The Breach


  In today’s church, we can agree that there’s a breach which is certainly a result of division, wrong doctrine and even unbiblical teachings which have caused separation among many brethren.
     You may see yourself this way, “I understand His end time move but these churches barely believe in Jesus” but don’t forget scripture says, “without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater” (Heb. 7:7). Therefore since you’ve been gifted with the wisdom of understanding these things which these others don’t understand, equip them to know it that despite their disagreement they can continually love each other and through reading scripture together and waiting on God in prayer, you all will find a full understanding of what you once disagreed.
    We who are filled with the grace to do away with this division and repair the breach should come between and do so. Let’s not let that gap continue among us. This gap is the distance between how things are and how they are meant to be. Don’t say, “It’s certainly not me! There are those who should do it.” No. Be the people whom God has called to repair the breach. Don’t run from it!

Father, you’re in charge. Please, we pray you repair the breach through us. Amen.

In His love,



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