When Circumstances Points Its FINGERS At YOU



    Circumstances in our lives is just like Goliath but God has given us authority as David but we need to exercise it through faith.

    We’ve all got circumstances in our lives that just seem to tear us apart. Most of these which we go through sometimes, seem to overshadow our godly view of God, conforming our godly view of him into the heathen view that God is a hard-master, loves only those who are good to him, hates me, approves my suffering and is punishing me each moment I have some troubles in my life. It points us to a cross-road in choosing between God or going back.
     So what happens when you find your circumstances pointing its fingers at you? What do you say to your situations when it shows its toughest Pointing? Hey circumstance, I know you’ve got a tough finger but you know what, I’ve got a BIG GOD.
     Replying that requires faith. Jesus said that it takes faith to move the mountains. We’re all on a Faith Journey and we’ve got so many troubles (mountains) in our lives which we want the Lord to help us move but it requires our faith. We just have to believe him when he tells us, Trust Me! I have power over the storms in your life. When the disciples approached a great storm that tossed the ship and increased the waves of the sea, what did Jesus say, Why are you afraid, O you of little faith? ( Matthew 8:26). He has given us the power over our circumstances and he wants us to use that authority over them but through faith. This authority over circumstance isn’t the casting of demons or wroughting of miracles but exercising the authority of a prince, a son of Power over terrible situations by the words prepared in our hearts and releasing them through the lips that MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN MY SITUATION. When we see him above those situations, we will also be sitted with him in authority over those situations. We are to bring the reality of heaven to earth, not just live in wait of the glory of that time.
    John wrote that Jesus has made us kings and priests (1 John 1:6). Kings OVER sicknesses; over ALL circumstances that we might face here on earth. This scripture doesn’t give detail that we are kings over each other; for some usually misunderstand that to mean so. It talks about the authority which God has given us over circumstances. This doesn’t mean that these circumstances won’t come; for they surely will but we will see Jesus in control.
     When Daniel exercised authority over his circumstance, he didn’t move a finger nor did he proclaim some strong words. He only spoke faith-words. The faith he had was enough expression of the authority/power of Jesus over what he was going through. Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego were to be thrown in fire but they stood on the rock which is Christ and exercised their faith.
     What do you think the devil will do in hearing those faith-words?
     He would shrink and be afraid of the authority which the sons of God had exercised over him through faith.
     Isn’t that incredible? That we can live without fear for our circumstances and believe God to do more than we can imagine. That’s faith!


    But what do you fear?

    That if you trust God and live in faith over your troubles, you’re afraid those problems mayn’t leave? That doesn’t look like any faith. For the fact that you trusted God to take those situations away and he hasn’t taken them away, doesn’t mean he never heard. He heard your plea but perhaps, you ain’t seeing through his viewpoint. Those circumstances will be taken away if you had sinned and brought those problems upon yourself but it may take time. Don’t expect freedom to happen quickly! However, if you never had sinned to incur those situations upon yourself, understand that he won’t take them away until they have completed what he permitted them for in your life.
     When these situations look like they aren’t leaving, don’t give up! Keep loving, trusting, obeying, praising! It doesn’t take God a second to take it off. There may have been so many evils in us that need to be broken away or we need to break from, but he helps us become free through those problems.

Keep loving and trusting him on this faith-journey. He’s done it already!

In his love,




25/12/15 blog post When Circumstances Points Its Fingers At You



How Is Jesus Like?



