Abandoned, Not Destroyed


After the sin of man, the interesting relationship they once had in the beautiful garden seemed abandoned. Yet it wasn’t even destroyed. It existed before the fall and after it but man didn’t know how they could have such interesting friendship with such a God whom the Old Testament jewish men defined as an angry, worse and unapproachable King whose glory seemed very striking and certainly they couldn’t even bear to approach such a God who has the desire to talk to each of them. They were just like today’s believers who feel that if they got any closer to him, he would strike them dead or even have his glory blindfold them. But it was all lies! If only they had an idea why he was taking those actions he took in the OT and finalized in the Son’s death on the cross.
  He was willing to conversate with his own people, the Israelites but they were so scared of his glory that they couldn’t bear to stand and listen to him speak. They preferred hearing him through Moses. They missed the opportunity of growing closer to him by demanding for a king who could watch over them. To them, God wasn’t enough.
  The impression and faulty thinking that if they came any closer to him, his glory would strike them dead or may even blind them, wasn’t created by anyone but the presence of the sinful nature inside of them. God was never willing to abandon communion so I don’t see the reason why we should. Even the carnal nature is aware that the communal relationship with the Almighty God is still available but what he fears is that he may fall down dead if he tries to. That’s how Adam and Eve felt when they felt God walk in the garden. They had realized their nakedness and tried to shy away from him. Of course, it wasn’t just them shying away but the SIN in them which couldn’t bear to stand before God. The friendship was no longer easy as they were scared to approach him. That’s the reason why most people run from him and prefer to reach him through a middle man.


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