How much the amount of organization that comes into church life these days when our healthy community with other brothers and sisters seem lacking! It’s quite normal with organized religion where community seem to take a back seat. Scripture doesn’t talk about the early church as being organized but organic: a growing body of believers learning to live alongside each other in a growing fellowship, though, not absenting the fellowship with Jesus as the Head of the body.
      With the amount of organization that crept in came some modern-worldly kind of church that now resembles a company where ministers work to be paid rather than serve because of love. There’s now a big misunderstanding of what the pastor ministry is all about. We think it’s a ministry anyone comes to pick on the wayside. When Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, Peter was given the job of tending and feeding the sheep and lambs but Jesus didn’t motivate him through “will-you-do-my-work-and-get-paid”. All Peter went through was a love motivation!
    All the religious collaboration and church structures all aid more organization in the church and encourage people to become followers of men, rather than God. Ministers become Benefactors rather than slaves who serve for the sake of Christ.
        So, how will the body of Christ look like with healthy community; living as family rather than distant spectators who are caught in a meeting? There would be some amazing growth, none would depend on another, and each individual will be partaking in the fellowship of believers. There would be no one who takes part as a distant spectator, letting one person (the pastor ministry) do the whole serving.
       Every part of the body is to SERVE and FOLLOW Jesus. They will let each other be the brothers and sisters whom God has provided them to be. There will be more openness in our relationship with others and more life will flow in.
    Therefore, my advice is that we get past our organized religion to a body that seeks to serve. Then there will be more community and no organization; no commitment to any religious group but Jesus alone.

God bless.



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