Is he really ugly?

What do you think? I read a post on twitter that talked about this fellow being ugly but I certainly don’t think he’s ugly. God’s creation isn’t ugly. Why? God loves him a lot just the way he is. Broken teeth and a kind of brownish ones doesn’t make a person ugly. What makes us ugly is our hearts.


Science And The Bible ( I )

Science has some observations, theories which rhymes with what the Bible says about the same things observed.
We know for sure that God is the Author of science and true science begins with God. Even if most Archaeologist, Evolutionist refuse to admit that God exists and that he is the One who made man, the Bible says it that man was created by him. Just as the bible says the same, so does Science itself confess it.

1. We will look first at one of the things which scientists observed and reported to us would take place, which is already written in the bible. Only when we view it properly can we really say it’s true.

(A) The Sun As Red Giant
It  was written that the sun in billions of years time will become a red-giant. Read this carefully: About 1.2 billion years from now, the sun
will begin to change. As the hydrogen fuel
in its core is used up, the burning will
spread outward toward the surface. This
will make the sun grow brighter. This
increased radiation will have a
devastating effect on our planet. Here’s
what that might look like.


Certainly, we can say that this is a sun which may become hotter than it is now to burn up the earth.

The report further said: The mean surface temperature of the
earth will rise from about 68°F to 167°F.
The earth’s oceans will evaporate. The
planet will become a stark, lifeless desert.


That’s too much of temperature and we can agree that it may even be above that which scientists stated.

What will happen next? Finally, as it approaches the age of 5-8
billion years, the sun will run out of
hydrogen almost entirely. When the sun
uses hydrogen to create energy, it changes
it to helium. After all these years, the
core of the sun will be filled with left-
over helium. This helium will become
unstable as it begins to collapse under its
own weight. The core of the sun will
become even denser and hotter. As this
happens, the sun will swell one-and-a-
half times its normal size and grow more
than twice as bright as it is now.
Over the next 700 million years, it won’t
grow any brighter . But it will continue to
grow larger. It will swell to more than
twice its present size. As it does so, it will
cool down a little. From the parched
surface of the earth, the sun will look
like an enormous orange ball hanging in
the misty sky.




the ever-swelling sun will become a red
giant. It will become 166 times larger
than the sun we knew. This is almost as
large as the orbit of the earth today. The
planets Mercury and Venus will be
devoured in the flames of the giant star.
The mountains of the earth will melt and
flow like red-hot molasses into vast, flat
seas of lava. A bloated red sun will fill
more than half the sky.


Take note that all these observations weren’t observed by me but the scientists. We are looking at how it rhymes with what is written in scripture.

Out of fuel, the sun will approach the
beginning of the end. It will grow to an
enormous size as the last gasps of helium
and hydrogen are blown away. It will
become 180 times larger than the sun we
know and thousands of times brighter.
Huge quantities of its atmosphere will be
thrown off into space, until nearly half
its mass is lost. The loss of mass will
cause the planets Venus and the earth—-
now little more than burned-out cinders
—-to move even farther away.



The white dwarf star that was once our
sun, seen from the burned-out cinder that
is all the remains of our planet.



That’s exactly what was written by the scientists and we may compare with what the bible said about the hotness of the sun and if truly the sun has an end.

From The Bible
1. There will be no more sun: And the city has no need of the sun nor of the moon to give light to it, for the splendor and radiance (glory) of God illuminate it, and the Lamb is its lamp. (Revelation 21:23). There will exist no sun to lit the earth by day. Howe’er most people are already scared that it will happen when Christians are here on earth.
The truth is that there will be no more sun. For the fact that the scientists say billions of years doesn’t mean it’s true. If God wants to do it, it doesn’t take him an hour.

2. When this will take place: Scientists usually say billions of years and extra billions but the bible says the exact time it will take place. It didn’t mention the number of years. Then the fourth [angel] emptied out his bowl upon the sun, and it was permitted to burn (scorch) humanity with [fierce, glowing] heat (fire).

9People were severely burned (scorched) by the fiery heat, and they reviled and blasphemed the name of God, Who has control of these plagues, and they did not repent of their sins [felt no regret, contrition, and compunction for their waywardness, refusing to amend their ways] to give Him glory. (Revelation 16:8-9).

This is because they had refused to obey God and had defied his holy name. Therefore the hotness of the Sun will be one of the plagues on those who remains on earth after the Rapture.

Therefore, even scientists have this observations in line with scripture even when they don’t notice it.

Please post your comment so I may know what you think about this.

Blessings. . .

Divorce Isn’t Necessary If You See These Things. . .


Letter To Wives And Husbands

I wrote this letter based on what I thought was good: God nudging my heart to have it written. Here on earth, God has chosen to make up a good family out of every family. Most times, we don’t just appreciate his good plans but try settle for our own ways in marriage, not caring about the big plans he has for our family.

