Community Of Possessions

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  This post is based on a conversation which I had with a friend this morning, and the story of this friend in this post was written as an example and to give glory to God.   

    There was REAL love in the sharing of the possessions in the days of the early church. They were so united in everything which is the Will of God. No one under-estimated anyone but sold what he had so no one would lack anything good.
      But why were they able to do these good deed? It’s not because the apostles told them to. Their joy and love for each other was full. To see each other happy, joyful and graced to partake of each others’ pain and be happy with each other. However, the one who feels the pain with the suffering brother assists anyway he can, out of the abundance of what he was given by God.
     So, why were they able to share among themselves; with the needy, while they should have it remain in their pulse? The reason is they realized that all they had, belonged to God, and would God leave the needy to hunger when his desire is to care for them?
     Is this ‘community of possessions’ absent in our fellowships, community with others? Do we still think that everything we have belongs to us? Have we forgotten that we never could have a single of them had God not put them in our path?
    What we have been blessed with isn’t only for our use but the use of all (Acts 4:32). Sharing those possessions with others will serve as a true expression of our thankfulness to God. We’ll be sharing with others in need, not because we need something in return but we are so thankful for the ones Father gave us.
    A certain brother by the name of William R. Clowater had told me his story of how God guided him to the needy. He said, ” I went into a pastor’s house one time in Virginia USA. I was dropping off some beef I was blessed
with. He and his family were not at home, but the door was open. I went to put the meat in the refrigerator and
it was completely empty. Nothing in the cabinets. They had two young kids. No milk. Nothing. The people in his church had wrongfully turned against him and were purposely trying to starve him out.  He was a good man of God. I went to the store and bought everything like I
was shopping for my own family and stocked their cabinets before they got home. . . The pastor has the most difficult calling of all. . . I was in church
the Sunday after as he gave a testimony of God’s provision. He and all of his family were in tears. . .”

    My friend was God’s vessel who was there at the right time; gave freely out of what he was been given. The pastor and his family later testified in church of God’s provision. They were in tears. What goodness and loving kindness we will also show to others when we realize all our possessions belongs to God!  Give it with all your heart! The possessions ain’t yours but God’s, so God is willing to open your heart to many whom you’ll bless on your Faith Journey.
      Love-sharing isn’t barter-trade. It’s giving to others with no thought of expecting something from them. When Paul was going to Jerusalem with the gifts, he wasn’t doing that to get something from them. That, he knew, was selfish motive. Look what he said in 1 Corinthians 13:3. We give because the love of God is in us. The Macedonia Christians were known to give a lot. They gave “as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability,” and also “pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints” – 2 Corinthians 8:3-4. They never were doing that with wrong motive but the abundance of the love in their hearts. God had blessed them but it was for the good of all.
      Let’s know today that all we are, and all we have is for the good of all. We’re not our own!



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/20 blog post Community Of Possessions 



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