The Cross not Earthly Riches


I believe God do bless his children with true earthly riches, but what I don’t agree with is the preaching about these earthly riches. Jesus said, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33). I believe these things to be added aren’t what to be preached or seeked, if not Jesus would have encouraged us to seek them. What must be seeked isn’t what he has promised to add. What we are to seek is the kingdom of God, not these earthly riches, then IF HE WILLS, HE’LL ADD THEM TO US.

Paul and the apostles had their teachings centered on “Christ crucified”, so why should ours be any different? I remember writing that most ministers base their teachings and attention on riches and prosperity teachings while the true teachings about Christ are abandoned – and I VERY MUCH agree with her. Those teachings make believers remain in babyhood, instead of growing unto maturity. As Christ’s servants, we have to follow what Christ did, only then can we be called HIS servants/ministers.

In John 4, we notice that Jesus had a conversation with the Samaritan woman about “The Living Water”. In vs 11-12, we also see the woman questioning Jesus about what he would use to draw the water there at Jacob’s well. The point is this: Jesus was pointing to her a real life free from our own efforts and struggles, independent of our ability to make things work.

Obviously, many believers all over the world still try to apply “The Rope System” in their daily lives, as they ‘try’ to have God ACT on their behalf by constantly falling under various religious uunnecessary obligations and ethics in order to move God’s hand. We can agree that it’s no different from ‘the rope system’ where we TRY to please God with our fleshly efforts and struggles to make things work.

What Jesus intends for us is that as soon as we become believers in him, we ought to believe that the New Life, and all Christ has was given us freely without we working for it. If we worked for it, then it wasn’t given us freely. Therefore, no matter how we TRY to worship him with our efforts in order to draw his attention, it only shoves us away from him. All that we need is found in the Cross of Christ. Embracing the living water will means embracing the cross too.

Would you also consider this?


3 thoughts on “The Cross not Earthly Riches

  1. kreemer

    Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Here in Kenya, we are over-run it seems, by the prosperity gospel – pay some money, seed a prayer. Poverty is so grinding. The pastors show up with American panache and say that this is what Good wants for his children, and that everyone is entitled to it if they just – tithe. And anything beyond tithe is even more rewarding for this is truly what is given/sacrificed.

    It’s difficult to argue with.

    Even I believe Good did not mean for poverty to be the sole experience of life.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God….
    Good reminder.

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    • Bob Hernandez

      Yeah, Kreemer, I very well agree. Most preachers try to omit the preaching about the cross. I have seen most Christians run into churches all because they need riches. Prosperity teaching and prayers are just so destructive that many believers are running from today’s system of church.

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