Another Word from Jesus had dropped by that moment of utter confusion and I had no reason why I blamed Him. Then, He assured me of His forgiveness and encouraged me to not stop half-way on the journey but go on to get the Crown. Indeed, His loving Spirit is an encouraging Spirit.
Now, He began to tell me about the true Christian journey. These words were both words of rebuke: to those who cultivated the habit of “injustice” among His people, and words of encouragement: to those who love Him and are seeking Him to continue to do so.
Christian Bribe
“I am the Word of God! There’s also a spoken word which ascends from the mouth of the Father. Anyone who is against My Word is against Me. Until now, there have been some teachers and servants of truth who can’t release the Word of God to anyone unless it was to be bought. Of such activity, My hand is so far away.”
“These profit-makers are deceiving many, and through this activity, the Word of the Lord was fulfilled,’…in the last days, there shall come false prophets and teachers who would lead so many astray…’ Therefore, with-holding the Word to gain money isn’t the Will of the Father. My Word is released freely without cost to all men through My true servants. It is a gift, given to all men who come to Me. There’s nothing you can do to earn it. I have paid the price, so you will hear it freely.”
Fullness of Life
“A willing heart filled with My life, will never do that wrong, would it? It will continue to desire fullness and become really joyful when it goes through circumstances. It wouldn’t smell the cup but drink it immediately. My Word becomes alive in you when your heart becomes so ruled by My Spirit.
“Each passing moment is a glorious adventure of important mysteries. Today’s brokenness is in preparation for tomorrow’s fullness. Desire to be ruled by the Spirit, then you wouldn’t need to live a ruthless life. My life; My Word is awesome when you know Me in Person.”
“Today’s trouble is a pointer to tomorrow’s glory, and the moment of each glory, is a greater process of ruling power. You must be truly ruled by My Spirit, if you want to get to My Kingdom. Only holy men can get there! Their hearts are pure. They are free from religion’s claws and their love isn’t faded. The further you become ruled by My Spirit, the more you will have My nature. My glory is revealed in My nature. The importance of getting ruled is fullness of life in all measures. Paul attained this and concluded, ‘…no longer I but Christ that lives in Me…’ He arrived the fullness of life in the Spirit and became a ruled-man after My Father’s Will.”
“If the people of this age must have their stay in My Kingdom, they have to recognize the ruling of the Spirit and not the flesh. They look towards ‘what they can do’ and not ‘what I will do’. My plans are superior to yours; and the blind-eyes of men will always lead them astray.”
“You need to totally submit your heart completely, to Me. And forecasting the future through your agenda is so much of your ability. Recognize My ability! See My finished work, achieved on the Cross! My agenda, My plans is a supernatural one but My desire is to have it activated in your life.”
His Plans Are Revealed Moment By Moment of Daily Walk
“Then, why don’t You tell us all Your plans?” I asked, so worried. “At least, our mistakes mayn’t be so much or mayn’t even exist.”
Suddenly, I realized that this was just the difference between the Old and New covenants. The Old had all laws stated on two tablets of stone and not following them increased the guilt of the people who try to follow them; while the New had the words and ways of God written in our hearts. We experience His Spirit’s leading, a day at a time.
Jesus continued, “My obedience is the Will of My Father. He tells Me His plans and I do them. He has given Me all authority in heaven and on earth and even over all Creation. This is the difference between the Old and New covenant- all the laws were stated to them and written upon the tablets of stone but in the New, My Spirit became your daily Guide. Once disobedience, comes death in the Old and in the New, it is My grace upon men. But the Father is never willing to unveil all His plans for a full year but reveals His plans, a day at a time.
“Follow the Spirit at every pace of life. If I unveil all the things that will ever come upon your life in your days on earth, in just a single day, to you, you will not be interested in trusting the Father. Instead, you may not walk with Me anymore, and you will focus on your ability rather than Mine.
“And your mistakes aren’t a means to punish you but they are permitted, that you may learn through them. The more you become afraid of making mistakes, the further you get to make them. I weave your mistakes into glory, as the master-weaver weaves errors in and out into a better pattern or design. My ability changes all things! All Creation will fully recognize the Power in knowing My ability, when the Father truly wills. Follow Me, a day at a time. Today’s plans will be revealed to you while you mustn’t bother about tomorrows: it will worry about itself.”