   It was five weeks or so, before the first term examination and we were putting in efforts so as to help our kids understand how profitable reading those works handed over to them, were.
   I remember a certain time, perhaps, times, when we would have a Religious Study class and the kids would load me with a dozen of questions which they never had an idea about and we would laugh together, share stories from the bible based on the topic. Some already had an idea about the topic and stories and each would come out to tell theirs. More applause for them; promise about end of term gifts, were NEVER to compare with that afternoon when we had a conversation that topped all our other conversations.
     I had just started the topic in our Religious Study, JESUS Provides Our Needs, when some kids asked bunches of questions and I finally decided to ask mine.
    “Alright, my question,” I said, turning to them. “What is Jesus like?”
    Mike (Michael), one of the funny ones who wants to be a pastor when he grows up, said, “Teacher, Jesus has a long hair; beautiful eyes and he wears this kind of Jewish clothes with kind of rope round his waist; along with a brown sandal.”
     I bet that he had a wonderful description and I let him know so.
     Another said, “Jesus is a good man and he laughs a lot.”
I agreed with him and said he was kind-ah correct.
Then I moved on to tell them that when I asked them how Jesus is like, I didn’t mean his physical stature. I helped them discover that Jesus is a loving Father who wants to be their Friend. He’s a compassionate One who loves little children like them and is capable of making them like him. He is their Brother who loves them unconditionally and cares and protects them as he carries them in his arms.
     Look how joyful they were but I knew some seemed surprised to find out that he loves them even while some of them stole or lied. They later found out that Jesus isn’t like fleshy man but is God, loves everyone no matter how they are and is ready to change them if they were ready to embrace his HELP.
      I also let them know that Jesus is big to help them in their exams and sure he did. Then they knew how he was like: LOVE.






Bob Hernandez
24/12/15 blog post How Is Jesus Like?



Enoch’s Friendship With A Real Friend; Not A Supposed Angry-Looking God:


Who on earth had such interesting friendship with God like the way Enoch did? He yearned for the very presence of God and to constantly remain IN him. Any doubt that most of his revelations weren’t when he was asleep; and God himself desires our companionship just as Enoch did. Look what the scripture says about him: When Jared was 162 years old, Enoch was born. 19Jared lived after the birth of Enoch 800 years and had other sons and daughters. 20So Jared lived 962 years, and he died. 21When Enoch was 65 years old, Methuselah was born. 22Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God after the birth of Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 23So all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24And Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God; and he was not, for God took him [home with Him].(A) (Genesis 5:18-24). Was he good enough to really be taken away? Of course not! He doesn’t draw us close to himself by how good we are but the longing on his side and the willingness on our side. He didn’t drag Enoch into a relationship but waited for 65 years to have him come in not excluding his willingness to walk with him. Though he waited 65 years, Enoch walked 300 years with him. Amazing, right? Such a long and growing friendship! God had helped him realize that he is a loving One who values friendship with him and this encouragement eliminated all of Enoch’s dread for him. This doesn’t mean that he didn’t have him feared as a Father. Rather, he learnt the difference which exist between the fear in one who is a slave to sin and one who is a son and sees God as his Father.
My daughter (though I don’t have one) won’t come to me with dread in her heart. She would come freely so she could share close friendship with me. If fear occupies her heart, she won’t be able to approach me easily. She may even hide important informations away from me because she feels I’m just too tough to reach. And if she stands before me having fear within her, the freedom to look to my face is hard to find. She won’t know what to tell her daddy in times like this. She would shy away and the freedom being denied would have her mind look like it did eat her up. It wasn’t her mind but the presence of fear in her.
Enoch didn’t see God that way. He saw God inviting him into real friendship free from religion; not bound in the whip-whip-not game depending on his successes and mistakes. God was fully inviting him in and he sure would take care of it.
We need to see his presence constantly with us. Whether on the wayside or anywhere else, it’s a constant one.

Building A Relationship With Jesus


FOR the fact that we desire this relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean we are capable of building it. It’s him who builds it in us and if we try overestimate our capability thinking we can do anything to have it get built, we’re wrong! That relationship was built in us by him that day when he reconciled us back to his Father. Our friendship with him is like a seed. It is already in the soil but if not properly or daily watered, it may never grow. That’s the essense of fellowship! Who waters it? Who else but the farmer! That’s how that friendship he treasures with us grow. Not by what we can do or are doing but what he has done in us and promised to do in us.
  A friendship grows when there’s love in it to have it stronger and have it grow further. This requires nothing on our part but simply love and trust. The further we take our eyes away from the thought of building a relationship which we can never build, we’ll realize the wonderful friendship which he longs to have with us already growing. Yet, without a working on our part.
  Look at John’s friendship with Jesus! He had come to understand that he could do nothing else but simply love and trust. He didn’t try to do anything to earn it. As his friendship with Jesus grew, more love, more trust, absenting every trace of fear which might try prevent him from growing close to Jesus’ heart. When the disciples needed to know who the betrayer would be, they asked John to find out from Jesus. This isn’t because they’re scared to ask but something more was there. John took the responsibility to ask. Why? The fear wasn’t there and he wasn’t trying to because he knew he didn’t need himself to build any part of the friendship. He knew that if he tried to build, he’s surely to make an error which may invite the presence of fear again. He was free to lean on Jesus’ breast and feel his heartbeat.
  Is that any different from our friendship with him? He requires nothing of us but that we walk with him daily, trusting and loving him to continually build that relationship in us. When we live in the assurance that he’s going to do that perfectly, we won’t need to worry again but simply trust him to help.



