An Easy Journey



  Becoming hurt is just a part of my journey, I’ll admit so. There are many people I have been with in days back who make me wish I never knew them, due to the immense, ongoing degree of hurt which the thought of them produce inside of me. Perhaps, individualism would be better than fellowship with these ones, I used to think. Of course, most of us wish there would be no people on our journey who would bring us sorrow, no joy, no comfort, no encouragement . . . and everything good which they feel should have a NO as a reply. It can’t be so! We should be aware that we will get hurt on this journey especially by those whom we love to be around.

     Christian journey isn’t one of cake and tea. There’s much contours everywhere but we are made to STAND. When Jesus’ strength fills our heart, we won’t expect ourselves to not get hurt. Instead, we will ASK for more grace to stand through those times of betrayal, hatred, which we face from others.

    Some don’t expect themselves to get hurt at church but they should know they will. If anything, we should be aware that they are included on this journey for a specific reason. We may be lied to, plotted against and of course, we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be liked by others. What matters most is What does Father think about me? Knowing what he thinks about us is big enough to get us past sick friendships to healthy community where Jesus is the head. One of the major mistakes I’ve made on my journey is trying to make others like me and have them do what I want by coercion. After five months of discipline, I ask help from them with please, can you. . . I had known what it means to be hated by others and always loved by God. To give others choice to make in assisting me or not. Forcing them to agree was now this way Forcing them to agree. It was totally cancelled.

    You shouldn’t worry if other believers you once trusted are deserting you. God oft permit that to help us depend even more on him. Some get kicked out of church because of several reasons but Jesus was watching it all. Ask why he did that. . . perhaps to give you peace and freedom. The way to be Christ-like is no easy way.

A brother of mine, William R. Clowater had said something like this: To be Christlike would be very easy if there were no people. Truthfully, he was right. But what God intends is not the easy journey but the hard journey. If there were no people, we won’t get hurt, no anger but these people have been put alongside us to crush our anger, pride and know Father’s love alone. Without these people, we won’t really know our actual character. When we get hurt and they say to us, I’ll kick you out! Our reply should be, please do. . . I have known this a very hard way. When we begin dragging with them, we are sure to get even hurt than we were. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t settle our differences and move on. We mustn’t have a sick past with anyone. We must make them know how clear our conscience is and let them do as they please.

Becoming hurt is part of paying the price in being Jesus’ disciple. He never said you will be liked by others for being his. He said, You’ll be hated by others for being Mine. That’s a fact! Prepare for it and even more, then you’ll keep thanking him each day for whatever comes and whoever goes and whoever will come; for he’s the one who’s in charge.


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