Building A Relationship With Jesus


FOR the fact that we desire this relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean we are capable of building it. It’s him who builds it in us and if we try overestimate our capability thinking we can do anything to have it get built, we’re wrong! That relationship was built in us by him that day when he reconciled us back to his Father. Our friendship with him is like a seed. It is already in the soil but if not properly or daily watered, it may never grow. That’s the essense of fellowship! Who waters it? Who else but the farmer! That’s how that friendship he treasures with us grow. Not by what we can do or are doing but what he has done in us and promised to do in us.
  A friendship grows when there’s love in it to have it stronger and have it grow further. This requires nothing on our part but simply love and trust. The further we take our eyes away from the thought of building a relationship which we can never build, we’ll realize the wonderful friendship which he longs to have with us already growing. Yet, without a working on our part.
  Look at John’s friendship with Jesus! He had come to understand that he could do nothing else but simply love and trust. He didn’t try to do anything to earn it. As his friendship with Jesus grew, more love, more trust, absenting every trace of fear which might try prevent him from growing close to Jesus’ heart. When the disciples needed to know who the betrayer would be, they asked John to find out from Jesus. This isn’t because they’re scared to ask but something more was there. John took the responsibility to ask. Why? The fear wasn’t there and he wasn’t trying to because he knew he didn’t need himself to build any part of the friendship. He knew that if he tried to build, he’s surely to make an error which may invite the presence of fear again. He was free to lean on Jesus’ breast and feel his heartbeat.
  Is that any different from our friendship with him? He requires nothing of us but that we walk with him daily, trusting and loving him to continually build that relationship in us. When we live in the assurance that he’s going to do that perfectly, we won’t need to worry again but simply trust him to help.



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/21 blog post Building A Relationship With Jesus



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