My Return Is NEAR!


    “Truly, I say to you, that those who are My Kingdom Children are ‘wells of life’ whom I water all moments, for they are My sheep. My love is in them, so others can share of that love- this love is what I put in them.”
     “They are like the vessels filled with oil. The supply of oil determines on the request of the one in need of oil. Now, this is no different from the ‘supply of life’ in the hearts of My Children. As they continue to ‘love’ and ‘walk’ with Me, My life will continue to fill them. Therefore, they are the ‘wells of life’ because the ‘water of life’ is in them.”
     “My Water of Life is ‘always’ pure and when in the hearts of men, is connected to the flowing river. I am the River of Life. Those who remain connected to Me will forever be watered with My life. I am not a ‘stagnant river’. My river contains life for the refreshing of the hearts of men.”
     “My Children are also like the censer, filled with pure and grounded incense, to release a wonderful fragrance of love and peace to all men. Their hearts are like the Censer filled with the love of the Father and His eternal-life. At each moment, their lives are like wonderful fragrances to Me.”
     “When you really learn to walk with Me, your heart will be like a well filled with My life. All who know you will appreciate this life in you. For I am Life! For this reason, they will see Me in My Children. The presence of love in the hearts of My people is the presence of God.”
      “Being a ‘well of life’ will always lead to equipping the Children of the Father, entrusted unto those with the life of God. This equipping process will help those who have dry wells to have their wells watered, because they will lead them to Me. Therefore, that’s what I meant when I called My Children, ‘wells filled with life’!”
      The Lord continued, giving the advice to His Children on true living of the life of Christ, “As My Children, you are to be My representatives, living as I did while I walked the earth. By this, those on earth will truly know that you are Mine. Be hospitable! Love those who are on the earth and care for them. They are those whom I have created. Don’t see them as those who must be hated or despised. See them as they are called to be. By doing this, all the people on earth will truly know that you are Mine.”
      “Being a servant filled with My life can’t be gotten through serving yourself but by loving Me and serving others. See yourself as a servant to them and not one who should impose rules and regulations upon them. With that, My life will be in you and you will remain in Me. Because you love Me, you will also love them!”
     “My Children must be prepared and also help the unprepared to become prepared. My lights must also help others to become lights through which I will reveal Myself to the world. For the great gathering of the ‘lights’ is done by My Spirit and I am looking for those who will also join Me in this gathering. Those who don’t gather with Me are scattering abroad.”
      “I am gathering all My Children from all parts of the world because My return is near. I am gathering them to Myself. This gathering will lead to the ‘standard positioning’ of all parts of My body. For to Me, all are important.”
      “I am equipping My saints for My return. I am opening the eyes of many and rescuing them from ‘religion’ and also drawing them to intimacy. No more need to worry about which comes first between the ‘rapture’ and ‘tribulation’. Yours is to focus on Me and continue on the mandate. Obey the word which I had said unto you many years ago and which I still repeat now, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’
Now, I say this- this is the ‘mandate’! All those who are Mine will testify to mankind that My return is near.”
     “For 2,000 years, I have been in the move of knitting My body together but some among them refused to hearken unto My Word. They say I don’t exist and they all look for ways to counter the truth. However, the truth has always prevailed, even when men don’t see it. I see My truth prevailing in the hearts of those who truly love and it also prevails through them.”
      “Truly, the last gathering is now, and many will be left out. No prophet should dare confuse the hearts of the Children anymore by causing an argument for which of the two (tribulation and rapture) comes first. Even you, son, you must never try that. You must tell them I am coming and they have to prepare because My coming will seem like a thief’s.”
     “You must remain on obeying that which I commanded you- discipling others. Helping people get prepared, not minding about which comes first but living in awareness that I am coming anytime and the day of My return is not known.”
      “Equip them for the ‘rapture’ because the time is so near. But, don’t let your ‘disagreement’ serve as a means to get you divided. Encourage love and put your disagreements aside. Accept My Word and equip them to live My life, because My return is very near! No more arguments!”
     “Equip them on the ‘reality of the Cross’ too, for the times ahead will not be easy. Only My Son will see you through. Remember the mandate!”

