives of men. The devil believes he gets stronger by terminating men and keeping them in fear.
     What about the Christian?

Christians are to be the lights of the world but you know what? We’re living like Isis. We use our physical body to produce strong, deadly spiritual weapons which deepens enmity into men’s lives and by that, their hatred toward God gets deepened. They are unable to see his life in us. These days, we also live like weapons in the devil’s hands to intimidate and oppress others.
Our love lacks commitment to each other. The words (negative words) that evolve from our mouths are stronger and deadly than ISIS weapons. There’s a power that comes with each word, a very strong one.

Finally, in revolutionizing all these negative lifestyles, it must begin with us. Let’s be the people whom God is willing to use to reach out to this lost world. Gracefully, even ISIS members may come to know he loves them also. Let’s quit being ISIS-PARTNERS. Let’s join Jesus gather his people.

In his love,



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