PAVITRA RISHTA: a friendship between you and your bestfriend

Do You Believe in Your Best Friend?



Not everyone on earth can have a [earthly] best friend but we can agree that some do. Being a human, I wonder why I don’t desire to have any earthly one again. Perhaps, it may be due to HURT but I don’t think it is. Being a best friend, we share everything with him and he shares his with us. There’s the presence of trust and love which is a strong affection existing between us.

To our bestfriend, we would want to spend a very good time with him conversating with and learning from him. He would share wonderful experiences, ideas and teachings with us, being a godly friend. He would agonize with us in our times of pain and we would do likewise to him. Those whom he intends to intercede for, we would have thesame burden. We would free him to hurt when we are hurt and free him to joy when we are joyful. His will affect us the same.


We would share between us the true meaning of forgiveness, as if nothing happened between us. He won’t do away with the wrong I committed without helping me learn from it. Being my bestfriend, I would rely on him and not rely on anyone else. He would be with me in my moments of success and times when I have nothing: he will be with me more than a friend, in moments when I lack and when I am successful. In times of lack, we would work together to develop something good. We would work not only for ourselves but for the good of others too. Even our enemies won’t be hated by us: for my bestfriend won’t even allow it.

Being my bestfriend, he can lay down his life for me and I can do likewise because I know it’s worth it. He would live as the true life partner I had need of and understand me more than anyone else and I would keep on with becoming close to him.


Everything could perfectly be found in ONE person. A man whom we must have despised all our lives, believing that he doesn’t exist; called several names; worshipped idols in substitute for him; cherished others over him. All these we may have done but it would mean that we are running away from the wonderful love he has for us. Even while we seem to run from him, his love doesn’t fade. He, forever, is in love with us no matter what we do to smear his name.
Do you hate this man – one who is willing to be your bestfriend – all because someone said we can never see him, and he just doesn’t exist? Do you substitute him for idols; mere statues whom you pray to but don’t give reply or even move? If you really want to hear the truth about this man who’s willing to be your bestfriend, many of us who were with him have seen him and have talked with him intimately. For this reason, we have been commissioned to share the truth of his existence with you. He is one in whom we can absolutely rely; the ONLY Way to God, his Father. Most people today haven’t discovered him as their best friend because they don’t seem to see that if only they will accept his invitation and working in their lives, he would make their eyes opened along with their hearts in order to embrace this wonderful life in him.

Our reactions doesn’t frighten him. Instead it draws his heart to pain because our reply towards him reflect one which is unembracing of the life which he wants us to live. The closer we are to him, the further we become transformed into his nature. When we are caught in the world system, he doesn’t abandon us but keeps stretching his hand to us to come to him again. He is ever willing to accept us if we return. Be we gentile or Jew; friend of him or idolworshipper, he loves us the same and wants us to come to him.

In our worst moments when we are faced with suffering from within and without, he agonizes with us; comforting us that he’s making all things new.
When we have a knock from him upon our hearts, how do we reply him? The way we reply him would tell the condition of our lives at the moment: did our reply that moment increase peace within our hearts? Or did it ease that emptiness further? When he calls our attention, do we pause to hear all he has to say? Or do we tell him to WAIT till we are finished with our home chores?
Some kind of replies could save our lives forever while others would have us lose our lives forever.
The biggest question which he is asking you today is, “Will you walk with me?” Your reaction and how willing you are to have it put in practice after answering his question will determine how well your growth on your journey.

I have been using “he” to indicate this best friend, now I will tell you his name. His name; this glorious best friend’s name is JESUS. Don’t stop here. Begin knowing how much he loves you, then you will know his Person, not by what others say about him.



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