When Circumstances Points Its FINGERS At YOU



    Circumstances in our lives is just like Goliath but God has given us authority as David but we need to exercise it through faith.

    We’ve all got circumstances in our lives that just seem to tear us apart. Most of these which we go through sometimes, seem to overshadow our godly view of God, conforming our godly view of him into the heathen view that God is a hard-master, loves only those who are good to him, hates me, approves my suffering and is punishing me each moment I have some troubles in my life. It points us to a cross-road in choosing between God or going back.
     So what happens when you find your circumstances pointing its fingers at you? What do you say to your situations when it shows its toughest Pointing? Hey circumstance, I know you’ve got a tough finger but you know what, I’ve got a BIG GOD.
     Replying that requires faith. Jesus said that it takes faith to move the mountains. We’re all on a Faith Journey and we’ve got so many troubles (mountains) in our lives which we want the Lord to help us move but it requires our faith. We just have to believe him when he tells us, Trust Me! I have power over the storms in your life. When the disciples approached a great storm that tossed the ship and increased the waves of the sea, what did Jesus say, Why are you afraid, O you of little faith? ( Matthew 8:26). He has given us the power over our circumstances and he wants us to use that authority over them but through faith. This authority over circumstance isn’t the casting of demons or wroughting of miracles but exercising the authority of a prince, a son of Power over terrible situations by the words prepared in our hearts and releasing them through the lips that MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN MY SITUATION. When we see him above those situations, we will also be sitted with him in authority over those situations. We are to bring the reality of heaven to earth, not just live in wait of the glory of that time.
    John wrote that Jesus has made us kings and priests (1 John 1:6). Kings OVER sicknesses; over ALL circumstances that we might face here on earth. This scripture doesn’t give detail that we are kings over each other; for some usually misunderstand that to mean so. It talks about the authority which God has given us over circumstances. This doesn’t mean that these circumstances won’t come; for they surely will but we will see Jesus in control.
     When Daniel exercised authority over his circumstance, he didn’t move a finger nor did he proclaim some strong words. He only spoke faith-words. The faith he had was enough expression of the authority/power of Jesus over what he was going through. Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego were to be thrown in fire but they stood on the rock which is Christ and exercised their faith.
     What do you think the devil will do in hearing those faith-words?
     He would shrink and be afraid of the authority which the sons of God had exercised over him through faith.
     Isn’t that incredible? That we can live without fear for our circumstances and believe God to do more than we can imagine. That’s faith!


    But what do you fear?

    That if you trust God and live in faith over your troubles, you’re afraid those problems mayn’t leave? That doesn’t look like any faith. For the fact that you trusted God to take those situations away and he hasn’t taken them away, doesn’t mean he never heard. He heard your plea but perhaps, you ain’t seeing through his viewpoint. Those circumstances will be taken away if you had sinned and brought those problems upon yourself but it may take time. Don’t expect freedom to happen quickly! However, if you never had sinned to incur those situations upon yourself, understand that he won’t take them away until they have completed what he permitted them for in your life.
     When these situations look like they aren’t leaving, don’t give up! Keep loving, trusting, obeying, praising! It doesn’t take God a second to take it off. There may have been so many evils in us that need to be broken away or we need to break from, but he helps us become free through those problems.

Keep loving and trusting him on this faith-journey. He’s done it already!

In his love,




25/12/15 blog post When Circumstances Points Its Fingers At You



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