A family oft go through these processes:
1. Birth of a child.
2. He/she grows to be a healthy man/woman ready for marriage.
3. We find good life partner for him/her who will be with him/her until the last breath.
4. If they encounter quarrels among themselves, we try to settle it so this pact between them remains strong and growing to stand whatever comes against it in the





Most may not be as healthy as that but guess what? If they don’t have a good life partner, there usually may be something’s like these:

1. After they get married, they mayn’t be so close again like those times they played the love game.
2. They may quarrel many times with each other, disrespect each other’s feelings and even settle for divorce.

That’s unimpressive! It makes God unhappy because such wonderful treasure given to you may not be cherished. Your marriage is the big gift he’s given you and if you look at it like something dreary, you are bound to have a fight or divorce with your husband or wife. God never intended that a man and his wife should divorce. He knew the joy and happiness in that relationship and wants them to enjoy it. Divorce makes things worse, destroys relationships and even create hatred between families, brothers and sisters and many others because of the wide disagreements which rises during such moments.

On whose side is the fault when we think of divorce?

I know families who keep arguing amongst themselves about whose side the fault is. I know the pain involved but who gets to think of the pain? The question every time shouldn’t be the talk about ‘whose fault?’ but praying for ways to save the relationship. Fault-finding, blames on each other would make things worse and even result to the final part of breaking the relationship. Whose fault is it? The truth is the fault is on both sides when we keep asking that question. You shouldn’t be so concerned about each other’s faults compare to the way we seek God’s intervention in saving the relationship. And even if you are concerned about each other’s faults, it would be for a good reason: to help each other see true love beyond the



s you


In every christian marriage, the thought which should never come to mind is divorce. Suggesting such a thing may mean you both never loved each other. You’re just together out of a coincidence or an accident and it may be an arranged marriage not done willfully. However, as a married christian, you have got challenges on your side. You’re arranging a divorce forgetting you’ve got kids to take care of, looking for a man or woman to call ‘papa or mama’ and even if you’ve got none, don’t you think divorcing one another isn’t a good option? How does it make you look before God? What about the future and the pain involved? What about the children who may keep asking, Mom, where’s/who’s my dad? Will you be able to bear the consequences of what the future holds? If you decide to remarry after devorcing your wonderful husband, have you forgotten you’re caught in adultery? And if you marry again, what will happen if the kids find out the truth about their real dad? If such incident cause you to break your relationship with your family, friends so they won’t put a finger in it or help the situation, do you know the treasure you lose?

The reason why many seem to divorce their husband or wife is because there is no love and trust between them. Truth says it that it’s better never to marry than to be divorced. I agree with that! Check yourself and ask: why is this marriage about to end in a divorce? Have I failed to play my role in any way? Have I spoken to my husband or wife in any offensive manner? Have I lived a life not worthy of the way Christ wants me to live so his love may also be part of my lifestyle, then my husband or wife will also see his love in me and love me the way I love him?



Roles –


Remember this: You may never know the value of what you have until you lose it. So it’s better to know the value of your husband or wife no matter how good or bad they are.
Love your wife with all your heart, then there will be true friendship in your marriage, more laughter, joy and happiness, longing to be with each other.
Don’t withdraw your body from your wife for the bible also encourages that you submit your bodies to each other (1 Cor. 7:3-5): The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights (goodwill, kindness, and what is due her as his wife), and likewise the wife to her husband.
4For the wife does not have [exclusive] authority and control over her own body, but the husband [has his rights]; likewise also the husband does not have [exclusive] authority and control over his body, but the wife [has her rights].

5Do not refuse and deprive and defraud each other [of your due marital rights], except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves unhindered to prayer. But afterwards resume marital relations, lest Satan tempt you [to sin] through your lack of restraint of sexual desire. And that’s true of the wife too. It’s true that if the man deprives his wife of his body, it usually may lead to a quarrel. However, it may be a senseless r



3. The husband should always remember his wife in everything especially things that concern her most.
4. You should remember you aren’t a fancy hubby but a Godgiven husband who’s to serve as an encouragement to his wife at all times.

Your roles – wives
You’re there to play a big role. You’ve been learning these for years when you’re aware and when you’re not:
‘submission’ to authority (husband); respect and real love which ought to exist between man and wife; how you ought to talk to your husband; the way you need to gently present matters to him; the way you ought to take good care of your children and your husband, and also help them on the godly path; dealing with your interactions between yourself and your neighbors or relatives; respecting your boundary as a wife; how you ought to spend money and the way you need to manage your home, and many more. You don’t know how good this may seem but you can be sure that your family, marriage, or home is the exact place where you can begin knowing yourself as you really are.
Spend most of your time growing close to your husband. Love him with all your heart, then there will be true friendship in your marriage, more laughter, joy and happiness, longing to be with each other.
Submitting to him at all times both in body, finance, monthly earnings and others but if he insists that he cant handle everything alone, then say a YES to him. Two heads are better than one. That’s why you’re his helper to be available to him at all times.
Hide nothing from him. When you do, you are making a mistake.
Submit your body to him just as he submits his to you.

