***I Really Sometimes Do Hide My Bad Part***


When we enter our relationship with him, we often think he’s just like we are. Thus, we think it better to hide our bad part, mistakes from him but he, on the other hand, won’t have it that way. He’s very much interested in our bad part just as he’s interested in our good part and it means that he’s always present in our good and bad moments. He keeps saying to us, Don’t try to hide your worst moments from Me. I’m not in this friendship to leave you to suffer. I’m here to help you in your good times and save you from the problems you put upon yourself in your bad times. I’m not only interested in your good part but, also your bad part. Give it all to Me and I will make it alright!


2 thoughts on “***I Really Sometimes Do Hide My Bad Part***

  1. ragdoll4christ

    This is beautiful! This is a touching post, because God brought it to my attention that I was (trying) to hide things from Him! We can’t hide anything from our father because he feels our pains and knows all about us! Amen.


    • Bob Hernandez

      Amen. May he give us the grace to know that he’s the All-Knowing God. He knows everything about us and what we do as a bad part which we try to hide from him. He knows it all! All he wants is that we submit our good and bad part to him. He made us a whole being not a half being. So he’s not only interested in the good part but also the bad part.
      Thanks for stopping by, April. God bless.

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