Yes, He was right! When we look what we have today, we see Him and see how solved the problems are. It’s when we LOOK FURTHER into the future that we begin to worry. This has been repeated in the lives of many.
Then the Lord continued,
“When My agenda is told to you, you will abandon yours and run the race completely. You will engage in the full word of Truth and become filled with My Spirit. For, you will know that He is with you as you learn to follow Me daily. In this, you require willingness! All you go through is to give unto you a new heart which is controlled by My Spirit. I desire that you have a holy heart, given to you, freely from the Father, so you would freely experience the coolness of the atmosphere of God’s Kingdom.”
“Daily troubles arise to quicken the transition of your heart to the heart of the Father. Holiness spring forth from the union of that heart with Me: a free one not bound in religion but being a bond-slave of Christ.”
His Judgments upon Our Lives
“I urge you to ask continually that My judgments will come upon your life. Pray that I judge your heart, so it wouldn’t be condemned with the world. I desire to send My judgments upon My people, so they can be pure and holy as I AM. Truly, My judgment makes a difference when it is released. My judgment is true and powerful; it changes the hearts of men into the hearts of after the Spirit. It transformed Nebuchadnezzar into an obedient son and prince. So, why won’t you desire it?”
Jesus Is the Truth
“Lord, I truly desire to have Your judgments upon my life. However, Lord, I know You are Grace, and I know You would have us know Your will,” I prayed, becoming convicted of my sin, as I was also seeing His judgments upon my life. I knew that His people need to also have His judgments upon their lives.
That’s when the Lord answered and said, “Conviction is the work of My Spirit! I am the Truth but I am not grace! I am the Truth from the Heart of God but I am not grace.”
“Lord, I thought you were grace?” I asked again, knowing this had been a truth I had heard for years.
“No, I am not grace but I am the Source of Grace, for grace has a limit but I don’t have a limit. If I have a limit, I am not God. However, I am not grace but I am Truth. Grace comes that all should repent and turn to the Truth. After grace is the ‘time of the last judgment’. It is the ‘time of My Wrath’. Grace exists through Me. The fallacy many have come to believe is that I am grace and that I will give them more time even if they choose their ‘moment of repentance’.
They unknowingly forget that ‘grace’ has a limit before the ‘time of My Wrath’ set-in. For grace is repentance time and I will give more grace unto My people who run quickly to Me.”
“I am the reason why grace exists. I am the One Who have ruled the line! If I am grace, I have a limit. But since I am not, My plans are forever and My life is unlimited.”
The Lord began to communicate His desire for His Creation. I felt the pain in His heart and the joy which later arose from within Him, “The purpose of grace is that all should turn their hearts to Me…The immediate longing of My heart is for you to have intimacy with Me. That is the purpose of creating mankind. I desired a love-affair with My Creation in Eden but it was lost. One man (Adam) brought death to all, but I (Jesus) brought life of the Father to all. I took My life and shared it with many that they also will have their lives, renewed.”
“When the relationship in Eden was lost, the communion between Me and man was also lost. Now, a new way has been opened for many to partake of My Spiritual tree. This was what Enoch ate that he never tasted death; that Elijah tasted and wasn’t ready (refused) to join the way of the world.”
“The Father desired to have a love-affair with His Creation and has opened the way for this through His Son. My life was laid that many should be saved from death. I became the sacrifice for the opening of the new-Creation people.”
“The world has failed: for it refused to recognize Me as the Power of God. It hasn’t believed in My death nor has it remembered My Captivity as the Only Solution to her problems, because of their love for Sin.
“It is time to know I am the Way to Holiness! Only when your heart is united in Me can you truly become holy as I am. And this is the Will of the Father, ‘that you be dead to Sin and alive to Him.’ At each moment, you must recognize that when I died, you also who believed, were dead and buried with Me. Now that I am arisen and alive, you also will arise again on the Last Day. However, you who believe have already arisen to live a new life and testify of My glory.”
“I urge you to come to Me and partake of My life!”
Intimacy is so deeper than we expect. We have to desire it than anything else. THIS IS THE PURPOSE WHY WE EXIST!

Written by Samuel O. Samuel, in his eBook: THE KINGDOM CHILDREN. The link to the book

Freely check the link. God bless you.


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