Smashwords – What God Says About an Apostate Church – a book by Samuel O. Samuel

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the PDF available through the link.

Since 2,000 A.D., Jesus have been
confirming through His prophets that He is
coming SOON to take a beloved bride whom
He is preparing. But the church today is far
from the true nature of a Holy bride and
caught in the World System; not minding
what the Lord thinks about her. This doesn’t
mean that everyone in the church have
become caught in apostasy: instead, just a
little have remained true to Christ while
majority are caught in a wrong teaching
which is not separated from the modern
‘bless me, bless me’ believers who come to
the Lord for nothing else than fish and
bread. Jesus is going to change this and
DRAW to Himself, those who accept the
HEARTS, letting Him in again, as they once
did. These are the ones who will be restored
to also become one of the Lord’s TRUE
servants. He is allowing them to remain in
His church now, to teach His people how to
love and use the obedient ones to also open
their eyes.
Therefore, let those who remain true to Him
begin to sound the alarm to our brethren
who are caged in the world system, telling
also spread the GOSPEL all over the world to
the lost, so they will come to know Jesus as
their Lord and Savior.

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the PDF available through the link.


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