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/21 blog post Building A Relationship With Jesus


Community Of Possessions

Photo based on sharing joyfully:


  This post is based on a conversation which I had with a friend this morning, and the story of this friend in this post was written as an example and to give glory to God.   

    There was REAL love in the sharing of the possessions in the days of the early church. They were so united in everything which is the Will of God. No one under-estimated anyone but sold what he had so no one would lack anything good.
      But why were they able to do these good deed? It’s not because the apostles told them to. Their joy and love for each other was full. To see each other happy, joyful and graced to partake of each others’ pain and be happy with each other. However, the one who feels the pain with the suffering brother assists anyway he can, out of the abundance of what he was given by God.
     So, why were they able to share among themselves; with the needy, while they should have it remain in their pulse? The reason is they realized that all they had, belonged to God, and would God leave the needy to hunger when his desire is to care for them?
     Is this ‘community of possessions’ absent in our fellowships, community with others? Do we still think that everything we have belongs to us? Have we forgotten that we never could have a single of them had God not put them in our path?
    What we have been blessed with isn’t only for our use but the use of all (Acts 4:32). Sharing those possessions with others will serve as a true expression of our thankfulness to God. We’ll be sharing with others in need, not because we need something in return but we are so thankful for the ones Father gave us.
    A certain brother by the name of William R. Clowater had told me his story of how God guided him to the needy. He said, ” I went into a pastor’s house one time in Virginia USA. I was dropping off some beef I was blessed
with. He and his family were not at home, but the door was open. I went to put the meat in the refrigerator and
it was completely empty. Nothing in the cabinets. They had two young kids. No milk. Nothing. The people in his church had wrongfully turned against him and were purposely trying to starve him out.  He was a good man of God. I went to the store and bought everything like I
was shopping for my own family and stocked their cabinets before they got home. . . The pastor has the most difficult calling of all. . . I was in church
the Sunday after as he gave a testimony of God’s provision. He and all of his family were in tears. . .”

    My friend was God’s vessel who was there at the right time; gave freely out of what he was been given. The pastor and his family later testified in church of God’s provision. They were in tears. What goodness and loving kindness we will also show to others when we realize all our possessions belongs to God!  Give it with all your heart! The possessions ain’t yours but God’s, so God is willing to open your heart to many whom you’ll bless on your Faith Journey.
      Love-sharing isn’t barter-trade. It’s giving to others with no thought of expecting something from them. When Paul was going to Jerusalem with the gifts, he wasn’t doing that to get something from them. That, he knew, was selfish motive. Look what he said in 1 Corinthians 13:3. We give because the love of God is in us. The Macedonia Christians were known to give a lot. They gave “as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability,” and also “pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints” – 2 Corinthians 8:3-4. They never were doing that with wrong motive but the abundance of the love in their hearts. God had blessed them but it was for the good of all.
      Let’s know today that all we are, and all we have is for the good of all. We’re not our own!



Bob Hernandez
2015/12/20 blog post Community Of Possessions 


You Were There?


When you find out he was THERE – More Hugs with Jesus!



