How Is Jesus Like?



   It was five weeks or so, before the first term examination and we were putting in efforts so as to help our kids understand how profitable reading those works handed over to them, were.
   I remember a certain time, perhaps, times, when we would have a Religious Study class and the kids would load me with a dozen of questions which they never had an idea about and we would laugh together, share stories from the bible based on the topic. Some already had an idea about the topic and stories and each would come out to tell theirs. More applause for them; promise about end of term gifts, were NEVER to compare with that afternoon when we had a conversation that topped all our other conversations.
     I had just started the topic in our Religious Study, JESUS Provides Our Needs, when some kids asked bunches of questions and I finally decided to ask mine.
    “Alright, my question,” I said, turning to them. “What is Jesus like?”
    Mike (Michael), one of the funny ones who wants to be a pastor when he grows up, said, “Teacher, Jesus has a long hair; beautiful eyes and he wears this kind of Jewish clothes with kind of rope round his waist; along with a brown sandal.”
     I bet that he had a wonderful description and I let him know so.
     Another said, “Jesus is a good man and he laughs a lot.”
I agreed with him and said he was kind-ah correct.
Then I moved on to tell them that when I asked them how Jesus is like, I didn’t mean his physical stature. I helped them discover that Jesus is a loving Father who wants to be their Friend. He’s a compassionate One who loves little children like them and is capable of making them like him. He is their Brother who loves them unconditionally and cares and protects them as he carries them in his arms.
     Look how joyful they were but I knew some seemed surprised to find out that he loves them even while some of them stole or lied. They later found out that Jesus isn’t like fleshy man but is God, loves everyone no matter how they are and is ready to change them if they were ready to embrace his HELP.
      I also let them know that Jesus is big to help them in their exams and sure he did. Then they knew how he was like: LOVE.






Bob Hernandez
24/12/15 blog post How Is Jesus Like?



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