The Dad-son Talk

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Don McClain, the young eye specialist had an appointment with his 65 year old dad one afternoon to dig into several issues about life and how one can be affected if he doesn’t live as he ought to. McClain was sure he wouldn’t need to miss those lectures which papa would say about himself explaining the importance of living life to the fullest of it. George McClain, his dad, opened his eyes to the way one can contain this life, enjoying friendship with Jesus and having it grow as we live alongside others on the journey.
“Dad, which means I will need to have that friendship with him?” His son asked with his heart pounding.

“Yeah, son. Believe me! You already have that friendship with him but you don’t seem to realize it. A friend will always back and support you and won’t leave you even when you leave him. He won’t force you to stay either. You’ve been experiencing that in many parts of your life but understand, son, there’s nothing you can do to earn his friendship. You have it already. You just have to join him in having it grow.”

He won’t force me to stay and won’t leave even when I do? I already have it and I’m still playing religious games? His son thought.

“What can I do, dad? I really need to have it grow. I mean being close to Jesus has always been my dream. I just don’t know what to do to make it a reality, dad. It’s just not working.”

“What’s not working, son?” George asked.

“Everything I’ve tried to do to help make my friendship with him grow.”

“Oh, son, there’s nothing else you can do to help it grow but simply trust him to have it grow. We overestimate our capabilities by thinking we can build a relationship with God. It’s him to do it in us as we trust and lean on him each day. When your Love for and trust in him grows, your relationship with him will also grow. There’s no religious ‘stuff’ to make it so but the simple trust in him. Just keep walking with him.”

“I don’t believe you ‘uld ever say that!” Don exclaimed with a big surprise. “I hear that so often but how can I walk with Jesus when I can’t see him?”

George laughed briefly than he had thought he would. “Sorry, son, the relationship Jesus wants to share with you is just like this we’re having now. We’re on the walk together. That’s the kind of walk he wants to have with you.”

“But we aren’t walking across the street or those unfamiliar roads, are we?” George’s son questioned at his dad’s supposed foolishness.

“That’s where most people get it wrong, son,” replied George. “They feel walking with him is on a certain spot and if not, they aren’t walking with him. Don’t get it wrong, son! The moment of walking with him isn’t limited to any place or activity. It’s you being available to him at every moment. It’s no different from what we’re having here, son. We’re walking through these things together. It doesn’t have to be on the road or street. We can walk together anywhere.”

“Hmm. Which means my quiet times aren’t important or even necessary?”

“No. No. I didn’t say that. If anything, you must treasure that too, son. Just don’t take it that that’s all it means to walk with Jesus daily. Walking with him in quiet times is just a significant part of that walk. Walking with him is being in growing friendship with him no matter where you are or what you’re doing for him at a certain spot.
“It’s a father-son relationship, son. I don’t have to be here before you know we have that friendship. It’s always there but for it to grow, we have to keep in touch to keep it growing. Don’t you think walking with Jesus is that way?”

“Yes. Yes, it is,” answered Don, running his hands through his sandy hair. “I rarely have quiet times each morning but will go back to it. I need to deal with this stuff too bad.” Then he looked straight at his dad. “Isn’t that part also like trying to build a relationship?”

“I will say there’re a couple of ways to see that. Most people think that they must have it done to have the relationship stand and that if they don’t, Jesus would leave it too. They still think the relationship is surviving because of what they are doing and if they don’t, it may fall. They’re in the web of religion which makes them think they ought to do more so they can build it. But those who have their quiet times, not because they want to build anything but they know they already have it are those ones who can have a growing relationship.”

“Which means that those who don’t have quiet times have sick relationships?” Don questioned, with a confused tone.

“Of course not! Our relationship with Jesus grows, not because of what we do but by simply trusting Jesus at all times. You and me keep in touch to have it grow but a growing relationship with him comes from believing he’s always with you.”

His dad nodded and both men stood up to watch a scene occurring some distance away.


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