I bet that’s a question we ask God when we find out that he was right there when we were going through terrible circumstances. Imagine how it was for me the early five months of this year (2015)! It seemed like I was maltreated, my head seemed to no longer be surviving. I would always try look for places to think. Unknowingly, I was becoming more than an introvert. I would look for time in myself to pray to God for help, yet, I wasn’t even getting the help. I was tempted to commit suicide when it was like Father had shut the door of communication and fellowship from me. All I could here was, God is Dealing with you. He is punishing you! How does that sound? I was shattered to the very core; halfly in sane; going through emotional discover but where was God?
      Yes, that’s what I had been asking myself for so long but he didn’t seem to show up. What I didn’t realize was that God was right there going through each part of my painful moments with me. All I  could see was my troubles. My eyes couldn’t go beyond my troubles! Where was God? He was right there! Look how frustrated I was when one great day, I just asked him a question, Lord, Where are you? All he said was, I am NEAR! Would you believe yourself hearing your best-friend tell you, When you’re going through molestations and emotional disorder, I was there. Crazy right?
     Certainly, we all go through such moments in our lives when we keep praying for help but it looks like there’s none. What happened? We’re looking at what we can do to get out of that terrible situation rather than what God has done and what he’s presently doing through our toughest moments; the insults we get from others and how much we’re being humiliated anywhere else. God had been offering us the help we needed all along, even when we didn’t realize it. If . . . yes, if. . . if only we could gracefully look beyond our circumstances and see JESUS freeing us from many hurts through that terrible situation. If only we could see the freedom we get from those pains we experience.
     Lord, take it away! You’re here but you left this circumstance on my part! Please, take it away! It’s true that God hears that sometimes but there’s a good thing in also realizing that we should add this: . . . Nevertheless, let your will be done. When we say that, we already recognize he’s there with us going through that terrible situation with us and we submit to his authority in that, once more. Father won’t take those circumstances away from us until we learn a lesson from them, and he won’t take it away until those lessons are learnt.
    So God loves me to go through those circumstances and he brings them upon my life to make me suffer, right? Of course not! He wasn’t the one who was doing that to you. He took advantage of those circumstances so he could walk his glory into you. He doesn’t like you to suffer but has gracefully included you in the process. You’re in this broken world going through all that but he’s there agonizing   with you. He said he would never leave you nor forsake you. Why not claim and believe that promise he’s made!
    Then you’ll find the secret to stronger Christian life. You won’t need to ask him with fury anymore, You’re there? All your words will be Thank you Lord! Then you’ll discover that all the circumstances he permitted was to help win your trust and work his nature into you.



How much the amount of organization that comes into church life these days when our healthy community with other brothers and sisters seem lacking! It’s quite normal with organized religion where community seem to take a back seat. Scripture doesn’t talk about the early church as being organized but organic: a growing body of believers learning to live alongside each other in a growing fellowship, though, not absenting the fellowship with Jesus as the Head of the body.
      With the amount of organization that crept in came some modern-worldly kind of church that now resembles a company where ministers work to be paid rather than serve because of love. There’s now a big misunderstanding of what the pastor ministry is all about. We think it’s a ministry anyone comes to pick on the wayside. When Jesus was about to ascend into heaven, Peter was given the job of tending and feeding the sheep and lambs but Jesus didn’t motivate him through “will-you-do-my-work-and-get-paid”. All Peter went through was a love motivation!
    All the religious collaboration and church structures all aid more organization in the church and encourage people to become followers of men, rather than God. Ministers become Benefactors rather than slaves who serve for the sake of Christ.
        So, how will the body of Christ look like with healthy community; living as family rather than distant spectators who are caught in a meeting? There would be some amazing growth, none would depend on another, and each individual will be partaking in the fellowship of believers. There would be no one who takes part as a distant spectator, letting one person (the pastor ministry) do the whole serving.
       Every part of the body is to SERVE and FOLLOW Jesus. They will let each other be the brothers and sisters whom God has provided them to be. There will be more openness in our relationship with others and more life will flow in.
    Therefore, my advice is that we get past our organized religion to a body that seeks to serve. Then there will be more community and no organization; no commitment to any religious group but Jesus alone.

God bless.




WARNING: This is  not an accusing blogpost about the quoted-writer (unmentioned) but an opening to correcting the lies about the rapture which many are comfortable with.

I was reading through posts on Facebook this morning when I came across one that held my heart feeling sorry for someone who had no idea about the fallacious teachings he was putting out of the cup for others to drink.
I discovered this was exactly what most were also been taught. Please note that I haven’t talked with the quoted-writer before but only saw this post for the second time; and all I wrote here is no expression of hatred, criticism or abuse. That’s why his name is unmentioned!

