When We Fail, Jesus fails?

Being beside us at all times, we sometimes wander away: This doesn’t mean that God will also leave. He isn’t that kind of friend. In the process of wandering away, he still comes to get our attention, telling us that our present path is filthy and destructive, outside him and away from his will. I usually think he comes to whip. No, he doesn’t come to whip! He comes to bring us out of the whip which we put ourselves in.


Following our ideas and filthy plans, the whip comes in our lives. He doesn’t approve whips in the lives of his children but he permits them.
I remember watching a movie, Blood On The Altar by Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, who were one of those who took part in the movie. A certain minister had committed adultery and tried every way possible to cover his sins. No one had a knowledge of what had happened? Why did Tooni, the lady who came to find refuge in the ministry commit abortion which led to her death? After hiding it for months, he still had forgotten that he had already left his Friend. Jesus kept coming to him during the day, night, just to correct him. He would say, Confess your sins and stop hiding them.


You have left the path where we walk together. He was like the lost sheep out of the hundred who had left Jesus. But Jesus still came to look for him and try correct him, so he would understand how wounded sin had made him become. Did Jesus hate him because he sinned? No. He didn’t hate him but loved him. If you hate someone, you won’t try to come rescue him. You’ll wait for a time for him to finish digging his grave. Jesus wasn’t with any whip. The sin of the minister was already whipping the life out of him.
  That’s how loved following Jesus is. He never leaves! It’s us who do, following our own wisdom, thinking we can stir the boat ourselves, thinking we are in charge of the ship, deceived that we can hide our sins. It’s not just worth it!



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