Tears of Christ

When Jesus had said these words about the mandate which He gave to His disciples and was now neglected by many, I noticed that His tears were coming again.
He continued, “I will not cease to weep, because many of My people are refusing to hear My Voice! They are refusing the mandate given unto My servants.”

It got to the point when He said this, that I became almost angry. I said the following words to Him, “Lord, but You are a loving Father and not a weeping Christ. They had their choice and followed it. It’s their choice to go to hell! So, I don’t like it when You weep!”

I never knew I was trying to rebuke Him. I was really intending to not make Him weep anymore. My intentions were right but my way of putting forward was really wrong.
Then the Lord said more words as a correction to my foolishness. These were words which sent several shocks to my spine.
He replied, “If I hadn’t wept, you should have died years ago. If I hadn’t come to lay My life, you wouldn’t have existed, because the world would have been destroyed long ago.
Now, I weep because I love them. I love them and they are My creatures. They are those for whom I have the imprint of these nails on My hands. The time will come when these imprints will be no more. This will be after My return!”
     “I won’t cease to weep until they really know My Voice in their hearts. Without My Voice, they will perish! I am not forcing anyone but the choice to know Me is theirs to make. I weep even for those in hell, because I love them. They are those redeemed by My blood.”
      “Therefore, the mandate mustn’t be forgotten. Remember that this is My Word to all My Children- equipping those who haven’t known Me to know Me. This must be your duty, for the return of the Son of Man is at hand! Prepare the people!”

Joy of the Father

He continued, “The joy of the Father is knowing that you love Me and desire Me. He desires the communication between the Son and His people. I desire that My Children will know Me and this is also the goal of the Spirit- ruling the hearts of men and sealing it with the Father’s Word. Not all are ruled! Some come to Me to have a part of their lives but only those who draw nearer experience the TOTAL RULING OF THE SPIRIT.”
      “That’s why I weep when I see My Children doing wrong and following their ways because it pains the Father’s heart to see how some of them are doing.”

Words of the Rapture

And He began to speak words of the future, when He will return to take His own, “For, truly I say to you that My return is going to be like that of a thief whose time of coming was unexpected. My return will be to take those who have had their hearts purified with My blood and My fire. They are My true and sanctified ones. The return is only for those who are ready to walk with and know My Person.”
      “Therefore, I have given the MANDATE! Go you into the earth and prepare My people for My coming. The time is so short and the Door of Escape is about to be closed. My return is very near, even at the door!”

Preparations will increase in these last days. The Lord is awakening many saints to spread the Word of God to the people of the earth so that many will be saved from eternal damnation. Begin to gather with Him! He is coming SOON!

Warning: He didn’t say we shouldn’t TELL THE TRUTH about the Rapture and Tribulation but that we ought to quit arguing and quit being worried (becoming fearful about it).


One thought on “My Return Is NEAR!

  1. Bob Hernandez

    Jesus is coming soon. Our daily living should be for one reason: to abide in Christ continually. The rapture is for sure on its way but even the Lord doesn’t want us to keep panicking that we might be left behind. That’s what the enemy does to us. He let’s us keep panicking, instead of trusting the Lord to get us there.

    Yes, the tribulation is before the rapture but our arguments on this subjects is arriving 100%. When will we prepare if all we do night and day is nothing but ARGUE? We shouldn’t argue nor should we become worried that the tribulation is coming first. Prepare for his coming by standing with him, loving him and others. By preparing for his coming, even when the tribulation arrives, what will happen? We will stand! For standing doesn’t matter how much the days you suffered as a training but how much the power of love in you.

    Truly, No more arguments.

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