It looks like mixing some truth with some lies. Here is what he wrote. Underlined  words are our points of concentration): BE READY TO BE CAUGHT UP WITH THE
The rapture approaches. JESUS will surely
come. You need to be ready, vigilant, waiting,
watching and looking for His Return! Now I
will go on to the visions and revelations of the
LORD. On the 19th of February 2015, I saw a
vision in my dream as I lay in my bed. And
behold, the persecution of Christians. They
were seriously pursued by their persecutors.
Even their families were against them for
totally following CHRIST. I strongly believed
that the LORD was speaking to me concerning
the tribulation that had happened and still
happening in the lives of Christians (see
Matthew 10:17-23). You see, tribulation is one
of the sign of the Coming of JESUS and of the
end of the age (see Matthew 24:9-13). As
followers of CHRIST, we will experience
tribulation (John 15:18-25; 16:2-4, 33; 2
Timothy 3:12). We are to patiently endure
tribulation, so that we can also be glorified
and reign with Him (Romans 8:16-17; 2
Timothy 2:12; Mark 13:13; 1 Peter 2:19-23).
Tribulation can not separate us from the love
personal SAVIOUR (Romans 8:35-39). It follow
that through many tribulations we must enter
the Kingdom of GOD (Acts 14:22; 1 Peter
1:6-9; 4:12-16; 5:10; Revelation 2:9-11). Yes!
We shall be saved and delivered through the
grace of JESUS (Acts 15:11; Psalms 34:19; 2
Timothy 4:17-18).
Several people confuse tribulation with the
Great Tribulation. Listen closely. Tribulation is
the state of afflictions, persecutions, insults,
hardships, trials, temptations, tests, issues,
troubles, problems, difficulties, distresses,
sufferings and tortures. They are met to
discipline, refine and purify us until the time
of the end (Daniel 11:33-35; 12:10; Hebrews
12:3-11). And to be more like JESUS, that we
may be perfect, mature, whole and complete,
lacking in nothing (James 1:2-4; 12-15).
While the Great Tribulation is a series of
terrifying, disastrous and punishable events
until the Second Coming of JESUS (see
Matthew 24:21; Revelation 6:12-17; Zephaniah
1:15-18; 9:3-10; 16:1-4, 8-9; 2 Thessalonians
1:5-9). It means the great judgement and
wrath of GOD as great intolerable anguishes
(torments), disasters, calamities, extreme
commotions, violent disorders and panics,
thick darkness, unquenchable fires and great
devastations, coming upon the whole (sinful)
Earth immediately after the rapture. This
terrible and painful long period of time will
last for seven years; 3½ years for the reign of
the first Beast from the sea, and the
remaining 3½ years for the reign of the
second Beast (the Antichrist) from the Earth
(Revelation 13:1-3; 5, 11-14; 14:9-11).
The true Christians (i.e., the Church of
CHRIST; those who walk uprightly with GOD)
will never experience the Great Tribulation,
instead they will be in Heaven enjoying the
Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelation
19:6-9). Know this, the rapture is not the
Second Coming of JESUS, rather it is the
Return (Coming) of JESUS. They are two
different events. The rapture will happen
before the Second Coming. The Second
Coming will take place on the Earth; JESUS
will descend to the Earth to fight and defeat
the Beast and his angels (armies) including
false prophets, the Antichrist and Satan
(Revelation 19:19-21; 20:1-3; Zechariah
14:3-4; Acts 1:11). On the other hand, the
rapture will take place in the air; JESUS will
stay in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17). In the
day of the Second Coming, JESUS will come
with His saints (armies; the holy ones) with
power and great glory, in other to gather
together the left behind Christians (the
martyrs) to Himself, and every eye shall see
Him (1 Thessalonians 3:13; Jude 1:14;
Revelation 19:11-14; 20:4; Zechariah 14:5;
Matthew 24:30-31; 25:31-46). Whereas in the
day of the rapture, JESUS will come for His
holy and righteous Bride and claim them; and
it is only them that will see Him (John 14:3; 2
Thessalonians 2:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).
In conclusion, JESUS is the Escape Route from
the great judgement and wrath of GOD to
come; the Great Tribulation (Romans 5:9; 1
Thessalonians 1:10; 5:8-10). Since GOD have
already reserved and kept His great wrath for
His adversaries and enemies (Nahum 1:2;
Deuteronomy 32:39-43); so how can you
escape if you neglect the great eternal
salvation of JESUS? Henceforth, lay aside
every unnecessary weight, worldly things and
sin that you cling to so tightly which so easily
ensnares you, and look unto to JESUS, the
Author and Finisher of your faith (Hebrews
12:1-2). Sincerely and completely repent now;
and turn away from your sins, iniquities,
uncleanness, corruption, disobedience,
hypocrisy, complacency and lukewarmness!
Hearken to GOD today and you shall dwell
securely and shall be at ease and rest, without
fear or dread of evil and disaster (Proverbs

Let’s look at each, comparing them with scripture.

