You Were There?


When you find out he was THERE – More Hugs with Jesus!



I bet that’s a question we ask God when we find out that he was right there when we were going through terrible circumstances. Imagine how it was for me the early five months of this year (2015)! It seemed like I was maltreated, my head seemed to no longer be surviving. I would always try look for places to think. Unknowingly, I was becoming more than an introvert. I would look for time in myself to pray to God for help, yet, I wasn’t even getting the help. I was tempted to commit suicide when it was like Father had shut the door of communication and fellowship from me. All I could here was, God is Dealing with you. He is punishing you! How does that sound? I was shattered to the very core; halfly in sane; going through emotional discover but where was God?
      Yes, that’s what I had been asking myself for so long but he didn’t seem to show up. What I didn’t realize was that God was right there going through each part of my painful moments with me. All I  could see was my troubles. My eyes couldn’t go beyond my troubles! Where was God? He was right there! Look how frustrated I was when one great day, I just asked him a question, Lord, Where are you? All he said was, I am NEAR! Would you believe yourself hearing your best-friend tell you, When you’re going through molestations and emotional disorder, I was there. Crazy right?
     Certainly, we all go through such moments in our lives when we keep praying for help but it looks like there’s none. What happened? We’re looking at what we can do to get out of that terrible situation rather than what God has done and what he’s presently doing through our toughest moments; the insults we get from others and how much we’re being humiliated anywhere else. God had been offering us the help we needed all along, even when we didn’t realize it. If . . . yes, if. . . if only we could gracefully look beyond our circumstances and see JESUS freeing us from many hurts through that terrible situation. If only we could see the freedom we get from those pains we experience.
     Lord, take it away! You’re here but you left this circumstance on my part! Please, take it away! It’s true that God hears that sometimes but there’s a good thing in also realizing that we should add this: . . . Nevertheless, let your will be done. When we say that, we already recognize he’s there with us going through that terrible situation with us and we submit to his authority in that, once more. Father won’t take those circumstances away from us until we learn a lesson from them, and he won’t take it away until those lessons are learnt.
    So God loves me to go through those circumstances and he brings them upon my life to make me suffer, right? Of course not! He wasn’t the one who was doing that to you. He took advantage of those circumstances so he could walk his glory into you. He doesn’t like you to suffer but has gracefully included you in the process. You’re in this broken world going through all that but he’s there agonizing   with you. He said he would never leave you nor forsake you. Why not claim and believe that promise he’s made!
    Then you’ll find the secret to stronger Christian life. You won’t need to ask him with fury anymore, You’re there? All your words will be Thank you Lord! Then you’ll discover that all the circumstances he permitted was to help win your trust and work his nature into you.



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