Handling Tough Or Simple Situations

Truthfully, some usually think a tough problem, which is just too disgraceful should require DIVORCE but I will say they are wrong. The way we apply divine wisdom in small situations is the same way we apply wisdom in tough ones. If you’ve ever watched the “Married Again” (Punar Vivah) movie, you’ll understand what I mean. No matter the tough situation, what matter’s most is trusting God to help settle the problems.
But sometimes we are just over reactive and too demanding that what our spouse do for us is just not satisfying. We want him/her to satisfy us 100% before we know he’s done something great. It’s just not pleasant. In the process where God is trying to rescue us from the error we put ourselves in, we are heaping hotter ones and in the process, we blame him and our partner. Instead of that, why not look beyond the hurt and have God guide you on how to settle the problem.

The summary of this is that you should look beyond the poor nature of your husband or wife, forget about the thought called divorce and see into his or her life as a real and better man or woman. Then you will see the kind of person he really is.


The Dad-son Talk

Please, after reading, let me know what you think about the story.


Don McClain, the young eye specialist had an appointment with his 65 year old dad one afternoon to dig into several issues about life and how one can be affected if he doesn’t live as he ought to. McClain was sure he wouldn’t need to miss those lectures which papa would say about himself explaining the importance of living life to the fullest of it. George McClain, his dad, opened his eyes to the way one can contain this life, enjoying friendship with Jesus and having it grow as we live alongside others on the journey.
“Dad, which means I will need to have that friendship with him?” His son asked with his heart pounding.

“Yeah, son. Believe me! You already have that friendship with him but you don’t seem to realize it. A friend will always back and support you and won’t leave you even when you leave him. He won’t force you to stay either. You’ve been experiencing that in many parts of your life but understand, son, there’s nothing you can do to earn his friendship. You have it already. You just have to join him in having it grow.”

He won’t force me to stay and won’t leave even when I do? I already have it and I’m still playing religious games? His son thought.

“What can I do, dad? I really need to have it grow. I mean being close to Jesus has always been my dream. I just don’t know what to do to make it a reality, dad. It’s just not working.”

“What’s not working, son?” George asked.

“Everything I’ve tried to do to help make my friendship with him grow.”

“Oh, son, there’s nothing else you can do to help it grow but simply trust him to have it grow. We overestimate our capabilities by thinking we can build a relationship with God. It’s him to do it in us as we trust and lean on him each day. When your Love for and trust in him grows, your relationship with him will also grow. There’s no religious ‘stuff’ to make it so but the simple trust in him. Just keep walking with him.”

“I don’t believe you ‘uld ever say that!” Don exclaimed with a big surprise. “I hear that so often but how can I walk with Jesus when I can’t see him?”

George laughed briefly than he had thought he would. “Sorry, son, the relationship Jesus wants to share with you is just like this we’re having now. We’re on the walk together. That’s the kind of walk he wants to have with you.”

“But we aren’t walking across the street or those unfamiliar roads, are we?” George’s son questioned at his dad’s supposed foolishness.

“That’s where most people get it wrong, son,” replied George. “They feel walking with him is on a certain spot and if not, they aren’t walking with him. Don’t get it wrong, son! The moment of walking with him isn’t limited to any place or activity. It’s you being available to him at every moment. It’s no different from what we’re having here, son. We’re walking through these things together. It doesn’t have to be on the road or street. We can walk together anywhere.”

“Hmm. Which means my quiet times aren’t important or even necessary?”

“No. No. I didn’t say that. If anything, you must treasure that too, son. Just don’t take it that that’s all it means to walk with Jesus daily. Walking with him in quiet times is just a significant part of that walk. Walking with him is being in growing friendship with him no matter where you are or what you’re doing for him at a certain spot.
“It’s a father-son relationship, son. I don’t have to be here before you know we have that friendship. It’s always there but for it to grow, we have to keep in touch to keep it growing. Don’t you think walking with Jesus is that way?”

“Yes. Yes, it is,” answered Don, running his hands through his sandy hair. “I rarely have quiet times each morning but will go back to it. I need to deal with this stuff too bad.” Then he looked straight at his dad. “Isn’t that part also like trying to build a relationship?”

“I will say there’re a couple of ways to see that. Most people think that they must have it done to have the relationship stand and that if they don’t, Jesus would leave it too. They still think the relationship is surviving because of what they are doing and if they don’t, it may fall. They’re in the web of religion which makes them think they ought to do more so they can build it. But those who have their quiet times, not because they want to build anything but they know they already have it are those ones who can have a growing relationship.”

“Which means that those who don’t have quiet times have sick relationships?” Don questioned, with a confused tone.

“Of course not! Our relationship with Jesus grows, not because of what we do but by simply trusting Jesus at all times. You and me keep in touch to have it grow but a growing relationship with him comes from believing he’s always with you.”

His dad nodded and both men stood up to watch a scene occurring some distance away.