1. While the Great Tribulation is a series of
terrifying, disastrous and punishable events
until the Second Coming of JESUS: While it’s true that the Great Tribulation is terrifying, it’s not a sign of God’s punishment toward his own. Jesus said the reason would be because we believe in him (Matthew 24:9) and it would be to test the faith of the believers worldwide; which means the tribulation will not be half the world but all over the world.
   This writer is certainly mistaking the Great Tribulation for the Wrath of God. We must understand that Matthew 24:1-9 is just a brief explanation of 15-35.

2. It means the great judgement and
wrath of GOD as great intolerable anguishes
(torments), disasters, calamities, extreme
commotions, violent disorders and panics,
thick darkness, unquenchable fires and great
devastations, coming upon the whole (sinful)
Earth immediately after the rapture This
terrible and painful long period of time will
last for seven years; 3½ years for the reign of
the first Beast from the sea, and the
remaining 3½ years for the reign of the
second Beast (the Antichrist) from the Earth
Certainly, we’re experiencing all that now. The difference is that we are right here in this world experiencing them all but surviving as Father’s children through his protection over us. The world is this way because it was man who brought it upon himself when he tasted of the fruit of good and evil. Jesus’ death and resurrection has got us covered in his blood. One thing we must understand is that both the Great Tribulation and the Day of God’s Wrath are tribulations. After the rapture, it’s God who punishes the world himself. The difference between the days before the rapture and after it is that the problems in the first entered the world with SIN but the second is from God himself. Therefore all the writer mentioned would happen after the rapture are God’s Wrath not the Great Tribulation. But both times are times of tribulations.

The bible doesn’t tell us how many years, days or months for which God’s Wrath will last. Here, the writer says 31/2 years in the reign of the first beast and 31/2 years in the reign of the second beast. That is 7 years! 7 years? The bible never told us 7 years tribulation but 31/2 years Great Tribulation (Daniel 7:25). And it was never recorded in the Bible that the first and second beasts would rule separately. Both will rule together within the 31/2 years.
   Most people are confused of what is written in Revelation 13. The first beast’s duty was recorded in vs 4-8 before the second beast was revealed in 11-18. What does this mean? Vs 12 points that this second beast did everything he did in the very presence of the first beast, not AFTER the reign of the first beast. The second beast commanded that the image of the first beast be worshipped and this isn’t in different reigns but the same reign of the first beast. As it is, the first is a political beast but the second beast is a religious one.

3. The true Christians (i.e., the Church of
CHRIST; those who walk uprightly with GOD)
will never experience the Great Tribulation: Did Jesus say that we won’t go through the Great Tribulation? Is it at all true that the Great Tribulation is currently happening? In Matthew 24:21, Jesus said that there will be Great Tribulation worse than any other tribulation. This would be the Tribulation of Tribulations. Rev. 7:9-17 points that it’s us who will go through the Great Tribulation. All the tribulations of the past will never equal it. Look all through the world, does it look like the Great Tribulation has happened or is already happening? The sigñs to precede the Great Tribulation, have they happened?
   When Russia and Romania were facing tribulation in the years of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, America was experiencing freedom. Does that sound like the Great Tribulation or just one of the pointers?

4. In the
day of the Second Coming, JESUS will come
with His saints (armies; the holy ones) with
power and great glory, in other to gather
together the left behind Christians (the
martyrs) to Himself, and every eye shall see . . . Whereas in the
day of the rapture, JESUS will come for His
holy and righteous Bride and claim them; and
it is only them that will see Him: What a lie! Matthew 24:30 says that Jesus will come for his prepared people and every eye shall see him, not only his people. Most scriptures the writer fixed in his post were just opposite of what he’s talking about. How long will our eyes be closed?

5. Know this, the rapture is not the
Second Coming of JESUS, rather it is the
Return (Coming) of JESUS. They are two
different events. The rapture will happen
before the Second Coming: The rapture isn’t the first coming of the Son of Man but the second coming of Christ. If you look through your bible very well, you will see many scriptures talking about Jesus’ coming to earth as the Savior of Mankind. That’s why the Jews expected him to come in the sky to save them. They never believed he would be born to die for their sins. Major parts of the OT elaborate more on the birth of Christ as the first coming into the earth.

Therefore, what this writer is trying to say is that there will be two raptures. Scripture only has one rapture in record, not two.

WARNING: We should test everything we read before we believe them. Most are just mixed up with truths and lies. It takes the grace of God to find Christians who aren’t deceived with this false rapture-teaching.

Smashwords – What God Says About an Apostate Church – a book by Samuel O. Samuel


Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the PDF available through the link.

Since 2,000 A.D., Jesus have been
confirming through His prophets that He is
coming SOON to take a beloved bride whom
He is preparing. But the church today is far
from the true nature of a Holy bride and
caught in the World System; not minding
what the Lord thinks about her. This doesn’t
mean that everyone in the church have
become caught in apostasy: instead, just a
little have remained true to Christ while
majority are caught in a wrong teaching
which is not separated from the modern
‘bless me, bless me’ believers who come to
the Lord for nothing else than fish and
bread. Jesus is going to change this and
DRAW to Himself, those who accept the
HEARTS, letting Him in again, as they once
did. These are the ones who will be restored
to also become one of the Lord’s TRUE
servants. He is allowing them to remain in
His church now, to teach His people how to
love and use the obedient ones to also open
their eyes.
Therefore, let those who remain true to Him
begin to sound the alarm to our brethren
who are caged in the world system, telling
also spread the GOSPEL all over the world to
the lost, so they will come to know Jesus as
their Lord and Savior.

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***I Really Sometimes Do Hide My Bad Part***


When we enter our relationship with him, we often think he’s just like we are. Thus, we think it better to hide our bad part, mistakes from him but he, on the other hand, won’t have it that way. He’s very much interested in our bad part just as he’s interested in our good part and it means that he’s always present in our good and bad moments. He keeps saying to us, Don’t try to hide your worst moments from Me. I’m not in this friendship to leave you to suffer. I’m here to help you in your good times and save you from the problems you put upon yourself in your bad times. I’m not only interested in your good part but, also your bad part. Give it all to Me and I will make it alright!

103-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out of Church After Attending for 92 Years!


In a fallen world where the Church is meant
to bring a body of believers together, it’s
disheartening to see hostility where there
should be unity and legalistic division where
grace should stand.
Where would you stand in the battle of Biggs
vs. Church?

When We Fail, Jesus fails?

Being beside us at all times, we sometimes wander away: This doesn’t mean that God will also leave. He isn’t that kind of friend. In the process of wandering away, he still comes to get our attention, telling us that our present path is filthy and destructive, outside him and away from his will. I usually think he comes to whip. No, he doesn’t come to whip! He comes to bring us out of the whip which we put ourselves in.


Following our ideas and filthy plans, the whip comes in our lives. He doesn’t approve whips in the lives of his children but he permits them.
I remember watching a movie, Blood On The Altar by Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, who were one of those who took part in the movie. A certain minister had committed adultery and tried every way possible to cover his sins. No one had a knowledge of what had happened? Why did Tooni, the lady who came to find refuge in the ministry commit abortion which led to her death? After hiding it for months, he still had forgotten that he had already left his Friend. Jesus kept coming to him during the day, night, just to correct him. He would say, Confess your sins and stop hiding them.


You have left the path where we walk together. He was like the lost sheep out of the hundred who had left Jesus. But Jesus still came to look for him and try correct him, so he would understand how wounded sin had made him become. Did Jesus hate him because he sinned? No. He didn’t hate him but loved him. If you hate someone, you won’t try to come rescue him. You’ll wait for a time for him to finish digging his grave. Jesus wasn’t with any whip. The sin of the minister was already whipping the life out of him.
  That’s how loved following Jesus is. He never leaves! It’s us who do, following our own wisdom, thinking we can stir the boat ourselves, thinking we are in charge of the ship, deceived that we can hide our sins. It’s not just worth it!